This story is mostly true. Of course, all participants are eighteen or older. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Mactan is an island in the southern Philippines across the strait from Cebu City.


The briefing officer was very specific about what we couldn't say about this next mission.

"You are not to reveal to anyone the destination or purpose of this mission. A breach of security will cost you some jail time, so if one of you assholes wants to go to Kansas, just blab this around. Be at the aircraft at 2100 hours today. Be sober. And remember to keep your mouth shut!"

Hmmm. It was about average for the briefings we had received for other missions. Julio Torres and I grabbed our tool boxes and TDY kits and headed for the plane. We had just gotten back from a two week stay in Korat, Thailand. We had lots of fun and Julio had caught the clap. Ha Ha!

The Eagle truck took us out to the waiting C-124 and soon we were shaking our way through the air headed away from Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. The C-124 has been described as two million rivets in loose formation. It shook and moaned. The four big engines were barely able to drag the big, fat airplane along at a hundred and seventy five knots or so. There were lots of windows, but nobody was looking outside. We had already seen millions of waves on the wide blue Pacific. They no longer held any fascination for us.

After many long boring hours of constant droning, the engines changed pitch signaling the end of this leg of the trip. We settled gracefully onto the strip at Wake Island. There was almost nothing to see at Wake. If there was a good tailwind you could just about spit from coast to coast. Why the hell they had fought a major battle over this sand spit was beyond comprehension.

Before we departed the aircraft, the flight commander told us, "We leave in an hour. Don't get drunk and don't be late or I will take a giant shit upon you!"

We all galloped over to the bar in the transient barracks to see how many beers we could suck down in an hour. When we reported to the plane an hour later we found that it was broken and we would have to fix it before we could leave. Since none of us wanted to spend any more time at Wake than absolutely necessary, we all hove to and soon had our shaky old airplane ready for flight. Leaving Wake was always a nerve wracking experience. The runway was really short and you could see big sharks patrolling the surf at the end of it as you departed. Rumor had it that they fed mostly on the contents of aircraft that didn't make it out of the area.

The constant drone of the engines plus the beer I had sucked up at Wake soon had me falling asleep. When the engine pitch changed again, I knew that we were arriving at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

"Okay, listen up, morons! We will be here two days. Don't get drunk, don't fight and stay away from the bar girls! Above all, don't tell anybody you are going to Mactan!" The commander intoned, implying dire consequences if we didn't heed his warnings.

Julio and I checked our tools boxes and TDY kits into the transient barracks and immediately headed for the main gate.

I was anxious to get to my girlfriend, a sweet little Filipina named Eppie. I practically ran to the bar where she worked. Eppie was short and sweet and brown and horny, just the way I like 'em. She had only one long hair on her pussy and she was really proud of it. She had cute little tits with dark pink nipples. Long black hair, dancing brown eyes, sparkling white teeth and looked like a movie star; a man just couldn't do better than that.

When I walked through the barroom door I heard her squeal, "Terrieeeee! You've come back to me. I love you too much! Buy me drink."

"I'll just pay your bar fine. Let's go to your place and fuck," I told her as I peeled the pesos from my pocket. Eppie really liked me because she knew I would eat her pussy and she loved to have her slit licked.

When we walked into her house she turned and grabbed my pecker.

"What's the hurry?" she asked.

"We're going somewhere I can't tell you about. I want to get as much pussy as I can before we go, so get your clothes off and let's get with it."

"Oh," she laughed, "you are going to Mactan!"

I was amazed. This was supposed to be top secret.

"How the hell do you know that?" I asked suspiciously.

"Everybody knows. It is no secret. We have known about this for weeks. Some of the girls have already gone down there to work."

We settled into her bed together and I started munching on her. I pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits as I ate her out. She wriggled and squealed. Boy, she really loved to be eaten. I licked her snatch from bottom to top and grabbed her clit with my lips. I rapidly tongued it and she came almost immediately.

"Let's do it now Terrie," she begged.

"Nope, I'm not done eating yet," I told her with an evil grin and started munching her again.

"Oh god, you're killing me," she moaned as she tried to buck me off. Her pussy was so sweet; I just kept eating and licking. I rammed my tongue into her and she came again.

