tagFetishLynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 01

Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 01


After a long day, my wife, Lynn, and I crawl into bed and kiss and cuddle for a couple of minutes.

"Please give me a back rub, dear."

"Of course, you know I love to pamper you."

I get the massage oil out of the nightstand as Lynn rolls over on her stomach. I am really tired and wanted to go to sleep, but I do love to pamper Lynn and, as things stand, it is in my interest to be a good husband.

My wife Lynn and I are both in our mid 50's. We have been married for about 7 years. While our sex life was great for the first few years of the marriage, the last few years have been rough. Lynn has been dealing with the change and had lost interest in sex. Fortunately, that seems to have changed and we started to rebuild our intimate relationships a few months back.

While we were working through our problems, I shared with Lynn my submissive fantasies. She knew I liked that she was a take-charge woman, but she did not realize the degree that I want her to take the upper hand in the bedroom. One of my fantasies was for Lynn to lock up my cock and have complete control over when and if I get any release. She was a little skeptical, but she was willing to explore this. It took some experimenting to work out the practical details, but now my cock is securely locked in a steel cage and only Lynn knows where the key is. Once or twice a month, she lets me out of the cage and I get to have intercourse with her. The rest of the time I find other ways to please her. We both are very happy with this arrangement or so I thought.

It has been almost a month since Lynn last unlocked me, so I want to give her a great massage. Maybe this weekend my dick can enjoy her pussy. I start at her shoulders and work on her tense muscles. Even though I was tired, I enjoy the opportunity to touch her. My cock is soon straining in its cage. This reminder that it is all about pleasing her just adds to my growing excitement. I continue working down her back as I do my best to help her deal with the stress of her day.

"Stephen, are you still happy with our new arrangement?"

"Yes, I love that you make me wait. It is so exhilarating to be horny all the time."

"I like it, too. It is so nice to be able to ask you for what I want and not have to worry about reciprocating."

By now, I am kneading her wonderful ass. I love her ass and it is such a thrill to be able to touch it.

"Kiss my asshole, Stephen!"

I lie down between her legs, spread her cheeks apart and flick my tongue over her back hole. I love to rim Lynn. I am excited and my hips automatically try to hump the bed. Of course, with the cage on my cock I don't feel anything. I gently start to kiss her rear. My tongue explores her opening while I continue to caress her ass cheeks with my hands. I start to tongue fuck her ass. I enjoy the submissive overtones of pleasing her this way. The musky odor of her anus is an incredible turn on for me. My cock is straining in its cage.

After a few minutes of kissing and licking her ass, I run my finger through the folds of her cunt lips and tease her clit. She is wet and ready for sex.

"Oh, I love what you are doing!"

"I'm glad!"

"You've turned into such a good obedient slave, I mean husband."

"I want to be your slave in bed, you know that!"

Lynn rolls over on her back. She takes a hold of my hair and shoves my face into her cunt. I lick her cunt and her clit for a few minutes as she moans her pleasure. I take my fingers and fuck her with them while I work on her clit with my tongue. Her hips are moving back and forth in excitement and she is moaning. Suddenly, she pushes me away.

"Get the big dildo!"

I retrieve her favorite vibrator and hand it to her. She turns it on high and rubs it back and forth over her clit and up and down her slit. I lie next to her and play with her tits the way that turns her on – I am kissing and biting one nipple while I pinch her other nipple hard. Lynn works the dildo into her cunt and starts to fuck herself with it.

"How would you feel if that was another man fucking my horny pussy?"

"You know that idea excites me!"

I had also shared with Lynn my fantasy of her having other lovers. I guess it is part of my submissive nature, but the idea of her giving herself to other men has always turned me on. She had always said she would not go there. It was a surprise to me that she mentioned the idea. My cock ached as it tried to grow even larger as the thought of a real cock pumping in and out of her pussy filled my imagination.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder you stud!!"

Lynn eyes are tightly closed like she is somewhere else. She moves the vibrator to her clit and in a couple of minutes she tenses up. I love the way Lynn looks when she is about to come. I continue to play with her tits until she yells in pleasure.

We lay together for a few minutes. She rolls on her side and I put away the vibrator and the oil. I crawl under the covers and spoon her. I am frustrated, horny and completely content. Usually, Lynn falls fast asleep, but tonight she is still awake.

