tagLesbian SexMa'am and the Girl

Ma'am and the Girl


I was rushing back to my office after a long martini lunch with a client. As I stepped onto the elevator in my building, I heard a little voice telling me to hold the car. I waited. She stepped aboard and my mouth fell open. The girl was 5'7", slim, red curly hair to her butt, emerald green eyes and flawless porcelain skin. She was wearing a little white mini-skirt with a matching top and little girl anklet socks in white flats. She was gorgeous. She smiled knowingly at me. Was my lust showing?

As the car began to move, she shyly said, "Hello."

I blurted out, "How old are you?"

"Twenty," she said "but I know I look much younger. I love to dress like this. Do you like it?"

"Well, it certainly works for you. You are lovely."

"Thank you, ma'am," she said looking at me directly then at the floor. "Do you like to fuck girls? I not wearing panties. You can touch my pussy if you want."

I might have been the slightest bit tipsy from the alcohol, but my brain still went south to my own pussy as she offered herself to me. Of course, I would accept her offer to touch that young flesh. I quickly stepped over to her and thrust my hand under her skirt. The girl was wet and warm. Oh, my! I often fantasize about fucking women. I watch them in stores, restuarants, on the beach. Everywhere. My great aunt began fondling me when I visited her after my 18th birthday. Mom said that I could use her wisdom and guidance. Yeah, right. Even though I was an adult, I was afraid to say anything about it. She would come into my room every night and put her hands in my panties. She said I needed to keep my cunny lips moisturized or they would shrink away. She was never married and I just considered her a horny old lesbo. Auntie's fingers made me cum every night that summer while she talked about pussy. I knew with everything in me that I wanted to fuck with this girl. I might be old enough to be her mother. So what!

The car stopped on the 3rd floor and a messenger stepped in. My fingers were plunging into the girl's wetness as I looked at the boy who had developed a raging hard-on that was straining his pants. "Get your own girl. This one is mine," my eyes said to him. The guy continued to watch us as I pushed rapid fingers into the girl. I bit at her bottom lip "Would you like to continue this in my office?" I mumbled.

"Yes, ma'am. You can fuck me if it's not too much trouble." We exited the car at the ninth floor, leaving the boy to his predicament.

We spoke no more as I led her to my office. Katy, my secretary, stood as we entered. She waved to me ,"Ms. Black, wait. I have a mes..." I ignored her as I took the girl into my office.

"This is very nice ma'am," she said turning around the room. "You must be very successful."

"Thank you," I said as I moved in on her. She smiled as I slowly approached. She knew what I wanted. I raised her skirt and cupped her ass. I rubbed it slowly as I took her mouth in long, wet kisses. She moaned in my mouth as she pushed closer to me.

"Ma'am, my pussy aches. Will you kiss it and make it better?" That little girl voice...

"Hang on, sweetheart, I haven't begun to fuck you yet." I stripped what few little clothes she was wearing. I left her naked in the middle of the floor as I removed my navy blue business suit and under garments. I am 38, blue-eyed, very blonde with a short stylish cut. My 5'8" body is very commanding in high heels. Our eyes never leave each other as we prepare for the dance of love.

I returned to her hot and ready. I wove my hands through her mass of red, perfumed curls as I drew her face to mine. She strained toward me trying to rub her pussy on my thigh. I pulled up a chair and eased her into it. She spread her long, lovely legs over the arms and waited. I gazed at the beautiful, wet pussy that would soon be in my mouth. It was pink and shaved bare. She opened as I slowly ran my tongue up and down the her slit and came silently. Her clit came into view and I dove for it. I licked and sucked her until she gave in to her pleasure again. Her voice was muted when she came, but she shaked like an earthquake.

The girl was barely verbal. My friends have said that their teenage daughters close upon them and live in their on secret worlds. This one must have her own universe. She didn't need to talk much. I had other chores for her mouths. They needed only to be filled with my tongue. She may sound like a little girl, but she was sexily responsive to me. She grabbed my head and pulled it toward her center. I french-kissed her pussy. I pumped my tongue in her hot hole and fucked her until she screamed and spasmed on it. My mouth was filled with sweet flesh and pussy nectar when I took the whole of her into my mouth.

When I came up again, the girl said, "Ma'am, your face is all wet. Come, let me clean it for you." She licked my face like a puppy. "Wow, that's what I taste like! Cool!"

Her "innocence" drove me wild. I wanted more of her. It was time to screw some pussy. I pulled away from her tongue and took her to my private lounging area further back in the room. I removed the throw from the chaise so that I could lay her down. When I ordered this furniture, I had my husband in mind. We have done it more than a few times in here. I never thought I would fuck a woman on it.

She spread herself on the chaise for me. I was weak with passion again. My pussy throbbed at the prospect of screwing hers. She was all swollen down there, but I put my mouth on her again anyway. I pulled on her clit with my lips. I dipped my tongue into her again. At long last I drug my mouth away from her pussy and straddled her. My pussy was just inches above hers, but I didn't touch her just yet. I looked at the red-haired beauty beneath me with hair spilling everywhere. Her green eyes were filled with passion as she knew another fucking was upon her. I kissed her. I bit her nipples and sucked away the pain. I ordered her to rub my wet pussy.

