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Lynn Luvs To Watch


As the hot summer sun began to slip below the horizon, the red, late model sport SUV hurdled down the highway. Glancing at her watch, Lynn knew she was running late. She had an appointment for a full body massage for 8:00 and it was now 8:30. As she quickly slowed her speeding vehicle she could see the "open" sign was off but the lights were still on and a couple of were in the lot. One auto belonged to her masseuse, Milene. The other vehicle she didn't recognize.

"Maybe she can still get me in," she thought as she hurried to the door. It was unlocked and she entered the dimly lit lobby. As she walked down the hall she could hear music and muffled voices. As she came closer to the therapy room the voices became more clear. She recognized the unmistakeable voice of Milene but the other voice was unfamiliar.

Lynn stopped and pressed her ear to the door. The music pulsated inside the room. "That's certainly not the same music she ordinarily plays," she thought to herself. Lynn had never heard anything but the garden variety "elevator music" on any of her visits.

"Milene must be finishing up with her last client of the day," Lynn concluded. Thinking maybe it wasn't too late for her massage, she eased the door open and peeped inside. What she saw caught completely by surprise!

There was indeed a massage taking place but the masseuse was on the receiving end! Milene lay on the table, the oils covering her naked body made her skin glisten.

"You got a fat ass....for a white girl!" laughed a statuesque black woman as she squeezed Milene's bottom with both hands. Both women were completely naked, the ebony beauty's dark brown skin was also covered with a sheen of shiny oil.

"Hey, my ass is not fat I will have you to know," Milene responded.

"Oh girl, I didn't mean "fat," fat, I meant "phat" fat. You know, like fine, phat. Believe me, that's good. You always make me feel so good I thought it would be fun to do you for a change."

Lynn couldn't help but to become aroused at the sight of the two beautiful naked women before her even though it was just an innocent massage. Instictively, she raised her skirt and slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed her, already wet cunt.

"Roll over, Milene. Let me do your front." Althea whacked her on her slippery bottom as she began to roll over.

"Ouch, bitch!" Milene squealed playfully.

Lynn watched as for the first time she saw the full beauty of Milene's exposed body. She had always thought she looked alot like the sexy TV star, Jorja Fox. And now she could see her body was just as stunning as her face!

Starting with her feet, Althea began her work on Milene. As she worked her way up past her ankles and along her supple calves, Althea applied generous amounts of the scented, warm oils.

Lynn rubbed her pussy harder, messmerized at the erotic sight of those dark hands moving along the creamy white inner thighs of her masseuse.

Milene moaned, her eyes closed as her head rolled softly from side to side. Her legs moved slightly as Althea's fingers moved ever so close to Milene's furry little pussy. She flinched as she felt fingertips glide across her pouty lips.

Althea worked her hands all around Milene's silky thighs, time after time brushing across her sensitive cunt, enjoying the response of the brunette's body.

Knowing this was quickly becoming more than a massage, Lynn removed her panties and pushed open the door a little further for a better view. Moving her hand back to her excited cunt, Lynn inserted her index finger and prepared to watch the show unfolding before her.

Milene raised her head and looked at Althea with a sly smile. "When are you going to give me some?" she asked in a sexy tone.

With that, Althea stopped and retreated to the couch. She sat down and spread her legs invitingly. She motioned for Milene to join her.

Lynn shifted to get a better view between Althea's legs. She could see her neatly trimmed black snatch drawing the white masseuse ever closer.

"You want some of this black pussy, baby? It's all yours, just come and get it." Althea parted her petals of her ebony rose revealing her swollen clit.

Lynn gasped then moaned with desire, her finger working her hot pussy. She wanted so badly to suck the black girl's clit but this was Milene's party and she had not been invited. She watched as Milene, on all fours, crawled across the floor and positioned herself between Althea's thick thighs.

