tagLoving WivesLynn Expands Her Horizons

Lynn Expands Her Horizons


I looked at my cell phone and saw my wife had called. I waited until my meeting ended, returned to my office, and phoned her back at her office.

"Hey, what's up Lynn?"

She paused for a few moments before speaking. "I got an email from Kevin. He wants to know if I can come over to watch Monday Night Football with him tonight."

"He didn't invite me too?" I smiled. "You want to go?"

"I'd sorta like to, if it's OK with you, of course."

"Sure, why not. It's been a while since we last saw him, right?"

"About a month."

"And you feel you're ready to see him alone?"

"Only if you're totally cool with it."

I paused. "Sure."

"You're the best," she said. I noticed she was quick to accept my offer.

"And you'll fill me in on all the details once you get home after the game, right?"

"Of course."

"OK, have a great time."

"Thanks. I might see you at home before I go. I have to have a shower and shave. If I don't see you, enjoy the game."

"You too, Lynn...if you catch any of it," I said smugly.

"Ha ha, Lars." She hung up.

Before I continue: a little background on Lynn and myself. We've been married almost twenty-two years. Our only child left for college on the east coast two years ago, and she seldom comes home aside from holidays. This gave Lynn and me a chance to spend more time together. We took up running and frequently hit the gym together. Lynn's energy levels greatly increased. She has always been an attractive woman, and has enjoyed the attention her new found fitness afforded her. She is only about 5'2" and still has a slightly curvy body. She has blonde hair (with some help from the hairdresser) and has startling blue eyes.

Our sex life has been pretty solid, all things considered after such a long marriage. We fuck about twice a week and I can usually get her off half the time. She enjoys giving head and will swallow when giving a complete blow job. Perhaps it's a sign of age, but although I still enjoy sex, I don't crave it as I once did. Once or twice a week seems fine for me. I know Lynn would like it more regularly.

One night, about a year ago, after too much Tequila, we were talking about our sexual pasts (before we meet late in her senior year of college.) She mentioned that she had briefly dated one very hung man. While he turned out to be a jerk, he was well endowed and very dominant in bed and was able to make her come multiple times almost every time they went to bed.

Now, I am of at least average size: well over 6 inches but not overly thick.

I teased Lynn that it was a shame she's still not in contact with the hung ex-boyfriend. My waning libido could be made up for if she had an eager playmate. She got mad, and said she'd never cheated on me, and she never would. I told her, "It's only cheating if you husband doesn't know." I dropped the subject and went to sleep.

Perhaps a month later, after some excellent red wine, she seemingly brought up the subject again. "Recall, how you said it would not be cheating if you knew I was seeing someone?"

I was stunned. "Have you been seeing someone?"

"God no! I was just wondering about it. I mean, how do people go about finding such 'friends'. There must be a way. I know there are swingers clubs all over California."

I bided my time. My sweet wife, Lynn, was clearly interested. Yet I knew I had to be cautious. "I'm sure if you wanted to experiment, it would be easy enough to find an interested man."

"You really think so? I'm nothing special."

"Of course you are. You're a sexy woman, regardless of age. I bet we could find someone in a flash."

"You're sweet, but I'm not sure. I would not want to screw up our lives."

"That's a legitimate fear to have. We'd have to have rules in place to guard against such things."

"What rules?" questioned Lynn eagerly.

"Well, no secrets. You would have to tell me everything. And the guy would have to be chosen to please you. He would have to be hung and have the stamina to get the job done."

"I am not going to go pick up some random guy."

My mind mulled over how I would have to proceed in order to not scare my wife out of her own happiness. "Of course not. We would select a man together. And I would be there with you to make sure you're safe."

"You'd be there," ask Lynn?

"Of course. I'm not letting you go off with some stranger we barely know."

"OK. I'm glad to hear you say that. It's still a crazy idea. Forget I ever brought it up."

I told Lynn, I'd forget the idea, but as I fucked her vigorously that night, I could not get the idea of a virile man giving her pleasure out of my mind. I was not sure if it was some kinky idea of mine, or if I just wanted to see my lovely wife fully satisfied. Regardless of my motivations, I moved forward with my plan on my own for several weeks.

One night after a sumptuous restaurant meal and, of course some wine, we returned home. I brought up the subject of her seeing another man again. She balked. "Oh, you're all talk."

