M Chan Ch. 04


Chapter 4—Masturbating!

I have more free time these days and thought that it would be a great chance to continue to tell you more about this sexy, beautiful, older, lady called M Chan. As I told you in earlier stories, what is written here is true and small details have to be changed so that it would be hard to identify all the people that are or will be involved in these tales.

M Chan is a ballerina by trade, she is actually very good at it and makes most of her living by teaching at her own private studio, which she calls her "Fuck Palace" when using it to entertain her boytoys. She also teaches dancing at a local education center in the city where we live because its name gives her more exposure to the general public.

M Chan has also asked me on a number of occasions if I think she would be able to act in X-rated movies and make money doing so. I continue to tell her every time it comes up that I believe that she would be a perfect porn star in the movie category the Japanese call "Madonna Porn." These are porn videos that show ladies usually about 50 years old or older, and the setting or story lines involve an incest family setting or a door to door salesman coming to a home and ending up fucking the mother.

The reason that I think M Chan would make a great porn actress is that she is into trying anything when fucking. She loves sucking cocks and drinking the hot salty cum that she gets out of her men. She fucks in all kinds of different positions and squirts pussy juice out of her pussy like its coming from a water gun. Anal sex turns her on like she's a mad women, she really loves getting fucked hard and fast in her ass after she's warmed up a little. She's tried sex with two men at the same time and loves it, unfortunately I wasn't involved in that episode.

She loves having her men use lots of sex toys on her and one of her dreams is to do a DP with two black men with big cocks. Being video taped and photographed doesn't bother her, she actually loves watching porn videos and looking at pictures to get herself turned on especially when she's in the videos and pictures. And last but by far not the least important thing is that this lady has a great body for her age.

M Chan is a little short, only about 155cms or 5'1" tall, but then again she is a typical older Japanese lady. And she is very light to pick up and carry around, she only weights about 50kgs or 110lbs. She usually wears her jet black hair short and straight, along her jaw line, which I find very sexy because I like women with short hair cuts. Her face is beautiful, she has the sexiest brown eyes that seem to sparkle when she is getting turned on and that roll over when she is cumming hard.

Her mouth is small, great for kissing which she is very good at and it seems like it was made to suck cock. She also has great lips, almost always covered with bright red lipstick, which looks so sexy when they are surrounding my big hard cock. Her skin is creamy white typical also of older Japanese women, but very tight because of her dancing and exercising everyday,

Her tits are about a 34C cup, or maybe a big B cup now and quite firm with a small light pink colored area around her very hard, pointy nipples. Her nipples are also very sensitive, light pulling, pinching, or sucking them will make M Chan's pussy very wet and even make her cum at times. She loves having her nipples played with when having sex, it's one of her big turn-ons.

Her hips and waist have a very sexy curve to them and are great to hold on to when driving my cock into M's tight little asshole or wet pussy. M's ass cheeks are also firm and fit perfectly into my hands when she sits on my cock facing me, they make pulling her towards me and nailing my cock into her tight wet pussy so easy.

Her pussy is always shaved clean and tastes delicious. It is also very tight and wet when she is having sex. One of the other things I noticed very early on when I started fucking M is that her pussy is very small, what I mean is that I always hit the back of it with my seven inch cock (17.5cm) and sometimes when we get too excited it can actually hurt her a little if we are in the Missionary position and I'm driving my full cock down into her. She also has a very tiny clit, but it is easy to lick when she is excited.

Something else that I really love about M's pussy is its wetness. She has a very easy to find G-spot about 2cm, less then an inch, inside the upper portion of her pussy and it is always super sensitive. Before she squirts, if I go slow M's pussy releases a very thick white cream, almost like a man's cum, that will slowly run down over her asshole and between the cheeks out onto the blanket covering the floor. This cream acts as a great lube for fucking her in the ass. I always seem to know when this cream is going to come out of her pussy because she always cries the same thing on her first orgasm, "Oh! Oh! Oh! There, right there, I'm cummming!" and about 5 seconds later this sexy cream starts to work its way out of her wet pussy.

