tagInterracial LoveM Chan Ch. 01

M Chan Ch. 01


Chapter 1—First meeting!

Before I get into telling you all about M Chan, I'll need to give you some background information about myself and how all this came to be. Remember that all this is true and that I will need to protect everyone's privacy, thus there will be code names for the people involved and some of the places in this story.

I'm a Canadian that has lived and worked in Japan for over the past 13 years. I was born and raised on Canada's east coast in 1966. I have traveled and lived in many parts of Canada, but fell in love with British Columbia. That is where I met and fell in love with my first Japanese girl, whom I later married and had a family with. After our marriage, we decided to move to Japan to give me exposure to my wife's Japanese culture.

Being a foreigner in Japan, there are not many job opportunities that are open to me, so I went into the teaching field. I started out at private cram schools and the first thing I noticed was how all the women were very friendly and forthcoming on everything. I later learned that a lot of them are fascinated with foreign men and are of the understanding that most of us are hung like horses, or at least are a lot bigger in the equipment department then most Japanese men.

As my experience at teaching grew, so did my chances at teaching English in different environments. I was lucky enough to land a great job at a private all girl's high school in Nagano, in the center of Japan's main island, where the 1998 Winter Olympics where held. Now anyone with any knowledge of Japanese high school girls will tell you, they're a walking hard-on. The super short school uniform skirts, open blouses, innocent looking high school girls, it was all I could do not to try and fuck some of my students, and believe me, it wouldn't have been all that hard to do. My wife was getting fucked by me, very regularly which at the time was great sex and a lot of fun, but over time my eyes began to wonder and I was having more and more thoughts of some of those sexy, beautiful Japanese women that I was encountering every day.

Now one of the things that a lot of us foreigners that have lived and taught in this country quickly realize is that there is a lot of money to be made in secretly teaching private lessons to highly paid professionals and their families outside of our regular teaching jobs. We are usually paid in cash and there is not really a lot that you need to prepare for, you basically go to someone's home and talk in English with the family, or you agree to meet at some restaurant where you will talk to the person in English about any number of subjects, after which your dinner is paid for by the student and you are also paid for your lesson time. You get paid to talk English! Sweet deal or what?

Now to introduce you all to M chan. Like I said, my wife and I were having regular sex but it was becoming boring, and I was starting to always be on the lookout for something on the side. I was contacted by this lady, whom I will refer to as M Chan, who was wondering if it would be possible for me to go out to dinner with her sometime, so I arranged to meet this lady thinking that it might lead to another private student.

M Chan and I met at an Italian restaurant in the downtown area, and my first look at her made my eyes open wide and my cock to jump a little in my pants. M Chan is in her mid 40s and a professional ballet dancer and teacher with her own studio. On entering the restaurant, I was waved to a table by this hot, sexy lady who was about 155cms or 5'1" tall and about 50kgs or 110lbs. She had short, straight, jet black hair that followed along her jaw line, the sexiest brown eyes, and a mouth with bright red lipstick that looked like it was made to suck cock. She was wearing a white, silk blouse that I was able to see her sexy black bra threw and a mid thigh black skirt that was so tight that I could almost see the outline of the garter belt that she was wearing.

I sat at the table and we talked and ordered dinner. My fantasies were making my cock grown by the second, but I figured that this was just going to be another English lesson with me ending up going home and fucking my wife. After a couple of glasses of wine, M Chan excused herself to go to the washroom, I called my wife and informed her that I would be home in a few hours. When M Chan returned to our table, I noticed something different, her bra was gone and another button on her blouse wasn't done up. When M Chan leaned over to ask if I wanted to go somewhere else for an after dinner drink, I was given a great view of her tits and pointy nipples.

We caught a cab to the Hotel Buena Vista where there is a great bar on the top floor that has very low lighting and a sexy atmosphere. In the cab to the hotel, M Chan kept rubbing my knee and telling me how much fun she was having. When we reached the bar I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and fix my rock hard cock back into a more comfortable position in my pants. My shorts were covered in my pre-cum, and I knew I could shoot a giant load of hot sticky cum in no time.