"Ma'am, please let me feel your pussy on mine. I am aching again."

"Ok, sweetie. Hang on for a good ride." I was consumed with lust as I sank onto her pussy. We were clit to clit. Our lips mingled as I ground myself into her as she pushed up to me. On and on, moaning and clinging, we screwed our pussies together. I cupped her ass to push her even further into me. I was insane as the girl gave me the pussy I craved. Inspired with her cries of pleasure, I fucked her hard and long. The pussy below me was then the center of my universe. My old aunt would be proud of me the way I was keeping this girl's pussy nice and moist.

"Ma'am, I can't hold back any longer. I need to cum. Please cum with me. I love the feel of your pussy."

Her words were music to me ears. I humped and dug deeper. Then she pushed up to me as she came. I exploded on her and we rode it out as our juices mingled. She screamed into my mouth.

"Thank you, ma'am for the good fucking. You took the ache right out of might pussy," she said in that little girl voice as she came down.

"You're welcome, darling. Anytime." Katy burst in to my office. Damn, I forgot to lock the door. She had lost the power of speech and was staring intently at me lying on the girl. "Mrs. Black, your husband called. He'll be here in five minutes."

"Thank you, Katy. Show her to my bathroom while I get dressed. Pick up her clothes. Hurry. Come back and straighten up while I dress." I hope my husband doesn't want to kiss me. He would taste her pussy in my mouth.

"I wont' be long," I told the girl as I cupped her pussy. "I want some more of this."

My husband didn't linger after I told him I was working on a big project. He gave me a swat on the ass and that certain look in his eye of things to come. I closed the door on him and rushed to the bathroom where my warm pussy was waiting.

I brought the girl back to my office. She watched as I undressed again for her. We kissed as I pulled her to the rich, thick carpet on the floor. "Lie down on your stomach, sweetheart." I straddled her back with my pussy touching her fine little ass. I pulled the mass of red curls aside and bent to kiss her neck. A hickey quickly formed as I got carried away. I sucked and nibbled at her as my pussy screwed her ass.

"Ma'am, I feel your pussy juice in my ass crack."

"Oh, I like that, honey. I'm so wet because I am fucking such sexy girl." I slipped my hand below her pussy and she screwed it gratefully, moaning slightly. Her wetness flowed as she fucked my hand and came again. As my pussy slid over her ass, the desire to taste it formed in my mind. I eased from her back and began sucking on her ass cheeks. I moved my wet hand from beneath her and ran it down the her ass crack. I gently inserted the tip of my thumb into her ass as I continued fondling and sucking it.

I was still hot as hell as I suddenly turned the girl over, scissored her swollen pussy and fucked her roughly. I took a particular pleasure in that screwing because I was only concerned about the quality of my cum which was exquisite. I had the girl's pussy two more times before I almost got my fill.

"Sweetie, would you like to come to my house tonight?"

"Will your husband be there. I heard you lying to him."

"Why, yes he will. Would you like him to fuck you, too."

"Yes, ma'am. I like to take a dick in my ass."

"Wonderful, sweetie. My husband is an excellent asshole fucker. He'll just adore you. I'll have Katy to bring you over at 8." We walked from across the office to the reception area. In the doorway, I cupped her naked ass as I kissed her good-bye. Katy looked puzzled as girl stopped at her desk and gave her name and address.

As I was about to turn back into my office, I noticed Katy was still sitting at her desk clutching a brown paper bag. It was already after 5 o'clock.

"I have the thing you wanted Ms Black," she said uncertainly.

"Oh, Katy, I forgot. I didn't need it after all. I just used my tongue on her." As my husband was leaving the building, as I asked her to slip around the corner to a sex shop and buy the

dual-headed dildo. I guess I was still a little tanked.

"W-Would you like to use it on me, Ms. Black," Katy asked as she held the bag tightly.

"I'm sorry, Katy. She wore me out. You never told me you were a lesbian. You've been keeping secrets from me. I don't like that."

"I'm sorry. Please don't be mad. I discovered it in high school. The head cheerleader was just about to suck my pussy in the shower one day after practice. But the others came in early and I missed out. I've never forgotten how bad I wanted it to happen. I haven't had much sex with females. I saw you on top of that girl. She must have been really good. She was in there all afternoon. Did you do all of the work? Did she suck you, ma'am?" I can do it for you.

I perked up at the word 'ma'am.' "Go into my office, Katy." My pussy begins to juice as I unbutton my skirt yet again. She is naked and on her knees when I enter. My girl likes pussy.

Ma'am, may I suck your pussy now," Katy pleaded.

I was naked for the third time that afternoon. She was begging for my pussy as well she should. I spread my legs over the arm of a chair, took her head in my hands and said, "Please do, Katy, darling. Take your time. I'll also need a little favor from you tonight."

As Katy began to suck me, I reached for the phone to dial my husband. "Honey, I'm going to be a little late. What a fucking day I've had! Katy and I will be finished in half an hour. Send the cook home. I'll pick up dinner," I said as Katy took my entire pussy into her little mouth and feasted. Oh, yes! Girly sex is so good.

...Continued in "Daddy" and the Girl and Katy gets the Girl...

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