tagInterracial LoveLynn & Theresa: Loving Wives

Lynn & Theresa: Loving Wives


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Lynn and Theresa were lying in the backyard of Lynn's house sunbathing. Both were wearing rather skimpy bikinis, to get a nice tan. They had been best friends since before high school, and they were now both married and lived next door to each other.

Even though they were both 32 years old, they still looked and had bodies like a twenty year old.

Lynn was this gorgeous 5 foot 5 natural blond. She had worked hard to keep her slim waist, and slender body. One thing about her, that she was actually quite proud of, was her 36 DD breasts, and they were still very luscious and firm. She had always gotten a lot of comments about her boobs, and her husband just loved them. Although she was rather happy about the way she looked, one thing could be a little bit smaller, in her opinion. And that was her butt, she had always thought that it was a bit too big. But in fact, most would say that it went perfectly with the rest of her body.

Beside Lynn, laid Theresa.

Theresa was this Italian brunette knockout, and she was about the same height as Lynn. She had already gotten that gorgeous golden tan... Theresa, also having worked on her body, had a nice thin waistline, and her legs going all the way. She had always been a little jealous of Lynn's large boobs, being a b-cup herself. But on the other hand, Lynn had always been jealous of Theresa's butt. It was just the right size for her body, maybe a little bit bigger, but it was so tight, firm and round. And if told the truth, Theresa loved to show off her butt, always wearing very tight pants, and outfits.

"So how did it go last night?" Asked Theresa.

"Well... pretty much the same." Said Lynn.


Lynn and her husband were having some problems in the sex department. Well it was mostly her husband John who had the problems. John had always had problems lasting in bed, his stamina wasn't the best. Lately he had been working on methods to increase his stamina, along with his problem of getting off a bit too fast. But it hadn't helped, John was still cumming within minutes after entering Lynn.

"Although he's great with his tongue." Lynn told Theresa.

"Yeah, that is one thing my Robert is good with as well." Theresa said.

"Not improving on your end either huh." Asked Lynn.

"No... I mean we have started using dildos, but it's not the same... I need the real thing." Theresa told her friend.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Lynn told her.

"You know, John and I have actually talked about bringing in another man into our bedroom." Lynn told Theresa.

"Really. Mmm, that actually sounds nice." Theresa bit her lip whilst thinking about suggesting that to Robert.

"I mean, I love John, but sometimes I just need a real man in bed." Lynn said.

"Yeah, I love my husband as well, but it would be rather nice to have a man who knows what he's doing, and can last for the duration." Theresa said.

"Exactly." Lynn said.

They talked about it for a bit more, and then it hit Lynn.

"You remember Alyssa?" She asked Theresa.

"You mean Alyssa from down the street, the one that left her husband for that black man." Theresa said.

"Yes, it's been about a year now since she left her husband for that black guy, and to be honest, he did look rather yummy." Lynn said.

"Yeah I know, I even fantasized about him a few times." Theresa admitted.

"Me too, wonder what it would be like to have a black man in bed." Lynn said.

"Well you know what they say; they are supposed to be very well equipped." Theresa smiled as she said it.

"Oh, don't remind me, I'm getting hot just thinking about it." Lynn said as they both laughed a little.

"Well one thing that I do remember about Alyssa, is that after she met that man, she always had that glow around her, like she was in heaven or something." Lynn said.

"She probably had it pretty good in bed." Theresa smiled.

"One can only imagine." Lynn smiled back.

"You know, she actually told me about a place where she had gone to meet several black guys." Lynn told Theresa.

"Really... maybe we should take a trip there." Theresa said jokingly.

"Well that's not a bad idea." Lynn said.

"What, I was just joking around." Theresa said.

"Well think about it, we have both thought about taking another man into our bedroom, so why not go straight to the top. You've heard so much about black guys being great in bed." Lynn said.

"Yeah, but still, having a black man." Theresa said with a streak of reluctance in her voice.

"Wouldn't you just love being taken by a real man?" Lynn asked.

"Well yeah..."

And the more Theresa thought about it, the more she wanted it. It had been soo long since either of them had been satisfied in bed.

"I think I'm going to mention this to John this evening, and maybe we could go there this weekend." Lynn told Theresa.

"Okay, let's do it, I will tell Robert as well." Theresa then decided.

A moment later...

