tagNonHumanLuvine Lust Ch. 05

Luvine Lust Ch. 05


Jareth and Harvey walked quickly, quietly and together through the rough, forest terrain. They knew they had to get to the pub before the rest of the airsofting furs. Neither of them wanted to hurry or talk, for fear of ruining the moment they had just shared. There was barely a thread of distance between them. If the trees had eyes or ears, they would be observing that another couple had joined the world of outdoor fun. Through the darkness, a light started to emerge, the trees were parting and the boys further quickened their steps in order to reach the sleepy old country tavern near the camp site reception building. They were glad to be on solid ground and both sighed in relief that there was no sign of any of the others. On entering the establishment, the pair hunted out and sat at the darkest corner they could without looking suspicious and took in their surroundings. The pub had a classic rural town feel to it, with mahogany tables and chairs, dimmed lighting that was no good for anybodies eyesight and a handful of old furs who spent all day every day drinking their lives away. Harvey huffed as he stood back up and headed to the bar to get the first round of drinks.

The pair had barely taken a mouthful of their beers when the large group of camouflaged, exhausted and excitable airsofters descended noisily into the tavern. Amethyst strode in at the front of the troop, full of energy, laughing and joking with the red team about their spectacular loss, when -- seeing Jareth and Harvey cozied up at a table already drinking -- she stopped dead in her tracks, the breath knocked out of her. Galya, who wasn't paying attention, walked right into the back of Amethyst.

"Hey Amethyst! Come on, move, drinking time!"

With a sharp intake of breath Amethyst looked around at the gorgeous tigress with her amazing emerald green eyes and started to laugh.

"Aww I'm sorry sexy, just wanted to feel you close to me."

On that note the girls skipped towards Jareth and Harvey, the rest of the group following behind. There was a lot of commotion moving tables and chairs so that the group could sit as a unit, with a few disapproving grunts from the old regulars and a chuckle from the bartender, who was busy polishing wine glasses. Before heading to the bar Amethyst listened carefully as Galya quizzed the pair about their lack of participation in the game.

"Where did you go? Couldn't handle the fact that the blue team whooped the red teams butts...for a change?"

Jareth cleared his throat to prevent his lie from choking him; "Nah, we just figured we would get a head start on the drinking, right Harvey?"

Harvey looked up from his beer and nodded. He figured it was best to say nothing.

Hearing this, Amethyst wandered over to the bar and she stood there, staring intently at how Jareth and Harvey were interacting with the group and with each other. At that moment she hated them both. If only I hadn't told Jareth, we were meant to seduce Harvey together. I wonder what this means. Damn them.

Letting her mind spiral, Amethyst realised that despite the betrayal from her partner, she still wanted to sample what Harvey had to offer. The bartender -- a broad chested, cuddly and friendly looking ocelot with a head full of thick dark, wavy hair and the most enchanting baby blue eyes Amethyst had ever seen -- snapped her out of her obsessing.

"You dating one of those guys?" he asked in a deep Australian accent that sent shivers down Amethyst's spine.

"How'd you guess?"

"Old bartenders trick. So what can I get for you?"

"Oh! Umm... two vodka Redbull and two shots of Cuervo silver with the lime and salt please."

The uncomfortably good looking ocelot turned with a spring in his step, to pour the drinks. He had a flair for making a simple drink look fun, keeping Amethyst's attention well and truly on him.

"You're quite good at that."

"Oh you should see me mix cocktails, Tom Cruise has nothing on me!" he explained with a chuckle.

Amethyst smiled, a real genuine smile "I'll have to keep that in mind, any favourites?"

"Well I make a lethal Long Island Iced Tea, but you name it and I can mix it."

"That's...great" she said distractedly "By the way and tell me honestly, how long have those two," she asked with a nod towards Jareth and Harvey, "been here?"

"Not long, got here just before you lot all piled in and messed up my seating arrangements," he grinned "That's only their first drink!"

The bartender handed the luvine a tray containing her drinks, a salt shaker and a dish with two freshly cut lime wedges on it.

"Hmm...what's your strongest spirit? Better give me one."

The ocelot looked at the girl in front of him and shook his head, he had seen this same thing one too many times. Still it wasn't his business so he grabbed a glass, filled it with Jagermeister and watched as the liquid disappeared as quickly as it had been poured. Amethyst started towards the group, stopped and turned her head over her shoulder;

"Hey, I'm Amethyst!"

"Nice to meet you, Amethyst. I'm Phoenix."

