M and H Ch. 03


A year had past since Mari and Henry met at that party. Since then, they've become quite the couple. A few months after the first meeting, they moved into Henry's place together, a few months after that, Henry graduated, and a few months after that, they moved into a small house in the suburbs together. Mari still attended classes and was on her way to graduating, Henry had an entry-level job at an ad agency.

The sex had been great, for a while. She was on the pill and the bare fucking felt millions of times better than the condomed fucking. They had so much to learn about each other sexually, it took a long while for the spark to begin to fade. It wasn't long after they moved into the little house, that they could feel one another slip apart. The love was there, it would never fade or falter anytime soon, but sexually, they could feel a small distance forming between them.

Mari was worried about it. Henry mentioned his ex-girlfriends and how they grew apart and separated, Mari didn't want that to happen with this relationship. When that small blot of emptiness crept into her feelings, she didn't think much of it at first, assuming it was something temporary, but she noticed that it didn't go away. The heated loving making and exchanged passions were what drove her, she'd figured out that she needed the carnal contact with Henry.

He felt it, too. Mari was his life, death, and resurrection. He swam in her love, he needed her with him always, needed her touch, her warmth. He'd never felt this way about someone and didn't want the feeling to go away. As soon as the slightest amount of boredom came to the bedroom, he'd been formulating a plan to keep the fires burning. His plan wasn't really a plan, more like an action he'd hoped would keep things going.

Mari had practically told him to figure out the problem while she was in class, and Henry came up with one, primary idea: show Mari some raunchy porn.

He'd shown her some of this before, but they kept it strictly in the realms of "sensible" porn. Stuff that was hardcore, but very high quality movies. Porn that bordered the definitions of "movie" and "film". Vivid was the main company, along with the shorter scenes from sites like Brazzers. Mari seemed to like these, though she found the scenarios absolutely silly, and most of the girl's overacting orgasms were just goofy to her. At first, she just played around with Henry's whims, watching the movies more to please him then enjoy them. However, the acts displayed on the screen caused a twinge in Mari's naughty bits, and soon she had Henry between her legs, watching porn while love making.

Now, Henry decided to show her something more on the nasty side of things. He had picked a few scenes out that just may cause another twinge in Mari.

Mari came home after an early Saturday class, a special once-in-a-while-thing. Henry was at the computer, waiting, when she came in. He had occasionally masturbated while alone and grown used to her walking in on him. Normally she'd let him finish, but today, he motioned for her to come over and sit with him.

Slightly put off, but not unpleasantly surprised, she said, "hmmm, you've got something naughty in mind, don't you. You have that—look."

He had an erection tenting up his shorts, which she flicked with her finger when she sat on his leg. He smiled and pointed to the movie on the screen, which he had chosen as the first to show her. It was some sort of public sex movie, already underway. Mari noticed this and instantly turned red. She'd never thought of sex out of the house. The couch was as adventurous as she thought. She saw a blonde chick, naked and fucking a guy in a van, which moved through some anonymous streets somewhere, but probably some western city like LA. She had huge fake tits on a flat, well-honed tummy, a really nice ass, and some nice legs. She sounded ditzy, but her brains weren't going to be used much in this vid, or so Mari thought.

Mari watched as the couple slammed and humped all over the van, her hand was rubbing on the tight crotch of her dark blue jeans. Henry was rubbing his erection, paying more attention to Mari's face then the movie. Then, the couple in the video hopped out of the van, ran onto a freeway overpass walkway and started fucking above the traffic. Mari gasped at this, her little fingers digging at her pants, as the cars passing below the couple honked horns in support of raw outdoor fucking.

When the couple got back in the car, Mari turned to Henry and said, "I've never thought of that!"

Her hands were still trying to get at her pussy though the coarse denim. Henry said, "I have more planned to show you today. You want a chair to sit in a watch with me?"