"Well would you look at this, two gorgeous women lying in my backyard." It was John and Robert who had come home from work.

"You like that huh." Lynn said.

John smiled, as did Robert.

"Well don't go getting any ideas, you know what happened last night." Lynn told John.

"And that goes for you too Robert." Theresa said.

"You don't have to say it in front of Theresa and Robert." John said as he looked down at the ground.

"Theresa..." Robert felt a bit embarrassed about what Theresa had just said.

"She already knows about it." Lynn told John.

"And Lynn also knows." Theresa said to Robert.

"Well..." John tried to say something.

"Now go inside for a bit, so we can finish here. And I have something I want to tell you later John." Lynn said.

"And I have something to tell you as well Robert." Theresa told him.

The women continued with their sunbathing as the guys went inside.

John and Robert looked at each other in a bit of a weird way.

"So you're having a little problem with your..." John said nodding down a bit.

"Well a little... and you?" Robert said trying to make the problem seem smaller.

"Yeah me too..." John also admitted whilst not making eye contact with Robert.

Back outside where Lynn and Theresa was lying.

"You know Theresa, we should bring our husbands along with us." Lynn said.

"Really, you think they would want to." Theresa asked.

"Yeah I do... actually it was John who suggested that we bring another man into our bedroom. I think he has had a fantasy about seeing me with another man." Lynn told Theresa.

"Yeah now that you mention it, I've noticed that when we go out dancing, Robert always gets a little hard when I come back to him after having danced with someone else." Theresa told Lynn.

Later that night Lynn told her husband John about her and Theresa's plan.

"Honey, that was just a fantasy, I didn't really think it would happen." John told her.

"Well it's going to happen, like you fantasized about. I need a real man in bed sometimes, not one that only last for a minute." Lynn told her husband.

"I guess..." John said whilst looking down.

"Theresa will be bringing Robert with her, so you will have someone to talk to if you don't want to watch." Lynn told John.

"Oh and did I mention that it's black men we are after." Lynn told her husband.

"BLACK MEN!" John burst out.

"But honey..." John then tried to say something against it.

"No buts, we want to experience the superior black male." Lynn told her husband.

When Lynn told John about this, something actually started to get hard in John's pants.

"Well John, I can see that you are enjoying the idea of me being with a black stud." Lynn said looking down at Johns pants.

"Well I..." John tried to say something to explain, but there was no hiding the fact that he was getting hard by the thought of his wife with a black guy.

A few days past, and the two couples were getting ready to go to the place that Alyssa had told Lynn about. I was a secluded beach, a bit to the south of where they lived.

As John and Robert packed the car they looked at each other, knowing about the fact that they had both agreed to let their wives go all the way with a black man.

A few moments later they were off.

The closer they got to the beach, the hornier and exited Lynn and Theresa got.

As they got there and parked their car, they saw a few other white couples and white women there, but the majority were black males.

Lynn and Theresa bit their lips as they saw all these huge black guys, walking around in skimpy swimming trunks. Each of them looked like they were packing a lot of heat inside those trunks.

"Well why don't you two get our room at the resort, and we'll go and change for the beach." Lynn told John and Robert.

"Okay." John said.

Lynn and Theresa hurried away down to the beach, to the changing booths, whilst John and Robert checked into their rooms.

A bit later as the guys had changed into their swimming trunks, they headed down to the beach.

After a while at the beach they found Lynn and Theresa's stuff, next to two sunbathing chairs and a blanket lying on the sand. But Lynn and Theresa was no where to be found.

"Well I guess we'll wait here then." Robert said.

So Robert and John sat down on the blanket and looked around for their wives. What they saw, was a lot of huge black guys playing around with other white women.

But then a moment later, they saw these two gorgeous women coming out of the clear blue water.

"Wow." John and Robert said together.

It was Lynn and Theresa, wearing only two skimpy string bikinis. They both looked awesome as they ran up to their husbands. John watched as Lynn's large boobs bounced as she ran his way, he also noticed that a lot of other men were checking her and Theresa out as well.

"Hi guys, I see you found our spot." Theresa said.

"Yeah we did." Robert said.

The women sat down and laid back in their sunbathing chairs.

"Mmm, would you look at all these black studs around here Theresa." Lynn said.

"Yeah I know, all those muscles, and in all the right places as well." Theresa said as the two women smiled.

