tagLoving WivesLynn and Bobby Ch. 03

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Bobby Plays Golf

My wife had gone back East to be with her mother for some routine surgery and I was batching it for a couple of weeks. I had been invited to a nearby golf club to play in the member-guest tournament, so I went alone. It was a fun time and at the closing dinner dance Saturday night I was seated with my host and his wife and two other couples. One couple left early and my host left before I did pleading a headache, so I was left with Dave and Sandy with whom I was having a friendly conversation. Dave ran a successful petroleum business in San Diego and Sandy was a charming brunet about thirty-five years old. They had been married since college, so it must have been a good marriage. They made a good-looking couple. Sandy was medium height, about 120 pounds, and built like the proverbial masonry comfort station. Her large boobs were displayed in a low-cut, but tasteful, black dress that showed off her narrow waist and sexy hips. Dave was tall and distinguished with the look and manner of a successful business executive.

Dave caught my eye as I stared once too often at Sandy's boobs. He just nodded and smiled and the next time he and I went to the bar for drinks, I said, "You have a beautiful wife. I hope you don't mind me admiring her."

He laughed. "I don't mind at all. She's a good-looking woman. Why don't you dance with her? She's a great dancer."

I said I would and when we got back to the table I invited her to dance. I knew the moment I took her in my arms that something unusual was about to happen. She put her body close to mine and straddled my leg, her pussy rubbing against me, and her right hand tickling my neck. We danced that way not talking and had a second dance that was just as hot.

Back at the table Dave said, "You two dance great together. You're both really good. I enjoyed watching you."

We sat there not saying much and when the band played another slow song, I said to Dave, "Let me see you dance with Sandy."

"No, I'd rather just watch you two."

I took Sandy by the hand and led her out on the floor. I whispered in her ear, "Was Dave just being polite or does he like to watch us dance?"

"He wasn't being polite. He wanted to watch us dance again."

That sounded to me like an invitation, but I wasn't sure, so I carefully moved my right hand down from her waist closer to her shapely ass. She just held me closer and rubbed her pussy on my leg. Then I moved it down and cupped her left buttock. Most of the people had gone home and the dance floor was fairly dark. We danced that way for a while and I began to play with her very lovely butt.

"Turn me so Dave can watch what you're doing to me," she said.

Well, I thought, what do we have here? I danced her over close to the table and turned her so Dave could watch me play with her ass. His eyes seemed frozen on my hand and finally he looked up at me, smiled, and nodded his head. My question was answered.

I whispered to Sandy, "Does Dave like to watch?"

"Yes he does," she said and with that she took my head in both her hands and kissed me hard on the lips as her husband watched. "Do you want to come home with us?"

She was turning me on, so I said I would love to go home with them.

"Good. Just follow my lead. It may seem silly but it works better if we do it the way that turns him on."

We went back to the table and Sandy leaned over to Dave for a brief whispered conversation. He nodded his head yes.

"Bob," he said, "lets walk over to the bar for one more drink."

I followed him. After we got the drinks he led me off to a quiet place and after a sip of his drink said, "Sandy says you like her and she likes you. Would you like to fuck my wife?"

Damn! She'd already invited me, and I'd said yes, but she made him ask me anyway. She was humiliating him. Clearly she was running this relationship and telling him what to do. And he was doing it, like an obedient cuckold. This might be an interesting night.

"I would like very much like to fuck your wife, Dave. She's a sexy lady. Great tits! And she's been rubbing her pussy against my leg all night. Would you like to watch us fuck?"

"Yes I would, if you'll let me. I like to watch. Why don't you follow me over to our house? Sandy can ride with you in case you get lost." The assertive executive tone of voice I had heard earlier was gone now. He voice was very soft.

Sandy and I left the parking lot following her husband, but after a few miles she told me to slow down and directed me into a dark parking lot near a church, where we stopped and turned off the lights.

"Kiss me," she said, and I kissed her. She rubbed some of her lipstick on her finger, smeared it on my shirt collar, and pulled my tie loose. "He doesn't really expect us to be right behind him. It turns him on to think about us parked some place and making out while he waits for us at the house, not knowing what we're doing, and helpless to do anything about it. It makes him tame and obedient. It gets him in the right mood. You'll see a different man when we get home."