"Stephen, sometimes a woman wants to be taken and used by a domineering man."

"I can understand that. Do you want me to make love to you that way sometimes?"

"No, I don't want you that way. I love that you are my sex slave. Maybe I should have a lover to fuck me that way, but I don't want to hurt us."

My cock is rock hard again as soon as she said this. My heart starts beating quickly as I am struck with three waves of emotion: excitement that maybe, just maybe, my other fantasy will come true, pain that she does not see me as a strong dominant lover, and jealousy that another man might get to enjoy her body. Strange, but the jealousy is also part of the excitement.

"I told you that you could have other lovers as long as I know about it. I mean that."

"I have to think about this. I love you so much."

"I love you, too. Good night."

I hold Lynn close. I try to sleep, but my mind is filled with images of Lynn being taken in various ways by a big strong cowboy. Eventually, I fall asleep.

The next couple of days nothing is said about the conversation of the previous night. I have trouble concentrating at times because I keep imagining various scenarios of Lynn with other guys. What would he look like? What would they do together? How would it affect us? Lynn also seems lost in thought, so I am sure that the comments have not been forgotten.

On Wednesday evening, Lynn asks me to come into the living room because she wants to talk. I am nervous because this usually means I am in trouble for something, but this time I am hoping that she wants to resume the conversation that we started the other night.

"Stephen, do you remember what we were talking about the other night, the idea of other men?"

"Absolutely, I have had trouble thinking about anything else!"

"Me, too. I wanted to talk about it when we are not in the midst of sex. Are you still open to the idea?"

"Well, it is scary but mainly exciting. I am willing to try it as long as you are open about what you are doing."

"You realize that this does not mean that you can have other women! I know that is unfair."

"I don't want other women and the fact that it is unfair is part of the appeal for me. I am turned on by you taking charge and being selfish."

"I don't want to ruin what we have between us."

"Can we just agree that if it is not working for either of us, that they just have to say so and we will go back to normal, no questions asked."

"That sounds like a plan to me."

"So are you seriously thinking about other men?"

"Well, there is a specific man I have been thinking about."

"Tell me about him!"

I can hardly believe this. It might actually happen! I have a moment of doubt. Do I really want Lynn to be with another man? My cock answers the question for me by getting rock hard in its cage. I also find myself genuinely excited for Lynn.

"Well, I met him at Weight Watchers. He flirts with me while I wait to weigh in. The last couple of weeks he has joined me when I go to Starbuck's for my after meeting treat. We chat and he keeps touching me. I really enjoy the attention and want him to touch me even more. He is almost at his goal weight and is really good looking. I hate to admit it, but I often think about him when I am with you."

"Were you imagining that he was fucking you when you were doing yourself with the dildo the other night?"

"Yes, I wanted it to really be him so bad!"

The jealousy hits me like a ton of bricks, but I can't help but be excited for Lynn. She deserves the attention.

"What do you know about him?"

"Well, his name is Jim. He has his own accounting business. His wife died a year ago and he really misses the sex. We talked about sex last time."

"What did you tell him about us?"

"I told him that I am married to a sweet guy that I love very much."

"Did you talk about our sex life?"

"I told him that you like to be submissive to me. He told me that he feels that the man should call the shots in bed. It made me horny to think about him ordering me around."

"OK, I can see that you really want Jim."

"Yes, I want him desperately. I want to spread my legs for him so that he can have his way with me, but I still want to come home to you and have you pamper me. I know that is selfish, but it is what I want."

I take a deep breath. I know that if we go forward, things will be different.

"I want you to have what you want and I love it that you are being selfish. Just continue to be open with me. How are you going to move this along?"

"He asked me over to his place for dinner this Saturday. I told him that I would have to think about it and he gave me his phone number. He is expecting a call tonight."

"Sounds like you need to call him and set up your date!"

"Actually, you need to call him. He doesn't want to mess with our relationship so he wants to be sure that you know about our date and are OK with it."

This is a shock. My first reaction is to refuse out of male pride. Then I realize that this really is part of my fantasy. The humiliation of asking another man to court my wife, to give her what I can't, feels right in ways that I cannot describe.