When I came out of the restroom, M Chan waved me to one of the quiet dark corner tables away from the entrance. When I sat down, M Chan moved her chair around the table so that it was next to mine and where she was blocked from most people's view. After getting our drinks, our talk turned to more intimate topics, and my cock grew even harder. M Chan started to rub up my leg again and was getting closer and closer to stroking my penis through my pants, all the while she was telling me about her latest sex partner and which sexual positions he liked. She was also telling me about her fantasies, favorite positions, toys that she had and liked to use. When she said, "I love getting fucked in the ass in the doggy position while having my nipples pinched." What was I to do? I had never cheated on my wife, but I knew that I was going to fuck this women.

I noticed how her legs were opening more and more and her skirt was riding up her sexy thighs giving me a great view of her stocking covered legs all the while basically jacking my cock off in a bar, and inviting me to do the same to her.

My hand started lightly stroking at her right knee and I heard her intake of air that told me that this is exactly what she wanted me to do. As my hand slowly slide up her thigh under her skirt I noticed that her nipples were growing very hard and her eyes seemed to be getting more glassy. That's when she whispered in my ear "A little further up and I have a surprise waiting for you!" When my fingers got to her panties there was nothing there but soft skin, M Chan has a clean shaven pussy, and a very wet slit. That's when she took her G-string out of her bag and put it up to my nose, and said "They are too wet to wear and the smell is so nice, I thought this would be a better thing to do with them." "What do you think, do you like it?" she asked.

"Fuck yes, I love it. Your pussy smells great." I replied.

That's when she sled her ass forward and drove my fingers into the wettest pussy I had ever touched. She was dripping pussy juice all over my hand and her seat. She then took my hand out from under her skirt and started licking my fingers clean. "Do you want to taste some, too?" she asked. "Yes, please! We can share." I told her. So we both started licking her sweet pussy juice off my hand and stealing kisses in between.

"We have to get out of here, NOW." M Chan whispered in my ear.

We got up and processed to leave. In the elevator down, M Chan pulled up her skirt and starting rubbing her clit so fast. She told me just to watch. It only took about 10 seconds and I started to notice a clear fluid running down both her legs. At first, I thought that she had started peeing, but then I realized that her pussy was squirting. She dropped her skirt and attacked my cock, trying to get it out of my pants, but I had to fight her off as the elevator was coming to the ground floor and about to open.

When the doors to the elevator opened M Chan grabbed my hand and said "Follow me."

She lead me across the street to a small park, but there were too many drunk business men hanging around, so she continued to pull me along and when we passed a small dark opening between two buildings, she turned and pushed me in. "I'm so fucking horny, and so close to cummming. This will do." She said

My hand went straight to her wet pussy and my first two fingers slide into her so easily. "More." She said. So I put another finger into her dripping cunt and she started to hump my hand like a women possessed. "Rub my G-spot and make me squirt. I need to cum hard." M Chan told me. I really started to massage her special spot and was reward after only about 1 minute. M Chan grabbed onto my arm and starting spraying her pussy juice, all over the two of us. "Fuck, I'm cummming! This feels so fucking good." M Chan said as she pulled her blouse open letting her perfect 34C cup tits hang out. I bent over and sucked the closest nipple into my mouth and started to suck for all I was worth. When I lightly bite down on the nipple M Chan screamed and starting squirting more juice all over again. "Chew on my nipples! I love that, it makes me cum harder."

Our shoes and my pants leg were covered in M Chan's sweet pussy juices, but I didn't mind. I had never seen a woman squirt in real life before and was so turned on by watching how hard M Chan was cumming. I thought that she was going to tear my arm off, but as she came down for her high, I could see that there was something else on her mind. "I need to get your cock out, I need to see it!" M Chan said has she bent over and undid my zipper and opened my pants.

