Macy's Window


Author's Note: I want to thank everyone who responded so generously to "A+ in Reproduction." Your feedback was truly overwhelming. I hadn't originally planned a sequel, but in light of the many requests, I am working on one incorporating as many of your wonderful suggestions as possible. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the following offering.

"Irresponsible, arrogant, self-centered, inconsiderate jackass," Macy muttered as she seated herself on the weather-beaten bus stop bench.

As far as she was concerned, that was the perfect description of her boyfriend—scratch that—her ex-boyfriend, Larry. The son of a bitch! It wasn't bad enough that he was always broke and hitting her up for "loans," which he never repaid, but then he had to "borrow" her car, because—wouldn't you know it—his car had been repossessed. And while he'd been screwing around with her radio, he ran a red light and straight into an SUV. Her poor little compact hadn't stood a chance.

Of course, thanks to her car's airbag, Larry had walked away without a scratch. Okay, so her car was old and had seen better days, but at least it had gotten her where she wanted to go. Now, it was totaled and because of some goddamn loophole she hadn't known about, her insurance company wasn't going to pay out one red cent. You see, the car was only covered for collision if the policyholder—Macy—was driving at the time of the accident. And forget about Larry the Leach coughing up a dime.

So, until she saved up enough money for a moderately-priced, halfway-decent, used car, Macy was stuck taking the bus. At least without Larry around, she'd actually be able to save money for a change instead of giving it to a man who couldn't even give her a decent orgasm.

Oh, yeah, she sure could pick 'em.

With a sigh, Macy began rooting through her oversized tote bag for the romance novel she'd been reading. It was still dark out, but she hoped there'd be enough light from the street lamp to read by. Because Macy worked as a secretary for an early-bird executive, who was exceedingly anal about punctuality—and she had to take the bus—she was up at this ungodly hour of the morning so she wouldn't be late. The last thing she needed was to lose her job, too.

She'd just been about to pull out her book when the sounds of whirling and rattling made her freeze mid-motion. Her gaze shot across the street and found that the source of the noise was the large automatic shutter covering the display window of a storefront. There was no writing on the store's marquee nor any signs to indicant what kind of store it was.

As Macy watched, the shutter rose, rolling itself into its cylindrical housing above the window, and revealing a woman inside the lit display window. The rest of the store was dark, so Macy could only make out the woman bent over at the waist, rummaging through one of many shipping boxes that were there. Obviously, the store was new and not ready to open.

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Macy was about to look away when a man appeared from out of the darkness and moved up behind the woman. He was . . . in a word . . . breathtaking. Even from her vantage point across the street, Macy saw he was tall—well over six feet—had a lean athletic build, short black hair, and distinctive features.

Now, why couldn't she ever find a man like that?

Of course, she wasn't a tall, willowy blonde like the woman in the display window, but Macy thought she was pretty sexy in her own right. With her medium-length, curly brown hair and average-sized—but very curvy—body, she turned more than a few male heads when she walked by—but nothing like the male specimen she was currently ogling.

Macy gasped when the man took the blonde's hips in his large hands and pressed his groin into her upturned ass. Instead of jumping in surprise the way Macy expected, the blonde braced her arms on the edge of the box, lifted her head, her eyes closed in a blissful expression, and ground her ass back against him.

Then he pulled her upright, sliding his hands up and around her torso to cup her small firm tits through her tank top. Macy could tell she wasn't wearing a bra—but then, she didn't need one. The blonde threw her head back against his shoulder and Macy knew the blonde was moaning as she reached behind her to grab his hips, urging him more firmly against her.

Macy couldn't believe what she was watching. She briefly looked around her to see if anyone else noticed the passionate display, but the two-lane side street was deserted—no cars and no pedestrians. The storefronts were closed up tight and nary a light illuminated the windows of the apartment buildings. When Macy looked back to the window, she saw the man massaging the blonde's tits, plucking at her nipples while he kissed her neck.

Her heart thumping wildly in her chest, her breathing erratic, Macy felt herself becoming aroused—so much so she squirmed where she sat on the bench, her own nipples hardening into taut peaks. She'd never watched another couple get it on before. Yes, she'd watched the odd porno or two, but she'd never seen such a display live and in person. She knew she should look away, but she was too entranced by the sight to resist watching.

Suddenly, the blonde's head snapped up and she looked directly at Macy. Even with the light on in the display window and the street dark, Macy knew the street lamp spotlighted her and made her plainly visible to the couple in the window. Embarrassed that she'd been caught watching, Macy felt her cheeks suffuse with heat and her heart threatened to burst from her chest. But then the blonde flashed her a wicked smile and Macy's jaw dropped open.

