He turned the music down. "I've been house sitting at my aunt and uncles house for the past week. Do you mind if we go there? I mean, is that all right? I don't want to, you know, 'do it' in the car." His arm came around to draw me closer to him and I snuggled under his arm to rub my hand on his thigh.

"That would be perfect." I sighed, as we headed back into town.

A few minutes later we were turning into the driveway to his relative's home. It was a huge two-story house with extensive grounds that were lit all along the drive and up a stony path to the front door. I recognized the neighborhood. Many of Gale's family and friends lived in this affluent part of town.

We went inside after Eddie disarmed the alarm system. What a place! It was huge and seemed to go on forever in all directions. It was tastefully furnished but still homey. "You hungry or thirsty? Want anything?" He started towards what I assumed was the kitchen. "The 'frige is loaded." I shook my head and tentatively smiled at him. He grinned back and nodded. "I'm in the guest room upstairs. Come on." He held his hand out to me and I took it.

I started to follow and then I got an overwhelming feeling of warmth and happiness and I let go of his hand, encircling his chest and pressing my cheek to his back. He reached down and grabbed my legs, scooping me onto his back. He road me up the stairs piggyback, laughing his wonderfully infectious laugh. He galloped up the stairs and down the long hallway to the spacious guestroom where he unceremoniously dumped me on the bed.

I looked around at the comfortable room. It was spotless. "You some kind of neat freak or something?" I grinned up at him.

He looked around completely at home. "Naw! The maid just cleans up every morning. I don't even get a chance to leave my dirty towels and underwear lying around. It's spotless before I can even think of being good." He seemed a little nervous and kept up a running chatter as he turned lights on and off, trying to get the right mood, I guessed.

I just sat and watched him moving about the room, enjoying his fluid movements. I still couldn't believe my situation. I wanted him so bad and I was almost afraid to think he felt the same way.

As he passed close to me, I grabbed his hand and stopped him in mid stride. "It's perfect. Come here." I pulled on his hand to draw him to the bed. "I don't want to wait anymore." My hands started unbuttoning his pants and lowering the zipper. He started to help, but I moved his hand away. "No. It's my pleasure." I let his pants drop and stood up to pull off his shirt. As I pulled the bottom up to his chest I stopped to smell his skin. Wonderful. I rubbed my nose and lips into the light sprinkle of chest hair he had. I finally pulled the shirt completely off over his head and then tossed it to the floor. "Let the maid get it." I joked.

He hadn't touched me the whole time I was undressing him. He just watched with eyes darkened by desire. I let my hand roam over his chest and began rolling his nipple between my fingers. He captured one of my hands and brought it to his lips to kiss the palm. His eyes were closed as he licked and kissed the sensitive skin of my fingertips. I sighed deeply at the purely romantic nature of kissing my hand. He opened his eyes slightly to look into mine, and then he took my other hand and placed them on either side of his face kissing each palm alternately, still peering deeply into my eyes. My breathing was getting heavy and he hadn't even kissed me since we had gotten here. What would happen when we were finally on the bed? I may just pass out!

Finally, he let go of my hands and cupped my cheek. Slowly moving his head down to my mouth. Gently he kissed me. Not tongue thrusting, but slow tender pressure that finally pushed my lips apart. Our tongues danced around each other, entwining and caressing. His hands were in my hair, running through the silky softness. My own hands were pressing into his back and roaming to his neck and down under the waistband of his underwear.

His hand grasped the string that held my halter-top up and pulled it apart slowly. "Whoops." I said against his lips.

We pulled apart slightly to let the top fall down. To my surprise it fell all the way to the floor. I hadn't notice he had untied the back as well. "Whoops." He said this time. I chuckled and he gazed lustily at my ample tits. His hand caressed the firm mound, his thumb rubbing the taut brown nipple. His head came down to lick, suck and nibble his way around the hard tip without touching it. I arched my back trying to get him to the point. When he finally captured the nipple with his lips and teeth, goose bumps rose off my skin and I shivered. "Cold?" He asked.

"Unh uh." I shook my head, my eyes almost closed. "Love it." I breathed. He sucked, nibbled and lapped at each nipple in turn, sending electric shocks straight to my overheated, sopping cunt. "Oh!" I moaned. I suddenly grabbed his head to make him look into my eyes. "Your turn." I panted and pushed him off balance onto the bead. "I gotta give as good as I get!" I moved between his legs and slowly pulled down his underwear. I had never felt the need to suck anyone's cock but nothing was going to stop me now.