Keeping her eyes locked on Althea's face, Milene began to kiss those chocolaty thighs sensuously. She kissed her way artfully, all around Althea's hot pussy, teasingly close. Between the oils and Milene's saliva, Althea's thighs sparkled in the light. She continued to toy with her client, letting her tongue graze the fluffy wet black lips of her cunt.

Stroking the pretty white girl's hair, Althea moved her cunt closer to Milene's face to no avail as Milene had other ideas. "Are you gonna eat my pussy, baby?" she puffed. "I'm so fucking horny I can hardly stand it!"

Milene was enjoying this. "Well I don't know, sweet thing, just how bad do you want me to eat you out? I never know if you are serious or not."

"Oh baby I am SO serious!" Althea grasped Milene's head and pulled her face against her soaking pussy. She groaned loudly as Milene's tongue finally entered her hot box. "Oh Milene, eat my pussy, baby. Is this serious enough?"

Lynn fingered her pussy wildly, her juices running down her legs. She had never seen two girls go at it in person! It was such an incredible turn-on. She watched as, time after time, Milene brought Althea to the edge. She would stop licking her pussy and began kissing her inner thighs instead until Althea would grab her head and pull her back to her job.

"You ain't nothing but a big tease today, Milene. Your driving my pussy crazy!" as she pumped her cunt against her face.

"Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it?" Milene taunted.

With that, Althea pushed Milene to the floor and scrambled on top of her, straddling her head. "I'm gonna cum all over that pretty white face, that's what I'm gonna do," she stated flatly.

"Oh yeah? We'll just see about that," Milene said defiantly, still enjoying her wicked game. She slapped the black girl on the ass to emphasize her point.

Althea shoved her horny cunt down on Milene's angelic face, squirming and smearing her juices all over the white girl's face. "You're going to eat my black pussy and like it, no, love it like a good little white girl should." She was clearly enjoying this game as much as Milene. "Now, stick your tongue in my pussy, bitch and I don't want to hear any shit about it!" she commanded.

"Wow, its just like in the videos! And like Tonisha and me!" Lynn was now lying in the floor with two fingers inside her, her spasming cunt clamped tightly around them. She watched as the sexy white girl eagerly licked the beautiful black girls hot pussy.

Althea wasn't through playing the game Milene had started. Suddenly she pulled her cunt off Milene's face and looked down at her. "I know what you want, girl. You want me to cum in your mouth, don't you?" She was turning the tables on the masseuse!

"Yes, oh God yes, cum in my mouth baby! I want to taste your sweet cum!" Grabbing Althea's ass, she shoved her tongue upward into dripping black twat to show what she wanted.

"No way girl bitch, it ain't gonna be that easy!" as she pushed Milene's head back to the floor.

Now the tables were completely turned! Milene struggled to get her tongue into Althea's pussy but to no avail. Althea was in the dominant position on top of her and in complete control. Try as she might, she could not reach the delicious black pussy hovering only inches from her face.

Althea was really enjoying this game of "control". She would drag her pussy across the tip of Milene's straining tongue, never letting her have it. "You want this black pussy bad, don't you? If you really want it you'll have to beg for it. Come on white bitch, beg for it."

"Oh God yes, Althea! I want to eat your pussy so bad, baby. Please shove your black pussy down on my white face and fuck it, fuck it good, baby!" She tugged mightily at Althea's ass but she held firm. "Please baby, fuck my face!" she begged.

Althea grabbed Milene's arms and pushed them back away from her ass. She leaned forward and pinned her hands against the couch. She looked down at Milene, triumphantly. "That's what I wanted to hear. I love to hear white girls beg for black pussy. And the only thing I love more than that is the way white girls EAT black pussy!" She shoved her pussy down hard on Milene's eager mouth. "And if a face-fucking is what you want, that's what you're going to get."

Lynn couldn't believe the passion of these two women! She watched jealously as the black girl face-fucked the white girl, both fulfilling their needs and desires. She wanted so desperately to trade places with Milene.