Flabbergasted, Macy then saw the blonde turn and whisper something in the man's ear. He looked up, his gaze met Macy's, and a roguish grin spread across his handsome face. Macy was sure her heart actually stopped beating for several seconds. Before Macy had time to blink, the blonde whipped around, stripped off the man's T-shirt, and had him backed up against the far wall of the display window. The whole time, the man never broke eye contact with Macy—not even when the blonde knelt down at his feet and began unfastening his jeans.

This was a whole new experience for Macy. Not only did they appear to not mind Macy watching, they seemed bound and determined to include her in their sex games. And somehow that made the whole thing all the more erotic. Her book now long forgotten, Macy tossed her bag aside and sat back on the bench, mesmerized by the man's burning gaze.

Finally, Macy let her eyes travel down the man's body, taking in his broad shoulders, his muscular arms and chest, lightly dusted with black hair that trailed down his washboard abs to his groin—which was now completely exposed thanks to the blonde pulling his jeans and underwear down around his ankles.

"Oh my," Macy rasped on a gust of air.

He was long, thick, and impressively erect—and just the sight of him made Macy break into a sweat. Of course, it was summer in the city and even though daybreak was a couple hours away, it was still quite hot. However, Macy was certain Mr. Hard Body would've made her sticky if it had been twenty-below.

The blonde took a long, slow swipe of her tongue up the length of his cock from the hairy base to the swollen head. Macy's mouth watered and she instinctively licked her lips. She could easily imagine herself bathing his cock with her tongue, tickling the sensitive underside, teasing the head with open-mouth kisses before wrapping her lips around it and sucking it deep into her warm, wet mouth. While fondling his large, hairy balls, she'd give him the most thorough blow job of his life. Macy could almost smell the unique, pungent, intoxicating aroma of aroused male and could almost taste the tangy flavor of his semen as it seeped from the head of his cock and dripped down the back of her throat.

Slightly jarred from her lust-induced trance by the sight of his hands grasping the blonde's head, encouraging her to a faster rhythm as she bobbed up and down his shaft, Macy looked up and saw that he was still watching her. She felt scorched by his intensity and swore she could feel his eyes caressing every inch of her. That's when Macy realized some one was caressing her body—her. She'd been so absorbed imagining his cock in her mouth, she hadn't realized she was lewdly kneading her breast with one hand while the other inched her already short skirt further up her thighs. No wonder he looked like he wanted to devour her.

Before today, if anyone had asked Macy if she was an exhibitionist—or a voyeur, for that matter—she would have said, "Hell no!" But now she wondered if she wasn't both. She couldn't remember ever being this sexually excited. Her breasts were heavy with desire, her nipples so hard they felt like they could rip through her clothing. Her cunt was dripping wet and pulsating with need. Larry sure as hell never turned her on like this.

Macy didn't know what possessed her or where she found the courage, but she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse, button by button, until it was open to her waist. It was incredibly thrilling the way his eyes locked onto her tits as she eased the cup of her lacy white bra over and under her left tit. He seemed transfixed by the sight of Macy molesting her own tit, twisting her taut nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Even from where she was, Macy saw his chest heaving and the glistening of sweat coating his body. Suddenly, he threw his head back and Macy knew he was shooting his cum down the blonde's throat.

Still pulling on her nipple, Macy didn't have time to wonder what would happen next before the blonde stood, quickly peeled off her clothing, and stood there proudly nude. Apparently recovered, the man hauled her up against him and proceeded to kiss her senseless while he kicked off this shoes and the rest of his clothing.

As Macy watched, he turned them around, pinning the blonde's back to the wall. Once again, Macy had no trouble putting herself in the blonde's position. She imagined his lips gliding down her neck to her chest, his hot breath fanning her skin, his greedy mouth sucking her nipples one at a time, his tongue licking a path down her stomach, dipping briefly into her navel before continuing south to her . . .

"God, yeah," Macy groaned.

With unadulterated envy, Macy witnessed the blonde writhing in ecstasy as the man used his talented mouth to drive her closer and closer to her climax. Macy could count on one finger the number of times a man had gone down on her—and it hadn't been Larry.

Unable to stand it any longer, desperately in need of some relief, Macy quickly looked around to see if the street was still deserted . . . and it was. Of course, someone could've been watching from any one of the apartment windows, but Macy was too worked up to care. She hitched her skirt all the way up to her hips, slid forward on the bench, spread her legs wide apart, and lightly rubbed her pussy through the soaked crotch of her white lace panties.