He watched me intently. "You don't have to . .. " but his dick sprang to attention as I let it loose from his restricting underwear.

"Oh, my." I whispered. It was a good 7 inches, maybe a little more and thick enough to make my pussy tingle in anticipation. I held it gently between two fingers and was about to lick the blood filled tip, but stopped myself. "I've never done this before." I lowered my voice to a deep, husky whisper. "Do you want me to? Do you want me to suck it?" I looked steadily into his eyes.

He nodded mutely. Then he swallowed. "Oh, yeah."

"Then say it. Tell me what you want me to do." I looked at it very closely, like I was considering what I should do. My fingers added a little pressure and I pumped it slightly.

"S s s suck it." He whispered. I raised my eyes questioningly, as if I didn't hear. "SUCK IT, BABY!" He shouted.

I suppressed my grin as I lowered my lips to the tip of his beautiful dick. I kissed it, sucking the tip into my mouth, running my tongue over and around the tip. He shuddered when my lips took in another inch or so. I cupped his balls the way I had seen Gale do to Tony. Eddie arched slightly sucking in his breath as I worked his balls and sucked deeply on his throbbing cock. I felt his hand in my hair, but he wasn't using any pressure. I was amazed by his self-control. I had expected him to hold my head and pump my face by now. But he was willing to let me be in control and allow himself to receive and enjoy the pleasure. I peeked up at him. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. A huge lopsided grin was on his face, but one hand was clutching the blankets.

"Stop." He said rather unconvincingly. I continued licking and pumping, undisturbed. He began to pump his hips slightly. "Stop!" He was laughing. He tried to sit up. "Stop. I'm gonna cum if you don't stop. Oh, my god, Lydia, you're amazing."

I was reluctant to let go and I gave it a few extra licks. "No, no, no." He continued to grin. He grabbed my hands and easily pulled me up onto the bed. "I gotta give as good as I get." He kissed me again as we lay side by side. One hand lowered to my abdomen and stroked down under my bathing suit bottoms. His finger easily found my sopping pussy lips. "I guess your enjoying yourself." He smiled on my mouth.

I held his bottom lip in my teeth for a moment. "Better than a punch in the head. Yeah, I guess it's alright." We laughed a little. I put my mouth on his lips. "More, please."

He rose up on one elbow. "Yes,m." And one long finger was easily pushed into my cunt. "Like that?"

My muscles clenched around his finger and I arched my back. "Yes!" I panted. "More! Please!"

He moved to the foot of the bed and pulled off my bottoms. He gazed at my neatly clipped mound and dripping juices. He looked at the crotch of the bikini bottoms. They were soaked. He whistled softly. "I'm going to have to do something about this." He tossed the bottoms over his shoulder and moved between my legs, pressing his face into my waiting pussy. He fingers spread my lips apart as his tongue did intense "research" on my clit, pulling and sucking it to attention. He eased a finger into my sopping cunt and began stroking in and out, down and around. Then another finger joined and another.

"Fuck, yeah!" I moaned. I surprised myself by saying it out loud. Then I couldn't stop myself. I needed more. "I'm on the edge! Keep it up! OH!" I bucked with an intense orgasm. Eddie had a hard time holding me in his hands. "God! Yes!" I wailed. Eddie continued to stroke and lick slowly until I came down from my high. My eyes were closed and my breathing was getting under control. He moved himself up to lie beside me again. I opened my eyes. His face was shiny with my cum and his sweat, he brought his fingers up to his lips and sucked my juices off them. The he kissed me again and I could taste my sweet flavor on his tongue. "That is too sex." I whisper on his mouth.

"I thought so." He smiled on my mouth. "Now. You ready for me, Sugar?" He raised himself over me and slid his cock between my pussy lips.

I spread my legs, then wrapped them around his waist. We rubbed up against each other, our eyes never leaving each other. Then with mutual agreement he thrust in me with one stroke. I was so wet my pussy gave no resistance. He stayed there a moment, both of us feeling the fullness of the first connection. My cunt throbbed and I could feel his hard shaft pulsing with his heartbeat.

Slowly he began pumping in and out. My hips began prodding him to move faster. It was like I had no will of my own and my crotch was leading me to completion. His head dropped to my neck and he groaned. I ground my clit against each thrust. My lust filled fog lifted a little to notice that I was making small animal noises. He was grunting with each thrust now.

"Come on, baby." I encouraged. "Yeah. Give it up." He was on the edge of cumming and so was I. I clutched my legs tighter around his middle, trying to force him deeper into me.

