tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn Wanted to Be...Ch. 1

Lynn Wanted to Be...Ch. 1


Lynn Wanted to be Raped Ch. 1

I used to go out with a hot Italian woman named Lynn. She is 47 years old with three grown boys and one grandchild. We were very open with our discussions about everything, including sex. She used to say she was always wet and whenever I reached in her panties to check, she was.

Our relationship was different from most as neither of us were looking for a life mate so much as a friend to enjoy the good things in life with. We never lived together, but would make a date now and then and run into one another down at the local watering holes every once in a while.

We live in a small river/lake port town in the midwest U.S.A. As anyone who lives in such a river or lake port town knows, there is a highly concentrated area that caters to the shipping industry. Ours is called River Street, a street that runs down to the bridge that goes over the river where all the boats dock. There are about seven bars that are within five minutes walking distance between the two that are farthest apart.

Anyway, the thing that I liked most about Lynn was her willingness to try different things sexually. We talked about a lot of different sexual situations and I thought a lot of what she said was just bullshit. I asked about multiple partners and she said she had a three way with two guys once but would like to try more than that some time. The most bizarre encounter was on the hood of a car on a dirt road. She said she never had a black man and didn't want to. Never did an animal and wouldn't want to, although when she was younger, she lived on a farm for a while and said a goat kept trying to hump her. She said she had never been raped, but didn't see how a woman would not get turned on if she was. She has one small tattoo on the front of her left hip of a 4 leaf clover. Her first time was at 15 years old as a first year student in high school with a senior teaching assistant in an empty classroom.

I asked about incest and she said her father had sex with her when she was in her early teens. I said, "That was rape!" and she said it wasn't because she didn't really know what he was doing because she thought they were playing a game and she did enjoy it. Did she ever pose for nude pictures or make home videos? She said she had let an Ex boyfriend take some photos of her around three years ago.

Never made any movies. She doesn't know but one time I hid a camera and got some footage of her. How many different partners, most embarrassing, ever get caught, and on and on. I filed all this information away for future reference. After a few drinks she would get really crazy. I could grab her boobs and put my hand on her crotch and she would hump my leg and flash her tits. She was very sexually uninhibited.

One night I put her to the test and she handled it with no problem. I was driving her home after the bars closed and had to stop at my place for a minute. I told her I would be back in a couple of minutes. She asked, "What do you want me to do?" Jokingly I said, "Take your clothes off and sit here and wait for me."

When I got back she was sitting in my pickup in her bra and panties. I was surprised but didn't show it. After I got in the truck I said, "You're not naked." She said, "There are too many people in the apartment parking lot. Wait until we are on the highway". When we got to the highway on ramp I said, "Here we are, finish up." She took off her bra and panties and said, "Now what?" I said, "How about a blow job?" She didn't say anything, just reached over and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Then she got up on the seat on her knees and gave me one Hell of a blow job. I almost wrecked when I came but managed to keep it on the road.

Another time we were at a club listening to Kareoke and talking about sex and I said to her, "You really like to give head, don't you?" She said, "Any time, any place." I said, "How about right here, right now?" Bang, BJ number two. Good thing we were in a booth in the back of the bar.

That's the way she was. After a few drinks she was very open to suggestion and very willing to please. One night at a bar I said I had to go to the men's room and she asked if I needed any help. I said, "You can hold it for me." She followed me in and held my dick while I pissed and after I was done she sucked me dry.

One place we would go to has a small upstairs balcony with a few video games that overlooks the rest of the bar. It was close to closing time and the lights upstairs were already turned down. I suggested we go up and take a look around so up we went. When we got up there, I pushed her down to her knees and she undid my pants and started sucking me. After I got hard I told her I wanted to fuck her right there. She stood up and unzipped her pants and I pulled them down. I turned her around and told her to grab on to the railing.

I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes and then plunged my hard-on into her sopping wet cunt. It was dark up there and the lights were on downstairs to get the people to leave, so I was watching everyone walking around while I should have been watching for people coming up the stairs because two guys came up the stairs. I didn't see them until they started snickering. I stopped humping and looked at them. They just turned and headed back down the stairs still chuckling. I told Lynn I should have asked them to join us. She said, "Yes, you should have." and started giggling.

