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M Is For Matinee


Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.

“I can’t stand it any more, Larry!”

I watched her move around the room, throwing clothing in to her suitcase. Roz was mad. And she had every reason to be upset. The vacation that I had scheduled months ago had to be canceled for the sixth time and my wife had had it. For six years, we’ve been trying to get away and enjoy ourselves but a new, important client specifically requested me to be the account executive and thus … another vacation bit the dust.

“Roz, I didn’t do it! They asked!”

“I’m sure they did!” Her deep-red strawberry blonde Farrah Fawcett cut swung in an angry arc, her green eyes flashing at me. “They always ask for you!”

“Honey, don’t leave! Let me call Dennis!”

“You think that would help?” She threw more items into the case. “And why haven’t you already done it if you knew I’d be upset?”

I did what I always did, of course. “I thought you’d understand.”

“For the sixth time?” Roz glared at me, her fair skin coloring with anger. “You must be kidding!”

“Roz, baby. I couldn’t help it! Dennis said that they asked for me by name! I couldn’t turn them down!”

“Yes, you could!”

“No, I couldn’t! You know I’m doing this for us!”

“Us? Six years of us?”

“Roz, I’ve been working extra hard so that we can have the money to buy our house. So we can have our kids and live comfortably.”

“I can understand that, Larry, but it doesn’t mean that you have to accept every assignment!”

“So what am I supposed to do? Reject them? How would I explain that to Dennis?”

“I don’t know.” Roz closed the suitcase, yanking the zipper with relish. “Maybe you should explain that you have to fuck him tonight!”


“No, Larry!” Roz paused to open the door, tears brimming in her eyes. “When you’ve decided what’s more important, you tell me.”

“You’re more important, Roz! I can tell you that now!” I whipped out my cell phone. “I’ll call Dennis right now and resign!”

“It’s too late!”

And with that, Roz walked out of my life. I was crushed. I couldn’t believe that she was gone. I sat down heavily in my recliner and just stared at the blank television. My beautiful Roz was gone.

It was in the afternoon when I received the phone call. It was my boss, Dennis.

“Hey, Larry, I got a message for you. The client wants you to meet at the hotel. Room 332.”


“Yes, today.”


“What’s wrong?”

“Roz just left me.”

“What? What happened?”

“This client, that’s what! This is the sixth time I’ve had to cancel our vacation plans for business.”

“Wow. I’m sorry, buddy. I can’t help it this time. The client asked for you personally and Larry, this is the biggest account we’ve ever handled. If you can land it, it’ll be at least a million in commission money for you.”

My jaw dropped. “A million dollars?”

“You heard me, buddy. Now get dressed and get over there. Don’t forget. It’s room 332.”

“Okay, Dennis. Thanks.”

A million dollars. The words kept running through my mind. That would be more than enough to get Roz back and with that, we could finally purchase the home we’d dreamed of. I felt energized and focused now. I had to land this deal. I just had to!

I showered, shaved and dressed in my best suit, a Hugo Boss that I’d splurged on last year and headed to the hotel. When I got to the room, I was surprised to find the card key stuck in the holder. Maybe the client had forgotten it. I knocked respectfully and got no answer. I knocked a second time, checking the number to make sure that I had it right. Still, there was no answer but I heard a noise inside. Thinking that the client might be ill or injured, I used the card key and pushed the door in.

The first thing I noticed was the television set on and playing a Jenna Jameson movie. The lovely Jenna was sharing a deep kiss with another woman that I didn’t recognize but it was hot. The second thing I noticed was that there were two women in the bed, kissing as passionately as those on the screen.

The third thing I noticed was that one of them was Roz.

I guess I looked stupid standing there because Roz started giggling. “What’s wrong, Larry? Cat got your tongue?”

“I … I don’t understand.”

The other woman turned towards me, her creamy blonde hair spilling onto the pillow. I recognized her as Roz’s best friend, Janet, who owned one of the largest shopping malls in the state. “I’m the account that you have to land.”


“Roz found out and well … one thing led to another.”

Roz laughed again. “I went over to see her because I was pissed off at you and found out that she was going to meet you today.”

“So I told her that I’d think about giving you the account if both of you fucked me.” Janet ran a hand over Roz’s exposed hip. “We were just getting started. Wanna join in?”

I’m not stupid.

