tagInterracial LoveLynn's Birthday Surprise!

Lynn's Birthday Surprise!


**This one's for you Lynn, hope you like it!**

Karen hurried out of her office and down the hall, eyeing the closing doors of the elevator she quickened her pace. "Hold please," she said loudly. The elevator doors stopped, then opened allowing Karen to avoid a sometimes lengthy wait. She glanced at her watch. "5:15, I only have 45 minutes to drop by the bakery, pick up the birthday cake and make it to Lynn's house before her present is to be delivered at 6:00," she pondered.

Lynn had finished her shower and began to dress for an evening out with Karen, her close friend of almost 15 years. Lynn had broken up with her boyfriend 2 months earlier and had yet to get back into the dating scene. She had accepted Karen's invitation to go out for drinks to celebrate her 25th birthday. Karen, older by two months, moved into the neighborhood and attended the same school as Lynn when the two girls were ten years old. It would be different. Lynn had spent her last 3 birthdays with Joey, her old boyfriend, and now that was over. Karen had said it was time to move on to which she agreed.

Having picked up the beautiful birthday cake she had ordered the day before, Karen wheeled into the driveway of Lynn's modest suburban home. "5:45, yes!" she said as she glanced at her watch. Looking into the rear view mirror, she touched up her short blonde hair, grabbed the cake and headed for the door. She thought again about the present that was to arrive shortly for her best friend. She had left it to her assistant Katie, to make the arrangements. Katie had assured her she would take care of everything so in a way, the present would be a surprise to both women.

"Who is it?" Lynn inquired after the doorbell rang. After hearing her friend's voice, she unlocked and opened the door.

Setting the cake on a coffee table, the two women hugged as Karen entered the room. "Don't you look pretty tonight," Karen complimented her blonde friend. She heard Lynn giggle softly as she walked back to her bedroom. "Our reservation isn't until 6:45 so there's no rush," she said loud enough for Lynn to hear in the next room.

Once again the doorbell rang. "Could you get that Karen," Lynn called out to her friend. "I'll be out in a moment." Lynn wasn't expecting anyone but the first thought that crossed her mind was Joey. Is it possible he would pick her birthday as a time to try to make amends?

Karen looked at her watch. It was a few minutes after 6. This had to be Lynn's present! "Who is it?" she asked quietly.

"Anthony" came the reply from outside. "Katie sent me."

"Just a minute," Karen whispered through the door. Excitedly she went to Lynn's room. "Lynn could you come in here? It's for you," she said.

Karen had wanted Lynn to have some fun on her birthday and there was no better guarantee than a stripper!

Lynn saw the smile on Karen's face and became suspicious. Her heart raced as she followed her to the door. Nervously she opened the door and into the room stepped a man, only it wasn't Joey. Lynn stepped back as Anthony introduced himself. "I'm sorry, who are you?" Lynn asked in a puzzled tone.

Anthony looked at Karen who quickly explained he was a private dancer.

Lynn once again looked at Anthony and blushed. "Karen" she muttered as she motioned her friend closer. "Why is he here?" she asked looking back at the handsome dancer.

Karen looked back at Anthony and smiled. "He's your birthday present. I wanted you to have fun tonight and I think Katie did a pretty good job of picking out your present." Karen looked at the dancer who stood barely taller than her, with short hair, brown eyes with a muscular build. "Look at him! He's so fine," Karen cooed. "You are going to have FUN girl!" she said as she picked up her purse.

"Where are you going?" Lynn asked in a panicked voice. "You can't leave! I don't know what to do! I'm not a good dancer. Drawing out Karen's name, Lynn whispered, "Karen, he's black! I've heard they have such big..., uh, equipment!"

"And that's a bad thing?" Karen asked. "For God sakes, he's a stripper! Let him take it all off and enjoy it. And if you see something you like, go for it! He's paid for." As she headed for the door, Karen said to Anthony, "Take care of Lynn. She's my best friend."

Lynn followed. "Karen, you can't leave. I can't do this. Stay and watch with me! It'll be fun, me and you watching a hot guy with a big dick! Okay?" she asked desperately.

"It's your birthday Lynn. I want you to feel free to enjoy Anthony in whatever way you want. You know the old saying, two's company, three's a crowd," Karen said as she watched Anthony approach.

"Besides, no bigger than he is, I don't think you have to worry about 'big equipment'. I'm sure you......"

For the first time, the girls got a glimpse of Anthony's bulging crotch. Karen stammered, unable to finish her thought. She fanned herself with her hand as she exhaled.