As I stated previously, M Chan's asshole is so tight and hot, it squeezes most of the blood out of my hard cock making it look white. Once the head of my cock slides pass her splinter surrounding her asshole my cock will go all the way into her until I'm balls deep. Her asshole is also very sensitive so M Chan likes to have her A-hole fucked very slowly at first and when she's lubed up enough she really likes to have a dildo or cock pound into her, she may even squirt pussy juice sometimes just by having her ass fucked good and hard.

M Chan's favorite fucking position is the reverse cowgirl because she can control the speed and depth of a cock going into her tight pussy. However, she can only use this position when she is fucking a foreign man because most of her Japanese men's cocks are not long enough to stay in her pussy or get into her deep enough for her to enjoy fucking in this way. She also likes to fuck facing mirrors, like in her dance studio, so that she can watch how it looks to have a big hard cock slide in and out of her wet pussy.

Being a dancer, M Chan has a great hard set of legs, nice muscles and very strong, great for fucking in different positions. I once fucked M's asshole while she was holding herself up off the floor using her legs on the handrails in from of the mirrors in her dance studio, it looked like she was doing the splits on those handrails while facing the mirror. This position made her ass so tight that I almost couldn't get my cock back out of her after I had shot a full load of hot sticky cum up into her hot little hole.

I think the only reason M Chan hasn't done porn professionally is that she doesn't know how to get into the business. She once told me that her favorite thing in life is having sex, and that if she could get paid to fuck that would be her dream job. Something else that might be on her mind about doing professional porn is that M Chan is a very clean lady and only fucks her boytoys if they use condoms. She actually enjoys trying out different types of condoms from different parts of the world.

I've been fucking M Chan regularly now for about five years, mostly once a week, but sometimes on special occasions we might be able to hook up twice in the same week. M Chan usually has about five or six really good orgasms with lots of squirting, and she gets to drink my cum once or twice when we are fucking. M Chan told me that she usually gets fucked five, sometimes six days out of a week. She has a stable of boytoys, that's what she calls the men that she can count on to fuck her good and hard. She also picks up men that she doesn't know when she travels to Tokyo or some other city or out of the country. I love to hear her tell me about some of her men and how she has fucked them.

I know there are two photographers, one takes her studio promotion pictures and the other is his boss. Those were the two that she fucked recently at the same time, but she didn't do a DP with them. She wants me to do that with her because my cock is bigger them most of her other boytoys. She also fucks the man from the ad agency, he's into bondage and wax. There's a doctor or male nurse from the hospital that her father once stayed in, he's into costumes and dressing up. There are a couple of more but I don't know much about them as of now. A lot of her boytoys are married which makes her comfortable because she knows they won't pressure her to get married.

Typically one of our fuck sessions will be at her "Fuck Palace" about 10 minutes from one of the high schools where I teach. I slip out of the school at various times during the day to go to her place and we fuck in the dressing room of her studio, sometimes when it is warm we fuck each other in the middle of her studio, the shower in her office, or on the seats in the reception area where all the mother's sit when they are waiting for their children to finish their lessons. M Chan really likes to fuck hard and squirt a lot when we do it in the reception area because it turns her on to think about the mothers sitting where we have fucked and to know that they are sitting in our cum sometimes. Then there are our really special fuck sessions where we meet and fuck outdoors somewhere, but over the years as our meetings have increased we do most of our fucking at her place.

In this story I would like to tell you about the time that I got M Chan to fuck herself with a thirteen inch long (33cm), two inch wide (5cm), black double head dildo. It was one of her most enjoyable times with me and she told me that she had never done anything like it before. Now before your think, "What's the big deal about masturbating with a dildo?", let me tell you the story of where and how she did it.

My wife and children were going out of the country for five days to Korea in late March when the schools closed for a short vacation between when the kids change grades. The school year in Japan starts in April and ends in March. I was scheduled to travel with them as well, but then I was informed that my high school principle needed me to stay in the country and attend some meetings that were going to be going on at the same time that we were suppose to be in Korea. My wife decided that her and the kids would just go without me because it would be a great chance for all of them to see a different country and culture. I would just have to miss it this time.

