tagErotic HorrorM. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 02

M. Pumpkins' House of Hooters 02


A note from the authoress:

Hi. Recently, I came across a book at a local shop. Upon opening it I realized that it was filled to the spine with erotic thrillers and mysteries. The owner of the shop informed me that it was not for sale, and that I was free to purchase any of the other creepy items she had. The stories were so compelling...and being the erotic literature fan that I am; I decided that I had to have it. That night, when no one was looking...I snatched the book and made off with it! But reading the stories now...I'm starting to see them as some sort of memoir...and I'm starting to think that maybe they aren't just fiction. The owner of the shop has vowed to find the person that stole her book and take her revenge...if you see her, don't tell her about this! You'll know her when you see her...she wears a little black sheath dress with a large, expansive spider-like collar. She also has extremely big boobs. I know she's getting close. I've decided to expose her secrets, just in case she finds me, and that's where you come in. But before you read on I must warn you of three things: First, these tellings are not for the faint of heart. What you read may disturb you; it may even alter your perceptions on a few things, and these things can be anything from your greatest pleasures to your worst fears. Next, understand that I did not write these. Although it is implied an author is never stated, and no one has claimed these writings as of yet. Finally, and this one is crucial -- if you can't stomach, stand the sight of, or even bear to read about big...BOUNCY...BLOUSE-BUSTING BREASTS...then I suggest you walk away. These stories are intended for big boob enthusiasts, so if you like small breasts then this is not going to interest you. Madame Pumpkins won't stop until I've been silenced...permanently. So if you're ready, then it's time to take part in my little game. Are you ready to play? Oh! I probably should mention one last thing: my girlfriends say I've become obsessed. They think I'm losing my mind. But the truth is...the truth is...I've only just discovered it.

An excerpt from the Book of Booobs:

Greetings, my darlings! It is I, Madame Pumpkins, bringing you yet another tale from my frightful little House of Hooters! Tonight's tale is of that age old saying "two is better than one." What so many of us don't realize is that one is also better than none...

Christian placed his hands on Rebecca's waist. He threw his head back on her pillow and quickly took in the sight of her gorgeous, naked body. She looked unbelievable.

He found that every night he spent with her was an unbelievable one. Each time she took her top off he was reminded that they were both still in high school, and the fact that this girl was even with him was shocking.

Rebecca's hair draped down over her body, with only a few stray strands in the way. She brought her hands to her neck and flung her hair back hard, as it was starting to bother her. Consequently, Christian now had a better view of her front side. He immediately reached up and took handfuls of her 32Ds. He fondled them softly with care, and a slight enthusiasm. He was more interested in what was happening down below.

Rebecca leaned down, her brunette hair draping over the left side of her body as she turned her head. She had a sensual look in her half-closed eyes as she brought her lips to Christian's neck and kissed it tenderly.

"Uuhh...Chris..." she moaned.

Chris had penetrated her before. What made each and every time so special was that he was the only one to do so...ever. Rebecca had been a virgin when they got together. She had also proven to have a bit of a wild side. The sex was that much hotter, especially when she was such a perfect lady everywhere but the bed room. Even in the bedroom, Chris had to admit that she was still so elegant. Sometimes, it was hard to decide if the advances she made were turning him on...or just plain cute.

Either way, he stopped thinking about it and enjoyed the moment. Rebecca's cunt was as warm as it was tight, and those were two things he really liked about her.

"Uhh! Uhhhh!!" Rebecca moaned.

The look on her face had changed from one of pure ecstasy to one of utter pain. The pounding she was receiving was obviously giving her much pleasure.

"Chris! Chrissss!" she moaned as she bounced up and down on his hard, throbbing cock.

Chris' hands traveled from her tits down the sides of her smooth body and made their way back to her slim waist. He took her waist in his hands (as gently as he could, so as not to break her) and began guiding her movements on his cock.

Rebecca was now humping him so hard the room was slowly filling with the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh. She didn't even care that her hair was frantically flying around her face anymore.

"Ohh.....shitt....!" Chris moaned.

Seeing Rebecca take part in these acts was the ultimate turn on for him. Just the fact that a good girl could be so bad was enough to get his wheels turning. And boy was Rebecca being bad right now.