Then Sandy, unemotionally, unbuttoned the back of her dress, pulled it off of her shoulders and took her bra off. Her tits were all that I had imagined they would be. I couldn't resist playing with them and kissing her nipples. But it was only a few minutes before she put her dress back over her shoulders. Then she pulled up her dress to her waist, and wiggled out of her panties. She was wearing hose and a garter belt that framed her thick brunet beaver beautifully. She spread her legs and let me play with her a little while. But it was clear she was not very interested in sex at the moment. What the hell was going on? Then she handed me her bra and panties.

"When we get to our living room, I want you to just toss these on the table. Be sure Dave see's you do it. And be very casual, as if it's no big deal for you to pull his wife's pants down the first night you meet her. You're the stud."

Dave was waiting expectantly when we got there and had the ice and glasses on the table and a bottle of Glenlivet ready to pour.

"We got lost," I said as I tossed her bra and panties on the coffee table in front of him.

"Looks like you two had some fun on the way." He was almost trembling and spoke softly and submissively. "I wish I could have watched you."

He rubbed his crotch and I could see he had a hard on. Sandy had said for me to just follow her lead, so I let her answer.

"Yeah, We had some fun. And now, if you behave yourself and be a good boy, we're going to let you watch us have some more fun. If you pay attention and keep our glasses full, we might even let you help out when we do it. And we're gonna do it, Dave. We're gonna do it big time. Bobby's gonna have some fun with your loving wife tonight."

"You can count on me," he said. "I'll do anything you tell me to do. Anything. Just let me watch." He was so excited he was trembling.

Sandy excused herself saying she was going to get into something more comfortable. I sat there with Dave, sipping my scotch and saying very little. Clearly I had stumbled on to an unusual situation. Dave obviously liked to watch another guy fuck his wife -- he was a voyeur. He was eager to be a cuckold. I had met voyeur-cucks before. But usually their wives just went along with guys they brought home. Sandy was a different breed. She was a sexy bitch and she was taking charge of him -- dominating him - and obviously he loved it. Finally, I broke the silence.

"Do you and Sandy do this often?"

He was a different man from the club. He spoke very submissively. "Not very often. Every couple of months. Sandy decides when. The guy has to be just right. She says we have to be very careful. She has an instinct about guys. She's been sizing you up all evening. Ask her about it. You'll be surprised what she already knows about you. She always knows what to do and she tells me. I always do what she says."

When Sandy came back she had on a lovely floor length negligee. It was see through and revealed hose, garter belt, bra, and panties -- all matching and very sexy with her spike heels. You could see a hint of that thick brunet beaver through her thin panties. She was beautiful and very sensuous.

I complemented her on her outfit. Dave handed her a drink and she held it up for a toast. Dave and I stood and clinked our glasses with her and she turned to Dave and said, "David, please make a proper toast." She said it as if it were a command.

Dave responded obediently. He held his glass high. "To a wonderful evening with our new friend Bob." And turning to me he said, "And, Bob, I want you to enjoy my wife."

If I needed any further proof that she was a dominatrix and Dave was a voyeur-cuck, this was it. And he was a very subservient one at that. He had already changed a lot from what he was like earlier in the evening. He was now very submissive and docile. And as the evening progressed he would change even more. To see this prosperous, successful business executive, so confident and assertive at the party earlier, turn in to a submissive, obedient voyeur-cuck was fascinating. I had seen voyeur-cucks before, but none so dominant in their real life and so submissive in their sex life and none with a take-charge, sexy wife like Sandy. She was something very new for me and she turned me on.

Dave put on some music and bustled around freshening our drinks, more like a waiter than a host. Sandy and I sat on the couch and I put my arm around her and kissed her. She was quite different from when she took off her bra and panties in the car. Her body language now told me she wanted me to make love to her, but there was something else about her that I couldn't figure out. My wife and my wife's best friend, Princess, had told me that I had an instinct for what women wanted and maybe it was true. I hoped so. Anyway, I began to make love to her. I was tender and gentle. She responded, getting warmer as our kisses and caresses became more overtly sexual. I took my time. Her husband sat across from us, stroking his crotch and silently watching me seduce his wife. He watched her respond to my caresses, but he was always careful to keep our glasses full of scotch. When he stood to freshen our drinks I could see a bulge in his pants.

