tagLoving WivesLynne's Revenge: The Final Chapter

Lynne's Revenge: The Final Chapter


My wife of 16 years didn't remember a lot of what happened following her beginning with Luis and Manuel, except that the beautiful woman I had married, the mother of my two daughters had been sexually tortured for the next two days. Luis and Manuel had taken turn with her for the next two days, when one slept the other fucked her and then jerked off in her face and she was made to kneel in the middle of the room until they were ready again. They did let her go to the bathroom, but one of them would watch and she was not allowed to clean herself up at all. During the time she believes that other men would come in and use the same routine on her but she couldn't tell who and how many, just Luis and Manuel.

They dumped her on our lawn the after they had finished with her, her face and hair covered in dried cum, from what it looked like, quarts of it and my daughter Kimberly found her and screamed for me. We helped her to the house and lay her down, she was weak and the word whore had been written on her in red paint. Kim and I comforted her and tried to clean her up but she made no real sense at all.

I believe this was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. I still wonder back, maybe it was a lot of things, maybe it was my own fault, because three months ago she, no we, had been normal people, and all I wanted was to see her have sex with another man. Something had gone wrong, very wrong, and I knew it was my fault.

Kim had a lot of questions - why I didn't call the police and why she had a tattoo on her that said "I LOVE TO SUCK BLACK COCKS" and I told her we would talk to her and Kass later and let them know everything. I kept saying I was sorry to Lynne. She regained her strength and except for very chapped lips and major soreness in her ass and pussy she told me she was fine. It was at this time she relayed her story of Luis and Manuel to me. I am not a violent man, but I boiled inside, and didn't let on to anyone.

Lynne was still sore two days later when I picked up the phone and I heard Marvin's voice on the other end.

He asked if the brothers had returned my wife to me, I took a deep breath and told him they had dumped her on the front lawn a couple of days ago, and I was not happy, he said "Like I give a shit, Bill, they did say they enjoyed her company. I hope she liked the boys." I heard people laughing in the background and I knew he must have his speakerphone on. I cringed when he told me he would be at my house on Sunday morning, and to have his whore ready for him, he need a good blow job. I told him I would have her ready and he hung up. When I went in to tell Lynne she started crying, and told me she didn't know how much more she could take. I held her in my arms and tried to soothe her, as I thought of what I could do.

Sunday morning came and at 11:30 Marvin's limo pulled into the driveway, and Johnny let him out. They walked up to the house together and knocked on the door. I opened the door and let them in, Marvin looked over the house and said "Very nice place, it surprises me. I'm sure that whore wife of your's had nothing to do with it did she?" I ignored him and shut the door.

He asked me where his bitch was and I told him in the other room. He said "I want the cunt in here, it's been a long trip and I need my cock sucked." I told him to sit down I would get her. I went into the bedroom, and told Lynne that Marvin was here, Johnny was with him and he wanted a blow job. She sighed and stripped and went into the living room. Marvin saw her come into view, and pulled his cock out as he told her, come and get your favorite meat you white whore. She walked over and fell to her knees in front of him. She took his cock into her mouth and immediately went all the way to his balls, and just sat there. I think it crossed her mind to bite his cock off, but she finally started moving her head up and down the shaft, as he sat back. He looked at Johnny and told him to go to the car and get the envelope that had Lynne's name on it. I watched as Lynne continued to suck Marvin's cock, and he talked like she wasn't even there. He told me that he had something for me, perhaps some of which I would like framed to put here in the living room, because they were so good.

When Johnny came back in, Marvin reached up and took the envelope from him, and handed it to me as he laughed. He told me that the brothers thought I may like these. I opened the envelope, and pulled out 10 8X10 photos, they showed my wife, my beautiful wife, looking into the camera with her face and hair covered with cum, and each following showed her in different stages of cum covered disarray. The last two show her laying on her back legs spread, and you could see just how red her pussy and ass were. Her pussy gaped as the camera caught her, she looked like she had been fucked by a horse. I looked at him and said "You are a sick son of a bitch Marvin. He laughed and said that Lynne was the sick one, here she was with her mouth full of his cock and not only his chaffeur, but her own husband, watching as he was about to fill her mouth with his cum, and with that, he grunted and he began to fill her mouth with his filthy seed. She swallowed and moaned as she continued to pump his cock. He pushed her off, and told her he was going to invite some old friends of hers over to see her this afternoon, and to go clean up and they would wait for them to show up, although he thought they didn't mind just how cum covered she was. I knew by this that he had invited Luis and Manuel over for and afternoon fuckathon.

