tagLoving WivesLynn's Revenge

Lynn's Revenge


I hate my husband. Hate him! He is so infuriating. I have never known any man who was so utterly confident yet devoid of any talent, at anything.

I put the phone down and stomp up the stairs to our bedroom and slam the door behind me. I lock the latch for good measure before throwing myself on the bed.

John, my husband of 13 years, had just told me over the phone that he is leaving me for his secretary. He said I didn't care enough for him emotionally. It is just such a cliché! I feel sick. The worst part of it all is that his secretary is 9 years older than me. Older!

I mean, have you ever heard of a man leaving his wife for an older secretary? I feel my cheeks burn with humiliation as I picture the story running like wildfire through our circle of friends and the community at large. My life is over.

I get up and walk into the en suite bathroom intending to take a shower. I don't know what else to do. I strip my clothes off and turn on the shower, pausing to study myself in the mirror above the sink while the water heats up.

At 33, the same age as John, I still look very youthful. I notice myself frowning and stop at once by force of habit. Frowning causes wrinkles I repeat the mantra to myself. My mother had not had any wrinkles until she turned 47 and I was aiming to at least equal that.

I continue to study myself meticulously. I have always taken great care with my appearance. My blue eyes stare at their reflection in the mirror and catch a hint of panic. I quickly divert my gaze.

My naturally blonde hair rest at shoulder length without any splits or defect. I turn away from the mirror and step into the shower.

The warmth of the shower is so welcome and comforting. It embraces me as it drowns out all other outside sounds. I enter a safe little world, even if it is just temporary.

I look down at my breasts as the water runs over me, some tension easing out of my shoulders. I had overheard some of John's friends speculate once that I must have gotten some work done. I had not. My large full breasts had always been perky and I was grateful that they stayed that way and have not started sagging yet.

A sob bursts out from me. It sounds so loud amplified in the small shower. I wrestle with the tears stinging my eyes, fighting them back through sheer determination.

I t is not because I love John. My feelings for him are more akin to that which one would have for a pet. My little outburst is for how this would all reflect on me in public.

Damn him! I am not going to cry. I am not going to! I feed my anger and steel my resolve. I am going to make that bastard pay. He is the one who will be ridiculed in public, not me.

My mind races as I finish my shower. When I finally step out of the bathroom I smile.


I arrive at the office building John works in and park the car around the back. It is a large 6 storey building that covers the entire block so it is unlikely that John would see my car. It has been 3 hours since The Call and it was now nearly noon.

I am wearing a white summer dress for this outing. It has a low V-neck that is designed to show off a bit of cleavage. I had put on a 36DD push-up bra underneath and the effect was quite dramatic.

The dress only comes down to about halfway between my waist and knees and I have to take care not to flash passers-by as I climb out of the car.

Overall I had gone for a look that says respectable wife, but respectable wife that just happens to be really sexy.

I walk around to the reception; using the stares I get from the men I pass as fuel to bolster my confidence that had taken a knock. At 5'9 ft tall and in heels I am used to standing out, but this outfit is attracting additional notice.

The butterflies flare up in my stomach as I walk to the reception desk.

"Hello Amy. Is Mr. Bourchier in?" I ask tentatively.

As Amy looks up at me I study her closely to see if there is any hint in her eyes that she knows about John and his secretary.

As the receptionist and famous gossip monger Amy knows about the latest news from every department in the building.

I am relieved to see nothing but boredom in Amy's eyes. Good. It means my plan is still on track.

"Yes, he is in Mrs. Albright" Amy says.

"Please inform him I am on my way up." I don't wait to hear her reply and continue to the elevator.

James Bourchier had taken over as CEO of the company only last year when his father retired. James had been only 24 at the time. John constantly complained that James was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which was ironic since John had earned is cozy position in much the same fashion, albeit a bit further down the chain.

The reason I am so confident that James will see me is because he had gotten fairly drunk at the office Christmas party last year and had made several passes at me. Some rather direct and blunt. He had apologized the next day and I had kept quiet about the matter.

When I reach the top floor I am not surprised to see James personal aide waiting for me.