As I caressed her, I remembered that she was doing this for her husband, not for me. Maybe that was what I sensed. She was giving him what he wanted to see. I stroked her thigh and moved my hand up to her pussy and began to stroke it through her panties. She spread her legs, just a bit, to make it easy for me. I looked over at her husband and was not surprised to see he had unzipped his fly and taken his cock out. He had a hard on and was stroking it as he watched me play with his wife's pussy. She was giving him a show! I was just an actor in her performance! Damn! That brought me back to earth. I was fucking his wife for his entertainment, not mine. A sobering thought, but not a complete turn-off. It might still be fun. Sandy was a sexy bitch.

"Put on some dance music." It was a command, not a request. And he obeyed quickly. He got up and put a different CD in the player, his hard cock bouncing up and down comically as he raced across the room. Soft dance music enveloped the room. I got up and pulled her up with me, took her in my arms and we danced. His eyes were glued to my hands as I caressed her ass and tits.

It was time to strip her down and I dropped her negligee first and danced her around in bra and panties. She was beautiful, her figure almost perfect -- full and mature, but perfectly proportioned. The bra came off next and then I danced her over in front of him and played with her large tits as he sat there masturbating. Standing behind her with her body almost touching his knees, I slowly pulled her pants down and showed him her thick hairy beaver. She stepped out of her panties and I tossed them on his lap, then I reached down and started to stroke her beaver.

She was naked now except for her spike heels and hose and that lovely garter belt which framed her magnificent curly haired bush. I danced with her a bit more, playing with her ass and tits. Then I turned her toward him and danced behind her as I undressed. When I turned her around to face me again, I had a beautiful erection, standing straight out and bouncing slightly as I danced. It was the first time she had seen it and she looked down at it, then back up at me, and smiled.

"I'm not disappointed," she said. "But then, I didn't expect to be. Dave will like it too. Lets dance over and show him."

I pulled her close, lifting my hard cock up and trapping it against her belly and continued to dance with her. We danced over in front of her husband and then she stepped away from me so he could see my cock. It stood straight out, big and hard. She stroked it a little and his eyes froze on my dick as though he saw nothing else. As he stared at my erection, he was masturbating frantically. Suddenly he ejaculated, big gobs of thick white semen spurting into the air and falling back on his trousers.

"That's a good boy," Sandy said to her husband. "Have your fun, but keep an eye on our drinks."

He just nodded as he sat there with his now limp dick in his hand. Then she led me a few feet away to a large sheepskin rug, which dominated the living room floor, as though she had placed it in this position on purpose to give her husband the best view.

We danced a few minutes near the rug, and then she laid down on her back and pulled me down with her, careful to position us in the exact place for her husband to get the best view as she spread her legs. I lay on my side and kissed her, holding her head in my left hand and exploring her body with my right. Her husband just stared at us as if hypnotized. This was what he had been waiting to see, what he needed to see. I watched as it captured his brain and made him helpless. His cock was erect again and he pumped it fast and hard, and as I watched, he ejaculated again, further soiling his pants and the chair he was sitting in. His pants were now covered with patches of thick, white cum.

"Don't worry," Sandy whispered in my ear, "he'll do that over a half dozen times tonight."

A half dozen! I was stunned. Her husband was going to jack off a half dozen times watching us fuck! He was a pervert! Then I thought about it a little more. No, this was his sex life. For him, this was sex. Watching his wife get fucked was what he lived for. He was a successful and powerful business executive, but he probably fucked his wife thinking about watching her fucking another man. Only occasionally did he have what, for him, was real sex. That was when he got to watch another man make him a cuckold. He lived for that moment. Sandy understood his need. She carefully selected guys who were "safe" -- guys she could fuck and not destroy his reputation. She was exactly what he needed. No wonder their marriage had survived since college. I wondered how many guys this beautiful woman has fucked since college, while her husband watched.

I started to crawl between her legs but she held me off. "Wait a minute. Let him recover. Then we'll do it the way he likes."