"Chris! Chris! Chris!" she moaned.

Chris' hands moved around to her smooth back as his girlfriend leaned down once again and kissed him on the neck. Her lips then traveled to his right ear and whispered to him.

"So tight...."

Chris quickly sat up.

Rebecca flung her arms around his neck and pulled his chiseled body closer to her, embracing him.

Chris' head immediately went for her cleavage. He was aching to feel her warm, soft flesh around him as they embraced each other sexually. He moaned from deep within her cleavage; his cock throbbing from deep within her.

Rebecca was indecisive. She was completely lost in pleasure and unable to make a decision about where her hands should go. One minute they were on Chris' back, the next they were on the back of his head...pulling him closer to her and guiding his mouth to her nipples.

"Uhhh! Uhhh!"

Rebecca moaned loudly as Chris' tongue finally found one of her nipples. The sensation sent her over the edge.

Chris, too, found the situation much too hot for him to handle.

The two lovers wrapped their arms around each other, and embraced each other's orgasm.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Chris was sitting on her bed, his head propped up against her headboard as she furiously bobbed her head up and down on his dick.

She looked up at him as his dick throbbed in her mouth. He had his head tilted back in a state of pure pleasure. She slowly brushed her blonde hair out of the way and momentarily took her mouth off his cock.

"What took you so long?" she asked.

Chris, realizing that the blowjob had ceased, looked down at her and rushed to answer.

"Ah you know." He said. "Working on my car."

"For two hours?" she asked.

Chris sighed.

"Damn, Allie!" he said. "I couldn't get here with my car all jacked up. What do you want from me?"

Allie stared up at him, unblinking. Chris couldn't tell if she was mad or sorry.

"Now let's do this before your parents get home." He said.

Allie stared down at the dick in her hand. Slowly but surely, she let its tip enter her mouth.

"Aaaahhh yeah...." Chris moaned.

Allie's head started to bob up and down on the long organ. Chris reached down and ran his hands through her blonde hair as she did so. He could feel her tongue sliding all around the tip; a sensation he knew he would never tire of. Allie's mouth always acted with enthusiasm, and that was one of the things he loved about her.

The other things he loved about her were bulging against the insides of his legs. They always sat proudly atop her chest, and they were definitely the biggest ones in school.

Allie could sense Christian's eyes burning a hole through her chest. She promptly raised up and took the hard cock out of her mouth. She pushed forward so that her chest collided with it, coaxing a quick moan from Christian.

She then took her big tits into her hands and scooped his cock up with them. Christian moaned as his cock was smothered between her big breasts. The chesty blonde now started to bounce up and down, jerking him off with her fleshy mountains.

"You like that, baby?" Allie asked of him.

Christian loved the sight of his cock-head jutting out the top of her cleavage.

"Yeah, baby..." he moaned. "Tell me how big they are."

Allie smiled at him sexily as she proceeded with the busty boob-blowjob.

"They're 34DD." She said. "They're so big...and they're bouncing up and down on your cock."

"Oh fuck yeah..." Chris moaned. "Keep going, baby."

"Oh Chris..." Allie moaned. "Fuck my big boobs...I love the way your huge cock feels throbbing inside my cleavage."

"Oh shit!" Chris exclaimed. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yeah..." Allie moaned. "Cum for me! Cum between my huge hooters...let that monstrous cock of yours explode..."

His cock exploded, like a volcano erupting. Allie tried to catch some of the shooting jizz in her mouth with her tongue. When it was over, her face and tits were dripping wet.

"That was great." Allie said, as she tried to lick herself clean.

Chris just smiled in satisfaction. Then he sat back, and relaxed.

* * * * * * * * * * *

He was vaguely aware of what time it was, the same way he was vaguely aware of anything just after he'd had sex. As he drove deeper into the night, he recounted the events that had taken place.

"Two girls." He thought to himself.

This was, by far, the greatest thing he had ever accomplished. He was painfully aware of the reputation he had made for himself as a womanizer...but not even the best womanizers in school could say that they had successfully had ongoing relationships with two girls -- at the same time.