I climaxed hard and my gripping inner muscles pumped his cock and pushed him over the edge as well. He grunted with each pulsing spurt of cum. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" Deep inside he filled me, again and again.

Finally, he collapsed on top on me. Our hot steaming, sweaty bodies entwined. He lifted up a little on his elbow. He grazed my lips with his own. "Wow." He panted. "I don't I ever. . . Wow" He shook his head a little, unable to express himself. He hadn't pulled out, his cock spent and soft, still in my overheated cunt. I liked it there.

He rolled to my side and we continued to lazily caress our damp skin. We didn't talk for a long while. I don't think either one of us had the strength.

We began talking softly, about school at first, then graduation. What our plans were for the coming school year. Then the topic turned to family and mutual friends. And we both just talked and talked, about anything that came into our heads. He talked animatedly about wanting to be a writer and who his favorite authors were. I was happy that we liked the same kind of music. I told him how I really wanted to be an artist but that my parents were pushing me to major in business, just as a back up. I warmed up even more when I realized he knew quite a bit about my favorite artists.

We were quiet a moment. Then Eddie raised his head. "Why did you want to leave the party so quickly? What happened over there? Did you and Gale have a fight?"

I scrunched down under the covers and shut my eyes tightly. " I was hoping you wouldn't remember that."

He motioned to the room, with our clothes all over the floor. "Well, with the outcome of the evening, how could I forget?"

I rolled over and pressed my back to his chest. "Wrap your arms around me and I'll tell you. Oh! I can't believe I'm going to tell you this." I took a deep breath. "Well. Gale and I have been really close for a long time. And well, we know each other really well. Well. Well. Well." I was babbling and I couldn't stop. "Gale has been . . . um, active since about 15. And . ."

"And?" He prompted.

"And, she's always told me all about her exploits. And one day I was really curious and. . ." I paused, reluctant to tell my secret out loud. "I watched. And she knew I watched and ever since . . . I like to watch." I held my breath, waiting for him to say something. We lay there for a couple of moments. "Well? What do you think?"

"Pretty kinky." He said matter of factly.

I turned in his arms to look anxiously at him. "You think so?"

He laughed. "No! I mean yes, it's a little kinky but . . I think it's kind of hot!"

I tried to read his face. "Really? It's not too weird?'

"No." He looked kindly at me. "It's not too weird. I mean what do all those guys who watch pornos . . wait, maybe that's not such a good comparison." He touched my face. "Look. We're all voyeurs to some extent. You guys just did it more "live" than most. That's all. So what happened tonight? Get caught?"

"Yes." I shook my head. "No. Not really. Gale was with Tony tonight and I was, you know, doing my usual thing. When they finished Eddie said he knew I was there and that everyone knows that I like to watch." I raised myself up to look into his face. "I mean, it was always our secret. I know Gale never told any of those guys. And believe me there have been plenty." I chuckled. "Gale's a bit of a slut."

He chuckled too. "I've heard." Then he became serious. "But I've never heard anything about you. Most people I've ever heard talk about you only say that they think you're sweet and quiet and brainy." He squeezed me a little. "Not to mention sexy, hot and a damn good lay."

I smiled and nudged him with my elbow. "Charmer." But I wasn't quite convinced. "But what if Tony's right. Oh, how embarrassing if all those guys really knew I was watching." I buried my face in his chest. "I could die of shame."

He squeezed me in his arms. "Look. For one thing, most of those guys would think it was really hot to be watched. Second, you probably won't ever see most of those guys again. Third, why should you care what those yahoos think? And lastly. . . um. . . I'm a bit of a voyeur myself."

I cocked my head to look at him. "You're just saying that. And pornos don't count."

"No, no. I don't mean that." He looked sincere. "I mean . . . well, if this is any indication of what our relationship is going to be like. You're going to meet my family and friends and, well, they're an interesting bunch. And I hope this doesn't frighten you away but. . . voyeur is not even the half of it."

"What do you mean by that?" I questioned him.

He snuggled down under the covers and rested his head on my bare chest. "No. Not yet. We have plenty of time in the very near future to talk all about this." He closed his eyes. "You wore me out, girl! I gotta rest up for some more fun and games."

I was going to question him more about those intriguing questions but my eyelids got heavy, and he was right. We had lots of time.

Finally, we drifted off to sleep, still wrapped in each other's arms.

That was our first time together, and it certainly wasn't our last. Eddie and I had many adventures together. Many not so conventional as our first time.

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