tagIncest/TabooLyza Ch. 5

Lyza Ch. 5


Lyza and I had been home for quite a while. She had fixed us sandwiches; we sat on the couch and watched the evening news on TV. The phone rang. I picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi Honey, are you all right?" it was Maria.

"Sure, just watching TV wondering where you are," I answered.

"I'm still at work. That big job, remember?"

"Sure, I remember, you're working over time leaning over the drawing board with your boss in your rear!" I joked with her.

"ALEX!" she roared, "You know I don't like it that way!" she teased back with giggles and smiles in her voice.

"Oh, ok. Well, when he cums and you get off, come on home, I'm lonely."

"ALEX!" She burst out again. "Did you eat?"

"No, you're not here, but I had a sandwich Lyza made for us."

"Shall I bring home chicken?" She asked more seriously now.

"Sure, how long?"

"Only about an hour now."

"OK. Hurry honey, I'm horny." I confided.

She really laughed now, "You're always ready, and so am I."

"So your boss isn't satisfying you enough now?" I teased again.

"Alex! He isn't even here, I'm all alone now."

"OH, so he came and went home!"

"Yeah, right, and you want to eat me out when I get home, right? You nasty man! You know I love you more than anybody in the world!"

"And I love you too, hurry home Honey."

I hung up. I knew she was alone and I knew she loved me. She proved that over and over after all these years by coming home all the time. And after this conversation I knew I would be very happy tonight before she fell asleep. She never refused me, and then after she fell asleep, I would see to making Lyza be a good girl too. In the garage this afternoon had not been enough, not for me nor for her. I could tell that by the way she kept putting her hand on her pussy, pushing and playing, then stopping and looking at me. I wouldn't give her permission to finish, so she was in a constant state of arousal and disappointment at the same time. Ever feel that way? I felt that way too right now. Knowing we couldn't do anything because it would take too long and that Maria would probably interrupt us.

That was a different matter, if Maria found out that Lyza and I were fucking again, would she object? Would she join in? Would she just leave again? I didn't know.

A short time later the garage door opened and Maria came in. She headed toward the kitchen table and dropped the bucket of chicken, put her purse on the chair beside the door, and greeted us, "Hi, I'm home! If you're hungry, come and get it!"

We got up from the couch, leaving the TV playing in the background. I took the first piece I could get from the bucket, a leg. I turned it toward my mouth, taking like it was a banana into my mouth. Lyza looked up in amazement and bliss, imagining me taking a cock in my mouth. She grabbed another leg, and did the same, sucking deeply, wrapping her tongue around the bulge of meat, and worrying it off the bone.

Maria looked at us and laughed. "You too playing with your meat?" she asked.

"As I will you later, my love," I quietly said to her. We continued to eat and suck and laugh and enjoy the meal until we were all full.

After a while, we began showing signs of tiredness. Lyza was first.

"I think I will go sleep now," she said. She walked to her mother and kissed her on the cheek. Then she came to me, and began to kiss my cheek. I turned and my lips came in contact with hers. She quickly pulled back, snorting in displeasure for her mother's benefit. Then she went toward her bedroom.

Maria and I sat and chatted, going over the day, me not sharing everything, her being happy and open about everything. In a while we heard no more sound from Lyza's bedroom so we headed toward ours at the other end of the house.

We undressed and moved toward the bed, gazing into each other's eyes as we moved. With the lights out but still a little creeping in from the clear moonlit night outside, we slid into bed. We began kissing, fondling each other, rubbing hands over bodies, arousing each other slowly and deliberately. Fucking Maria for an hour or two was the best part of my whole day. I put a hand on her mons, she wrapped her little hand around my member. I turned onto her, helping her guide my tool toward her hole.

"Honey, can we do it on the floor tonight?" she asked.

I answered with a positive grunt.

She slid down onto her knees on the floor, leaning forward on her side of bed. I stepped behind her, dropped to my knees, and shuffled toward her rear end. Taking my very stiff cock in my left hand, and with my right, spreading her ass cheeks wide apart, I guided my tool toward her pussy, stroking it up and down her entire slit area, from her fully hard and aroused clit, to her asshole and back in slow, deliberate strokes, spreading our fluids all over her crack. I could feel her juices leaking and could imagine my fluid creeping out too. I eased into her waiting, wet, and very warm opening. I pushed my whole length downward and forward, teasing her clit with my cock's crown. I sawed back and forth, pushing up and down in her cunt, not entering, just teasing her labia, and worrying her clit.

