tagHumor & SatireLynn and Bobby Ch. 08

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 08


Chapter 8

Girl Talk: The Stupid Bitch Story

Note to male readers: This is the way girls talk to each other. It has very little sex and while many girls will think it's funny, most guys (except gays) will be bored. If you're looking for something to jack off too, this is not it. If you want to jack off, please read one of my other stories. Charlie's Nephew if you're gay -- Bet in Branson Aftermath if you're straight.


One evening on our patio after dinner, Princess began to tell Lynn what she had referred to several times as her "stupid bitch" story. It was about the guy she lost. The guy who was the love of her life. She had met him about ten years ago and they had fallen in love. Princess was living out in the valley at the time and had a good job as an administrative assistant. Her boyfriend, Ted, was a computer programmer. They had dated several months and when their relationship developed, Ted left the apartment he shared with a colleague and moved in with Princess. They both belonged to a country club in the valley and their friends were mostly club members. They had lived together for over a year and, although they never talked about it, both of them assumed they would get married when the time was right. Ted was handsome enough to attract a number of admirers but he had had his fill of casual pussy and he was hooked on Princess and didn't stray.

"How did the trouble start?" Lynn asked.

"A Friday night party at the club. This damn brunet! I never trusted brunets. She'd had her eye on Ted for some time. She'd strut in front of him in her bikini at the pool. She was built, but she wasn't built any better than I was. She had these dark, seductive eyes, always looking over at him, sexy like. Well, that night everybody was dancing with everybody else and she starts making a play for Ted. He got regular offers from a bunch of broads and he never let me down, but this night he'd had a couple of extra drinks. He danced with her -- all of us were changing partners -- and she put her pussy right on his leg and started to rub him. Pissed me off, but I'd seen it before with other broads and he always handled it."

Lynn nodded her head. "A good looking stud? That was nothing special to him. Gals probably had done that lots of times."

"Yeah they had. But he just let her do it and smiled at her. It was the extra booze he had on board I think. Anyway it started to get to me so when he sat down I told him not to dance with her any more."

"Uh-Oh! That was a mistake."

"Yeah, I know. The first in a long line of mistakes. This is a stupid bitch story, remember?"

Princess continued. "He asked her to dance again. He did it just to show me I wasn't giving him orders. He comes back and sits down and he's got a hard on. That brunet bitch had been stroking his pecker over in a dark part of the dance floor. And he says to me, 'Okay baby, time to go home.'"

"Great!" Said Lynn. " You got lucky. So, you took him home and fucked him and said to yourself, 'To hell with that damn brunet.'"

"Wrong! This is a stupid bitch story, remember? I was pissed because she gave him a hard on and I was too damn dumb to realize that how my guy got a hard on didn't matter, just as long as I was the one who took care of it. So I got real huffy and said I wasn't ready to go home yet and got up and headed for the ladies room."

"Big mistake. Another one."

"Actually, it was two big mistakes. Mistake number one was not taking him home and fuckin' him and mistake number two was not keeping watch over him while that predatory bitch had her eye on him. When I got back to the table that bitch had him dancing in the dark part of the room. And her left hand was not around his shoulder. She was stroking his pecker."

"Not good but not fatal. He was your guy. He had already said he was ready to go home. The brunet had obviously made him horny and he wanted to fuck. He was going to come back to the table when the music stopped. If he didn't you could go ask him to dance with you -- he was your date. Either way you could take him home and fuck him. Right?"

"Wrong. I decided to teach him a lesson," said Princess.

"Oh shit. I'll bet he learned the wrong lesson. What did you do?"

"I walked out. Got a cab and went home. Making a mental list of all the things I was going to tell him when he came stumbling in."

"But, he didn't come stumbling in, did he?"

"Oh, he came stumbling in all right. At two o'clock the next afternoon."

Lynn nodded. "Okay. So the lesson you taught him was that when an attractive brunet starts playing with his dick, she'll fuck him if his lady isn't smart enough to fuck him first."