"I'm cumming!" screamed Althea. "All over your face and in your mouth! No teasing this time, bitch!" From her dominant position, she humped Milene's face, her powerful body convulsing in ecstacy. She fucked the face of the helpless, but happy white girl to both their hearts content.

Lynn could see Milene licking beads of cum from Althea's overflowing honey hole. She couldn't tell who looked happier. Althea's breasts were heaving as she fought to catch her breath. Lynn wanted to go over to her and suck those big dark nipples but she didn't dare interrupt.

"Thanks Althea," Milene said,"for the massage and the meal." Her tongue slithered back inside Althea, licking the sweet cum from her ebony cunt.

"Oh, there's more where that came from, Milene," as she ran her fingers through the white girl's matted hair. "But I want some pussy too, little white pussy!" she growled. She pulled her pussy away from Milene's sticky face.

Milene started to get up but Althea stopped her. "Just stay on your back, hun," she said as she mounted Milene in the reverse position. "I love the 69," as she plopped her smoldering pussy down on Milene's waiting mouth.

"Mmmmm, me too," Milene hummed, sliding her arms upward and wrapping them around Althea's black ass in a tight embrace. Wasting no time, she began to make love to her ebony queen's delectable cunt.

Althea leaned forward, locking her arms around Milene's legs, her fingers parting Milene's tender trap. "Such a tiny little white pussy," she observed. "I hope I can get my tongue inside it," she said as she lowered her face between the white woman's legs.

"I'm sure you'll find a way," said Milene as she spread her legs. "This little white pussy is all yours, baby" she said before sticking her tongue deep inside the chocolate treat resting on her chin.

"Aaahhh!" squealed Althea as Milene's tongue struck home. She rocked slowly on the masseuse's face as she prepared to return the favor. She rubbed her finger up and down Milene's slit. "This little pussy is so fucking wet!" she exclaimed. Replacing her finger with her tongue, ebony gently licked ivory's petite little lips.

The moans of the two women were almost too much for Lynn. Her fingers stroked deeper inside her distracted pussy. She was more than fascinated watching Althea devour Milene's vanilla pie. She had never thought of having sex with a white woman but she suddenly felt a very strong attraction to Milene. She looked so sexy writhing beneath the black woman's voluptuous body.

There was no talking now. The only sounds coming from the two women were sounds of raw lust, their bodies moving in perfect rhythm with the sexy music. The sounds of tongues splashing happily in their pleasure pools mingled with moans of pleasure which were getting louder by the moment.

"Oh God, Althea!" screamed Milene, "lick me faster baby! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

"Come on baby, give it to me. I love sucking this white pussy." Althea pulled Milene's legs into the air and tongue-fucked the creaming white cunt.

Milene's screams of orgasmic release were muffled slightly by Althea's equally excited pussy. The two women were thrashing about madly on the floor, their ebony and ivory bodies locked together by their wanton lust.

Suddenly, Althea reared upright, her body trembling as she frantically fucked Milene's mouth. Her cum-smeared face contorted in a grimace of pleasure. "Oh God, oh God!"she cried, her cunt thrusting uncontrollably in Milene's face.

Lynn was having a massive orgasm of her own, thankful that Althea's screams of passion kept her secret safe. She had came several times but this was the strongest yet. Her pussy gushed over her fingers as she watched Althea grinding her pussy violently, without objection, on Milene's face, who, for her part, was alternately squeezing Althea's tits and spanking her ass, urging her on.

Lynn could stand it no longer. Weakly, she got to her feet and headed down the hall. She could feel her cum oozing down her leg. HER PANTIES! She had forgotten her panties! Hurriedly, she ran back down the hall, grabbed the panties and took one last look at the couple still locked in their passionate lovemaking. She stumbled out the door and into her waiting vehicle. As she drove away, she had discovered something new about herself. Not only did she have a definite thing for black women, there was a certain little masseuse she could not wait to make love to... but how?


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