By now we were both sweaty and slippery. Perfect! I skidded up to her head and jammed my tongue in her mouth. She grabbed my cock and pulled me into her. It felt like home.

Eppie was almost like a wife to me whenever I was in town. Of course, when I was not in town, she plied her trade of being a bar girl and screwing GIs. I didn't care. I wasn't supporting her. In fact, many times when I was broke, she'd given me money, beer and free pussy.

I moaned as I sank into her slippery little pussy. All the ridges and bumps felt right. She humped into me and started doing her magic. She could hold me on the edge of a climax, driving me nearly insane, for long periods of time. That's what she was doing now. I stroked her as hard as I could, trying to get a nut, but she always stayed that one little bit ahead. At last I heard her gasp and her cunt clamped down hard on me. I must have shot half a truckload into her. It's a wonder I didn't dislocate her back. We lay there panting like a couple of lizards.

There was no need for me to tell her she was great pussy. She knew that. She hopped out of bed and went to get me a beer. That's why I love Filipino women. They don't bitch about what they should do, they just do it.

"When I return if I have the time, I'll take you down to Pagsanan Falls," I said.

"Oh good! What do you want to do when you finish your beer?"

"I want to nail you again. You know me. I'm a pussy hog!"

She giggled and grabbed my cock. There was never any doubt in my military mind about how I'd spend the next two days. By the end of the first day, the world had drifted away into a constant round of beer and pussy. I briefly thought about my idiot pals from high school. Were they having this much fun? Ha, Ha, Ha! Not a chance!!

Eppie finally brought me back to reality at the end of the second day. She escorted my skuzzy ass into the shower and scrubbed me. Then she hailed a jeepney and took me to the main gate. I caught the base bus back to base ops. The team dribbled in one by one. The commander was not pleased.

"Alright, you drunken bums, listen up. You'll be boarding a C-123 in about an hour. Do not, I say again, NOT leave the terminal area."

I couldn't leave the area. It had taken all my remaining strength to haul my fucked-out ass back to the base. I collapsed into a lounge seat and awaited our flight.

Now, a C-123 is not really a step up from a C-124. It is more like a step sideways and down. The one we got on had numerous patches on it from bullet hole repairs. It was obvious it had been in Nam. I hoped that they had missed all the vital parts. Crossing my fingers, I got on the airplane.

As we thundered down the runway the plane started shaking and I was sure something important had fallen off. But we managed to lumber into the air. Since we didn't turn around and land, I surmised that this was more or less normal. I went to sleep. I had learned to sleep whenever I could, even through gunfire, artillery and shaky airplanes. I woke up as the wheels touched down on Mactan Air Base.

The commander assembled us on the ramp beside the wheezing, smoking aircraft.

"Okay, this is where you'll be for the next ninety days or until we can get some permanent relief in here for you. Don't start counting the days because it could be a lot longer. Unbeknownst to you candy asses, there is a war going on so we can't really schedule things as we would like to. You will be living in those tents over there. Chow will be served out of a field mess. You did bring your mess kits, didn't you? Go pick out a bunk and get settled in. Report to the flight line tent in an hour. Dismissed!"

Julio and I picked out a likely looking tent and stowed our baggage under the bunks. We made our beds and the strolled out to the flight line where a small maintenance tent had been erected.

The First Sergeant greeted us, "So you two idiots are back with me, eh? I have some advice for you. Stay out of Lapu Lapu City. (The local town) You don't know what's down there. Neither do we. This is the town where Magellan got a spear stuck through his gizzard. If you feel that you must indulge in your usual drunken debauchery, there is a Sari Sari store on this base that is run by a Filipino lieutenant. You can get your beer there. There are no native women allowed on this base, so I don't want to find you two with a tent full of whores. The main force of aircraft will start arriving tomorrow. Be here at oh seven hundred hours sharp. That is all."

Julio and I wandered over to the Sari Sari and bought a couple of San Miguels. The lieutenant had posted two lists of city hotspots. Three bars were on the OK list. There was Slapsy Maxi 1, Slapsy Maxi 2 and the Red Rooster There was an 'off limits' list posted on his bulletin board. The only bar listed on it was the Los Ponchos.

"That's the spot," I told Julio.

"Yup, that's it all right," he agreed.