"Yeah. That's exactly what I taught him. So there he stands telling me how sorry he is and how he drank too much and how much he loves me and then he gets tears in his eyes and just sits there on the couch hanging his head."

"You lucky broad! Shit! So you go over and sit next to him and take him in your arms and say to him, 'I shouldn't have walked out on you like that baby. I love you and I know you love me. You just had too much to drink and I didn't take care of you the way I should have.' Not one word about that brunet bitch. Then you fixed him a drink, a hair of the dog that bit him, and asked him to come in the kitchen and help you fix some steak and eggs and you treated him nice all afternoon and that night you showed him you were a much better fuck than that brunet bitch."

"This is a stupid bitch story, remember? I decided now was the time to teach him a lesson."

"Okay. Another lesson?" Asked Lynn. "Like the first lesson where he learned to fuck the brunet."

"Worse. I tell him, cold as ice, to pack his things and move out. I figured a couple of weeks of asking me to let him come back would be good for him."

"Oh shit! And he moves in with the brunet?"

"No. He goes back to his old apartment with his old room mate."

"You got lucky. Very lucky. You dodged a bullet. So the next day, you go over there and tell him you just got mad and over reacted and it was as much your fault as his and you loved him and then you help him move his things back."

"A stupid bitch never takes advantage of any luck. I decided to wait until he told me he was sorry."

"He already told you that."

"I wanted him to tell me again. So I figured I'd give him time to feel bad and then I'd hear from him."

"Did you hear from him?"

"Yeah. I got a postcard from Hawaii. I called his roommate. He didn't go alone. He took that brunet bitch."

"So, lets see now. He learned another lesson. It was, if the blond won't fuck, the brunet will. He's learning a lot of lessons, Princess. He's going to graduate soon if you're not careful. What happened when he got back? Did he move in with her?"

"He went back to his old apartment. He called up and asked me out to dinner."

"Wow! You just keep dodging bullets. So you went out with him and tried to get things started again. Right?"

"Wrong. I keep jumping in front of bullets. I hung up on him."

"And that was the end of it?"

"No. He wrote me a long letter telling me he was sorry and asking me to go out with him again."

"A very patient guy. He was probably in love with you. In fact, I think he was in love with you. So you called him and you two started dating again."

"Wrong. I tore up the letter. I stayed away from the club. I cried a lot. I felt sorry for myself because I missed him and wanted him back. Finally, I called his apartment. His roommate said he was not there but invited me to lunch. He wanted to talk. At lunch he told me that Ted was broken up about what happened because he really loved me. He had quit his job and headed for the East Coast. He was not sure where he was."

"Well, a year and a half gone down the tube. A really great guy with it. And all because, lets see, you wouldn't fuck him because another broad gave him the hard on."

"Exactly. That's when I shudda learned to stop worrying how a dick gets hard and start concentrating on what to do with it when it does. But I didn't and that's not the end of the story. I was crying a lot and his roommate gave me a shoulder to cry on. And the next thing I knew he gave me a pillow to cry on. And before I figured him out, he was banging me like a drum. I fucked him for four weeks. One night we were fucking and after he pumped his load he rolled off of me, and I looked over and Ted was sitting in the chair by the window, watching us fuck."

"Oh my God! Why did he come back?"

"He never left. I mean he hadn't quit his job or moved out. I found out later he'd just gone up to Berkley for a six week advanced computer course his company was paying for. His lousy roommate had decided to fuck the gal that threw him out of her apartment. He worked hard at it for a month."

"Oh shit! So what happened?"

"I got out of bed running around buck naked looking for my clothes which were scattered around the room. Ted handed me my brassiere, which was hanging on the back of the chair he was sitting in. When I was dressed, I left. I didn't know what to say to Ted. I mean, what do you say to the guy you love when you're standing there buck naked with his room mate's cum dripping out of your pussy. What the hell do you say? I just went home."

"Did he call you?"

"He called the next day and invited me to dinner."

"I hope you didn't have another lesson to teach him."