She moaned deep and throaty, "Oh, you are the best ever, give it to me, all of it, Alex!" I pulled back. Slowly I entered and slid forward, sinking deeper and deeper into her love tunnel spreading her ass wider and wider, watching my member enter and sink into her opening, watching the lips and skin pull out gripping my length then releasing, watching her asshole quiver, tighten, loosen, and tighten again and again.

Falling forward over her body I whispered in her ear, "You like it Maria?"

"OH! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" she groaned.

"You want your little friend in your ass?"

"OH! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" she groaned again, begging for it.

I leaned forward, opened the top drawer on her stand, reached in and grasped the little vibrator. It was only 7 inches long and 1 inch wide, but it fit perfectly in her rear entrance.

I heard a quiet, high-toned gasp, a different sound, a panting.

Holding the vibrator in my right hand, I shoved the drawer closed with that hand, leaned back, and took the instrument in my mouth, getting it as wet as my spit could get it. I brought the tip of the little machine to her rosebud, teasing her hole with the white plastic. Slowly I inserted only a half-inch into her ass. She moaned loudly. I heard another different toned moan from in back of us. I froze, then slowly bent forward over Maria, covering her completely.

"Maria," I whispered softly in her ear, "someone is watching, keep making noise and I will catch the person."

In one high-speed motion I whirled away from her, stood and lunged toward the barely open bedroom door, shoved it hard, flipped the bedroom light on, and heard a startled cry of surprise and pain.

There stood Lyza, watching us, one hand in her panties one hand under her tee shirt grasping her left nipple. She was totally and absolutely shocked and surprised.

"Young lady what are you doing?!?!?!?!" I yelled at her. She stood silent.

Maria moved toward us, totally naked, totally exposed and still immensely turned on.

"Lyza, what is it dear?" she asked.

"OH! Mommy," then she lapsed into Russian, their mother tongue. Maria reached out, took Lyza in her arms, cuddled her close, and kissed her lips.

Maria turned toward me and in English again, she said to me "She heard us making love and wanted some too. She said she's lonely and frustrated."

"Darling," Maria continued, "you remember when you came to us over there long ago, we slept together in our one bed? We made love together also often. I taught her everything I know."

Lyza finally spoke, "Mama, I want him." She looked up at me with her big clear blue eyes and showed her longing.

"Lyza, you want to share my man? You want to have your step-daddy love you?"

"Da." She said quietly in Russian.

Maria's face froze. She turned to me, her eyes searching, shifting on her feet, scanning her eyes back and forth over my face, searching into my eyes trying to read my mind, "Alex, what do you think?"

I had been watching and only half understanding the language exchange, as usual, they talked too fast for me to understand every word. I caught only every 3rd or 4th word they spoke together. My mind now raced. This was an incredible situation, I could make the wrong choice and loose my whole life, or make the correct choice and live my last unfulfilled fantasy and live the life of a king. But of course, I knew what I wanted most.

So I went to the neutral standpoint, "Well, she is fully grown now, fully a woman and knows what she wants. She has been married and knows all about sex and what to do and not do," I explained. "Are you willing to share me with her? Will this cause a problem for you and me? Are you going to get jealous and go crazy again like you did years ago?"

Maria moved forward, toward me and Lyza, silently took my cock in her left hand, reached out, took Lyza's right hand in hers, moved Lyza's hand to my cock, and wrapped both their hands around my now amazingly hard, stiff, extended manhood.

"No, my love. I will share you with her."

I took a deep gasp, looked at Lyza, her face burst into sunshine and smiles, keeping my cock in her hand and squeezing slightly, she grabbed Maria with her other hand, pulled her toward her, and kissed her mouth deeply.

"Mama, I will love you and Daddy forever!" she cried.

Maria melted, pulling Lyza to her, their breasts touching, mashing together, then pulled me toward both of them.

"But, girls, Lyza has been a naughty girl and must be disciplined for her badness just now," I said to both of them.

Lyza dropped her hands to her sides, dropped her eyes to the floor, and said, "Yes, Daddy, I was a bad girl and deserve to be punished."

Maria's eyes popped open as wide as dinner plates, and said, "You will punish her for watching us and wanting you?"