At first I was disappointed, but then I got the following email from M Chan;

TO: Jkun@xxxxx.com

FR: MChan@xxxxx.com

SUBJECT: Fuck my asshole, please!

DATE: Friday, March 16th, 2012

Hi Jkun;

Thank you for fucking my pussy so hard the last time at my Fuck Palace, I really squirted lots of pussy juice all over my studio floor. The next couple of days after I keep looking at the spot while I was teaching my kids to dance and kept thinking about what we did and I got so horny. I've fucked my pussy and asshole with my big vibrating dildo and came so much but I really need the real thing.

Do you think we could get together soon so you can fuck the shit out of me? I really need to squeeze your big hard cock into my tight little asshole. Please tell me when and where I can have that big cock of yours. I really need to have a drink of that beautiful tasting cum that you have.

Email me back and tell me that you are going to fuck this horny little slut good and hard.

M Chan

That brought a smile to my face and a permanent hardness to my cook. Seeing that my family, were going to be out of the country the following week, I decided to meet with M Chan on the Monday, that's when she teaches her kids class at the local TV studio. I knew that she would finish at 8:30PM, so I arranged to pick her up in my new Mazda 5, around the corner from the studio exit. She didn't want the kids mom's seeing her get into a foreigner's car, too many questions for her to deal with she told me.

Being March, and knowing that it would be dark when I picked M Chan up, my mind was racing as to what I could do with my sexy little slut. I knew that we were going to fuck outdoors somewhere and that I was going to shove my big hard cock into her tight little asshole, but I wanted something else that would really turn M Chan on and make her super horny for my cock.

I had seen a Japanese porn video once about this guy fucking this cute young girl in the back of a moving car as it drove around Tokyo. This was the basis for my idea as how I was going to make M Chan's fucking session with me something that she would remember and something that she had never tried before.

I got my Mazda 5 ready by putting down all the seats in the back which makes a space about the size of a single bed. I then put down a couple of blankets and a sleeping bag to make it more comfortable, and I piled a few pillows against the back hatch to act as a head rest.

I picked M Chan up at just after 8:30pm, it was already pretty dark by this time, which played into my plans for our evening.

"Good evening my sexy little slut. Are you ready to have some fun?" I asked as M jumped into the passenger seat.

Glancing over her shoulder M Chan looked back at me with a huge smile on her face. "What are we going to do back there tonight?"

"Me? I'm not going to do anything but drive you around for a little while. You on the other hand are going to be cumming a lot before I'm ready to give you my big hard cock, my sweet little bitch." I replied.

I drove us up the street to this big park in the center of our city to get M Chan ready. I stopped in a corner of the parking lot that had some tree cover and a light that wasn't working properly, it kept flicking on and off, mostly off.

"Get out, please." I instructed M Chan. I also got out and walked around the car to her side and proceeded to open the rear passenger sliding door for her. "Now bitch, get your fucking clothes off!"

"What? Here?" M Chan asked more then a little surprised.

"Yes, strip for me right here. Right now. Start with your jacket and blouse." I ordered.

M Chan seemed nervous, but she removed her jacket and blouse.

"Next, strip down to only your underwear." I told her.

M Chan looked around, then she undid her pants and slowing pushed them down. She then took off her boots and continued to remove her pants. I stepped forward and grabbed the back of her head and brought her mouth to mine. I slipped my tongue into M's mouth and started to play with her tongue, while my left hand slide into her panties. M's bald pussy felt so warm and when I shoved two of my fingers into her pussy she was already starting to get very wet.

"Is this turning you on?" I teased.

"Yes! Are you going to fuck my pussy or ass here? Can I suck your big hard cock first?" M Chan moaned.

"No. Get that underwear off and get yourself fucking naked, my sexy little slut." I said

M Chan looked around again before slowly removing her bra and setting her beautiful tits free, then she bent over and slide her G string down her sexy legs and off her feet. She then stood up proudly holding her panties on her finger and said. "Now what, master?"

I took her panties and put them in my pocket, then I turned her around and slapped her her cheeks a few times which made my little sex kitten squeal with delight.