"OK. What is his number?"

She hands me a piece of paper with his phone number and directions to his house. My heart is pounding and my mouth is dry as I dial the number.

"Hello, Jim? This is Stephen, Lynn's husband."

"Hello, I am glad that you called."

"Lynn just wanted me to tell you that she is looking forward to her date with you on Saturday."

"Good, and you are OK with this, too?"

"I want Lynn to be happy, so yes."

"You do realize that she will be staying the night and I will be using her for my pleasure, don't you."

"Uh, yes. I assumed that from the way Lynn talked about you two."

"Tell Lynn that you should bring her to my place at 6."


"Also, tell her that I want her to buy new lingerie. I want her to wear intimates that are just for me. Understand?

"Yes, I will tell her."

"Good, I am going to enjoy using your wife as my fuck toy! Goodbye, Stephen."

Lynn had been listening to the conversation. She smiled when Jim mentioned the new lingerie and squeezed my hand when she heard the fuck toy comment. I was startled by his last comment. It felt like a blow to the gut to hear him talk about my wife as his toy but it also really fulfilled by need to be submissive and felt right.

"Thank you, Stephen. I love you so much. I guess I need to go shopping."

I think about how much I enjoy buying intimates for Lynn The idea of buying her lingerie to wear on her date is very arousing.

"Please, may I take you shopping? I want to buy you new clothes for Jim. I can't explain why, but I want to help you get ready for your date."

Lynn looks surprised and thinks about it.

"No, this is private between me and Jim."

Lynn pulls me close to her and puts her hand on my caged cock while we kiss.

"Give me your credit card because you are going to pay for my new lingerie for Jim."

"OK. Don't worry about the cost. I want you to feel good about how you look for Jim."

I get out my credit card and hand it to Lynn. She gives me another kiss and pinches my nipples. She knows that always gets me horny, not that I am not desperately horny already.

"I want to come, so let's go upstairs!"

When we get up to the bedroom, she takes on a very dominant air.

"Strip, Stephen! I want to see you cock straining to get out of it cage."

I take off my clothes as fast as I can. When I am naked, I walk over to Lynn and we embrace briefly before she steps back.

"Undress me, slowly."

I reach out and start to unbutton her blouse. After each button, I kiss her newly exposed skin. I am trying to focus on Lynn, but my mind keeps thinking about how Jim may be doing this soon. I step around behind her and unhook her bra. I pull her bra straps off her shoulders. As the bra drops to the floor, I reach around her and cup her breasts in my hands.

"Stephen, I hope you realize that I am imaging Jim undressing me."

"So am I."

I start pinching her nipples and kissing the back of her neck.

"Aren't you jealous that Jim is going to enjoy me?"

"Yes, I am jealous, but that just adds to my excitement."

I move my hands down to her jeans, undo the button and pull down the zipper. I am still behind her and get down on my knees. I start to pull her jeans off her hips and down her legs. She steps out of her jeans. She is wearing a thong, so I lovingly kiss her ass cheeks. After a minute, I lightly stroke her cunt through the thin layer of fabric.

"I want you to eat me NOW!"

She quickly pulls off her thong and lies back on the bed. I crawl between her legs and bring my mouth to her cunt and start to kiss and suck on it the way I know that she likes. She grabs a handful of my hair to hold me in place and let's out a moan of pleasure.

"You really want Jim to fuck my pussy?"

I briefly stop lick to say, "Yes!"

Lynn pulls my face away from her cunt.

"Tell me why you want that!"

I pause because I am not sure how to explain it, but then I just blurt out my dark desires.

"I want you to get fucked long and hard with a manly cock because you deserve it and I can't do that for you! I want you to show me that you call the shots by fucking anyone that you want while insisting that I am faithful to you! I want you to humiliate me by telling me how much more virile Jim is than I could ever be! I want to be your sex slave and for you to be my ruthless queen!"

Lynn shoves my face back into her pussy.

"Make me come, slave!"

I resume my kissing and sucking. After a few minutes, Lynn is starting to moan and rocks her hips. My tongue focuses on her clit while I finger fuck her with a couple of fingers.

"Yes, Jim. Fuck me, Jim! Use me, Jim!"