Mari giggled, stood up and motioned for Henry to get a chair. So they sat, naked and masturbating next to each other. They watched more of the van screwing movie, a giantess with huge breasts, eventually screwing in some (apparently random) guy's backyard (but probably a friend of a producer or something), and she got tossed into the pool and left behind. Mari actually laughed at this, remarking how she'd never let it happen. Then a small Indian girl (dot-head Indian, not woo-woo-woo Indian) with huge round breasts. She was given the once over in the fan, forced to fuck in front of a crowd outside of the vehicle's open door, and even bent over outside of the van, on a public street corner. Mari came while watching this one.

"So," Henry said, "I guessed you enjoyed it, honey?"

Mari looked at him and smiled, "yeah baby, that was hot. I've never liked PDAs but are you hinting for us to do something?"

"Maybe," Henry said, with a guilty little smile on his face, "I thought it'd keep our love making fresh and new. Maybe try something different or exciting and even a little scary."

"Well, well, honey, we have tomorrow. No school on Sunday, and a few sales are happening at the mall. Maybe we could shop then have some fun."

"So I hold you purse and then you reward me for it?"

"Something like that baby, but I think you need to help finish something today."

She said this dropping to her knees between his legs, taking his hard, precum dripping member into her mouth. She took most of his length into her mouth. Henry's cock had become a normal object in her mouth and throat, and she was getting really good at taking him. It didn't take long under her practiced tongue, her powerful suction, and her noisy slurping to bring Henry to a climax. He filled her mouth and she dutifully swallowed every drop.


The next day they were in a department store, Mari trying on various articles of clothing. Henry had convinced her to show a little more of her little body off. So, she'd actually bought a skirt or two. They were longer, but they were skirts. Her heels were slowly progressing up the height scale, two or three inches were regularly mixed in with her flats.

Right now she stood looking in the mirror outside of a dressing room. She had on a tight, black tank top with thin spaghetti straps. The skirt was bright red with some fiery, flaring yellows and reds worked in a pattern around it. The material was light and airy and flowed and swung around her as she moved. The shoes were black, strapy sandals with a chunky two inch heels. Henry stood watching her.

"Mmm, now that's a cute little girl," he said. Mari blushed and she said, "you like?"

By way of response, he moved behind her and hugged her from behind, kissing her neck and touching her hips. His hands discovered a smoothness on her hips under the dress, he did not expect. He asked, in a whisper, "are...are wearing panties?"

She pushed her hips back against him and said, "well, I think I could wear this for the fun later."

His hand found her chin and he turned her face towards his and they met in an intense kiss. They were interrupted by some chunky, bun-haired busy-body with a sharp and grinding "ahem."

They pulled away from each other and eyed the woman with dagger stares. The woman (wearing a green leopard skin vest, tight caprie pants, and white shoes, her cankled feet overly stuffing them) looked aghast at the young lover's heated embrace in the public setting. Mari, who would've shrunk away from Henry at this gaze only two days ago, now pressed herself into his arms with a large smile and a small moan. The woman was ready to shout, red-faced when Mari finally said, "oh lover, I think I'd better change back so I don't mess in these clothes before buying them."

Henry, startled at Mari's vulgarity, his erection a bar of lead, "good idea, baby. I'd hate to see that skirt get all wet."

The woman's nostrils flared, she raised a finger to scold them, but Mari walked to the changing room and Henry walked back through the store, they both ignored the woman, which drove her anger higher. Henry pretended to look through some jeans, but kept an eye out for that woman. She seemed to hover in the same areas he did.

Mari came out, they took the cloths to the register, checked-out and went to the car. Mari had a devious grin on her face and told him to keep watch around the car, while she hopped into the back seat to change. Soon, she was back out, in the little, cute outfit and hanging on his arm.


They had decided to do this as spontaneously as possible, but they planned a few things early that day. Near the mall was a series of alleyways, which only trash trucks went through along with the occasional local, using them as a cut through of some kind. The alleys were behind and between a series of stripmalls and apartments, and the local sets of suburban houses. They'd driven through there for almost an hour, scoping out the traffic and activity in the place. No pedestrians, not many cars, and few workers/residents of the stores/apartments went through there. Navigating the alleyways took several minutes, so it could never make a good short cut.

