Mad About Her


As I got off the plane in lovely coastal Mexico, I was glad that I was with my fiancé. We heard a few rumblings about this little known fishing village in southern Mexico, so we decided to go for it. I looked around in disbelief as we drove through the incredible mountain range of the Sierra Madre and soon we could see the azure blue Pacific. Things couldn't be better. Or could they?

We grabbed a taxi back to our reserved bungalow by the bay heading through a quaint village filled with markets and shops. All looked inviting. We pulled into the bungalow courtyard, and were escorted into the main office/welcoming area. We secured the reservation, took care of the business and walked around gazing at the unique Spanish/Mexican architecture. There was a small open courtyard at the end of the walk complete with a coffee cantina/bar and a great view of the Pacific. We smiled and walked on.

We took a seat on one of the benches and watched as a few people were having their pre-siesta coffees conversing aimlessly. As I looked over to the groups, I stared in amazement. I quickly turned my head to act as if I did not look. For what I saw, I could not fathom. I took a quick double take as I looked back over to the sitting group. There was a woman with sandy blond hair and sunglasses trying to look inconspicuous, but her pout lips and her vocal delivery instantly gave her away to me. It was none other than actress Helen Hunt.

She sat with two people, one of which looked like a friend and her husband judging by the close proximity that they shared. They mumbled over a past vacation in Europe as I could not help myself but to eavesdrop. I did not look over and my fiancé apparently did not notice, but as the conversation rolled on there was no mistaking this Academy Award winning actress. I tried to keep my cool and not stare unnecessarily toward the group. They bantered on when suddenly the thought rapped me...if they are in this courtyard they must be staying in the same villa. My heart sped in my chest as I tried to focus on the mundane conversation. It made sense to me though as I knew we were in a location that most tourists don't have a clue about, so what better place to go to ensure privacy. My luck was running pretty high right about now.

As they finished up their boring discussion, they discussed what they were going to do for the rest of the afternoon. Helen's friend revealed their intentions to go to the playas (beach) which was scantly inhabited. Her husband insisted that he was going to play a round of golf a local course. They got up, pushed in their chairs and headed back into the rear part of the villa. Helen wore a light robe-like top. As she walked out I could see she already had her swimsuit on underneath from the look of her beautiful bare tan legs. Her friend also had a cover top on with a swimsuit on underneath. My curiosity now ran rampant.

"Let's go check out our room," my fiancé said smiling and pushing me to go. We got up and headed back the same way. I watched as Helen and her group turned right. As we turned left, I noted the doors that that both were unlocking. I turned quickly and chatted with my fiancé to shrug off any suspicion . We were just a few doors down from them in Room #9. We unlocked our bungalow and stepped inside. It was gorgeous - old Mexican style with a great look at the bay. We laughed and decided to hit the beach after we unpacked. I was still reeling from the thought that we were staying in the same villa as this famous Hollywood moviestar. I quickly changed my clothes and got into my swim trunks. The beach was simply just outside our villa, so we grabbed our towels and headed out.

It was a picture perfect day as the deep blue Pacific lapped up against the white sands. There was no one on this beach since it was the property of our villa. We dropped our towels and both laid down exhausted from the flight. I closed my eyes and gently floated off in the four o'clock sun.

I awoke to a few different voices. I looked around in a sunny daze. My fiancé was talking with a few beachgoers I suspected. I got up and looked over to her target audience and suddenly I looked away again surprised by the situation. My fiancé was conversing with Helen and her friend who where sitting just 15 feet away from us.

"Robert, this is Helen and her friend Rachel...they're from California," said my fiancé Sherry. I nodded my head respectfully toward both of them smiling.

"Hi Robert," said both women as Rachel fed me a little wave. Helen smiled.

Both women looked incredible. Helen wore a sky blue sleek one piece swimsuit. Her body was already significantly tan. Rachel wore a skimpy gold bikini hiding few of a great body. Both wore sunglasses.

"So have you guys gone out around here?" Rachel asked.

"No, we just arrived today, so tonight we will have to see," Sherry replied.

"We have heard of a few places...," Helen said to Rachel.