"Karen.....Karen," Lynn prodded her friend. "Karen! What's wrong with you?" she asked with a little mock sarcasm. "Thank you for the present. I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Be careful wherever you are going." Lynn led Karen to the door.

Karen stopped suddenly. "I guess I could stay if you really want me too. I mean, I would feel bad leaving you here alone," Karen said, repeatedly looking toward the bedroom.

Lynn smiled slyly. "No, that's okay. I'll be alright. You go ahead and I'll find someway to enjoy myself."

"Damn you Lynn, are you going make me beg?" Karen asked her smiling friend.

Lynn laughed. "Yes, I think I would like that!" She poked Karen in the side. "What's matter, Karen? Horny? little bitch? I guess you can stay but remember it's MY birthday."

Like a couple of giggling school girls, they raced around and leaped onto the couch in anticipation of the show. "Bring it on! Let's see some skin!" The girls were getting excited about seeing their first real life stripper! "Yeah listen to that music! Here he comes!"

The girls whooped it up as Anthony danced his way into the room. The girls cheered and clapped as they checked out the dancer's chiseled body. He was wearing a loin cloth giving the girls a clear view of his well-muscled body. Anthony was dark skinned with a broad chest, bulging thighs and the kind of firm, protruding butt that looks so good on black football players.

Lynn and Karen were mesmerized by the twitching muscles and the throbbing bass in the sexy music. "Let's see what you've got!" Karen yelled over the music. "Yeah whip it out!" Lynn chimed in.

The dancer turned facing away from the girls and ripped off his loin cloth, tossing it over his shoulder to the cheering girls. He wiggled his bare ass in front of the excited young women. Karen reached out and put her hand on Anthony's ass following the curve down to his upper thigh before reaching up and popping the g-string against his smooth skin. She squealed in delight as she pulled her hand away and grabbed Lynn. The two women were having a great time with their very own stripper.

"Come on! Let's see what you've got!" Karen demanded. "Yeah, turn around! Let's see it!" said Lynn as she put her hand on Anthony's arm.

The dancer spun to face the girls. The girls' eyes immediately dropped to check out the his package. They were stunned at what they saw. The soft fabric of the pouch strained to accommodate the massive amount of meat inside. They sat there, open-mouthed, their eyes following every hypnotic movement of Anthony's bulge as he gyrated to the music.

Lynn grabbed Karen's hand but her ability to speak had deserted her. She had seen many packages in her young life but nothing compared to this! She stared wide-eyed at Anthony's huge attraction. Anthony moved closer. Taking Lynn's hand, he placed it at the top of his pouch. She stared up at him shyly. With a growing boldness, she slipped her hand inside and grasped Anthony's cock.

Karen was enjoying the show Anthony was providing her. "KAREN!" She was jolted by the loud shrill voice of her friend. Karen looked at the comical look on Lynn's face. She watched Lynn's hands begin to pull down the pouch until she could see the beginning of his dick. Once again Lynn stopped and looked at Karen with that same wide-eyed look. Then she continued to lower the pouch, inch by inch until about 6 inches of smooth, black cock were exposed. Karen swallowed hard, unable to speak.

"But Karen! That's not all! Look at this!" Lynn began to tug at Anthony's cock, pulling more and more of it from the pouch until the massive head popped out from the top of the pouch. Lynn let it hang down like some large black fire hose! She leaned over to Karen and yelled excitedly, "Where was he hiding that big fucker?! I mean look at it! It's got to be at least....9 inches long and it's still soft! If it gets bigger when it gets hard...Oh my God. I guess THAT is a requirement to be a stripper."

Karen couldn't believe a man that short could have such a large cock! She reached to touch the long, thick black member but Anthony stepped back and began to rotate his muscular ass, sending his big cock whirling like a windmill! As the music began to die away, he moved close to Lynn, his heavy black cock swinging inches from her face.

Lynn hesitated. She had not been with a man since breaking up with Joey and suddenly here, in front of her face, is the biggest cock she's ever seen in her life! Shyly she looked up at him and smiled.

Reaching down, Anthony took Lynn's hand and placed it on his cock. Her hand looked so small against the super-sized black tool. "Do you like it Lynn?" he asked in his deep, sexy voice.