As I slipped out of my jacket, I watched Janet and Roz kiss again, my prick hardening to obsidian at the sight. Janet’s wandering hand slid over Roz’s hip and found her red-haired pussy, stroking it lightly, then moving to the inside of her thigh. I watched Roz’s leg move aside and Janet’s hand skimmed over her soft cunt skin, one finger slipping into Roz’s slit. Roz’s muffled moan was accompanied by a shudder and her hand gripped Janet’s shoulder a little harder.

I slid into the bed behind the honey-haired Janet, rubbing my pre-cum covered cock head into the cleft of her ass. She moaned as well and reached back, smearing my wife’s cunt honey all over the shaft. I couldn’t wait. I thought I would burst into a million pieces if I didn’t slide into Janet’s cunt. I pushed forward a bit, angled my hips upward and pressed. Her juicy pussy opened to me and in a matter of seconds, I was buried balls-deep in her. She groaned and pushed her luscious ass back into me.

Janet moved against me, coating my cock with her pussy cream and ratcheting my pleasure up. She was so wet and tight that I found myself trying to think of something else so that I wouldn’t cum. Roz didn’t help. She found Janet’s clit and her actions made Janet jerk wildly. My cock pumped into her twitching body, my hand on her hip, the other wrapped in her long hair.

“Oh, Janet! I’m sorry! I have to cum!”

No sooner had the words split my lips than I was cumming. Janet felt my prick explode and she shouted, her pussy contracting around me, milking another four or five gobs of sperm into her. I felt like a schoolboy.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t hold it.”

“That’s okay.” She smiled. “Now we can really play.”

Roz pushed Janet onto her back, causing me to slip out and buried her face in Janet’s pussy, eating my cum out of her hot hole. As much as that was turning me on, Roz’s ass in the air called my attention. I moved behind her and gazed at her beautiful, fat-lipped pussy. She shook when I blew air over them and moaned when I laid my tongue in her slippery slit. She was so wet that her honey dripped onto my tongue when I stroked her hole. She’d never been this wet before.

I speared her again and again, covering my face in her cream and working her towards a colossal climax. Janet moaned loudly as she came again, triggering Roz. I grasped Roz’s hips tightly and pounded my tongue into her sopping quim, swallowing her copious juice as she came on my tongue. Roz collapsed to the side, quivering and twitching with aftershocks and Janet pulled me down, licking my face clean.

Roz noticed that I was hard again and got onto her knees, taking my length into her mouth. She worked like a piston, up and down, suck and release. Stars flared behind my eyes. She stopped, straddled me and took me inside her in one long slide. Janet turned to face her, presenting me with her now cleaned but still wet pussy. I took one long lick down her blonde snatch and knew I was hooked.

She tasted different than Roz, a tiny bit sweeter like a sour sugared lemon drop. Her clit was swollen and easy to find but I made a hunt out of it. I laced my tongue through her fat outer lips and her tasty inner lips, then dove in and out of her pooling hole. Roz moved up and down my pole, whimpering with each stroke and making my toes curl as she rocketed to another climax.

“I’m getting close.” I panted, tonguing Janet to another orgasm. Her juice covered my chin and I kept sucking until she shouted again. Roz pulled herself off my cock and Janet slid off my face and both of them crowded around my cock, Roz’s hand moving in a blur as she stroked my stalk. “Oh, baby! Oh, yeah!”

My penis volcano erupted and both girls crowded in to slurp up the thick lava. I just lay back in a fog, watching these two lovelies gobble my cum like it was ice cream. Janet caught the second spurt and Roz caught the last dribble, then shared it with Janet. Both collapsed beside me, each curling to a side of my body.

“That was fantastic.” Janet breathed, tweaking one of my nipples and making me jump.

“So, do I get the account?”

Janet laughed. “Are you kidding? This is only the matinee. We still have a lot of afternoon left.”

I groaned but it was a happy groan. I leaned over to Roz and gave her a deep kiss. “I love you. You know that, right?”

“I know.” Roz’s eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, honey. Everything I do is for us. I just love you so much.”

Roz’s voice was small. “Could you love someone else, too?”

I pulled Janet more tightly against me. “Absolutely. We can have a house large enough for three.”

I hadn’t noticed that Janet was crying but we all hugged tightly, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies until the tears gave way to whispers and moans.

I decided without a doubt that this would be the best account I ever had.

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