Lynne hurried off to take a shower, and Marvin asked how I liked the photos the brothers had taken. I told him I thought he was such an asshole, and I couldn't wait for him to leave. He told me they would be leaving later that evening after he had spent some time with his "White Whore" before he left. I asked him to leave her alone, that the brothers had really hurt her, not only physically but mentally, but he laughed and told me that they were coming over to apologize later. I looked at Johnny and he just stared at me, and his eyes told me to leave it alone.

Lynne came back into the room dressed in a bathrobe, and Marvin told her to get rid of the robe and lay back on the coffee table and spread her legs. She did just as she was told, I thought she must be in some sort of prevention mode, and she spread wide with her cunt facing Marvin. He told her to pull her feet and spread her lips so he could see if the brothers had damaged his goods. She did this and he seemed satisfied, then he told her to grab her ass cheeks and show him her asshole, which she also did, and he told her she was fine and ready for use. He laughed at me and told me there would be no need for me to try anything with her again, she had been opened wide enough for real men.

He made Lynne lay on the table for twenty minutes as he stood and began to look around the room. He looked at the photos on the wall, and when he came to the most recent one of our twins he asked if they were still at home, and without thinking, I told him yes, they wouldn't be leaving for another month to start college. He walked back over to where Lynne was laying looked at her pussy, and told her he might like to get some cunt a little tighter. Then he told me "Wouldn't you love to watch me fuck both of those cunts before I leave tonight, if fact, wouldn't you like to offer them to the brothers before they had to leave. I told him "There's no way bastard." He just smiled told me to shut the fuck up because he had already decided that before they left today, they would feel the cock that his white bitch had felt. I started at him, and he hit me squarely in the jaw and I went down. When I awoke, I was being tied to the stairs hand rail by Johnny, who made sure they weren't tight at all and he whispered in my ear, you've got to stop him because he means to have the brothers meet your daughters when they come home. I nodded, and looked over at Marvin who was telling Lynne what he had planned for Kim and Kass, she was crying and began to hit him with her fists. He told her to stop, they would love some of the big black cock she had become so used to, and he would love breaking those fine young ass in to what life is all about. She hit him in the face, and he slapped her back hard enough that she hit the floor and slid. She stood again to attack him and he hit her again with his closed hand and she fell in a heap on the floor. He told Johnny to tie her up spread eagle, on her face on our bed. Johnny picked her up and looked at me very worried as he head to the bedroom with her.

He came back down stairs as Marvin was on the phone and I could hear him telling the brothers that he had a treat for them when they came over. They must have said something about Lynne, and he told them that he was going to have something quite a bit tighter for them. He laughed when her hung up and came over and asked "How are you going to like seeing your little girls turn into sluts before your eyes?" I just shook my head and told his I would kill him if he touched them. He said "Touch them, oh, we're all going to touch them today. They will end up with pussys as big as that wife of your's. I struggled with my ropes as hate built up inside me. I waited tied to that staircase and became angrier all the time. There was a knock on the door, and Johnny answered it and two men entered, must have been Luis and Manuel the bastards that had fucked Lynne into a state that she seemed to slip into rather than deal with what had happened. Marvin greeted them and showed them the picture of my daughters, they smiled and said something to each other and grabbed their cocks and then laughed loudly. Marvin asked if they would like to go see Lynne and they followed him up the stairs. I listened as they entered the room, and told Marvin the best part was facing them. I heard Lynne scream and knew one or more of them must be fucking her in the ass, and sure enough Marvin yelled down to tell me that they were practicing to teach my daughter to ass fuck. I felt the tears flow from my eyes and struggled with the ropes.

