tagBDSMLying to Master Ch. 01

Lying to Master Ch. 01


I asked for permission to spend the next evening with the female I refer to as my slave. It was masters idea for me to find one, a submissive slut for me to enjoy. He said as long as I obey him first and teach her the way he teaches me, then I may have her as long as I like.

"What time is she to arrive at your place tomorrow?" We are lying on the bed naked, after a very entertaining and fulfilling hour.

"She is to be there at seven in the evening master"

"I do not mind as long as you do what needs to be done for me first. In the morning I will leave your list of things to do while I am at work. Complete them and be online at one o' clock for further instructions. Do you understand?"

"Yes master I will do what you expect of me." I always obey him and do what he expects, I am a good slave.

"Alright, now come and satisfy me and then we will sleep."

In the morning, I wake and master is gone for work. I am excited for the upcoming day and know that I must finish masters list before anything else. Pretty typical list: clean house, prepare dinner, laundry; I have a good idea of what is expected of me. At the bottom of the page is an extra note from master: 'be online by one o' clock and do not watch any porn today'. I am disappointed because I do enjoy watching a couple videos when my chores are complete.

Around noon I look around and am satisfied by the fact that everything is complete. I sit down at the computer and decide that one video won't hurt. After watching a few slaves get spanked and taken rough by their masters, I realize that I am sopping wet and almost late for my meeting. I hurry to open my chat and he is waiting for me:

"Hello slave"

"Master, How are you?"

"Are your chores complete?" I notice he is not in the mood for small talk this afternoon.

"Yes Sir" Next he will ask me about the videos and I start to get nervous. I don't think I should lie...

"And you haven't disobeyed me slave?"

I know that there are many things I could have answered but I don't want him to find out I am soaking wet from disobeying him, so I lie. "No master. I was obedient."

"Then I will reward you. After that you are to shower and get dressed for your evening. I want pictures left on the computer of what you plan to wear for her. Strip and turn on the webcam."

I obey, feeling vulnerable each time he makes me get naked for him on the camera. I sit in the computer chair and flip on the webcam. Now I can see him at his desk in his office. Just the sight of him drives me insanely crazy and I wish he were here to satisfy me himself. His voice is audible as he instructs me to spread my legs wide for him, which I quickly obey.

"Does it embarrass you slut, spread open so wide for me on camera? Masturbate for me slave, give your master a show."

I start with my breasts and squeeze them and slap them. I pull at my nipples until they are very hard. My pussy is glistening on the cam and master instructs me to touch it. Tell him how wonderful it feels. I continue working my nipple with one hand and reach to my clit with the other. I rub my fingers over it gently for him and the wave of pleasure is amazing. I stick one finger inside my hole and pull it out to taste my sweet juices. Master instructs me to get in the drawer next to me where he keeps an assortment of toys and clamp each of my nipples with clothespins. I take each nipple and pinch it roughly before placing the clamp onto the sensitive skin. With each one I wince and my master chuckles;

"You are not used to them enough yet slut. We need to work on that some more. Rub your clit and get yourself close slave. I want to work for it."

I begin to work my clit again and finger myself with the other hand. I close my eyes and pretend it is his hands rubbing me, teasing me to the edge of pleasure. I get very close and master's voice interrupts my teasing;

"Do not cum slave. You have not asked permission. Rub harder and tell me what you want slut."

"Please master," I begin to beg him, "please may I cum. My pussy is so close sir...."

He snaps at me before I finish, "Whose pussy bitch? Tell me who owns that wet hole."

I beg with him and tell him over and over that he is my owner and my master. I plead for release and just when I don't think I can take much more, he instructs me to finish. I moan incoherently while my cunt pulsates with pleasure and when it slows down enough I thank him like a proper slave should.

"Good job. Now turn the camera off and email me in detail the evening you have planned. Don't forget the pictures and get home. You may cum again tonight if your slave is skilled enough to accomplish it for you. I expect to see you online as soon as she leaves tomorrow." He gives me no opportunity to respond before logging off.

I decide to stay nude to type me email but realize my nipples are still clamped. After releasing my tender skin, I begin to type. It takes me some time to finish because my mind keeps worrying about master finding out I disobeyed him. I have always been obedient and I feel very bad for lying to him but I can only pray he never finds out about my secret.

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