These alleys were on the next block over from the mall, so Henry and Mari just walked over, holding hands and chattering like they did back in school. They entered the alley complex, made their way to a nook in the wall on the business side of things. No doors opened into this nook, it couldn't be seen from any road, and the apartment's view of it was obscured by a wall, which was covered in overgrowth. The nook was about ten feet long and set about a foot-and-a-half, two feet into the building.

Mari leaned back against the building and pulled Henry, by his open over shirt, into the nook area, they kissed. It was a feral kiss, she growled as their lips met, his hands clawed at her body. They locked like this for several lengths of time, coming up for air only when needed, and sometimes ignoring the need for it all together. Once they had sufficiently tried to maul each other, they pulled apart, breathing deep, heavy breaths.

Mari got into a squat in front of Henry, hitching the loose skirt up to show him her bare, moist pussy. She bit her lower lip and fumbled trying to open his pants too quickly. But, she persevered and his erection swung out, free and strong, swaying in the midday air. Then, she took him, his length was in her throat, one lunge forward and she had him. Her nose pressed hard against his body as she finally got that last inch of his cock into her mouth. Henry moaned, loudly at first, but quickly cutting it off. He could see her smile around his erection. The blowjob she gave him could only be described as brutal. He didn't even touch her and she was slamming his cock into her mouth, thick strands of spit slushing and shirking out of her mouth, stretching from her chin to her chest, the tank top moistened thoroughly by saliva.

He had to pull her away from his cock, her eyes, wild and alive, locked with his, the sex in this alley was so much for her to process, she was beside herself. He pushed her against the wall as she wiped her mouth on her arm, which didn't really help. He lifted her skirt up and handed it off to her, Mari held it bunched up at her waist, his mouth wrapping around her bare clam. She arched her back, grabbed his head, and thrust her hips forward. She was incredibly wet, her feminine juices practically splattered onto his face. His finger was almost unnecessary but he used it anyway. Her orgasm came quickly, her hips grinding onto his face, working his oral skills as much as she could, milking the explosive contact of his slightly whiskered face against her burning sex.

He quickly stood up and spun her around, bent her over against the inset of the nook, parallel to the building's back, the feral instinct triggering in him. He lined up his erection with her glistening lips and drove his hero home. She groaned and arched again, his penetration drove deep inside her. It wasn't long before he was slamming her, the sound of their hips smacking together echoed obscenely down the alley. They were drenched in sweat, part sexual, part from the fevered panic at the possibility of discovery.

Discovery. Discovered. Henry had noticed her. The woman from the store. His fucking slowed. Mari turned around to whisper why, a pleading gaze on her face, her animal want still near the surface. She saw him looking down the alley, white with fright, she followed his eyes. She saw the woman. Henry was frozen. Mari started up and pushed her skirt back down. The woman had a smug look of satisfaction on her face, she had her arms crossed, triumphant. The sound of sirens was blaring close and getting closer.

Henry quickly shoved his, now soft member into his pants, zipped, grabbed Mari's arm, and ran. Mari looked at him, surprise, lust, enjoyment, excitement was all over her face. Running from the cops for having sex in public. Her heart was flying. The cops were in the alleyway now, hunting for the lovers, four sets of feet hitting the pavement in a run, two were the cops, two were Mari and Henry's. They could hear the cops call to each other, they'd split up, an attempt to box Henry and Mari in.

Lucky for the scouting earlier, they maneuvered the alleys like pros. The sound of the uniformed police officers shoes clapped behind them, but they had such a huge head start, and knew the escape routes, they were out of the alley before the cops even knew where they had gone in the first place. Henry and Mari didn't run immediately back to the car, knowing the woman may go back to the mall parking lot, seeing as she was now unsuccessful in getting the young lovers in trouble. They ran through the neighbor hood, about a block, turned the corner and stopped. They were panting heavily, both from the thrill of the sex and the thrill of the chase, and a little from the fact they weren't exactly peak condition runners.