Then, my worst fear came to life, I heard the back door open and Kim hollered mom, dad we're home. Marvin also heard this and he and Luis came down the stairs. Kim and Kass came into the room and Marvin told them hello. Kass asked what was going on?, and Marvin said we were having a little party and I had objected to what they were doing so I had to be tied up. I could see the fear in my baby's eyes, and wanted free of the ropes so bad, but as I did try to break free, Luis hit me on the jaw with his fist and I was dazed. Marvin and Luis each took the arm of one of my little girls and led them upstairs. In a few minutes I heard them both yell as they must have walked into the bedroom to see Manuel assfucking Lynne, then I heard Manuel say hell I want some of that tight pussy and pulled free of Lynne, because I heard Kim say "Oh my god" as his cock must have come into sight.

I looked up and saw them all heading down the stairs, until they were in front of me. Then they began stripping the clothing from my daughters, until they were standing naked before me. Marvin told them they were going to learn how to take care of the men that would be in their lives and told them to kneel before him. When they hesitated, Luis and Manuel helped them by pushing on their shoulders until they got down in front of Marvin. I watched as he pulled his cock free in front of them, and told the brothers to hold them still for his. I struggled with my bonds as I watched Marvin walk up to Kass and rub his cock over her lips as he told her "Open your mouth like your slut mother, and pay your respects to me." She refused to open and Marvin reached out and held her nose with his finger and when she opened to take in air, he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth, telling her that if she bit him, she would kill her mother. I looked at my baby as Marvin began to push his cock into her mouth. I looked at Kim and saw she was frightened as hell and crying. Marvin looked at her and asked, "Crying because you don't have a taste bitch?" and with that he took his mouth from Kass and moved over to Kim and told her to suck it. Still crying she opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth.

Marvin said, "Bill looks like your daughter likes my cock almost as much as your wife does. Maybe we need to bring her down here so she can show them why she has that tattoo on her back and a pierced tongue." He told Johnny to go up to the bedroom and bring her back down. I looked up as Lynne came to the top of the stairs, with a blank look on her face, and she started crying when she saw Marvin's big black cock in Kim's mouth. She asked him to please stop, and he laughed. "Then come over here and show these little sluts just how it is supposed to be done to a cock, then maybe we'll leave them alone. Come on my white whore, and do me good or I'll let the brothers loose on them, and you know how much fun they can be, don't you?" Lynne began to cry as she looked at our girls, and I told them not to watch and Marvin said, "If they don't watch, cut his throat."

I watched as Lynne began to suck Marvin's cock again, very slowly at first and he looked at me, and at the girl's and said, "Read her back, she knows what she likes." I saw the girls look at their mother first at her back then at her mouth as she devoured the big black cock that was being offered to her. She worked on his cock for 15 minutes then he moaned, and pulled his cock from her mouth, walked in front of the twins and told them to catch this and started cumming, covering their faces with his sperm. Then he returned to Lynne and told her to clean him up. She did until he started to soften in her mouth. The he looked at the twins, and told them he wanted them to clean the cum of each other's faces. The didn't move and he slapped Kass and told them to get busy. They began to lick the cum from each others faces as they cried.

Marvin looked at the brothers and told them to take Kim and Kass upstairs and teach them to be women, and he laughed. He grabbed Lynne by the hair and told her to get upstairs, he wanted some of that ass before he fucked both of her daughters, and he laughed as he said, "If there is anything left when Luis and Manuel get through with them." Then they all walked upstairs. The rest of what happened is sort of blurry even after these three years, all I know is somehow I got free, and grabbed the 9MM that I had in the desk drawer, and when the police arrested me, they said I had killed the two brothers and the prominent attorney Marvin Mills.

Over the months that followed, Lynne and I talked a lot, and decided that it would be best if Johnny moved in our home and took care of her if I was sent to prison, which I was. I received life without parole, and now I hear from her all of the time, Johnny is 75 and not seeming any worse for the wear. She still sleeps with him, and when I ask she tells me about them. I wish I had never asked her to go to that club that night in Atlanta, but seems I got just what I deserved.


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