"Actually not." I turned on the computer and logged into a fictitiously named email address I had created. In the mail box were about three dozen responses to an advertisement I'd placed on a local swinger's club website.

Lynn looked at me with both shock and surprise. "You're kidding me? You really did it. Oh my God, if you showed my picture, I'll kill you."

"Only carefully selected, G-Rated photos, My Love."

Lynn and I spent the next hour reading through the responses. Most were crude, many had inappropriate photos attached, yet several seemed genuine and polite.

"What did you say about me in the ad," demanded Lynn.

"I just said we were looking for an in-shape, well-endowed guy in his thirties to spend some quality time with a quality woman."

Lynn smiled. "You are sweet. Well-endowed and thirty-something? Why that?"

"Lynn, you've told me about the guy you knew in college. If you're going to be bad, you might as well get your money's worth. Plus, a guy in his thirties would have a chance to keep up with you. I clearly can't."

"You're silly. You keep up just fine."

"Thanks. But just trust me on this, OK?"

Lynn and I edited the respondents down from 37 to 3 she would even consider meeting. We met for a drink with the first one and found him to be too shy an insecure. I knew my wife would need a take-charge man, yet one who was not arrogant. The second man we met for a drink was Kevin. He was a 37 year old architect. He was in shape, well-educated, well-dressed, and very outgoing. He had dark hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He was polite and charming as he enjoyed happy hour with us. At the end of the evening, as we walked out to the parking lot I mention to him that our intention was to find Lynn a man with a large penis. Even in the dark I could tell Lynn was blushing. Kevin laughed and told us to follow him behind his car in a dark corner of the parking lot. At this point I felt self-conscious. I really did not want to see man's cock. I told Lynn to follow him. I would remain on watch.

Lynn walked behind the car with Kevin. I could tell he had unzipped his fly. I was uncertain, but I thought it looked like Lynn reached over and was touching him. A minute later they returned, we said our mutual good-byes, and Lynn and I drove home.

"So?" I asked.


"His cock, how was it?"

A wide grin crossed her face. "It was nice. Very big, and so fat!"

"You like him? Should we ask him if he's game?

Lynn tried to remain calm. "Sure, if you think he might be the right guy."

I suppressed a laugh. Lynn was clearly interested.

The following weekend Kevin invited us over for a barbeque. He had been divorced over a year, and he had his twin boys with him only on alternating weekends, so he had a lot of free time. After the meal he came over and sat next to Lynn on the sofa. Eventually, he kissed her passionately. It was with an odd mixture of uneasiness and pleasure that I watched them kiss. At one point they broke off the kiss and Lynn looked at me. I could tell she felt self-conscious.

"It's sorta odd with you right here, Honey."

"I'll go make us more drinks," I suggested. "Margarita for everyone?"

Kevin declined, but Lynn wanted one. I went to the kitchen to blend up another batch. About ten minutes later I returned to the living room to see Lynn on her knees sucking Kevin's cock. Now, Lynn loves to give head, but I don't recall her ever sucking my dick on her knees in front of me. Additionally, Kevin's huge penis was totally filling my sweet wife's mouth. Her mouth was stretched obscenely as she sucked the tip and stroked the base. I stood aside as unobtrusively as I could and watched the sensual scene. Kevin was urging her to suck faster and harder, and she was doing as she was told. I knew it would not be long before Lynn tasted the first semen to come from a cock other than mine in over twenty years. Eventually Kevin tensed and I knew he was shooting come into my wife's eager mouth. Lynn is an expert as swallowing come: I am not sure if she loves it, or if she just does not want to be constantly be changing sheets. I was certain I was not going to see any of Kevin's come, when Lynn gaged slightly and a large amount of creamy semen escaped her mouth and splatted onto her blouse. It seemed the amount that had stained her blouse exceeded my normal complete output. Yet Lynn retained her composure and swallowed whatever amount was still left in her mouth.

After that we all adjourned to his large bedroom where he went down on her and licked and sucked her wet cunt for at least fifteen minutes. I know she came at least once. Considering Kevin had just come so recently, I was surprised, and somewhat envious, when I saw him take a condom from the nightstand and roll it on to his fully erect member.