John and Robert felt a little humiliated by their wives talk, but they knew that this was something that Lynn and Theresa had decided to do.

They saw a lot of black hunks checking them out whilst they passed them on the beach. And Lynn and Theresa were checking out a lot of guys as well. They especially noticed quite a few with small trunks that barely covered the huge bulges that they showed.

"God... they must be huge." Theresa said.

"Oh yeah." Lynn said as she had stuck on this particular black guy whom was checking her out.

She watched as something very large just kept bouncing in this guy's trunks as he moved. She wished that she could just pull his shorts down.

"Mmm..." Lynn moaned a little as she bit her lip.

"Can you guys go and get us something to drink." Asked Lynn.

"Sure okay, you want something as well Theresa." Robert asked.

"Yes, get me something cool." Theresa told him.

As they walked away from the women, both John and Robert could see that two guys were walking up to their wives, one of which was the guy that Lynn had been checking out.

As they ordered the drinks from the small beach bar, they watched as the two black guys were talking to their wives, showing off their muscles at the same time.

They waited a few minutes, and then they decided to head back to their wives.

As they approached, the two black men didn't seem to pay any attention to them, they just continued to talk to Lynn and Theresa.

"Oh there you are, thanks for getting the drinks." Lynn told John and Robert.

"This is Conrad and Jamal..." Theresa then told them.

Jamal and Conrad looked over at John and Robert and gave them a small grin.

"This is our husbands, John and Robert." Lynn told them.

"You have some sexy women here..." Jamal said.

Conrad then went over and stood next to John and Robert.

"Wow, you really are a big man aren't you." Theresa said to Conrad, looking at him next to John and Robert.

Conrad looked huge standing there next to their husbands, with his 6 foot 4 height, along with his muscular black body.

"My, those sure are some big muscles you have there." Lynn then said as she reached over and touched Jamal's biceps.

John and Robert began to feel more and more humiliated at their words, seeing as these black guys were truthfully much larger than they were.

As Jamal put up his foot on Lynn's sunbathing chair, his huge bulge in his shorts became a lot more obvious.

And Lynn couldn't seem to take her eyes off of it.

"You like what you see huh..." Jamal said smiling.

"Oh yes." Lynn said looking up at Jamal.

"My husband is no where near as big as that." Lynn said giggling.

"Hehe, yeah I can tell from here." Jamal said, looking over at John who had actually gotten a hard on by watching this.

John looked down and tried to cover himself.

"No John, take away your hands, I want to compare you with Jamal." Lynn told him.

"Oh my, you're soo much bigger Jamal." Lynn said.

John couldn't believe that his wife talked so openly.

"Heh, you should see me when I'm hard." Jamal grinned.

"Oh my god, you aren't hard." Both Lynn and Theresa couldn't believe what they were hearing.

At this point Theresa looked over at her husband, and saw that he also had gotten hard. She also saw the huge bulge in Conrad's shorts, who was standing next to Robert.

"Oh Robert, you're hard as well..." Theresa smiled.

Robert felt embarrassed.

"How did these two wimps ever get two knockouts like yourselves?" Conrad then asked with a grin on his face.

"Oh they have their uses." Lynn and Theresa laughed a little.

Lynn was now leaning forward a little giving Jamal a better look at her cleavage, as well as getting closer to that huge thing in his shorts. Jamal moved his leg a little, giving Lynn a much better view.

Lynn looked up at Jamal.

"You want to touch it." Jamal asked her.

Lynn looked over at her husband and then at Jamal.

"Yes... can I?"

"Sure, you can give it a quick stroke." Jamal told her.

Lynn looked around to see if there was anyone watching them, then she slowly reached up. It felt huge in her hand, as she began to feel it across its entire length.

"Oh my, it's getting bigger..." Lynn said as she stroked it a little more.

As she stroked it, the large cockhead started to make its way out of the top of his shorts.

Lynn got a wow expression on her face as she saw it...

"We better not do anything more here." Jamal told her as he re-adjusted his bulge.

"Oh Theresa, you seem to be enjoying yourself as well." Lynn said as she looked over at Theresa.

Robert than looked down at his wife. He couldn't believe what he saw. Theresa had her hand on Conrad's huge bulge and was stroking him...

"I've never felt anything as big as this." Theresa said.