And to make his victory all the sweeter, the two girls in case just happened to be Rebecca and Allie; the prom queen and homecoming queen.

There wasn't a single guy in school that could say they had slept with both. There was no other guy anywhere that could say they had slept with Rebecca. She was an unwinnable trophy for every man that laid eyes on her, but over their time together Chris had grown to love more than just her body. It was the subtle hints she dropped, and her inability to hide her knowledge of sex that made her all the more desirable.

Allie, on the other hand...

The blonde homecoming queen was much less subtle. Her reputation was anything but flattering, but still Chris had successfully tied her down. After only a few short weeks, Allie's "partying" ways were his and his alone...to keep. Allie was officially off the market, much to the dismay of all those guys that had had a little taste of her.

The town must have been asleep as he made his way through, passing street light after street light. The lights served as an outward manifestation of so many women he had conquered. Fitting.

But even he knew that this could not last. He'd broken so many rules in the game of womanizing in order to achieve what he had. Such deeds could not go unpunished. It was only a matter of time before the two girls found out about each other and realized what was happening. Not only would this end his reign with Allie and Rebecca, but it would also ruin him for life. No other girl would get anywhere near him once they found out what he did. He'd spend his life paying for it -- in back allies and on street corners, hoping not to get a disease.

He knew he had to end it before this happened. But the girls were so enticing...

As he came around a corner, a stray street light caught his attention. It seemed to be the only street light he had come across that was out of operation. It cast a shadow over a small, hardly visible building on the street below.

He drove nearer and as he did so he realized that it was a shop. The name of the shop was more than enough to peak his curiosity: Madame Pumpkin's House of Hooters.

Christian blinked as he pulled up next to it. He parked; and the shop's lighting immediately took action. They had a neon glow...and they took the shape of a very busty woman dressed in black. Christian's cock twitched at the sight of the woman's ginormous bust, and he promptly stepped inside.

Inside the shop there were all kinds of kinky sex toys. Some were things he could have gotten into...but most were just plain weird. Not knowing exactly why he had come in, Christian browsed his way through the store looking for something that might interest him.

As he made his way from the center of the shop to the back corner, he noticed an open doorway. It had strings of glittery beads dangling from it, creating a sort of portal into the next room. This caught his attention, and he peered through the doorway to look inside.

"Like what you see?"

Christian shook at the sound of someone's voice. He turned around, and was immediately met with a live action version of the lighting caricature from outside.

The woman had a long, slimming dress on. Her dark hair flowed behind her, almost as long. And despite the huge, creepy looking collar she was boasting what caught Christian's attention were the other two items she was boasting: big, bulging breasts; the biggest he had ever seen. Their appeal alone was enough to send him over the edge, but he struggled to contain himself as the woman drew nearer.

"Yeah...is that where you keep all the really good porn?" Christian asked, pointing to the doorway.

The woman peered passed him at the dangling beads.

"Perhaps." She said. "In that room you will find your heart's desire, but I should not recommend it."

"Mind if I take a look?" Christian asked, staring at her big tits.

The woman placed her hands on her slender hips.

"It is never in my interest to deny a customer." She said. "I am Madame Pumpkins."

Chris was ogling her giant boobs as she spoke.

"You certainly are." He said.

Madame Pumpkins raised an eyebrow at him. Chris turned around decisively and began making his way into the room.

As he walked into the dangling wall of beads and caught his first glimpse of the inside he did not find what he was expecting -- shelves of wall to wall porn. Instead what he found was a single, solitary mirror hanging on the far wall. He looked around. Every other wall was empty.

"What a rip."

Just as he was leaving, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He turned around and admired his own reflection. Inside that mirror was the guy that had nailed both the prom queen and the homecoming queen. But now it was time to forget about Rebecca and Allie. He turned around and made his way back out the door, setting his sights on the giant, juicy pumpkins bouncing around inside the shop.

"It's just a mirror." Christian said, stepping in front of Madame Pumpkins.

All of a sudden, he was aware that someone was standing next to him.

"Yeah," said the other person. "I don't see what the big deal is."

Shocked, Christian turned to his side. The other person had a look of utter shock on his face as well...a face Christian was all too familiar with -- it was his own face.