I did what she said -- I played with her body for a few minutes. Then she called to him in a very dominant voice.

"David! Get over here. Bobby wants to fuck me. Get him ready!"

He came over quickly to where we lay on the rug and got down on his knees. He reached over to me and gently took my hard cock in his hand. He bent down and started to suck it.

"That's it, baby. Get him ready!" She was giving orders, sternly. "Get his cock nice and hard. Get it wet for your wife. Do it right. Get it all wet, dammit!" She reached over and, putting her hand on the back of his head, pushed him down on my cock. My entire cock was now deep in his throat and he didn't gag. I could feel the large head of my dick pushing against the back of his throat between his tonsils as she pushed his head down.

"I really want to fuck this guy, David. I need you to get that big dick hard and wet. Do you want to watch him fuck me?"

My dick was still in his mouth and he didn't answer her. She said it again -- louder and more demanding, "Do you want to watch this guy fuck me?"

He looked up, trembling. His lips only inches from my cock, which was dripping with his saliva. "Yes, please. I want to watch him fuck you." Turning to me, he said, "Please. Fuck my wife while I watch."

This subservient, obedient, trembling creature was so different from the dominant successful business executive I had seen only hours before that it was hard to recognize him as the same man. Sandy was dominating him and giving him the helpless pleasure he needed.

She spread her legs wide. "Put it in for him, Davie boy. Put that big cock into your wife's pussy. Then play with your dick and watch us fuck."

He did as she commanded. I felt his hand tremble as he put my cock into her wet pussy. Then I fucked her while he sat on the floor next to us, watched and masturbated.

"Fuck me Bobby. Fuck me good. I need it. I really need it." She was moaning and groaning and calling my name and begging me to fuck her and humping. I had trouble for a minute because I knew she was just acting for her husband. I almost lost it. That would have been embarrassing! But then I thought about what we were doing to this voyeur-cuck's mind while he watched, helpless and humiliated. I kept it up and started to pump her harder. It was good pussy, so I settled in to enjoy a nice piece of ass.

After a few minutes she moaned, "I'm gonna come. Oh God I'm gonna come" and started to shake and move her head around with her eyes closed. Was it an orgasm? I didn't feel any contractions in her pussy. Several minutes later I had mine -- it was a good one but nothing special. I filled her up and she pushed me so that I rolled off of her. Dave, panting and groaning, ejaculated on the floor next to us, then quickly dove between his wife's legs and started noisily to suck my cum out of her pussy. She lifted her knees and spread her legs wide to make it easy for him to get at that load of thick white semen that was dripping from her gaping pussy.

I lay there for a moment, thinking, okay, I enjoyed fucking her and I don't think I ever heard a guy slurp like that eating cum out of a pussy, but something's still wrong. Then I realized what it was. I had been only a performer in a show to satisfy her husband, who had jacked off a third time watching me pump my load. Still, Sandy was a good solid piece of ass and I enjoyed her. I hadn't done this all that often and I wasn't at ease with it yet. We got up and finished our drinks, standing naked in the living room. Her husband stood there with his limp dick sticking out of his fly.

Sandy then led me by the hand into the master bedroom. She ordered her husband to mix two fresh drinks and bring them to us. She gave him orders for coffee at ten the next morning. Then she ordered him to leave the room, close the door, and leave us alone. He obeyed without question or comment. When the door closed she gave a big sigh of relief and turned to me.

"Now we can relax and talk and have some fun," she said. "I need to rest a little, because it's always so hard for me to do that exactly the way he likes it. Just one more thing to do."

"Come here and help me." She moved to the head of the bed and pushed it closer to the wall.

"When we fuck, the bed hits the wall. He's in the guest bedroom on the other side of this wall, listening and jacking off. When he hears the bed bounce against the wall he jacks off. He'll jack off seven or eight times tonight. His dick will be a wreck in the morning and we can have some fun with it. It's fun for him too."

"He had a really good time tonight," she said, sitting on the side of the bed and sipping her scotch. "He was so excited he lost his gag reflex. He doesn't always do that. That's why I was able to push his head down and made him deep-throat your cock. What did it feel like when the head of your cock hit the back of his throat?"

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