In the display window, the man gently used his fingers to open the blonde up even more to his broad tongue, which paid extra special attention to her clit. Torturing her nipple with her left hand while stroking her swollen, panty-covered cunt lips, Macy stared in awe as the blonde threw her arms up over her head and arched her back violently, her partner skillfully giving her—not one—but multiple orgasms.

Before the blonde's legs completely gave out, the man guided her onto her knees and over one of the still-sealed boxes, spreading her legs so he could kneel between them. He'd situated them perfectly, so Macy could see every detail of the act to come. Gloriously erect yet again, he took hold of his cock and placed the head at the blonde's entrance. Poised to fuck her doggie-style, the man swung his head to Macy and pierced her with his hot gaze.

For a second, Macy wondered what he was waiting for, but then the blonde lazily turned her head to face Macy too and Macy knew exactly what they wanted. Without even checking to see if anyone was watching, Macy lifted her left foot onto the bench, wedging the heel of her pump in between the slats. Drawing her legs apart as much as possible, Macy pushed aside the drenched fabric covering her pussy and complete exposed herself to the couple in the window—and anyone else who might've been watching.

Surprisingly, the idea that others might see what she was about to do only heightened her arousal. Her pulse racing, an irresistible warmth unfurling in her lower abdomen, Macy slid two fingers up and down her slit, careful to only barely graze the edges of her inflamed, overly sensitive clit. When they reached the entrance to her vagina, Macy gradually eased both fingers into her hot, wet tunnel as far as they'd go, slicking her fingers with her copious juices.

Still holding the man's fiery gaze, Macy murmured, "Go on. Do it."

And as if awaiting her signal, he rammed his cock into the blonde to the hilt with one smooth thrust. In almost perfect synchronization, Macy pulled her fingers from her sopping twat as the man withdrew his cock from the blonde. Holding the blonde's hips steady, he slid back inside her and Macy imitated the move with her fingers, wishing they were his big cock stretching and filling her.

They continued this for several more strokes before Macy's throbbing clit demanded attention. She dragged her fingers back up between her cunt lips and circled her turgid clit over and over again, occasionally giving the underside a little rub.

Meanwhile, the man was fucking the blonde faster and harder—while still watching Macy. The blonde was really getting into it now, arching her back and pushing back into his thrusts. Her face was contorted with what Macy knew had to be intense pleasure and she actually bit into her own arm.

Even though she knew he couldn't hear her, Macy looked into the man's eyes and said, "That's it, baby. Fuck her harder. I know she wants it as much as I do."

From the way his nostrils flared and the way his eyes burned into hers, Macy knew he understood and soon his hips were slamming into the blonde so forcefully she held onto the box for dear life.

Fingering her clit more purposefully now and pinching her nipple, Macy's eyes were glued the man's ass as he continued to pound the blonde for all he was worth. Macy loved the way his ass clenched each time he thrust his cock into the blonde's eager cunt. He had such a magnificent ass, too.

Macy was so close to coming, but she paced herself, not wanting to come before the couple in the window. Panting, furiously working her clit, Macy saw the man bury himself deeply inside the blonde one last time. The blonde's mouth opened wide in a silent scream and every muscle in the man's body tensed, his muscular ass repeatedly clenching as he pumped his cum into the blonde.

Then Macy let herself go, soaring to a place beyond reason, the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced ripping her apart, electric shocks of pleasure ricocheting through her body until she slumped on the bench, completely drained. Gasping for breath, wonderful sensations still rippling through her body, Macy languidly raised her head and opened her eyes—which she hadn't realized she'd shut—and looked at the couple in the display window. The man had collapsed on top of the blonde and was sweetly pressing kisses to her shoulder. Macy was starting to feel like an outsider again when he turned back to her, smiled, and blew her a kiss.

Just then, Macy heard the unmistakable sound of the bus turning the corner onto her street. She scrambled to right her clothing, hoping the bus driver wouldn't see anything he shouldn't. Then she laughed at herself. After what she'd just done, what difference would it make? Even so, by the time the bus stopped in front of her, her underwear was back in place, her skirt was down, her bra was fixed, her shirt was buttoned, and her tote bag was on her shoulder.

After she hopped aboard and seated herself in a window seat on the opposite side of the bus, Macy looked out the window to see that the couple's storefront was once again shut up tight. They'd given her the greatest, most unforgettable experience of her life and Macy was a bit disappointed they were gone and it was over. But there was always tomorrow, right?

Smiling to herself, Macy mused that taking the bus might not be so bad after all.

©2003 SexySoBeChick

Thank you for reading. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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