We walked to the gate and got into a couple of pedicabs. By the time we got into town, I was well acquainted with my pedicabs driver. His name was Dody. He took us directly to the Los Ponchos.

It was quite large as far as bars in the Orient go and it was jammed full of women, some topless.

"This must be the place!" I told Julio.

"Yup, this is it all right," he agreed.

We sat at a big round table surrounded by the flowers of Philippine womanhood. I had one on my lap, stroking my hair, (Yes I had hair in those days!) One was feeling my leg. I could feel a small hand tugging at the zipper on my uniform. Boy! This was gonna be fun! We found out almost immediately that blow jobs were free and given at tableside but if you wanted some pussy, you had to pay and go to one of the back rooms. I loved their house rules.

The girl who was fiddling with my zipper got it open, hauled out my hard cock and started sucking while I enjoyed a beer. I could tell by the way that Julio was twitching that he was also receiving some special attention. I damned near spilled my beer when she got me off. I wiggled and shook as I came.

"Oh yeah!" I shouted, drawing a round of applause from a nearby table full of GIs.

Twenty minutes later one of the little sweeties took my hand and led me to a backroom. I took off my clothes and she got nude too. It was easy for her. All she had on was a shift and no underwear. She had almost no tits and her pussy was bald as an egg. But she was short and brown and sweet. I was beginning to understand why this joint was off limits.

She held out her hand. I put three pesos (about 75 cents) in it. She grinned, put the money away and grabbed my dick. She hopped up into the single bunk and pulled me on top of her. I happily sank my cock into her as she played with my nuts. Pretty soon we were sweating and grunting as I plundered her tight little pussy. You've got to understand, this wasn't making love, this was fucking......for money.

Julio and I got drunker than skunks. When I staggered out of the bar about one in the morning, my faithful pedicabs driver was waiting for me. Dody hauled my drunken ass back to the base and I stumbled into the tent, flopped down on my bunk and passed out cold.

Zero six hundred hours came very early. We stumbled down to the field mess and filled our mess kits with Air Force field chow. I must say, it was really good. The Air force knows how to do food.

We assembled down on the flight line and the First Sergeant ranted about how many drunk and disorderly reports he had gotten from our first night in town. It couldn't have been us, we didn't get arrested.

Twelve broken C-124s awaited our tender attentions.

"If you clowns can get 'em fixed, you can have the rest of the day off," the maintenance NCO told us.

By fourteen hundred hours we had signed off on all the sick puppies. See, Julio and I were C-124 electrical systems aces. That's why we always got these TDYs.

"Stay out of Cebu City," the NCO ordered. "Some of our people have had bad times over there."

I looked at Julio. He looked at me. After a shave and shower, we were off to Cebu. In those days there was no bridge. We had to catch the ferry. Cebu was a lot bigger than Mactan.

"It looks pretty peaceful to me," I remarked as we disembarked.

The waterfront had a bad reputation so naturally, we went there first. We went into the Millionaire's Club right on the wharf. I had a couple of beers and then, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen appeared from one of the back rooms.

"Oh, I've gotta have me some of that," I told Julio.

"Go ahead chump. She'll probably give you the clap," he remarked.

"It might be worth it. Look at her. Yeah, I gotta have it. She's way too sweet to have the clap."

Blinded by lust, I paid her bar fine and Dody peddled us up to the Magellan hotel.

"I will await you here," Dody declared.

As soon as we got into the room, I grabbed her and kissed her. She was just so fine! She had big tits too, a bonus in the East. She spoke no English at all. With my poor Tagalog and a bunch of hand gestures I convinced her to get nude. She was even better naked than she was with clothes on. I carried her to the bed and laid her gently down. She giggled and wiggled, which I took to mean, "Get it on!"

I sucked her nipples one by one into my greedy mouth. I knew I would have to munch her, so I started my southward trek across her belly and finally to the promise land. Her pussy was beautiful too. It complimented her smooth, brown body. She started to moan as I licked her, finally plunging my tongue into her. Moving up, I engaged her clit with my lips and rapidly tongued the swelling bud. Her hips bucked wildly off the bed and she came with a scream.