"Yes, my dear, she did wrong, she did not approach us honestly and openly, and she snuck up to the door like a thief and acted like a criminal. This is wrong and must be punished." I replied.

"OH!" gasped Maria, "OK. If you say so. What will you do?

"What I sometimes do to you, tie her hands to the bed and have my pleasure with her and share her with you."

Lyza, still looking down at the floor, suddenly looked very aroused. Hopefully Maria didn't notice it too quickly.

"Honey, I love you so very much, you are the best man I have ever know!" Maria oozed.

I turned to Lyza, "young lady, take off your shirt and drop it by the door." She did. "Now take off your panties and hand them to me." She looked up questioningly. I smacked her butt for that one. Without question she quickly leaned forward, and leaning even further down her breasts dangling, showing the pinkness of her areola, quickly shrinking, becoming darker, her nipples hardening, pulled her thong (the same one she wore in the garage) down over her hips, her thighs, and stepped out of it, handed it to me, and stood again with her hands at her sides again.

Her nipples were hard and fully erect, her areola a dark pink and puckered like I remembered it when she was totally stimulated. I brought the fabric of her thong to my nose, sniffed deeply, smelling her musky woman scent and let out a slow, deep breath.

Maria noticed my action. "Alex, she minds you so well, much better than she does me!" she gasped.

"Well, she better, I am her Father now," I said to Maria, and thought to myself, 'and her Daddy!'

"Now, young lady, lie on the bed, face up, hands toward the top of the bed." Quickly she complied.

"Good!" I told her, "Maria, you tie her left hand to the top of the bed and I will get her right one." Maria moved to that side of the bed and took the strap from under the bed where we kept it hidden, fastened the Velcro band around her left wrist as I did the same to her right.

Soundlessly Lyza showed surprise with the restraints, looked up from one face to the other, searching for clues as to what would happen next.

I stood and turned to Maria, "Honey, please turn off the light and then come to the bed with me."

I turned to the bed, looked at my Baby as the light disappeared leaving only the dimness of before, seeing her full, big breasts, slightly larger and harder than her mothers. I noticed her nipples were even longer now and the areola smaller and pinker than before. I gazed at her pussy, puffed and swollen from her fingers, spread a bit wide, her labia extended and darker pink now, her inner lips revealed more than before.

"Lyza, your mother and I are going to continue where we were before you so rudely interrupted us." She looked up at me with lust in her eyes, her breath coming in short panting intakes, her cunt quivering.

"Maria," I said, "get back down on the floor like you were before, only at the bottom of the bed this time." I positioned her this way so I could watch Lyza's face, pussy, and legs and so Maria could see Lyza's face and pussy too. Now I had this long hidden information that they were lovers long ago, I wanted to see if anything would happen in this day and time.

I knelt back down in back of Maria, stroking her ass cheeks with my hands, creeping closer and closer my cock growing and hardening again. Finally I touched her legs; felt her ass with my cock. I brought my hands back to her slit, spreading her cheeks wider, feeling her newly growing dampness more. Using my thumbs, I spread her lips a bit, guiding my crown to her round opening at the top of her slit. She moaned. In the dimly lighted room I could see Lyza lift her head, eyes glowing, staring at her mother's face, licking her lips. She brought her feet together, rubbing her bottom into the duvet and wiggling her hips, squeezing her thighs, trying to please herself. I could see moisture pooling between her lips, could see the thin line of short hair just above Lyza's clit. This was different, I always made her shave totally clean so she looked even younger down there.

Maria reached out her hands, grasped Lyza's ankles, and spread them apart, opening her legs, exposing her private parts again, spreading her labia and bare mons to my and her mother's view. I could now compare the mother and daughter to see the similarities and differences.

I slipped my meat deep into Maria's cunt, pushed hard. She dropped her upper body forward onto the bed, inching closer to Lyza, spreading our daughter's legs wider. Lyza brought her knees together, covering her pussy again, and began raising and lowering her hips slightly, again trying to get friction on her slit.

Few intelligible words passed between us, mostly we made sounds of pleasure and lust.

I pulled out of Maria slightly, stroked back in again hard. She shifted forward again, her hips more into the end of the bed; her head just inches from Lyza's knees.

I pulled out again very slowly, using my thumbs to spread her pussy lips more. Maria moaned deeply.