"You know girls, if we want to have some privacy, we could go into one of those changing booths over there." Jamal told Lynn and Theresa.

"Because you know girls, Jamal and I have just been dying to see those naked tits of yours." Conrad told Lynn and Theresa.

Lynn and Theresa looked over at their husbands who looked very jealous, and then at each other.

They both smiled.

"I think we can arrange that."

Jamal then took Lynn's hand, as Conrad took Theresa's.

"We'll be right back." Lynn and Theresa smiled at their husbands.

John and Robert watched as these two large black men, walked away with their wives.

There was only one free changing booth, so they all got into that one. As John and Robert saw their wives disappear into the booth, they walked after them, and went up to the booth.

All they could hear inside were some small giggles, and some soft moans.

Inside Lynn and Theresa were undoing their bikini tops, as the black guys were watching.

"Damn, very nice tits." The guys said as they saw Lynn's huge DD breasts, and Theresa's fully exposed boobs.

They got in close and cupped their breasts. Jamal was fondling Lynn's big natural breasts, as Conrad was squeezing Theresa's soft boobs.

"Mmm." Both women were making soft moans as they were being fondled by these huge black hands.

Jamal then leaned over and kissed Lynn, who opened her mouth and gave him a tongue kiss back. Both women were now french kissing the guys.

As John and Robert heard all of this, they felt more jealous then they had ever felt before.

"Now guys, we have showed you ours, now let's see yours." Lynn said.

"So this is what you've been waiting for huh." Conrad grinned.

"Oh yeah..." Theresa made out a little moan as she squeezed her tits looking at the black males.

The women had their eyes glued at the crotches of the guys as they dropped their shorts.

"Oh wow..."

"My god..." Lynn and Theresa spoke out load as they saw the biggest, blackest cocks they had ever seen.

They looked at each other with amazed expression on their faces.

Jamal and Conrad's cocks stood straight up, they must have been at least 11-12 inches long and they were thick as a soda can.

Lynn and Theresa looked at Jamal and Conrad, as they then slowly got down on their knees in front of them. They now had those huge things right in front of their faces.

Lynn was the first one to reach up and grab Jamal's cock, after which Theresa reached up and grabbed Conrad's thick organ. None of them could fit their fingers all around their cocks.

"Darn, these are some huge black cocks." Lynn said.

The guys grinned...

"Not had anything like this before huh." Jamal laughed a little.

"Oh no, compared to this my husbands isn't much more than my little finger." Theresa told Conrad whilst stroking him.

"Yeah, I can't believe how small my hubby really is." Lynn then said.

All this talk was heard by John and Robert who sat outside. They looked a little at each other, then down at their crotches, but they were still hard, and in some twisted way even more exited now.

A moment later they heard some slopping sounds, and they knew what their wives were doing...

Lynn had her lips all around Jamal's cockhead as she began to suck on it. Theresa was licking all the way from Conrad's balls up to the tip of his cock.

"Yeah that's it, suck those cocks." Jamal grunted out.

"Oh yeah, I feel soo hot sucking these powerful black cocks." Lynn moaned.

Theresa now had Conrad's big cockhead in her warm mouth, licking it and making it all wet. There were some heavy slurping sounds going in that booth, which was heard by John and Robert.

Lynn was fondling Jamal's balls as she sucked hard on his cock. Theresa had now leaned down and was sucking on Conrad's balls.

"Yeah, suck those black balls." Conrad grunted.

"Mmm, love your big balls, can't wait until you empty them inside my mouth." Theresa moaned.

"Yeah keep talking you nasty girl..." Conrad grunted.

Neither John nor Robert had ever heard their wives talk like this before. And that made them both go over the edge...

"Ohh..." John and Robert both made small grunts as they shot their loads into their shorts.

Lynn was now bobbing her head up and down, sucking Jamal harder and harder.

"Oh yeah, I'm close..." Jamal grunted.

"Oh yes baby, give it to me, give me your hot cum." Lynn moaned.

"I want it all over my face." Lynn moaned.

Jamal soon grabbed his cock and pulled it out of Lynn's mouth...

"Ahhh..." He grunted as streak after streak of gooey cum shot out of his cock.

The first wad hit Lynn by surprise and she got some in her hair, then she quickly got her face up and stuck out her tongue.

Theresa was sucking Conrad's cock, and at the same time watching her best friend get her face splattered with sperm.

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