"I was lessoned out. I went out with him and the first thing he said to me was that he was sorry about the brunet. Now, Lynn, think about that! Less than twenty-four hours after he'd caught me fucking his roommate, he apologized for fucking that damn brunet. He was nice to me all evening, took me home, kissed me good night at the door, and went back to his apartment."

"What did you say to him? How did you explain about his room mate?"

"I didn't know what to say. My story was so crazy that ... "

"Well you had to tell him something. There's not a man in the world who could love you enough to understand ..." Lynn paused and looked over at me and then continued, "... at least not very many men who could stay with you after what he saw. Are you telling me you had a man like mine?"

"That's exactly what I'm telling you, Lynn. His roommate didn't explain it to him. Ted just figured something out for himself. He started looking for another apartment the next day and invited me out to dinner. I asked him first thing if he wanted to move back in with me."

"At last you do something smart. Did you talk about the room mate?"

"I tried to, right after I asked him to move in with me. Before I'd said more than a couple of words, he reached across the table and put his finger to my lips and said, 'You don't need to say a word.' I don't know what his roommate told him. I don't know what he knew. But, somehow he was satisfied. He turned out to be the closest thing to Bobby that I have ever seen, and he loved me. He moved back in as if nothing had happened. He said not one word about me fucking his roommate. Not even a hint. We went on as if nothing had changed. He treated me like I was precious."

"And you let him get away?"

"I didn't let him get away. I threw him away."

"You stupid bitch!"

"That's the name of the story."

"You're going to tell me how you did it. And please don't tell me you were going to teach him another lesson."

"We started going out again as if nothing had happened. Our love life was great. Then one night at the club, everybody was dancing with everybody and that brunet bitch got hold of him again. Those damned eyes just ate him up. She danced with him and her pussy was tight against his leg. And she got him over in the dark and she started to stroke his pecker, and when he got back to the table I reached over and felt of it and it was hard."

"Big mistake. Basic principle: Never feel of your man's pecker when he comes back to the table after dancing with a slut."

"Mistake number one." Princess said.

"Mistake number two?" Lynn asked.

"I told him not to dance with her again."

"Okay. You'd made that mistake before. So what did he do? Show you that he had a choice?"

"No. He just sat there with me and he was nice. Then that brunet bitch gets up and walks across the room, swishing her ass in that tight skirt, and bends over to show him her tits and asks him to dance. The bitch! And he danced with her."

"Princess, he had to. He didn't have a choice. At a club party like that he couldn't say no and leave her standing there."

"But he danced with her and she put her pussy on his leg and started to grind. The bitch! She'd fucked him for two weeks in Hawaii. She was after him again."

"But you had him. He'd fucked her for two weeks and didn't want her anymore. He came back to you. Even after he watched you fuck his roommate, he came back to you. He loved you. You had nothing to worry about. Let the bitch rub her pussy on his leg. She was just warming him up for you."

"Yeah. But I didn't think that way then. I was pissed. I wanted to teach him a lesson."

"Oh no baby not another lesson."

"Yeah, another lesson. I walked out."

"Oh shit. You didn't learn from the first time."

"This time he came home. Got home a half-hour after I did. Said he was sorry I was upset and he apologized for dancing with her. He was real nice. We went to bed. And he didn't fuck me."

"You had a problem. A big one. What happened the next night?"

"He still didn't fuck me."

"Did you try to get him to? Did you reach for his pecker?"

"No. I was too damn proud."


"Yeah. Big mistake!"

I sat there listening to them talk and realized that Princess wanted me to hear what she said. Just like Lynn, when she was talking about Bill. They were talking to each other, but they needed me to hear what they said, I guess to keep them honest, or make them say it straight out, or something. Anyway, she was laying it on the line.

Princess sat there a minute in thought, and then said, "He didn't fuck me all week. Then, on Saturday afternoon, he sat me down and said, 'Let's talk.'"

"I was scared. He was very serious. I couldn't believe that damn brunet bitch meant that much to him."

Lynn almost shouted at Princess. "She didn't. She meant nothing to him. He didn't care shit about her! He'd fucked her for two weeks and didn't want her any more. He'd watched you fuck his roommate and he still came back to you. He begged you to take him back. He loved you. You stupid bitch. He loved you."