"Right this way Mrs. Albright."

I follow the aide who leads me down the hall, opens the door to James' office and then withdraws, closing the door behind him.

James is sitting behind his desk, but gets up as I enter.

"Hello Lynn. Good to see you?" There is a question in his greeting as well as in the expression on his face. He must be wondering what I am doing here. I can appreciate the sentiment because I am thinking the same thing.

My heart is pounding furiously. I try to force myself to at least appear calm. I suppress my instinct to abandon my scheme. I will not turn back and let John win!

"James. So good to see you." I give him a warm smile.

"Sorry for dropping by so suddenly, but there was something I just had to discuss with you." I keep smiling warmly.

James walks over to a cabinet and pours himself what appears to be a whiskey. He gestures to me if I want one. I shake my head no.

"Oh? And what may that be?" He asks as he walks back towards his desk and sits down. His weariness catches me off guard somewhat. I am going to have to be more delicate about this than originally planned.

Thinking on my feet and discarding my rehearsed lines I walk to the chair in front of his desk and also take a seat.

"It is about John. I fear he is under the impression that we are having an affair." I say softly, going with a wild gamble.

James sits upright immediately. "Dammit Lynn, I thought you were not going to say anything about the Christmas party thing."

"I haven't told anybody about that, and certainly not John." I interject quickly.

"Then why on earth does he think... that?" he says hesitating just slightly with his choice of words. I pick up on that. Good.

"Oh James. John is always bad mouthing you behind your back. He tells anyone who will listen that you are screwing up the company. He says you are too young and naive." I say, mixing just enough truth into the lie.

James frowns. "How does his... view factor into this?"

I feel my heart racing even more than before. Here comes the crucial part.

I intentionally look away from him and pretend to be embarrassed.

"Well, when John bad-mouthed you to me I defended you. I told him you have done a great job in getting up to speed on everything in such a sort amount of time. John then became very childish and asked if I was in love with you or something. I blushed when he asked me that and that I think that is when he started becoming suspicious."

James seems to mull over what I have just told him.

"Well thanks for standing up for me, but why did you blush when he asked you that question?" He asks, sitting a bit more upright again.

I smile to myself before turning back to look right into his eyes.

"Well because ever since that party I couldn't stop thinking about you. I kept playing it over and over in my mind. I kept picturing what would have happened had I taken you up on your... offer."

I can see James is thinking about what would have happened as well as his gaze drifts up and down my figure before settling on to my cleavage.

I almost giggle. Honestly, men like these are so egotistical. It makes them easy to manipulate even with far-fetched stories. I manage to keep a straight face though.

"Well that offer still stands." He says looking right at me and smiling.

James is a handsome enough man, and for a moment I almost laugh at his comment.

Damn. I had only wanted to insinuate possible sex between us at a later date as a motivation for him to fire John. Backing down now would probably result in nothing. I am in a corner, but it is a possibility I had considered on the way over.

I am not going to back down. I look right at James and bite my lower lip. My conviction holding. Well, if that is what it takes I think to myself.

"Oh James.." I whisper pretending that my breath has been taken away and committing verbally to my cause.

James is around the desk in a flash. I barely have time to stand before he embraces me and kisses me roughly.

His hands slide down and grope my ass, pulling me to him. I moan into his kiss, surprised by how genuine my moan is.

We continue kissing and he pulls my dress up just enough so he can get his hands underneath. I am wearing a white lace thong and he grunts as his hands grab onto mostly bare ass cheeks.

James spins us around and pushes me back onto his desk, effectively making me sit on it. He pushes in between my legs and I part them wider for him.

I am parting my legs for a man other than my husband. The thought makes me feel guilty even though it is I who was betrayed first.

James fumbles with his fly while we continue kissing. I feel him pull my thong to one side. When did I become so wet?

I feel what can only be James' cock press against my opening. He rubs it up and down my wet slit. James breaks our kiss and looks at me.

"You are the hottest piece of ass I have ever seen. I have wanted this since I was a teenager." He says as he thrusts forward into me.