Has she reached into my shorts and pulled my 7 inch cock out she looked so happy. "This is the kind of cock I've been looking for, but it looks so big compared to my Japanese boyfriends. I don't know if I'll be able to fix all of it into my pussy." M Chan said with a smile.

I know I'm not the most hung guy in the world but hearing M Chan talk and seeing the look in her eyes, made me feel like I had a horse's cock or something. My cock is about 7 inches long when fully erect, is circumcised, with a slight bend to the left and has a pretty good size head.

I was leaking pre-cum like a hose and it was running down my shaft and balls. "It shines." M Chan said after getting a closer look. That's when she licked out her warm tongue and started to lick my cock from the head all the way down to my balls.

She then sled her hand between my legs as her mouth again reached the head of my cock. Then she started to rub my asshole with one of her fingers and used the pressure to move my cock into her hot wet mouth. I watched as first the head disappeared and then my shaft slowly followed behind until her sweet mouth bottomed out in my pubic hair. M Chan waited about 10 seconds and then slowly started to ease my hard cock back out of her mouth.

"How do you like that?", she asked as my cock head pop out of her mouth and smacked up against my stomach.

"I love trying to deep throat cocks!" M Chan told me.

"If you do that again, I'm going to shot all my hot cum down your throat." I moaned.

"Great!" she said. "I love to sallow hot cum, and I want to see what yours tastes like, so give it to me!"

That's when she grabbed my ass in both her hands and started to eat my cock again. She started slowly at first, but it didn't take her long to build up speed. She was using both her hands on my ass to drive my cock into her mouth as hard and fast as she could.

I started moaning and telling her that I was going to shoot my load, but all I heard in return was the sweetest, "Hmmmmmm!" sound coming from the back of her head.

My first shot of hot sticky cum went down her throat, but she pulled back to take the rest of my shots in her mouth. I usually only squirt about 4 or 5 shots out before I'm done, but after what M Chan had done to me, my cock just kept on shooting. She was rubbing my shaft and balls with her hands getting even more cum out of my aching balls.

When she stood up and faced me, I could see where some of my extra cum had leaked out onto her chin. That's when I noticed the wickedest little smile on her face. She slowly opened her mouth to showed me all of the cum that had shot out of my cock, still in her mouth and her hot little tongue playing with it. Then she tilted her head back and let me watch as she drank it all down her throat.

"My God, that was so fucking hot!" I said.

"Your cock had so much cum, a lot more then my Japanese boyfriends, and it tastes different, I little sweeter." M Chan smiled at me.

I looked down and saw my cock growing soft in her hands.

"I think we're finished for tonight." "We both have classes in the morning and it's getting late." M Chan said sweetly to me. "I'm still horny so I'll get you to walk me to the train station and when I get home I'll masturbate my wet pussy for an hour or so before I go to sleep, thinking about what we did tonight."

She took my arm and proceeded in the direction of the train station. Just before we got to where there was a crowd of people she pulled me against a wall and started kissing me, sliding her hot tongue in and out of my mouth. "That'll keep me hot until I get home." She moaned.

Then she was out of my arms and running for the train. "Call me tomorrow!" she shouted over her shoulder.

By the time I got home it was almost midnight. Everyone was gone to bed and asleep. I took a quick shower and masturbated thinking of what M Chan had done to me. I felt guilty at first, but then realized that I wasn't in love with M, but that the sex could be out of this world. I figured that if I still loved my wife and the only feelings I had for M Chan was for the sex then I could service both my wife and M Chan at the same time.

The next morning at breakfast, my wife asked how the evening had gone and I told her I would know in a day or two if I had a new student or not. She smiled sweetly and whispered in my ear "You can fuck me tonight after the kids are in bed!", as she gave me my breakfast.

That's how my first meeting with M Chan went, but not my last, and my sex life with my wife seems to have gotten better as well...

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