"I wanted him to prove it."

"You stupid bitch!"

"Stupid bitch. That's the name of the story. I told him we needed to be apart for a while so I could figure out what I really wanted. What I really wanted was for him to break down and get down on his knees and beg me to keep him and tell me he loved me."

"What did he say?"

"He said okay. He understood. It was a very serious decision. He wanted me, but he wanted me to be sure I wanted him."

"You stupid bitch! He said that? He said he wanted you? And you let him move out? No, you made him move out. You gave that horny brunet a chance to relieve the pressure in his balls. And you knew she would! Jesus! How the fuck did you let him get away? I don't believe it!"

"He still took me out to dinner and to the club but he didn't try to stay and fuck me. Then one day at the club pool we were sitting there having a vodka tonic and that damn brunet walks up in her white bikini -- wet from the pool. You could see her nipples and a big hairy beaver through the suit. That bitch stands not two feet from him, with her beaver at eye level, and starts a conversation. I got pissed and went home."

"Another mistake. Shit! You had nothing to worry about. He'd seen that beaver before. Hell, he'd fucked that beaver. He didn't want that beaver. You threw him out and he still asked you to go out with him. He was dating you, not the brunet!"

"I know. I wanted him to do something nice for me, but I didn't know what I wanted him to do. I loved him but I wanted him to prove he loved me."

"He'd already proved it, Princess, a couple of times, by my count."

"Oh, I know that now, but I was confused as hell then about what I wanted him to do. Then he asked me out one night, and at dinner he tells me about a job offer he got from Silicon Valley. It was a good one. With a future. Before we had the trouble, this would have been just the thing to cause us to get married. As he told me about it, I was hoping he was going to propose, but he didn't."

"Princess, that was your moment. If there was ever a time for you to say you loved him and wanted to be with him, that was it. He was in love with you. He knew how important this job was. He wanted you to say something -- anything -- that would give him a clue that you wanted him. Then he was going to propose."

"I know. He was ready to propose. But, I couldn't figure out what to say to get him to do what I wanted."

"What the hell did you want him to do?"

"That's the problem. I wasn't sure what I wanted him to do. I just wanted him to do something. Like apologize for making me feel bad."

"You were making yourself feel bad!"

"I know that now. Anyway, I just said nothing."

"Mistake, maybe a fatal one."

"No. I made a worse one the next month."

"Oh shit. It's hard to think of a worse one."

"It was worse. He goes back to his new job and tells me he'll be back in a month to see me for a few days. The next month he comes back and stays at a hotel and asks me out. He tells me all about his new job. He's excited. He takes me home and kisses me at the door and doesn't try to screw me. He takes me out the next night. I'm waiting for him to say something -- to apologize, to ..."

"To apologize! To apologize for what?"

"Well, ... for making me feel bad, or ..."

"Making you feel bad! You stupid bitch! All you had to do was lean across the table and tell him you loved him. He was yours! Just sitting there! Waiting for you to say you loved him!" Lynn was almost shouting now.

"Yeah, I know that now. But I didn't know it then. I thought I needed to do something to get his attention."

"Get his attention? You had his attention! He wanted to marry you!"

"Well, I wanted to do something to get his attention. So, after he went back north, I tried to think of something that would make him pay more attention to me. I thought maybe if I made him jealous. So, I decided to ... well I thought if I ... well I ..."

"What the hell did you do?" Lynn was shouting now.

"I started fuckin' his room mate!"

"Oh shit, you didn't."

"I did. I was thinking that the last time I did it he didn't get mad, he just paid more attention to me. And I thought ... "

"You fucked his roommate?"

"Yeah, I did. Big time. I guess his roommate called him and told him he was fucking me or said something. Anyway, I waited for him to call. I waited for him to visit. And I never heard from him again. I threw him away. Just threw him away. He was as good as Bobby, I swear he was. He knew how to fuck me. He knew how to love me. I loved him, but I threw him away. I fucked his room mate for a while and then I became a whore, and I fucked any guy who asked me."

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