tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn Wanted to Be...Ch. 2

Lynn Wanted to Be...Ch. 2


One Saturday night last summer I went down to River Street about 9:00 and ran into Art, Lynn's oldest boy, at the Double D. He is 25 and the one that made Lynn a grandmother. He said he was out celebrating his buddy Danny's birthday. She used to baby-sit Danny and that is how they got to be friends. I bought them both a beer and we talked for a while. I asked how his mom was and he said fine.

He told me she was out celebrating with them since about 5:00 and she was pretty trashed. He said she went down the to the Cafe California to see what Dave, her youngest son, was doing and she should be back in a little bit. About ten minutes later Lynn came in and when she saw me she came over and gave me a big wet kiss. She said, "I'm really thrashed. I wish you would have come down sooner." I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said yes. I found Art and told him his mom wanted to go home and I would give her a ride so he could stay out and party with Danny. He said, "Thanks, you're a good guy."

On the way to Lynn's place we talked and she told me she really missed the great sex we used to have. I told her I missed it too and we could still get together once in a while if she was interested in that. She said that sounded good to her. When we got to her place she asked if I wanted to come in for a minute and I said yes. We had a drink and talked and she told me about a new nightgown she had bought. I asked her to show it to me and she said, "I'll be right back."

She went upstairs and in a couple of minutes came back down in a black silky, mid length nightgown with a slit up both sides to the waist. Right away I had an idea and asked her if she still had those black, thigh high, fishnets that I liked. She said she did and I told her to put them on because I had something in mind. She went back up to her bedroom and came down after a minute or two wearing the nightgown, fishnets and black four inch heels. I said let's go back down to River Street.

On the way back down I stopped at my house to pick up a few things. I got a rope, a thick gag, and a blind fold and put them all in a pillow case. I was working on a plan.

We got down to River Street and parked and I told her I wanted to fuck her behind the Double D. She said, "Okay, but what is the bag for?" I told her, "You'll find out."

The only way to get behind the D/D is through the back door or down an alley that is about three feet wide between D/D and an abandoned building next to it. Behind the bar there is a picnic table where the employees go out to eat when the weather is nice.

It was probably about 10:00 and the band was still playing so there was little chance that anyone would hear us as the stage was at the back of the bar and the music was loud. I told Lynn I was going to gag her so she could scream and moan all she wanted and nobody would hear. I also said I would blindfold her so she couldn't see anything while I was fucking her. She asked what the rope was for and I told her so she couldn't get away while I went in to the bar for a beer. She just laughed and said, "I'm not going anywhere." and smiled. I said, "I know you're not." I had a plan.

I tied the gag on tight and put the blindfold on. Then I tied her ankles to the bottom of the table and her wrists together to a tree on the other side of it. She could move her legs about six inches in either direction and her arms about three. She was totally helpless. I stepped back a few paces to look at her. She is a beautiful woman. Fit and trim and no one would guess she was 47 years old from looking at her body. She looks like she could be 30.

I walked back up to her and lifted her nightgown over her ass and started licking her pussy. It was already wet and I got hard almost immediately. I stood up and rammed my meat into her pussy and started banging away. She was really into it because I could hear her moaning with each thrust. I held out for as long as I could and then shot my load deep in her vagina. I could tell she was hot and I asked her if she wanted some more and she nodded yes. I took the pillow case and put it over her head and tied it on and said, "I'll be back in a few minutes."

I walked across the street to a bar called Iroquois Chief. It is a place where a lot of bikers hang out and I have a friend that goes there quite often. I found him and told him about a chick I had that wanted to do a gang bang and told him to get a couple of friends and join me. I told you I had a plan in mind. He came back in less than a minute with two friends of his and we headed back across the street.

We went through the alley and I went to Lynn and bent by her ear and said, "Remember when you said you would like to do more than two men in a gang bang?" She nodded her head. I said, "I have some friends that are ready to get there rocks off. Are you ready?" She started shaking her head back and forth. I said, "Too late now, I already told them you wanted it." Then I asked, "Remember when you said you wanted to be raped to see what it would be like? She nodded yes. I said, "Now you get to have both of those fantasies fulfilled."

I told my friend he could go first and then his two friends could decide who would be next. Bill, my friend had his dick out in no time and it was hard. He grabbed Lynn's hips and was trying to get it in as she was fighting and moving her ass back and forth. After he shoved it in her pussy and started pumping, Lynn started to rock with it. Then they got into a rhythm and after a few minutes Bill shot his load. The next guy was ready with his cock out and hard when Bill finished and as soon as Bill pulled out he dove in. Lynn was really into it now and she was moaning and going with the flow.

When the second guy finished the third guy was ready to go. Seemed like they might have done this before. He rammed her and she was moaning through the gag and really going with the rhythm. When the third guy was done I was hard again watching all this action, so I slapped on a rubber and did Lynn again. After I came again and relaxed for a few minutes I asked Lynn if she had enough. She shook her head back and forth. I asked her if she wanted some more and she nodded.

I told her I would take care of it. I told Bill to go back to the Iroquois and talk to some more guys and come back in a couple hours. If Lynn was still here they could do her too. Bill and his buddies left and I told Lynn I would be back in a bit with a couple more guys. I walked down the street to an Irish pub where a couple of other friends of mine hang out. I found a buddy and told him the situation and he said he would be there in a few. I walked back to D/D and asked Lynn if she was still ready for some action and she nodded yes. I asked, "How many do you want to do? All night long?" She nodded yes again. A few minutes later Terry, the guy from the Irish pub, came back with four friends. I said go to it but don't turn her loose and don't take the bag off her head.

I was ready for another drink so I went back into the D/D. I ordered a beer and walked around, then I saw Art and Danny. Art asked how his mom was and if I fucked her. Well, Lynn's kids were always open just like her and they all liked me so I said, "Ya, she was really horny tonight." He just laughed. We talked for a while and then Art said, "I'd really like to get Danny laid for his birthday tonight." Inspiration struck me. I knew that Danny had always thought Lynn was hot. Even at 47 she has a really nice firm body so I thought, I'll let him fuck her and tell him about it later.

I told Art that I had a hot bitch waiting to get laid and I wasn't in the mood so if he wanted to get Danny laid, I could hook it up. He said, "Kewl" Art told Danny what the plan was and he said he was all for it.

To be concluded...

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