I watched as they discussed a few things and then seemed to smile and stare at us. We were pretty hot specimens ourselves. Sherry is a supple 26 year old brunette with a great body. She wore her signature blue bikini which she looked stupendous in. I am a fit 29 year old with brown hair and blue eyes. I was wearing a pair of khaki swimshorts which contrasted well with my tight abdominal rack. I smiled back.

We chatted on for a little while and actually engaged in some intelligent conversation when I realized that my fiancé didn't recognize Helen, she would have led on to me by now if she knew she was in the presence of such a celebrity. I also think Helen believed that both of us didn't recognize her and she was visibly pleased by it. It must be comforting just to hang out without the onslaught of paparazzi and media. I continued to act as if this was no big deal rolling over to take in some more sun.

I felt Sherry grab me to get moving. "Let's go," she said. I slowly got up watching the response of the other two women. Both were laying on their backs. They smiled and acknowledged our leaving.

"Great to meet you," I said walking by the two women. "Maybe we will meet up again," I said curiously surveying their response.

"Sounds good," Rachel said now peering over her sunglasses. "Maybe we could hit the cantina for a few margaritas later." Helen subtly nodded her head in agreement.

"O.K., what time were you thinking about?" Sherry inquired.

"After dinner, say around 10:00?"

"it actually is pretty private with a great atmosphere, Mexican guitar players and a few natives - we try to avoid big tourist crowds," Helen said looking over to her friend to make sure the accommodations were adequate. Rachel quickly nodded her head.

"See you then," I said trying anxiously to hide my growing sense of excitement. I kept it cool on the exterior as we began to stride away toward the local villa.

"They seem to be pretty nice," my fiancé said to me waiting for my response.

"Yeah, it will be fun to hang out with a few gringos tonight to get the scoop on the area," I said. She acquiesced.

We entered the villa and dropped for a siesta. As Sherry looked fast asleep exhausted from the flight, I got up and got a drink. I finished as I thought out what was to occur. I wrote a note to Sherry which said I was going to walk into town an be back before 7. Having everything I needed I quietly walked out the door. This villa was very secluded which greatly contributed to the fact that there was no one in sight. I slowly walked up to the ridge over the beach and saw what I was hoping, Helen and her friend still out there basking in the dwindling sun.

I quickly turned and headed back to the villas. I navigated my way back to the small courtyard moving toward the right villas, the ones in which Helen was staying in. Cautiously yet cool I walked past Rachel's door number 7 and went a few steps forward taking a quick look around. I slowly turned the old hand-crafted knob and felt the spring of the latch, opening it and quickly making my way inside. Signs were posted and we had heard rumors that everybody leaves their door open here with many doors having no locks. This made this much easier.

I closed the door behind me and glanced around the room. Helen's room was quite neat. All of her clothes were put away and two suitcases and an empty wine bottle were the only items visible of personal belongings. I began to open the closets. There was one large one which Helen had obviously used and a smaller one which was empty to the left of the room. Both were louvered. I smiled and headed back to the front of the bungalow to the front portal window. I sat back looking at the position of the two ladies. After 15 minutes or so, I turned my head to see both women shaking out their towels. My pulse began to race as I made my way back to the small closet. I closed the door behind me and began to adjust the louvers so that I could have a preferable view. My heart continued to speed as I anxiously waited. The thought of getting caught was not in the least of my mind at this time. Now, I thought about seeing an incredibly beautiful Hollywood actress not knowing I was watching.

I twinged when I began to hear chatting voices and next the turn of the antiquated knob. It quickly creaked open.

"Be back in an hour, see you," I heard the familiar voice and then the closing of the door. I looked out but could not see anything in. I was located in the garden bedroom apart from the front lounge section. Now I thought I would be able to hear a pin drop thinking I could actually hear my heart pounding above all. Then I heard footsteps which steadily gained in volume and less echo. The next thing I knew was that I was staring at the lovely actress as she made her way in brushing the sand out of her hair looking great in that high cut sky blue one piece. She began to look in a few drawers and then the mirror brushing out the remaining bits of sand. I marveled at her incredible 35 year old physique, a nice toned chest and abs and a spectacular ass.

