tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn's Festive Night Ch. 02

Lynn's Festive Night Ch. 02


As they approached the door on the side of the house, Lynn could hear the door opening. She looked up to see another person silhouetted against the light. Her feet steadied beneath her, and she tried pushing away from the two men holding her, but they wouldn't let go. They pushed her forward, to the steps, and the other person helped pull her in. The light was bright compared to the darkness of the van, and Lynn blinked a few times as she adjusted. The men backed off and looked at her in the light. One had grabbed her clothes in the van, and now tossed them on the floor.

"Not bad. Least she's got hair long enough to grab. Always helps change their mind when they decide they've sucked my cock long enough." The new man chuckled and walked out of the bare kitchen they were all standing in, and into the living room. One of the men pushed Lynn forwards, and she began walking, unsteadily into the living room. The man unfastened his jeans and sat down on a worn looking sofa. "Come on, I know they had a piece in the van, now it's my turn. Suck it."

She looked at the other two men, and they pushed her forward. The man on the sofa leaned forward and grabbed her hair. "Now listen. Maybe they didn't explain very well in the van. You're here for us tonight, and you do what you're told, when you're told. Every time you hesitate, or fight us, your chances of surviving this little party, get lower. They get too low, and I'll just have to kill you." He pointed to the wall behind the sofa, where a rope tied like a noose was hanging. "See that," Lynn nodded, "It's been used before, and I won't hesitate to use it again." He placed her hand against her throat, squeezing slightly, "It is very good at choking people, it slips tight real quick. Now do you understand?" Lynn nodded, and wiped away fresh tears as he released her throat and leaned back. "Now suck it."

Slowly, Lynn pushed her hair out of her face, and leaned in towards his cock. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was her husband, or an old boyfriend, but memories of the van kept interfering. Her tongue moistened her lips, then she began sucking the cock into her mouth. The men behind her moved to sit on the sofa as well, watching her as the cock slid deep into her mouth. She felt hairs tickle her nose, and the cock pressing at the back of her throat. As she began pulling back, her hands slid up to the man's thighs, then slowly towards his cock. Before she reached the base of it with her fingers though, he stopped her. "No hands. This is a blowjob, not a handjob." Lynn took a breath through her nose and sucked the cock fully into her mouth again, angling her head and sucking as she moved her tongue around it.

'Pretend it's Mike's, pretend your at home. Suck it. Don't cry, dammit don't cry again.' The thoughts repeated in her head, becoming a mantra as she sucked. Her head began to rock on his cock, as she pressed her tongue firmly against the underside.

One of the other men chuckled, "Damn, you were right man, she does know how to give head."

"Yep, that's a nice mouth. But you know, I've felt it, I think it's time she got fucked again. Ass or cunt?"

The man receiving the blowjob reached for her hair, and held it firmly, "Fuck her cunt. I get her ass first tonight."

"No problem man," The man behind her pulled off his pants, and she felt his fingers on her. "Least she's still wet." He slid his cock into her cunt, and rested his hands on her hips. He began thrusting into her, and she adapted to his rhythm with the cock in her mouth.

Her sucking became harder, and she tried taking the cock deeper, the head pushing into her throat as she thought about her husband, asleep at home. She'd done this with him and another man once, years before. It'd been like heaven, and she tried to think of that time. She hoped she'd seem more enthusiastic, and they'd let her go sooner. She imagined her husband's cock in her mouth, and his friend in her cunt, fucking away. Familiar heat worked through her body, and she began fucking back as she continued working the cock in her mouth. Her hands curled into fists on the carpet, clenched closed as she fucked and sucked them harder. Fantasies whirling through her head to take her away from the reality, began to fade with her coming orgasm. The hand in her hair pulled tighter, as her head slowed. Her lips opened, but the cock stayed in her mouth as she fucked back, on the edge, until she finally slipped over and her body began to shake. A few seconds later, she sucked the cock harder, her tongue and lips sliding up and down the shaft as the man behind her sped up.

"God damn! She came, God Damn." His fingers dug into her hips as he pounded into her, finally cumming inside her cunt, and slowly pulling out. He sat back and watched her squirm as she sucked the other one off.

Finally, the guy pulled her head down, "Take it bitch, take all that cum and swallow it. Every. Single. Drop." he gasped as his body tensed. "Fuck yeah," he pulled her head off his cock, and grinned as she licked her lips. Her eyes were glazed, and her skin flushed as she looked back.

"I want that ass." Lynn cringed, and he got up.

The other man, who'd been quietly stroking his own cock, slid over in front of her. "My turn." She touched her jaw for a second, then leaned down, taking his cock into her mouth. Her eyes closed and she sucked, again, trying to bring her hands up, as she felt the third man slip behind her. The man on the sofa didn't object, so she placed her hands on his thighs, her thumbs and index fingers against the base of his cock as she sucked.

The man behind her leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Cause you're being such a good girl, I'm gonna slip it into your cunt to get it nice and slick for that ass. See what being good does, makes things easier." Then she felt the cock enter her, then quickly back out and to the entrance to her ass. The pain as he entered made her wince, but she tried to relax, and concentrated on the cock in front of her. The other man disappeared, at least he didn't get on the sofa, and she couldn't hear him, as the cock in her ass got deeper and deeper. Tears pricked at her eyelids as the cock sawed in and out of her. She tried to suck the cock in her mouth as well as the others, and his moaning urged her on.

Years of marriage, and playing around had given her experience with getting fucked in the ass, but she'd never liked it much. The pain almost always seemed to distract her from the other pleasures. This was no different. She filtered as much out as she could, but even her imagination couldn't help make it better. She sped up her sucking, trying everything with her mouth, lips and fingers she could think of. Grunts escaped her throat and she tried to pretend she liked the cock in her ass.

"I do love a tight ass, I could fuck this thing all night long. Good thing for you I don't got all night, ain't it?" He thrust in harder, digging his fingers into her flesh, his nails scraping against her skin. "Fuck, I think I'm gonna cum again fast this girl's ass is so tight."

Lynn tried squeezing the cock inside her ass, coaxing him to cum as she took the other cock deep into her mouth, her nose pressing against his crotch. Her throat muscles swallowed around the head, and the guy on the sofa jerked. "Damn bitch!" He grabbed the sofa cushions as he came into her mouth.

"Yeah, she is a good one, fuck yeah." he held his cock still inside her ass as he came too. "Wish they were all this good."

He slid his cock out of her ass, and slapped one ass cheek hard.

"Shame we gotta go early tonight. Wish we'd gotten this one first." He stood up and picked up her ripped shirt to wipe off his cock.

The other man stood up and looked at her ass, "Yeah, it's a damn shame. She's quite a fuck." He fastened his pants and walked down the hallway, "Come on man, we gotta go."

Both of the men who'd originally grabbed her, came back out, and watched as the third took the noose from the wall.

Lynn began to cry again as she kneeled against the sofa, "You said if I was good..."

"Yeah, and you were. Damn good. Sucks to be you though, don't it?" He slipped the rope around her neck and pulled it tight. Soon, Lynn saw only darkness.


There was sunlight on her face, she could feel it. Lynn slowly opened her eyes. Her entire body ached as she pushed herself up. The end of the rope dangled between her breasts and she quickly pulled it off, feeling tenderness in her neck. She forced herself up, and looked out the window. The van was gone, and she saw a for sale sign in the front yard of the house. She looked around, trying to find something to wear. The first room she entered, had some curtains, so she pulled them down, wincing as her head pounded, and wrapped one around her aching body. She checked the next room, and found two women. Both had ropes around their necks, and nothing else, but they were breathing.

She fell to the floor, and began to sob.

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