He slipped between Lynn's legs and seemed to be asking us both when he said, "Is it OK if I fuck you now?" Neither of us voiced any protest as he pressed the tip of his large penis at her soaking wet orifice. He fucked her slowly at first, and then he rolled her over to fuck her doggie style, which she normally adores. However, Kevin was so well-endowed, that Lynn was not able to comfortably accommodate him. He eventually took her missionary style again. He placed his hands behind her knees and bent her in half. I was amazed when he was finally buried all the way into her cunt. His thighs and balls slapping against her round ass made a lascivious sound.

I watched him fuck Lynn for at least a half hour. She came about five times. After he came, and went to the kitchen go get is some more drinks, I fucked Lynn too. She felt wonderful and she came as I fucked her too. I came after about ten minutes. We shared drinks, Kevin fucked her once more, and then Lynn and I headed home.

After the third time we visited Kevin, we allowed him to take off the condom – He was not seeing any other women, and had not in several months, and, like me, he had had a vasectomy. I think I was almost as shocked as Lynn was by the amount of semen he ejaculated when he first came inside of her.

Lynn has always prided herself on not leaving a mess after a blowjob, but Kevin tested her ability so swallow come. I watched, and even joined in, during all of the subsequent get-togethers over the next few months. Kevin was clearly an upstanding man. He just enjoyed fucking Lynn. He was not looking to cause harm to our marriage.

One night, while home alone with Lynn, I suggested that the next time I would stay home and catch up on some work and she could go see Kevin alone if she wanted to. She informed Kevin of this news and he was, of course, interested: Lynn was less assured. I told Lynn to try it and see if she liked it or not. If not, she could stop seeing him alone. In an email to Kevin, I told him, all he had to do to please me was to make Lynn happy...and he had to give me an email account of the evening.

Anyway, back to my story. That's how we met Kevin several months ago, and how I ended up getting an email from Lynn asking to go 'visit' alone. She was worried that I would be angry if I had nothing fun to do as she went out on a date. I assured her I had work to do, and I had been looking forward to this football game as well.

Shortly after a tedious meeting, the phone rang again. It was Kevin. "Hey, Kevin. How goes it?"

"Good, Lars. I just got an email from Lynn saying we're on for tonight. Just wanted to make sure that's OK. The last thing I want is to cause stress for you guys."

I had to admit I liked Kevin's attitude. "No, I'm fine. It's not like you two are going to be doing anything I' haven't seen before."

Kevin let out a slight laugh. "You never know. I told her if she brings some lube over I'll fuck her in the ass."

Now it was my turn to laugh. Good luck with that, I've known her for twenty-something years and have never even gotten a pinky finger in there."

"Well, I have an advantage. I'm not her husband."

I left unvoiced that he also had a huge disadvantage: if she did not want my normal sized penis anywhere near her rosebud, then Kevin and his fat cock were never going to gain admittance. "Let me know how it goes? If you have anything to drink tonight, don't let her drive until she's sobered up."

"We'll have a few drinks, but nothing crazy. Thanks again for this. I'll make sure to fuck her extra good."

"I admire your work ethic." I hung up.

I made sure to get out of the office promptly, hoping to catch Lynn before her date. I must have just missed her since the shower stall was still dripping, as I am sure my wife was. I turned on the pre-game show and heated up some left-overs. I saw a small plastic bag on the kitchen table. Inside it were a few typical household necessities from toothpaste and Chapstick, to air freshner and Tylenol. I absently looked at the receipt and say that a tube of KY-Jelly was also on the list! My cock got hard. My sweet wife, Lynn, was going to go get fucked in the ass.

I tried to enjoy what was an interesting football game, which was exciting up to the end, but I had little success. The ended around nine o'clock. I tried to get some work done, but that was fruitless too. Shortly before ten I texted Lynn to see if she was having fun. About five minutes later she returned my text which read, "Yes. I'll be late. Don't wait up." I went to bed by eleven but work up hourly. I was going to jack off but I wanted to be able to greet Lynn properly when she got home (If she got home.) Shortly after three AM, I heard her sneak into the house, quietly brush her teeth, take off her make up, and slip into bed.

"Did you have fun?" I asked.

"Oh, you're still awake. I didn't mean to wake you."

"So...it was fun?"

"It really was. I'm exhausted. I felt asleep for a while over there."

I could smell come on her breath. "How many times did you come?" I inquired eagerly.

"Three or four times at least."

"Nice." I began to climb on top of her. "Now you can tell me all about it as I fuck you."