My body cringed as I saw her then reach up and begin to move aside the one-piece straps. First one, then the other. I had a clear view of her from the back as she faced the mirror and another view of the reflection showing her chest. She pulled the straps down further exposing her supple breasts and back. With one quick motion, she pulled the one piece down over her hips and off. My cock jumped as I now could see the unthinkable...Helen Hunt's bare ass. It was perfect. I could easily make out the sweet tanlines in which there were two sets. One was from the one piece and due to the high cut nature the other had to be a thong. I shuddered as I began to slowly take out my rising 8" member. After fiddling with something on her bureau, she turned around and walked toward me. I slightly cowered and then stood my ground now stoking my thick cock to this incredible show. Her breasts stood out well with the tan. These natural beauties looked close enough to touch me as she approached. Next, I fixated on her absolutely cute pussy. I felt a few drops of precum as I peered on. Her pussy was auburn colored trimmed very close in a tight V shape. She had completely shaved under her love button. Her pussy contrasted perfectly with her dark tanline.

For a second I thought she was on to me and then I saw her turning away now with a towel in her hand. Her thong tanlined ass was about 3 feet from me at one point. She pranced into the bathroom and I could hear the shower being turned on. I continued to stoke myself thinking about this unprecedented show. For a moment I wanted to leave now but I could not help myself. I knew she was coming back shortly.

After 10 minutes or so elapsed, I heard the shower turned off. I could hear the rustling of the shower curtain. Soon I watched her step back into the room dressed only in a white towel. She walked over to the bureau and began to take the towel off as she towel dried her lovely body. I again marveled at that great ass. She opened a few drawers and turned around toward me as she stepped into a white silk panty. She adjusted herself and my heart stopped as she turned around to reveal that she had donned a silk thong. Her ass never looked so hot.

My hand slipped over my cock faster and faster as she then pulled over a white demi-bra and checked herself in the mirror. I couldn't help myself as I spewed my hot love juice all over the side closet wall to this dazzlingly sexy sight. I tried desperately to hold my emotion as I watched her walk to the closet. I heard the rattling of hangers and then she came into view again dressed in dreamlike bra and thong. I watched her put on a long light material Mexican red dress. She then pulled on a white top which was cut to show a modicum of her breasts but not much. For the next ten minutes she worked on her brownish blonde hair as leaned back on the wall blown away by the experience. It was another 10 minutes or so when I saw her grab her hand purse and head into the other room. I could hear the door open and then close shut and then silence.

I opened the door quickly and walked toward the entrance door. I looked out the porthole window and then quickly moved opening and closing the door behind me softly. I walked swiftly past Rachel's room and across the court to our room. I was actually early to be back, but I thought I could catch up on some z's.

Within three hours we got up refreshed and ready to head out for the night. I watched my fiancé get up and begin undressing for the shower, her swimsuit looked great coming off showing her newly formed tanlines. With her back to me I could only get the glance of her ass, sweet and pert. I felt a stirring in my boxers then laid back down. Then I got up, reached inside my bag, and took out a camcorder. I quickly looked around the room under I found a shelf in the corner of the room which looked very inconspicuous. I put the camcorder in a black camouflaged sheath and set it up recording and playing it back to ensure a great angle. I always wanted to get us on tape on this vacation. Now I would be ready. I showered thereafter and we got ready for dinner. Sherry wore a medium length beige skirt and a light blue top, I wore a blue button up shirt and khakis. We put on the finishing touches and headed out.

We ate dinner at this small local run restaurant which served great fresh fish. We enjoyed our meal and the ambience, but my mind had been shaken by the events that had transpired. We took care of the bill and noticed it was 9:30.

Tirelessly we made our destination down the long pristine beach heading for our lovely quaint villa. It was about a mile or so hike, but beautiful along the back bay. We took it all in and then arrived walking up the steps to the back courtyard. I looked ahead and could see a few people out at the cantina. As I walked further, I spotted Helen and her friend Rachel talking amongst themselves. I smiled and walked on.