It excites me to know that she is thinking about her soon to be lover. I continue what I am doing and am soon rewarded as I can tell that she about to orgasm.

"Jim! Jim! Oh, Jim!"

Lynn pushes my face away from her cunt. I move up beside her. She rolls on her side and I spoon her. I cup her breast in my hand the way that she likes and she gently holds my hand in place.

"I love you, Stephen. I am really going to enjoy giving you what you asked for."

"I love you, too."

We spoon and Lynn nestles her ass up against my rock hard caged cock. I yearn for the cage to come off so that I can at least enjoy the wonderful sensation of my naked dick pressed between her ass cheeks. I know that is not to be and the fact that I can't even have that simple pleasure just feeds my submissive side. In minutes, Lynn is contentedly asleep. It takes me awhile to calm down. My mind is reveling in the closeness of spooning my wife. Do I really want to share her with another man? Even as I ask myself that question, I know that strangely the answer is yes. I want to be her loving slave and only want what will make her happiest. Eventually, I fall asleep.

The next couple of days are superficially very normal. Neither of us says anything about the upcoming weekend. The only thing out of the ordinary is that when I come home from work on Friday, the credit card that I gave Lynn is on my nightstand with a post-it note that says "Jim will love them!" in Lynn distinctive handwriting. My cock instantly tries to grow in its cage as I think about Lynn spending my money to please her lover.

On Saturday morning, we get up and are having a leisurely breakfast. Lynn is reading the paper and I am doing the crossword. It is all completely normal until Lynn puts down her paper and hands me a shopping list.

"I have an appointment with Cissy to get my hair done this morning. I told her that I have a date tonight and want to look special. While I am gone, I want you to do the grocery shopping."

Cissy is a long-time close friend of Lynn in addition to being her hairdresser. I know that they talk about a lot of personal stuff, but I wasn't sure how much she had told her about my submissive side.

"Does she know about Jim?"

"She knows that he flirts with me and that I find him attractive. I can't wait to tell her that you are OK with me dating him. She will be so excited for me. She has always told me to take advantage of your submissive side!"

I feel of stab of humiliation at the thought of Cissy knowing about my submissive side, but my cock responds by getting hard at the thought of our secret getting out to Lynn's friends.

"Take a look over the list to make sure it is all clear."

I look down the list. It is just usual grocery store stuff until I get to the bottom of the list.

"Rug Doctor?"

"Yes, I want you to clean the carpets in the house while I am at Jim's. It has been awhile, and I want to know that you are being a good slave while Jim uses me."

I am not sure about this. There is a part of me that rebels at the idea of being treated like a mere house servant. The submissive part, though, loves the idea and the submissive side always wins.

"Uh... I guess it would be good to have something to do while you are gone."

"After you get back from shopping, I want you to do the usual weekend chores, mow the lawn, clean the pool and such. You know the drill. Don't take too long, though. I want you to help me get ready for my date."

My heart jumps in excitement at the idea of prepping her for her date and getting to see the special lingerie that she bought.

"How do you want me to help?"

"I want you to do my nails. You are so good at that. When you are done with that, you can start on the carpets until it is time to drive me over to Jim's place."

I am crushed that I am not going to get to see her new lingerie, but I do like the idea of doing something to get her ready for her new lover.

"OK, that sounds like a plan. I guess I better get to the supermarket."

I work my way through the shopping largely until it is time to rent the Rug Doctor. I keep thinking about what Lynn and Jim might be doing while I am using this. The clerk is clearly puzzled about why I am so distracted. I get home and put away the groceries. I try not to think about Lynn and Cissy chatting and laughing about me. I wonder what Cissy thinks about me, a husband who would let another man date his wife. It is a delicious humiliation to think that my wife is outing my darkest fantasy to her friend at that very moment.

After the groceries are put away, I head to the back yard. I mow the grass and do some trimming of a couple of the bushes that are getting out of control. When that is done, I start on cleaning the pool. As I work on that, I wonder what is taking Lynn so long. A cut and style doesn't usually take this long. I also imagine Lynn and Jim skinny-dipping together in our pool. I can see them touching each other as they turn each other on. One image keeps leaping to my mind. Lynn wraps her arms and legs around Jim while he shoves his manly dick into her.

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