Lynn nodded up to him and he instructed her to stroke it to which she quickly obeyed. Though her fingers didn't quite reach around it, she began to stroke it slowly and methodically. She could feel it growing in her hand. She could see that it was thicker than her forearm and more than a foot long which excited her and scared her all at once. She couldn't believe someone who was barely 5 feet, 7 inches could have such an enormous cock. Joey stood more than 6 feet tall but was maybe a third of Anthony's cock size!

Sitting down between the girls, Anthony softly kissed Lynn's cheek as she continued to pump his black steel. It was now quiet in the room except for Lynn's heavy breathing. Anthony placed his finger under the shy white girl's chin, lifting it gently, gazing into her pretty hazel eyes.

Lynn placed her lips on Anthony's mouth and kissed him deeply. She pulled harder on his cock as his tongue entered her mouth, their kissing becoming more passionate. She felt his hand squeezing her breast and she moaned, driving her tongue into his mouth. She felt his big hand moving down her body and onto her thigh. She trembled as his thick fingers found her hairless pussy.

Suddenly Lynn pulled back. "I'm sorry, I just can't do this. I mean its just not right. We don't even know each other and my best friend is sitting here with us. I just can't do it." She looked over and was shocked to see that Karen was naked and massaging Anthony's muscular thigh.

Without a word, Karen reached over and grabbed Anthony's cock. She scrambled onto her knees and bent down but not to far because his cock towered out of his crotch. She began to lick the massive head, like a giant black lollypop. It glistened with her saliva as she continued to lick the head while she caressed his giant balls.

Lynn watched her friend in amazement. Karen worked her lips around the swollen head, bobbing up and down on it, straining to open her mouth wider. She forced her mouth downward until she had the head and about an inch of the shaft in her mouth. Lynn wondered why they were even there. Karen had taken as much of his cock in her mouth as possible and there was still about a foot of cock still exposed. "Now just what were two little white girls supposed to do with something that big?" she thought. It had always taken a lot of work to get Joey's 5 inch dick inside her tight little pussy and Anthony's cock looked to be at least three times the thickness of Joey's!

"It's so fucking big," Karen said, trying to catch her breath. She then licked all the way down to his balls and back up the shaft, a trip of about 2 feet! "And so beautiful too," she gasped. After resting her aching jaw muscles for a few moments, the determined little blonde went back to work, alternately giving Anthony's cock a complete tongue bath and sucking it as best she could.

Anthony reached out and gave Karen's exposed ass a good whack! "Yeah Karen, suck this big black dick baby. You like this black dick don't you?" Karen couldn't answer with her mouth completely stuffed but she didn't have too. It was obvious from her furious attack that she was liking what she was getting. Anthony had been squeezing her round white ass but now he reached further and began to run his fingertip up and down between her wet pussy lips.

"Oh yeah baby, stick your finger in my pussy Anthony. Oh fuck, oh fuck!" Karen cried. "Come on and work it in there baby." Once again she started sucking his cock, growing my comfortable with its size.

"Damn baby, your pussy's so tight I can't get my finger in there," Anthony said as he wiggled his finger to help the process. "Back that ass up girl, damn!"

Lustily, Karen sucked Anthony's large black cock, the uppermost inches glistening with her saliva. Suddenly Karen rose up. "I want to fuck! Come on let's fuck!" growled the overheated little blonde. She lay back on the couch, spreading her creamy thighs, her hand rubbing her cunt furiously. "Come on Anthony, stick that big black dick in my little, tight, white pussy."

Lynn's watched as Anthony moved between Karen's widespread legs, his massive cock looked like a telephone pole hanging above Karen's eager pussy. Lynn had long since removed her panties and was rubbing her excited cunt. Anthony began to rub the enormous head of his cock against Karen's tight little hole. "There is no fucking way THAT is going to fit in Karen's little pussy," Lynn observed.

"Come on baby, put it in me. I want it Anthony. Fuck me with that big black dick!" Karen chattered. She reached down, pulling his cock against her pussy, urging him on.

"You really want this black dick, don't you Karen?" Anthony teased. "You're going have to do something for me if you want this black dick."

"Anything baby, anything. Just give me that big black dick," Karen begged.

"I want you to eat the birthday girl's pussy. You'll do it if you want this dick baby," Anthony advised her. "Come on over here and eat Lynn's pretty pussy."

Lynn was stunned. She hadn't considered it might come to this. She and Karen exchanged looks.

"Oh Anthony, fuck me, PLEASE!" Karen begged again, hunching her pussy against Anthony's black python.

Anthony stood his ground. "If you want this dick, you'll lick Lynn's pussy cause that's the only way you'll get it."