Another time at the bar where she gave me the BJ on Kareoke night. We were talking, among other things, about sex and Lynn suddenly says, "I want you to fuck me in the ass right now." I said, "Okay, lets go." When you walk in the front door of this place, you either walk straight down the hall to the bar or go to the right, up the stairs to an apartment where one of the barmaids live. She was working that night so I led Lynn up to the top of the stairs.

I told her to suck me until I was hard and then I would bone her ass. I pulled her sweater off over her head and she got on her knees. Her bra was already off because we had a little game worked out where if I reached under her top and unsnapped her bra it meant that I was ready for some exciting sex. If she in turn took her bra off and handed it to me it meant she was too. It only took a couple minutes and I was rock hard. She stood up and I undid her pants and pulled them down around her ankles. She turned around so she was facing down the stairs and bent over and grabbed hold of the handrails on either side of the stairwell.

After rubbing my cock on her wet pussy lips to get it lubricated, I slowly eased it into her asshole. She was holding tight to the handrails because she knew I wasn't holding on to her hips. As I thrust forward she had to push back or go tumbling head first, naked, down the stairs. I could see the occasional patrons walking in or out of the bar, but to see up the stairs a person would have to stop and really look because there is a light at the bottom of the stairwell but not at the top. When we were done Lynn said, "Now that was the most bizarre place I've had sex." I said, "Well, now I will have to think of a better one."

And so our relationship went for about seven or eight months. Sometimes one, two or all three of her sons would meet us at one of the bars and we would shoot pool and talk. We would have to behave then because Lynn didn't want them think she was some kind of a bar slut. But after they left, look out!

We had some other wild times. Screwing in a truck stop parking lot, BJ under a table at a restaurant, sucking me off in a traffic jam next to a semi.

One time after the bars closed we went to an all night diner for breakfast with one of her girlfriends. Lynn went to the rest room and after about ten minutes I told her friend I was going to check on her to see if she was all right. It was late and there was no one else in the place so I didn't knock but just walked right in. Lynn was washing her hands and I asked her what the Hell was taking her so long? She said her pants were too tight and she couldn't get them zipped up. I said, "Let me take a look." I tricked her. I pulled her pants down and tore her panties off, bent her over the toilet and fucked her hard and fast. I didn't even lock the door. Anyone could have walked in. After I shot my load I just zipped up and walked back to the table and left her there panting, holding on to the toilet. I told Sherry, her friend, Lynn would be right out. When she came back to the table I asked her if she felt like she had been raped. She said, "Hell no. It's not rape if I know it's you." I said, "Well, I guess I'll have to work a little harder on that one too then."

She was just as adventurous at home also. She would let me tie her up in the attic, use a dildo on her, candle wax, whips, clothes pins, even took a couple of videos of us, without her knowing of course.

I guess what drove us apart was the change in our work schedules. We started seeing other people and didn't run into each other as often. We still kept in touch and now and then I would see her out and sometimes would run into one of her sons and ask what she was up to.

One night after work about midnight I ran into her and we talked a while. She said she had to get home because she had to get up for work in the morning. After a couple of hours and a few beers I thought I would pay her a visit. I knew that she hardly ever locked her door and thought I would give her her rape fantasy.

I drove to her apartment and tried her door. It was unlocked. I put on a ski mask and quietly went inside. I slowly opened her bedroom door and saw her laying on her bed. I unzipped my pants and crept to her over to her bed and slowly pulled the sheet back. She always slept in the nude. I rubbed my dick until it was nice and hard. I put my left hand over her mouth, grabbed her around the throat with my right and said in a low whisper, "Don't scream or I'll kill you."

Then I took my left hand off her mouth and spread her legs apart and guided my cock into her always wet pussy. I could see the fear in her eyes but after a couple of minutes I saw her expression of fear change to one of amusement.

She said, "Nice try but I know it's you. I recognise your after shave." I finished fucking her and said, "Well, I tried." Then I said, "You know, you really should lock your doors." To which she replied, "Then how will I ever get raped?", and smiled. Then she said, "I really have to get some sleep. I have to go to work in the morning." I told her good night and I would keep trying. She just laughed an evil laugh and said, "Okay, you do that."

To Be Continued...

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