Upon arriving back at the table, the luvine gave her best waitress impression, balancing the drinks tray in one paw, and handed Galya her drinks with a huge smile on her face. Amethyst sat her own drinks on the table and dropped herself down onto Galya's lap. As she got comfortable, she gave Jareth and Harvey a sideways look and exclaimed;

"Wow! That bartender is tres cute...so yeah! You guys missed out on a bloody brilliant game tonight, pity really."

With that Amethyst turned to see the tigress looking pretty confused. She realised that the poor Russian girl might have known how to drink vodka but had clearly never tried Tequila. Giggling Amethyst began to show Galya exactly what to do. She grabbed the small, silver salt shaker, licked the back of her own paw and poured on the salt. She then gently lifted Galya's paw to her mouth and softly licked before proceeding to coat the wet patch. She picked up one of the two lime wedges from the dish and placed it between two claws of Galya's paw and then picked up her own wedge of lime. Satisfied that Galya had grasped the initial set up, she picked up one of the two shot glasses, placed it in Galya's opposite, awaiting paw before picking up her own glass.

"So lick the salt, drink the shot and suck the lime, ok? One, two and three!" Both girls licked their paws clean of salt, lifted the glasses and drained the contents, slamming the empties onto the table before each of them lifted their paw with the lime wedge towards their friends eager mouth, both biting hungrily into the fruit, making sure to get every last drop of flavour. The large group of mostly male furs were completely enraptured at the display the luvine and the tigress were putting on. The girls giggled and hugged each other in a tight, girly squeeze. It was going to be a fun night.

Jareth watched his mate being playful with Galya and asked, "are you not going to come over here and sit with the love of your life?"

Amethyst stopped laughing for a moment, looked Jareth dead in the eyes, and with a hint of malice, she responded "I already am." Jareth cleared his throat again before draining the rest of his beer and excusing himself to get another round for himself and Harvey. The luvine knew she had pissed the fox off, but she was damned if she was going to let him have all the fun. She knew, when she had seen them disappear from the game, that they were up to no good. As the night progressed the jokes about the red team losing were wearing thin, camouflage shirts were unbuttoned and removed, combat boots were untied, the conversation was getting louder and everyone was getting a lot more drunk. Amethyst and Galya had lost count of how many speciality Long Island Iced Teas they had consumed and as Amethyst took a swig of number, whatever it was, she thought wow he wasn't lying...lethal stuff. But he is so lovely...think he was flirting, or maybe not. Who caresssss, I am drunkity drunk drunk. In her present state of inebriation Amethyst had almost managed to get a grip on her paranoia about her mate and Harvey.

The only thing she noticed now was that Harvey was starting to look a bit worse for wear and that he could hardly stand up straight at the bar. She watched as Phoenix refused to serve him any more alcohol and as he came stumbling back to the table.

"Apparently...hic...I've had too much...probably...hic...right! Time for bed, laters." With that Harvey started to make the slow stagger towards the door and the even slower stagger back to the cabin.

Amethyst so desperately wanted to feel sorry for Harvey, but he had been hammering the drinks and part of her really wanted him to suffer, besides she was sure he would find his way back and pass out as soon as he lay down. He would be fine.

After Harvey left, the remaining group started to dwindle. The old regulars had long since left and it was now just the young crowd. The conversations started to slow down to a quiet twittering, but those that remained were still up for a late and boozy night. One of the airsofters asked who wanted another and before Amethyst could answer she was suddenly distracted by a passionate bite on her neck from Galya. She felt her insides turn to jelly and became aware of the audible gasp that came out of her. Feeling Jareth's eyes burning a hole into her head, Amethyst leaned in to kiss Galya deeply on the lips, this resulted in a chorus of wolf whistles from everyone else in the group. That was the thing about Amethyst, she knew she could turn nearly every guy there to putty in her paws. Tonight she was driven by one urge, one need, one thought. She wanted to prove a point. Before she could enjoy the kissing too much she heard Jareth cough an overly loud and overly exaggerated cough:

"Don't you think you've had quite enough for one night?"

Amethyst looked at Jareth as though he had just stabbed her in the back "I'll tell you when I've had enough, thank you!"

Jareth scoffed with utter disgust, "I'm not doing this right now, not here, not when you are in that kinda mood!" He shot Amethyst a crushing look, stood, grabbed his belongings, polished off his beer slamming the glass angrily onto the table and stormed off.

Amethyst sighed a deep sigh, she looked at Galya, she watched the reactions of her team mates and just shrugged. She knew she should go after him but she couldn't will her body to move, she was glued - in anger, fear and unadulterated horniness - to the spot. She looked again at her team mates, including Galya, and realised she had put them all in an incredibly awkward situation. She sighed again "I'm sorry guys." And with that she grabbed her camouflage shirt off the back of the chair and stalked off - with a less than sober mind and body- after her mate.

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