Mari's eyes were bright, Henry's were bright, they looked into each other. A new feeling had emerged, mixing with the old. Perversity. The normalcy of the old sex was gone and now they could only do things with a hint of danger in them. They'd still make love in bed, but now, they'd be hunting for the thrill. The want of the perversion would never go away, it would fill any void created in their sexual relationship. Alice had no fucking clue what the rabbit hole really was, for Henry and Mari had discovered the real deal.

They walk, arm-in-arm around the block, to another street that ran perpendicular to the alley ways. They went down it, actually moving away from the malls and alleys. They found the next parallel-to-the-alley street, turned down it and moved back towards the malls. They moved past the streets immediately adjacent to the malls and came back down another street perpendicular to the malls. Eventually, they worked their way back to the parking lot, taking random turns, staying away from the alleyway's blocks. No cops around the lot where they parked, but they quickly got in their car.

Mari looked over at Henry and said, her voice thick and throaty, "I love you."

Henry returned her gaze, returned with his own hoarse voice, "I love you, too."

They smiled, new smiles, the smiles that carnivores have and kissed, another feral exchange.

Disengaging, Henry started the car, "I think I know where we can finish this all off," he said. Mari just sat back, crossed her legs, letting the material of the dress move up her thighs, showing more leg than she'd ever shown before, her ravenous grin was all she needed to respond to him.


They drove out of the mall's lot, slowly moving the small car, a Ford Escort from the late 90s, through the meandering crowds, past families and old people, waiting as irresponsible SUV drivers backed out without looking of signaling, and eventually got to the exit onto the street. As they sat waiting for traffic to clear, Mari saw something out of the passenger window. Henry looked. Standing right there, slack jawed, rage boiling to the surface, was the woman.

Traffic cleared. Mari and Henry flicked her off. Double middle fingers thrust proudly toward her. They pulled onto the road. The woman's handbag smashed against the car's side.


Mari had walk sensually into the backyard of their house.

It had normal wire fencing, but lots of foliage was around it. Against the back of the little house, which had powder blue siding, were bushes that came to around chest height. These were next to the central air system. Not enough space there. A tree grew in the middle of the twenty-foot-by-twenty-foot yard, too small to afford protection from neighbor glances.

At the back of the yard, there was a tool shed instead of a garage, some previous owner wanted more yard space. The shed sat slightly off center in the back of the yard and next to it was a small patio. This small patio had tree's on the side of it, the side that shared a fence with the next-door neighbor, which were small and nothing more than trunks with a few small branches and leaves on it. The afforded a screen on that side. The back of the patio had a little privacy fence, which completely obscured a view from behind. The shed blocked the view from the other side. The only way someone could see into this patio space was by leaning over the wire fence and looking into it.

But that possibility, was the whole point.

Mari walked straight to this area and sat on one of the two black wire chairs that sat there, on either side of a matching, small, glass-top table. She chose the one closest to the corner where the trees and fence met. Henry had to piss after being interrupted and losing his earlier erection, so he did that and came out into the yard, his cock out as he crossed the lawn, and he presented it to her.

She took it into her mouth, working him back to his full hardness. She said between strokes of her expert oral work, "what if the neighbors see us, baby." The question wasn't asked with any sort of fright, more as a general poser. Henry responded, "then they'll have to take notes. Maybe they'll learn something."

She laughed-out-loud and he grabbed her up, sat her on the table and spread her legs apart. The skirt was wet in places where it came in contact with her pussy, she kept herself on a roller coaster the entire time home, only stopping when she distracted his driving too much.

"Tell me you want it, here, in the backyard, in full view of the neighborhood," he said, a hushed whisper in her ear, his voice flushed with lust.

She responded, her voice whining to get fucked, "give your big cock right here. I want them to watch."

He obliged, sliding his length into her. They locked eyes, her legs hooked around his arms, one of her arms bracing her on the table, the other around his neck. His fucking picked up speed immediately. She moaned and groaned as he steamed along. The train was now unstoppable, only with its arrival at the station would it finish. Neither cared if anyone saw them, partly they hoped for it. Stranger's eyes leering, exploring their exposed bodies, the carnal acts they committed on that small table in that little yard. Seeing everything, every thrust, every shudder, every moan.

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