"I love that Alex! Do it again, harder, please!"

I moved my thumbs upward and inward, moving them closer to her asshole, which I found with my right thumb, pushed a bit into that brown pucker. I dropped my left hand to the floor, searching for that recently lost vibrator.

"Found it," I whispered to myself. I brought it up to her ass, rubbed it over her cheeks, moving it in circles around her bottom, moving it closer and closer to its favorite hole all the while stroking in and out of her pussy.

Maria groaned, moaned, and moved her rear in circles, massaging my tool, signifying that she wanted the vibrator inside her.

"You want it in you again? You want to show your daughter how nasty you are?" I asked.

Lyza opened her knees wider giving her a clearer view, lifted her head more, trying to see more, trying to slide her body down the bed toward her mother's head.

Finally she spoke, "Daddy I want some too! Mama, eat me, Pleeeassssseeeeee!"

Maria mumbled something in Russian. I slapped her ass hard and demanded, "What did you say?" She winced.

"Yes, my darling girl!"

I thrust hard, deep and fast into her cunt, forcing myself into her; pushing the vibrator deeper into her asshole. She groaned deeply and stretched forward, toward Lyza's crotch, trying to get her mouth on that high mound. Lyza stretched downward more, almost making contact with her mother's outstretched tongue.

"Oh! Mama! Pleeeassssseeeeee! Daddy, help her! I need it too!" she begged. I grabbed Maria's hips, lifting her upward and forward onto the bed, bringing her face into Lyza's glistening pussy.

I thrust into Maria again, not quite so deeply, not quite so hard lifting her higher onto the bed bringing her face straight against Lyza's wetness! Maria attacked her daughter's clit, sucking it deeply into her mouth, tonguing her hole. Lyza screamed, a deep high-pitched banshee whine. I shoved the plastic piece deep in Maria's asshole cranking the speed to the max, stroking it in and out as fast as I could with my crotch—matching my cock-speed. She screamed too, cumming deeply, clamping down on my manhood, squeezing, milking it hard. I pulled her back, harder onto my meat, away from Lyza's cunt.

Lyza groaned in disappointment, Maria roared deep in her throat, shaking and cumming again and again, her vagina clamping down and then releasing on my penis. She collapsed on the bed. I was rock hard, wanting release. I pulled/pushed Maria's limp body to the side without any resistance, moving her to the side of the bed, jumped up on the bed, and sank my tool directly into Lyza's open, wet, wanting, exposed hole. She spread her legs wider and higher than I had ever seen them.

Instantly my last unfulfilled fantasy came true. I fucked Lyza in front of her watching mother. Maria couldn't move; she just watched and purred with pleasure.

My deep hard fast stroking met with success. Lyza exploded, shaking, quaking and quivering all over the bed, cumming continuously, her vagina clamping and loosening on my pole. Lyza held in place by the bands around her wrists and the hardness of my pole inside her.

I couldn't finish. I wanted more. But what to do, both my ladies were totally satisfied, totally freshly fucked, and I wanted more.

I pulled out of my Baby's quivering cunt, pushed up against her mons, moved higher on her body, up to her milk-mounds. I placed my little man between her tits, grabbed them in my hands, squeezed them together, and began stroking up and down, feeling her throbbing breasts against my fully extended cock. I stroked and stroked, mashing my balls against her chest, feeling them slide against her body. I stroked and stroked up and down, in and out, faster and faster, the tip of my length touching closer and closer to her mouth.

I heard movement. Maria moved up on the bed beside me. She put a hand on my meat, the other on Lyza's breast, and began softly purring. Her head moved lower toward where Lyza and I met, her tongue extended to full length. She began licking my member and the breast. Then she took that nipple in her mouth and sucked hard and pulled away, stretching the nipple and breast away from my cock. Then she dropped her head back down onto me and sucked both the nipple and my cockhead into her mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" I moaned, throwing my head backward. I looked up into Lyza's eyes and saw the glow and intense light of lust in them.

"Mama, give it to me too!" she begged. Maria took my length in her hand, pulling it toward Lyza's mouth, moving her own mouth onto the side, sharing my cock with her daughter. They both sucked and licked on me as Maria stroked and jacked me off into Lyza's mouth.

I pushed forward into Lyza's mouth, sinking deep as Maria short stroked harder and faster.

"You must share with me when he shoots, my darling girl!"

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