I moan as I feel a cock that doesn't belong to my husband for the first time.

It feels so different. I am not prepared mentally for there just being so much more of it compared to John.

I push my hands against James' chest to halt him. He pushes in a bit more before stopping. I lean slightly forward and look down between my legs at his thick intruder lodged about two thirds of the way into my poor vagina. It looks so surreal.

"Oh fuck James, it is so big!" The visual confirmation of what my stretched pussy is feeling is making me more excited than I have ever been in my life.

James smiles, obviously pleased, and slowly pushes into me, feeding my pussy his cock. I can't help letting out a gasp as I watch his big thick member disappearing deeper into me. He leans forward and grips my hips as I involuntarily arch my back and moan.

"Holy shit you are tight baby." James says in a strained voice. He then starts pumping me slowly with his big tool.

I feel so dirty and slutty doing it with James right here in his office. I love this feeling. I love feeling so full and filled with big cock.

James kisses me and I roll my hips to help maximize the effect of each if his thrusts. We are both grunting and moaning now.

"James! James! Oh James yes. Fuck me!" I manage to moan while gasping. My breathing is so erratic.

"Oh shit Lynn! Take my dick baby. Take it. You like me stretching your tight little cunt don't you?" James is also panting heavily as he talks dirty.

"Yes! Breed my pussy with your big dick!" I manage between moans.

James speeds up his tempo and fucks me for all he is worth. My entire body tenses up. I feel my vaginal muscles grip like a vice around his thick member. I have the most intense orgasm of my life as wave after wave of pleasure rocks through my body.

"Oh fuck!" James tenses up as well and I feel a sudden warmth flood deep into me. I open my eyes and look at James as he pumps me full of his semen.

As he spends his load in me we are both breathing heavily. My mind is a near blank. James looks down to where we are joined and finally speaks after a while.

"I don't want to take it out. You feel too good. I just want to stay inside you." He says smugly.

My lust satisfied it feels odd to still have his large thickness in me. Like a guest staying to long after everyone else has left. I am starting to feel soreness in my pussy and in my bum sitting on his hard desk.

"You have to take it out sometime. I am sure you still have a company to run today." I say trying to bring him back into reality.

He pulls out of me with one fast yank and seems to enjoy seeing the "ahh" sound it causes me to make involuntarily.

I close my legs and get of the desk. My backside is very appreciative. I can still feel the ghost of James' dick in me. It kind of feels like there is a huge empty space left in my pussy while also feeling like he is somehow still in me. It is certainly not a feeling I have ever felt after sex with John who has a modest 5.2 inch dick.

"Let us cut the bullshit here Lynn. You want me to fire John right? Well consider it done today." James says making no effort to tuck his semi-erect cock back into his pants as he picks up his whiskey and takes a sip. His shirt is stained with sweat around the armpits.

I blush at being caught. Apparently his ego did not blind him to my attempt at manipulation as I thought it would. This is a bit awkward, but also interesting. Most men would believe me if I told them the sky is green and grass is blue after just one or two flirtatious lines.

"Well, you are certainly full of surprises." I say, dropping my innocent housewife act. I gesture with my hand and he passes me the whiskey. I take a sip and pass it back to him.

"Anything else you need besides firing John?" He jokes.

"Yes actually." I say in a matter of fact manner while looking at him seriously, my composure completely regained. I have adjusted my dress and smoothed it out. If someone were to look at me right now they wouldn't be able to tell I just had sex.

I can feel some of James' sperm leaking down my inner thigh and my pussy is still throbbing like crazy, but I don't give anything away.

I can see James is a bit surprised. I suspect most women turn into willing little cum sluts for him after he has fucked them once, but I am not going to become one of them.

I notice James' cock twitch and rise slightly as if accepting a challenge. There is a look in his eyes that is even more lust filled than right before we first had sex.

"So what is it?" He asks and by his tone I can tell he fully intends to do whatever it is.

I walk past him and study the artwork on the wall, smiling to myself. I know how to handle him now. I can feel his hungry gaze on my backside.

"I want you to call down to Amy and tell her to FINALLY arrange for my things to be fetched from my house and moved to your apartment."

