Lynn Expands Her Horizons


We all had some dinner and a few more beers each. Finally, Kevin brought up the subject I knew he would. "Seems like things are going pretty well between us all." Lynn and I agreed. "I think I have figured out how we could make it even better."

Lynn asked, "How's that?"

"It seems Lars has drawn a bit of the short straw here." I nodded in agreement. "I knew he enjoys getting blown, but feels that once he has enjoyed your amazing skills," Kevin smiled at my wife, "he has a hard time pleasing you since it takes him a while to get hard again. So, on nights when you're coming over, Lynn, you should suck him off before you come over. That way if you come home too tired to fuck, he has already been taken care of."

I had to agree with his logic.

Kevin continued, "and I know you're not interested in having Lars fuck your ass, pun intended...the least we could do is let him watch that, at least once."

Lynn looked a bit nervous.

Kevin stood up and took Lynn by the hand. "So, Lynn, let's repeat the activities from Monday night so Kevin can see what happened. Then you can suck him off, he can go home, and we can continue. How does that sound to you both?"

I was interested for sure. Lynn commented, "It sounds like I am going to be swallowing a lot of come is what it sounds like."

I chuckled, "And we both know how much you hate sucking cock."

Once we were in the bedroom Kevin took off his pants and stood in front of Lynn. He told her to kneel and suck his cock. She shrugged her shoulders and did as she was told. After kissing the tip briefly and working a few inches of his thick pole into her eager mouth, Kevin placed a hand on the back of her head and began to gently force more cock into her mouth. I was certain she would gag, but she seemed to be handling it very well. Kevin began to fuck her face with more urgency. As Lynn began to gag, Kevin would pause to let her catch her breath, but as soon as she had recovered, he returned to forcefully fucking her throat. I knew he was going to come in her mouth at any second, when he paused and said, "Come on over here, Lars, and enjoy her."

Now, Lynn has sucked my cock on hundreds, if not a thousand, occasions since I met her decades ago, but I don't recall her ever doing so while kneeling clothed before me, and I know I have never throat-fucked her. I don't think I've even touched her head as she has serviced me; but tonight seemed different. She seemed to accept it as a matter of course when I placed my cock on her tongue, put my hand behind her head, and began to press my cock into her mouth.

Kevin had a seat at a chair and watched as I enjoyed my wife. I stopped a few times to let Lynn catch her breath. The sight of saliva running down her chin was both obscene and riveting. Lynn struggled to breath as I quickened the pace, but she did not have long to wait. Within five minutes I told her I was about to come. She placed her lips around the tip of my cock and stroked the base quickly. I felt as if I shot the largest load of my life into my pretty wife's mouth, yet she expertly swallowed it all.

Kevin moved in quickly and began to undress her. She urged him not to stretch her blouse and bra in his haste. Her blouse already had a dark saliva spot on the chest where she had been drooling on herself as she had sucked our cocks.

I took the chair and watched as Kevin got between Lynn's ample white thighs. I had a brief glimpse of her hairless vagina before Kevin buried his face in her wetness. Lynn has been trimming her sparse bush for years, but now she has gone totally hairless. I now know what she's doing in the bathtub for so long at least twice a week! Lynn did not take long to come from Kevin's oral ministrations. In fact, I am usually able to get Lynn off orally with greater frequency than when I fuck her too.

At this point Kevin got between her legs. I know she had to be soaking wet from the tongue lashing she had just taken, but even given that, it took Kevin several minutes to work his penis into her. It was clear it was a tight fit. It took them a while to get into a rhythm. I could actually hear the squishing sounds of Lynn's cunt as Kevin began to pound her harder: his lower abdomen slapping against her bottom. She approached another orgasm and came very hard, letting out a guttural moan. Kevin did not stop and continued to pound her mercilessly. Over the course of nearly forty minutes Lynn must has come a dozen times. His stamina was amazing. Eventually he pulled out of her and rolled her onto her side. He reached for the nightstand and removed a tube of something from the drawer. I knew the moment I had long awaited had arrived. I was going to see my beautiful wife get fucked in the ass. How Kevin intended to get his gigantic cock into Lynn's derrière was a physics problem I was eager to see solved.

He lubed up well. Both his cock and my wife's back hole were slippery before he pressed the tip of his cock up to her entrance. I could only see Lynn's back as he slowly entered her. He was gentle and patient. I must have been a full 5 minutes before he even had half of his thickness wedged into her. At this point he very slowly began to fuck her, making sure to only allow half his length to enter her.

He pressed one of Lynn's legs forward. I finally had a decent view of Kevin's cock deep in my wife's ass. He began to pump a bit harder and Lynn made a deep moan. It was neither fully pleasure nor pain. I moved around to see Lynn's face. He eyes were rolled up in her head. I could only see the whites of her eyes. Her right hand shot back and grabbed Kevin's wrist which was holding her right hip as he sodomized her. At first I thought she was trying to stop him. I was unsure if I should intervene or not. As Kevin fucked her a bit harder she grunted out, "Fuck me in the ass, you bastard."

Kevin needed no further invitation and fucked her harder. It was a mere 30 seconds or so before I could tell he was going to come. He spoke out forcefully, "Take that you dirty slut." With that I could tell he we shooting a large load of come into my beloved wife's rectum. It was obscene, intimate, and disconcerting. I certainly felt as if I should not be there, but I was equally as sure that neither of them was even aware I was spectating.

After a few seconds of relaxing quietly, Kevin slid out of Lynn, and stood up. "I'm going to go shower and give Lynn a little down time. You're welcome to stay if you like, Lars, but in case you're taking off, it was good to see you, and I'm sure I'll see you soon."

I indicated I was going to leave after saying good-bye to Lynn. With that, Kevin entered the bathroom and I heard the shower come on. "Well, Lynn, it's almost ten. I'm heading home. I'll see you when you get there. Have fun." I sat down on the bed and kissed her.

"I won't be too late. I'm exhausted."

I laughed out loud, and headed for the door. I got home and went to bed. Despite Lynn having sucked me off a few hours earlier, I was hard again. I decided to jack off. The vision of Kevin fucking Lynn in the ass made me come quickly. I was asleep by eleven o'clock.

Lynn came home around midnight and slipped into bed contentedly. I asked her how the rest of her evening went.

"It was good. After his shower he fucked me one more time."

"Did you come again, and did he come inside you?"

I came two more times. Then he came in my mouth. After that we had a beer, and I came home. Good night Lars; I love you."

"I love you too, Babe."

It was perhaps three weeks later, and I was getting ready to go to the office on a Saturday morning for a half day of catch-up work. Lynn came up to me, and unzipped my pants. "Kevin asked if I could come over today. I know you have to work. If I go over this morning I'll be back by early afternoon and you and I can go out for a late lunch." She knelt down as began to suck my cock. "What do you say?"

I grabbed Lynn's head and pressed my cock deeper into her mouth.

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