"Jump that sexy ass of yours into the back and lay down, make yourself comfortable. That bag there on the left has some things in it for you to play with while I drive us to our next destination. Don't worry, the windows are tinted so you can see out but nobody can see in, unless they are looking in the front window. So relax and enjoy the ride."

I jumped back in the driver's seat, after getting M Chan settled into the back. She piled the pillows up against the back hatch and leaned back on them, in a reclining position. The perfect position so that she could see out the side and front windows and also see my face in the rearview mirror.

I started the car and put some heat on in the back so that she wouldn't get cold. I next put a DVD into my car's player to give M Chan some thing to get her in a horny mood. It was a video of one of our earlier sessions are her Fuck Palace. It showed me using a Hip G vibrator with a large head on it slowly fucking it in and out of M Chan's very wet pussy. I was also rubbing her clit and sucking on her sweet nipples. M Chan was panting and asking me to make her cum hard, leading up to one of M Chan's longest, wettest squirts.

I got my hard cock fitted in a good position inside my pants, put the car in drive and headed for downtown where I knew there would be lots of people walking around looking for a party or somewhere to get a drink.

"Open the bag and find something that you like." I said, keeping one eye on the road and the other on M in my mirror.

First she pulled out the black double head dildo.

"OH MY GOD! Is this for me? Do you think I can get all of this in my pussy?" She squealed, while rubbing her hand up and down the length of the thing.

"There's more." I told her.

Next she pulled out a four inch Gumdrop butt plug, some oil, and a pair of silver beaded nipple clamps.

"Oh this is going to be fun. I love these toys!" M Chan said like she was a child opening gifts on Christmas morning.

"Get comfortable and start playing with yourself. I want you to make yourself cum as many times as you can while I drive you around downtown. Think about all those people just feet away from you while you fuck yourself and cum all over the car." I said. "Just imagine what some of those men would do if you invited them into the back to join you."

"This is making me so wet. Can I squirt all over your car? It might get messy." M asked as she started to oil up the butt plug first.

"That's my plan, sexy. Cum and squirt all you want."

I pulled over to the side of the road to watch as M Chan slowly worked the butt plug into and out of her tight little asshole.

"This is a nice plug. It feels so good going into my tight hole and it fits perfectly. Should I fuck myself with this for a while?" M Chan moaned.

"It's your night my little slut, do whatever you want."

"I want to try these nipple clips, they look so cute. Every time I move they'll pull on my hard nipples." M Chan said as she tightened them onto her very hard and pointy nipples.

Next she picked up the big double headed dildo and started to suck it into her mouth. I watched in amazement as M slowly swallowed it down into her throat, after about 8 inches (20cm) she started to pull it back out, covering it in spit.

"That's big." She groaned. "I don't think I can get anymore of it into my mouth. I almost gagged that time. I'm just going to get it nice and lubed with my spit and then I'm going to shove this monster into my cunt."

I watched as M spit all over the dildo and then placed the big head to her wet pussy lips. Slowly she worked that big black cock into her very tight pussy. Inch after inch went in and stretched her beautiful pussy wider and wider. I could see that with the butt plug in her asshole and this monster dildo slipping into her pussy that M Chan was filling herself and feeling lots of pleasure doing so.

After sliding about seven or eight inches (17-20cm) into her very wet pussy, M wrapped her tiny hands around the remaining four inches (10cm). "Jesus my pussy and ass are so fucking full! This is unbelievable! I'm going to cum just by squeezing them with my cunt muscles. Drive Jkun, when I start rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples I am going to cum so hard, I might need you to pick someone up to help me!" M Chan moaned.

I started driving again and headed to an area downtown where I knew there would be lots of people walking around. I watched with one eye as M Chan slowly pulled the dildo out of her pussy stopping when the head reached the end. The dildo was so wet, I could actually see her thick, white cum all over it. M slowly pushed the fake cock back into herself and I could see her white juice slowly slide down between her sexy ass cheeks around both sides of the butt plug, and on to the blankets. I could see that she was having a great time and that she was going to cum very soon, her legs had pushed her ass cheeks were about a foot off the blankets and she was starting to fuck herself faster and faster with her new best friend.

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