"Oh, Honey, can it wait until tomorrow? I'm so tired and really really sore."

"How long did he fuck you?"

"Two to three hours at least. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. Just let me sleep."

"OK, OK."

I got up in the morning and left for work. Lynn did not so much as stir as I showered, got dressed, had breakfast, and left for the office.

I arrived in the office to find a pretty normal and mundane day awaiting me, until about ten AM, when an email from Kevin appeared in my email box. It had the simple subject line, 'Success.' I opened it right away, after closing my office door.

"Lars, I told you I had the advantage. Your wife was thoroughly fucked in the ass last night, as I'm sure you know. Thanks for letting her see me alone."

I responded to him that I had barely talked to Lynn when she got home, since it was so late and she was so tired. He got back to me that afternoon, and he suggested I come over after work Friday for a beer and a chat. He also suggested that Lynn show up too, but after he and I had a chance to have a talk alone.

I sent Lynn an email regarding the Friday night get-together. She seemed interested, but wondered why she had to show up later. I told her I did not know, but since I got off work before her on Fridays anyway, and we live so nearby to Kevin, that it made little difference. I told Kevin I'd be to his by 5, and I'd bring some beer. He said he would cook and we'd all eat after 7 once Lynn arrived.

That night I finally got to talk to my wife about her adventures from the previous night. I made sure to give her a few glasses of wine before letting her tell me about the evening.

"So, Lynn, give me a quick recap, and don't leave anything out."

"I got there and we had some snacks and a few glasses of wine as we watched the pre-game. Them he wanted to have me give him a blow job?"

"Did you?"

She laughed. "I'm not sure he gave me much of a choice."

"How so?"

"He made me kneel down before him, and then he just sort of took charge."

"Interesting." I knew Lynn enjoyed giving head, yet I can't say I ever recall making her do it. "And then?"

"We watched most of the first half of the game. It was a good game. At the half he finally lead me to his bedroom, and fucked me."

"Just like that?"

Lynn blushed. "Well he went down on me first too." A smiled crossed her face. He got me to come!"

"And the sex after that, good as always?"

"He had his A-Game for sure. We missed most of the second half of the game. I came a lot."

"And after the game? The game was over by ten, and I noticed you did not get in until after 3 AM." I was curious as to what she would tell me about the rest of her night.

"We had some margaritas as we caught the end of the game, and I was too tipsy to drive, plus, I fell asleep."

"Ah, so no more fucking?"

"Actually, there was a bit more."

"Do tell."

"You promise to not be mad?"

"Why would I be mad. I know you're having sex with him."

"Well...we sort of had anal sex."

"Sort of had anal sex? I thought you thought that was disgusting? Does this mean I can have anal sex with you?" I asked hesitantly.

"I mean we did have anal sex. And I still think it's disgusting if a man fucks his wife in her ass, so no, you can't."

"But of course, Kevin is not your husband, so he can."

Lynn averted her eyes slightly. "Yes. I hope you don't mind."

"Did you come from that."

Lynn paused shortly again. "Amazingly, yes!"

"Any idea what Kevin has in mind asking us over on Friday? Besides him fucking you, no doubt."

"No, not really. Guess we'll both find out then."

That night in bed I fucked Lynn as long and hard as I had in ages. She came several times before I finally came in her fully shaved pussy.

On Friday evening I arrived at Kevin's with a 12-pak of imported beer. He and I sat outside and enjoyed a pleasant fall sunset. Kevin looked at me. "So, Lynn had a good time, right?"

"Oh yeah."

"And you were OK with it?"

"Well, she was too tired to fuck when she got him, and I'm sort of jealous that you got to fuck her in the ass, since I never have. Hell, I didn't even get to watch it!"

"I told you I had the advantage. To be honest, in the dozen or so years I was married I maybe fucked my ex-wife's ass three times. I think she had the same opinion that Lynn has about it."

"She shared that with you, huh?"

"Yes, she can be chatty at times," he laughed, "unless she has a cock in her mouth, of course. You're a lucky man to have a wife who enjoys it so much, and who swallows."

"No argument there. I just wish I was able to fuck her right after getting a blow job."

"There might be a solution. I think I heard a car pull up. Maybe Lynn is here."

I looked at my watch. "I bet it's her." She was going home for a quick shower.

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