He stared at the other person. The other person stared back. He was wearing the same clothes as him, he had the same demeanor, he even had the same voice.

The other Christian was just as shocked. He stared back at his counterpart with sheer curiosity.

"Who are you?" they said at the same time

"The Mirage Mirror." Madame Pumpkins said, grabbing the boys' attention. "It provides the onlooker with a parallel version of their innermost desires."

"I wanted...this?" Christian said, gazing at the other Christian.

"Yeah...yeah!" The other Christian replied, coaxing a smile from his counterpart. "Yeah, I wanted this."

Christian couldn't help but smile.

"This is how I can keep things going with Rebecca and Allie. Anytime I want them, I can have them. And they won't ever get suspicious!"

The two Christians high-fived each other, then they turned their attention to Madame Pumpkins and her huge rack.

"But first..." one of them said, a look of lust in his eyes.

"We gotta have those..." the other said as they slowly stepped closer to Madame Pumpkins.

Madame Pumpkins put an arm on each of their strong backs as the two boys simultaneously kissed her neck and groped her big tits. One Christian had his hand on her left jug, the other had his hand on her right. They were both squeezing her tits with enthusiasm and youthful vigor, like children.

She placed her hands on the back of their heads and guided them down to her bosom. Soon the enormous swell of her mountainous melons was filling their faces...eyes, nose and all. The boys immediately began kissing the tops of her giant breasts and letting their tongues travel the slopes, eventually making their way down her luscious mountains and feeling them swell proudly into their faces.

"Damn these are some big pumpkins..." one of the Christians said.

"Yeah you ain't lying." Said the other. "I think it's time we let these babies out."

The boys began frantically tugging on the ties of her dress until they were loose enough to fall. Her dress began slipping as they pressed their faces deeper into bosom, occasionally letting their heads fall into her deep cleavage.

Soon her dress was sliding passed their faces, and the boys were in awe at the awesome sight of her rack as they dug their faces into her breast-flesh.

"Uuhhhh....." moaned one of the boys.

Madame Pumpkins clutched them to her bosom. The boys each found one of her nipples and took them into their mouths. Madame Pumpkins let the boys nurse on her tits as though they were babies thirsty for milk.

They nursed on her milk jugs for almost ten minutes before finally letting them fall from their mouths and standing upright. Madame Pumpkins reached down to each of their groins and found that their bodies weren't the only things getting upright.

The boys both moaned as Madame Pumpkins rubbed their hard, throbbing cocks through their jeans with her small, pale hands. Instinctively, they each began fumbling with their belts and zippers in an effort to release their cocks as soon as possible. In just a few short moments both cocks had sprung free, and Madame Pumpkins was gently stroking their bare boners with her petite hands.

"Mmmmm...." The boys moaned.

They each placed a hand on one of her big tits and began fondling her as she jerked them off. Before long they were slurping and sucking her jugs and thrusting their cocks through her grip, forcing her to jerk them off faster and harder.

"Uhhh...uhhh...uhhhh....fuck!" Christian moaned into Madame Pumpkins' cleavage.

The other Christian was holding her wrist with both hands and ramming into her grip as hard as he could.

"Shiiit yeahhh....!" He moaned.

They each stood back as the busty shop owner yanked on each of their hard, drooling rods.

"Oh man!" Christian moaned. "It's like she's skiing!"

"Yeah." The other Christian added. "And I can't wait to cover those pumpkin mountains of hers with my snow!"

The boys made way as they now felt Madame Pumpkins' huge tits sliding down their chests. She knelt on her knees, a hand on each cock at the base. She then turned her head to the cock on her left and began sucking on it expertly.

"Ohhhh....." Christian moaned.

The other Christian watched as his counterpart received a cock-hardening blowjob, and he wished it was his cock in her mouth instead of his clone's.

To his approval, however, Madame Pumpkins let Christian's cock slip from her mouth. She then turned her head to his cock and took that one into her mouth.

"Ohhhh fucccckkkk..." he moaned.

She kept the other Christian satisfied by tugging on his cock with her other hand.

Both Christians began rocking back and forth slightly, enjoying the way this busty shopkeeper was pleasuring them.

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