I can hear James cough as he chokes on his whiskey.

"Why would I do that?" He asks once he has recovered.

I turn around and look straight at him. I have settled on an amended plan and my mind is made up. If I get Amy to spread rumors that I have been having a affair with James it will be scandalous yes, but scandal is better than humiliation. Everyone will assume it is my affair that drove John into dipping into his secretary.

"Because I will leave John and marry you if you do." I say plainly.

James' eyes grow large with surprise and I resist the urge to laugh. He just looks back at me blankly. After a while he swallows the last of his whiskey in one go.

"You don't mess around do you?" He asks.

I just look at him and raise my eyebrow again as I glance down at his cock, more confident in how to handle this man now. It starts growing under my scrutiny.

"Fuck me you are one hot piece of work." James says as he walks around to his desk and makes the call down to reception.

When he is done he looks at me. "What now?"

I walk to him and gently place my hand on his chest, letting it slowly trail down until I grope his cock. It pulses in my hand.

"Now you will fuck me again, but properly." I say sternly even though my pussy is still glowing from how properly he did indeed fuck me the first time.

James becomes rock hard. He reaches behind my back and unzips my dress. I slip it off my shoulders and let it fall down around my ankles. He unhooks my bra next and it follows the dress onto the floor.

"Damn you have a great pair of tits." He says as he cups my breasts and lowers his head to take one of my nipples into his mouth. I want to gasp out from the sensation, but keep myself quiet by biting my lower lip.

I hug James' head to my breasts as he sucks on my nipple and he switches to burying his face in my cleavage as I continue slowly stroking his cock. He moans into my breasts.

I smile down at him as I gently push him back into one of the office chairs. I kneel in front of him and look up into his eyes.

"I have always wanted to try this." I say as I mush my breasts around his big cock, using them to stroke him up and down. If I had done this with John his entire dick would have disappeared between my large orbs of flesh, but James' size makes the head stick out between them close to my lips.

I open my mouth and lean forward slightly, letting his head come teasingly close each time. He raises his ass a bit and I take half of his head into my mouth, running my tongue over the tip. James softly moans "holy fuck" as I pull my head back again.

"Tell me James, do you like fucking my tits?" I ask in my most slutty voice.

"You have no idea." He says as he continues to enjoy it, trying to push his dick into my mouth again each time.

I giggle and stick my tongue out, licking the tip as I look up at him. Abruptly I let go of my breasts and take hold of his thick shaft around its base. I lower my head over his head and suck on it while making a "mmmmm" sound. I can feel a soaking wetness between my legs as I hungrily try to take more of James' cock into my mouth. I only manage to get about a third in.

It is James' turn to laugh as he pushes forward into my mouth and it makes me gag on his dick. He pulls out to allow me to cough. It is kind of embarrassing yet it makes me so horny at the same time.

"Fuck I am going to enjoy breaking you into my love sick little fuck toy." I say my honest thought out loud.

"You got that wrong. I am going to break you into my cock craving little cum whore." James says mirroring my conviction.

We look at each other and then James is on me in a flash, the chair getting kicked over in the process. I struggle to get on top, but eventually James manages to pin me underneath him on the floor. I stop struggling and raise my ass so he can pull my panties down. I raise my eyebrow at him and I spread my legs defiantly, challenging him.

"You won't last long after that stimulation I just gave you." I say confidently.

"You think your tight pussy is ready to handle this cock again so soon?" James asks as he thrusts it into me with one hard stroke.

I squeeze my eyes closed and arch my back as far as it can go as I again feel James' monster sized cock enter me. My pussy is still sensitive from earlier and feels absolutely raw now. I moan loudly as James starts fucking me. I am so close to cumming already.

I reach out and pull James' head into my breasts, trying to get him to cum first. We both grunt and moan passionately. As I near the edge of the cliff I feel James cum in me and I let go, orgasming even more intensely than the first time around his big thick cock.

We continue to wind down and finally James speaks. "Guess I win."

"No way. You came first." I shoot back, willing to concede it was really close.

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