"There they are, over there," Sherry pointed.

"Oh, OK," I said already knowing this.

We walked up into the cantina in which a small Mexican musical troupe was playing the area's signature music. It echoed enchantingly through the stone courtyard. The smell of baking tortillas filled the air. As we got closer, I could see that Rachel had spotted us. She whispered to Helen and then waved us on. We got to the table and sat to the left of them. We exchanged pleasantries and ordered a few more margaritas. I now surveyed each woman. Rachel looked hot in a black knee length dress and top which revealed a good amount of her sweet breasts. Helen as I had seen earlier was in a light red medium length dress and white top in which was buttoned low in typical Helen fashion. As my eyes moved up from her chest area, I shivered when I saw her directly looking at me. I was nabbed and she knew it. She smiled and returned to the conversation. I felt stupid by this action, the conversation seemed to get looser and friendlier as we engaged in more margaritas. Helen seemed to be having a great time, giddy and flirtatious as time went by. The next thing I know I was picking up another round for our jovial crew. I walked back to the table detecting Helen's eyes checking up on my hips and midsection. This time I caught her as she looked at me and smiled sheepishly knowing she was caught. She escalated it further.

"Question Robert, are you a boxers or briefs man?"

I laughed at first, shrugging off her joke but was encouraged by Rachel and my fiancé.

"Well then why don't you take a guess if you are so curious?" I said in a mock innocent tone.

"OK, I could do that," she said. She asked me to stand up and I felt like I was held under the microscope, but I soon loosened up as I knew I had everything to show. I was a boxers man through and through, I liked the way my sizable cock lays in my pants. My khakis were light so that even when I looked down, I could roughly see the outline of my thickness. I sat and looked at all and awaited her answer.

"Definitely boxers, no doubt about it," she said tantalizingly licking her lips quickly.

"Correct," I said thinking fast and acting with the flow of the moment. "Now, it is your turn,"

"Question Helen are you wearing panties or no panties?" I hoped that this would work. All of the ladies laughed, but Rachel soon voiced her opinion.

"What's fair is fair, Helen...please stand up and answer the question," she said.

Helen looked around and stood up and then looked at me and slowly turned around showing off again the red dress and sweet figure. I looked closely and could detect, a slight high panty line, but that was because I knew what was actually underneath. Helen turned back around and sat down asking for my answer. "Well?" The others looked at him intently.

"Panties, I think," I said innocently.

"Good guess," Helen said chuckling on. The ladies also joined in the laughter.

"Now, a bonus question can you tell me what kind I am wearing?" Helen said stepping up the stakes. I was instantly exhilerated knowing I knew the answer. I tried to contain myself.

I thought pensively and looked around the table at the women who all smiled and jested before I would declare.

"What do I get if I get it right?" I said redirecting the momentum.

Helen was taken back by the statement, but felt challenged to respond. She was obviously locked into the game she created. She then smiled grabbing an idea.

"I'll show them to you if you get it right!," scoffing my question.

" about a white silk thong," I said in a guessing manner.

The women looked over to Helen who's eyes rolled back into her head in disbelief. Rachel seeing this went after the kill.

"He's right isn't he?" she bellowed with laughter. "He got it."

She looked up from the table and acknowledged. "You're right."

"Don't rush, give it some time...whenever you feel comfortable you can show us," I said sarcastically. Everyone laughed and finished another round. I went to get another when I dropped a few pesos. As I bent down to get it, I could not help but notice Rachel's hand moving along Sherry's thigh. I picked up the pesos and sat up watching both of their expressions. Sherry tried to hide it, but I knew when she was getting aroused. She moved her head back a bit and stole a look at Rachel. Rachel looked back, moved over and whispered in Sherry's ear. Sherry with a heavy exhale said "Yes," first innocently then sexy. I could imagine what Rachel's hand was doing now. I looked over and could see the Helen also became aware of this development looking over and then looking back over to me.

"I think maybe we should go to your place, this party is beginning to get out of control," Helen said half smiling. "And don't worry about our'll get your reward" she said pouting her lips.

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