"Well Karen, it is MY birthday after all," Lynn said jokingly, flashing her pussy at Karen. Lynn was completely caught off guard by what happened next.

Looking up at Anthony, Karen slid into the floor and crawled over to Lynn. She positioned herself between Lynn's knees and slid her hands up the startled girl's thighs.

"What in the hell are you doing Karen?" Lynn asked in amazement as she tried unsuccessfully to close her legs. "Stop playing around! Anthony's just kidding." The girls looked at Anthony.

Stroking his big cock Anthony said, "Go ahead Karen, lick that pussy good if you want this."

Turning back to Lynn, Karen began to lick her way up Lynn's inner thighs. Lynn had never had her pussy licked by another woman but she knew Karen was under the influence of black cock and there would be no stopping her. "Have you ever made love to another girl before?" Lynn asked.

Karen looked up and grinned, "nope but I'll do anything for a big dick like that. Any boy I've ever had would have to fuck me four times to give me that much dick," then she dove into Lynn's crotch, stuck her tongue out and licked up her friend's smooth pussy lips.

Lynn leaned back as Karen lapped at her wet lips with surprising skill. She enjoyed receiving head and had always heard that women do it best. She put her hands on both sides of Karen's head and pumped her pussy up and down against Karen's face. Lynn looked over to Anthony and smiled.

Anthony came over to the two girls and sat down beside Lynn. They began to kiss wildly, both of them stroking Karen's hair as she licked feverishly at Lynn's delectable cunt.

Anthony got to his feet and moved the coffee table out of the way. He motioned for the two girls to join him. "Lay down Karen," which she did quickly. "Sit on her face baby," he instructed Lynn.

Lynn straddled Karen's head and knelt down, her pussy settling on her friend's pretty face.

Anthony moved in front of Lynn and she took his throbbing cock in her hands. "Happy birthday Lynn," he said in his soft, deep voice. He stroked her soft hair as she took him to her mouth.

As Lynn sat on Karen's face, her body instinctively began to move in response to Karen's slashing tongue. She rocked back and forth on her friend's face while she stroked and studied Anthony's dark rod. She placed her full wet lips on the purple head of Anthony's woman-pleaser. She had rarely sucked Joey's cock though they had dated for 3 years and now here she was about to attempt to suck the cock of a man she just met. His black cock was so long, thick, and beautiful she felt as if she had no choice but to go down on him. She could hardly wait to get him inside her yet she also wanted to fully explore this sexy black stripper's total package.

Karen worked her tongue inside Lynn's hot cunt, swirling into areas that she enjoyed having licked. Though when she first started to lick Lynn's pussy she wasn't exactly thrilled, now, with the view of little white Lynn beginning to suck the mammoth black cock of the stripper, she became excited and motivated. From her perspective, his cock appeared to be two feet long and thick as a battering ram! She noticed her shy little friend was no longer so shy as she attacked the foot long black snake hungrily.

Lynn had seen how far Karen had gotten in her attempt to suck Anthony's dick and she was determined to show her friend she could suck cock with the best of them. There was one problem, when she deep-throated Joey, taking him to the balls she never had this much cock in her mouth and she had little more than the head in her mouth! It would be a challenge but she was up to it. She did the slow bob on his black manhood and little by little her lips crept further on the shaft.

Anthony watched patiently as the two very eager white girls performed their tasks to please him. He enjoyed running his fingers through blonde hair and he had had that pleasure many times. He had always wished to be taller but he had learned that height wasn't everything. In fact it brought him satisfaction to see the reaction of white women when they got their first glimpse of his cock. Because of his short stature, most of the women he performed for assumed he probably wasn't well endowed. But from the look in their eyes he knew that they had never seen anything so big before and in the case of white women, sex always followed. He continued to stroke Lynn's blonde mane while he watched the erotic contrast of coal black cock sliding into her white face, her thick (for a white girl) lips stretched thin around it's girth.

Karen realized that she was enjoying eating Lynn's pussy much more than she had anticipated BUT, she was dying to have Anthony's big black meat inside her eager white cunt. She rolled out from under Lynn and pleaded to Anthony. "Come on Anthony, fuck me. You have such a beautiful black cock and I want it deep in horny little white pussy," she pleaded lustily.

Anthony looked down at Karen's naked sexy body, her legs spread out before him, her tiny white pussy beckoned to him. "It's Lynn's birthday baby," he said to Karen. "We have to do what she wants tonight."

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