tagIncest/TabooLynda Ch. 2

Lynda Ch. 2


Lynda returned to New York at the end of January as her boyfriend was returning from New Guinea on the following Saturday. Three weeks after she returned to her home I received an unexpected phone call from her. "I'm late" she told me, not understanding I said "You're what."

" I'm late – my period is late, it should have started nearly two weeks ago." Of course we started to calculate whether, if in fact if she was pregnant whether it was mine. Naturally our mathematics deemed it could only be mine. She was overjoyed but she said that she would tell her boyfriend, Doug that it must have been a present he gave her before he left for New Guinea,

Three weeks later Lynda rang again to tell me that she had been to the Doctor and it was confirmed that she was pregnant. She also told me that Doug and her were getting married in a quite civil ceremony in two days time.

Over the next six months Lynda rang me almost on a weekly basis to let me know the progress of her pregnancy.

I had received a promotion at work and had been transferred to DisneyWorld in Florida where I had rented a nice little apartment on the outskirts of Orlando. I had met a girl, named Lois, who also worked at DisneyWorld and we became firm friends and of course in time lovers. I had asked Lois to move in with me but she was from an extremely strict Italian background and said that she would have to remain with her parents until we were married. Of course we still fucked whenever we could.

On 26th September my now brother-in-law Doug rang to advise me that he was a father as Lynda had given birth to a beautiful baby girl and that they had named her Jamie after me. Of course I gushed all the necessary congratulations and arranged for a large bunch of flowers to be sent to Lynda.

I rang Lynda when I knew that she was home from the hospital and we professed our love for each other and for our newborn daughter. Lynda said that she did not know when we could get together so that I may see my daughter.

Early in December Doug rang me and asked if Lynda and Jamie could visit for a couple of weeks as he had to go to New Guinea again to finalise the engineering on the bridge that had commenced building nearly one year ago. Of course I agreed but advised him that I had only a two-bedroom apartment and that Lynda and Jamie would have to share a room.

Lois and I duly met Lynda and Jamie at the airport and after introductions and goo goo gooing over Jamie returned to my apartment. Both Lois and I knew that our sessions of fucking and sucking were going to be seriously curtailed during Lynda's visit. As Lois was going north to see family it would have been curtailed anyway.

After dinner Lois had left to return home and Lynda and I were left alone and Jamie was asleep. Lynda was in the kitchen washing the dinner dishes and I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist and started kissing the back of her neck. She said "You don't know how much I have wanted you to kiss and cuddle me since you met us at the airport" I replied " Well it's just you, Jamie and me for the next two weeks because Lois is going to visit her sister in New Orleans for two weeks.

I started to move my hands up to Lynda's tits to cup them when she groaned and said "I'm filling up" I asked what she meant and she said "I'm breastfeeding Jamie and there is a filling sensation when the milk starts to come into the breasts"

As if on cue Jamie started crying and Lynda said "Time for the evening feed, do you want to watch" Of course I wanted to watch and see those glorious tits again. Lynda got Jamie from the bedroom and sat down on the settee . She undone the front of her blouse and pulled it aside revealing a maternity bra underneath. She unclipped the bra at the front letting her tits fall free. Lifting one of her tits she asked "Do you still think they are as good as before or do you think they have started to sag."

They looked tremendous and I told her so. As she lifted Jamie to her tit it started to leak milk. Jamie soon got the message and latched onto the tit sucking as only a baby can.

After about 15 minutes Lynda changed Jamie onto the other breast, however Jamie decided that she had had enough and refused to suckle. After changing Jamie's diaper she placed her in the crib and said "Well I suppose I will have to wake in the middle of the night to finish the feed"

Lynda said that she was tired after her trip and said that she was going to bed. I said that the bed in the spare room was made up and ready for her. Her reply startled me and at the same time gave me an instant boner. "I'm not sleeping in any spare bed I am going to share yours for the next two weeks and we can start again from where we left off when I went back to New York in January."

My legs went weak and my boner started to drip pre-cum. We went into the bedroom and undressed all the time I was looking and admiring the beautiful body of my sister. Lynda said that she was going to have a shower before bed and if I liked we could shower together and I could wash her back.

When we were in the shower I noticed that the beautiful bare cunt that I had so readily fucked in January had small bristles of hair surrounding it. I said to Lynda "I notice that you have'nt shaved recently" to which she replied "No I don't seem to have the time to pamper myself these days what with a husband, work and a baby. If you like you can shave my cunt for me now" At the thought of this I nearly ejaculated there and then.

I got out of the shower and got my safety razor and shaving cream. Turning off the shower I knelt in front of Lynda and applied the shaving cream to her mound. I then carefully started to shave that beautiful cunt. When I had finished shaving Lynda turned the water on again to rinse off any remaining shaving cream. I was still kneeling in front of Lynda and I leant forward and began to run my tongue up and down her cunt split. Lynda grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her cunt moaning "You sister fucker you know how to make a girl cum but it is too uncomfortable here and it would be much better in bed.

We quickly dried ourselves and I powdered Lynda's freshly shaved cunt and then we got into bed.

I immediately resumed the assault on her shaved powdered beautiful cunt until she was writhing in ecstasy and with a shattering orgasm was yelling "Suck my cunt you incestuous fucking bastard I am cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiing."

Lynda lay in my arms coming down from her orgiastic high. Gently I laid her on her back and placing her legs over my shoulders pushed my throbbing cock into her wet slippery cunt.

I began to push my cock in and out of her vagina until I could feel the spunk building in my balls. Resuming the missionary position I continued the onslaught on my beautiful sister's cunt. As I started to cum I began to pull out of her cunt but she held me tight with her legs shouting "Cum in me I want to feel your juices in me, it won't matter if I get pregnant again as I am a married woman" This sent me over the top and I began pumping ropes of semen into that receptive cunt. At the same time Lynda again orgasmed shouting "Oh God that feels soooooooo gooood"

As I lay there on top of Lynda I began to feel something wet between us and on examination saw that her big milky tits had started to leak. Quickly I jumped out of bed and got a towel for her to wipe her tits. She said "I thought this might happen as Jamie did not empty them from her final feed."

Jokingly I said to Lynda "Well as Jamie did not empty them maybe James could" With this Lynda pulled me to her tits and said "Suck me dry big brother"

The milk readily pumped out as I began to gently suck and I found the taste pleasant. I took me about 15 minutes to suck both tits dry. After our fucking and sucking session we lay in each others arms kissing passionately until I felt my cock start to harden. Lynda reached down between and placed my cock into her still wet cunt.

Go to sleep big brother with your cock where he belongs.

Over the next few days I took Lynda on a tour of Disneyworld and the Epcot Centre returning home each night to a session of fucking and sucking. Lynda breastfed Jamie during the day and from a bottle at night so that I could suck her tits dry as we fucked at night.

Before we knew it the two weeks were up and she was back on the plane to New York.

A couple of days later Doug rang to thank me for having Lynda stay and said that she must have had a good time as he had never seen her happier. Little did he know that in the past two weeks his wife, my sister, had been fucked over fifty times. No wonder she was happy.

To Be Continued...

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