I swallowed the pussy juice I had lapped up and slid up her body. Looking into her deep brown eyes, I slipped my cock up to her entrance. I was hoping she'd turn out to be a virgin, but, no such luck. She wrapped her legs around my ass and jerked me all the way into her. Her pussy was just as beautiful inside as it was outside. I could feel it pulsing and quivering on my cock. I started pumping her and the more I pumped, the more she wanted. Our sweat mingled and ran down our bodies as we ground our sex together. I couldn't get enough of her pulsing, throbbing pussy. I lost control and hammered into her hard, but she seemed to like that all the better. Her pussy clamped down on my cock as she came. That triggered my own orgasm. I must have dumped a cement truck full of fluid into her greedy cunt.

As soon as I got my nut, she got up, showered, dressed and departed. I never knew her name. I dragged myself down to the hotel bar and sucked down a couple of San Miguels. Refreshed, relaxed and fucked out, I headed back to Mactan.

There were lots of broken airplanes to fix over the next few days so we didn't get to go anywhere except work, sleep and the field mess.

On the third day, my cock sneezed. There was a nasty green discharge in my shorts. When I took a piss, it was like pissing fire. Fearing the worst, I got in line in front of the medical tent. When my turn came, the doctor took one look at it, gave me a shot and said, "Come back in two days Romeo."

I couldn't believe it! Little miss perfect from the Millionaire's Club had given me a dose of clap. Thinking it over, I decided she hadn't actually given it to me, I bought it from her. Great! Julio pointed and laughed.

I slunk down to the flight line. Since I was out of action for a while, I concentrated on fixing as many airplanes as I could. The sun was hot and the humidity was high. Every afternoon a little cloud sailed up the Cebu Strait and dumped gallons of rain on us and then it went away. The first time it happened we all hid under something until the deluge stopped. Now when it started, we would get out in it and let it knock the acquired dust from us. Very refreshing!

Finally two weeks later, the base medic pronounced me good to go. I could hardly wait to get downtown. It was almost impossible to spend five bucks in Lapu Lapu City in those days. Beer was a nickel. You could get a good meal for fifty cents and all night pussy was a dollar.

The first time I got a chance, I fled to the Los Ponchos. The girls all knew that I had been the victim of "old Joe" and pointed at me singing, "Tulu, tulu!" which is Tagalog for clap. About ten of them had to examine my cock. I guess they were looking for battle damage.

We really didn't get a lot of time downtown. The workload was fierce. Julio and I were down by the ferry pier one afternoon when the maintenance officer stepped off the ferry with the sweetie from the Millionaires Club on his arm.

I dragged him to the side and said, "Be careful lieutenant. That pussy uploaded me hot three weeks ago!"

He sent her back to Cebu on the ferry and from then on, life on the Mactan flightline got a lot easier.

The base commander was a lieutenant colonel. Since I only had a couple of months left on my enlistment, it fell to him to give me the reenlistment pitch.

He said, "As bad as you and your buddy are, you know, drunk and disorderly, fighting, resisting arrest in an off-limits joint, you are a really good aircraft electrician and the Air Force wants you to reenlist."

"Well sir," I started, "I might just do that, but there are a couple of conditions you guys have to meet."

"And just what would those conditions be, airman?"

"Well sir, I want another stripe."

"That is no problem."

"I want to be assigned here at Mactan permanently."

"I can't do that."

"Sure you can sir. You're a field grade officer. I'm not going back to Hickam and reenlist. If I can't do it here, I won't do it anywhere."

"You know, airman, that I could take a stripe from you for your past debaucheries, don't you?"

"Well sir, I don't have that long left. Of course losing a stripe would mean I'd have to give up my yacht and my summer home in Acapulco."

A grim smile crossed his lips and for a moment, I though things were going to get serious. The grim smile turned into a humorous chuckle.

"I guess I should have expected something like that from you. Get your ass back to work and if you're ever out here as a civilian, I'll buy you a beer."

I had about a week's worth of fun with the girls from the Los Ponchos and then I had to leave. I watched sadly as the green trees of Mactan grew dim in the distance. I never got to see Eppie again on that trip. I would see her later, but that's another story. It was a long, lonesome flight back to Hawaii.


Come on guys. I haven't written the 'other story' yet. This little tale is all true.

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