Mad Girl Ch. 01-04


At about 4:00 in the morning, Timothy woke slightly to see Shirley coming back from the bathroom. She had left the bathroom light on as she got back in bed next to him. She was wearing a short silky black bathrobe, open in front. Although still really asleep, he couldn't help but watch her breasts and pussy as she climbed back in bed. She lay with her head on his chest. At first he thought she just might go back to sleep. But then he remembered the bathroom light was still on. That wasn't an accident. This sexy lady wanted one more from him before the dawn and the end of their night together.

She was stroking his chest, and then started licking his nipples. Slowly she kissed and stroked her way down his chest, to his legs, inner thighs. When her mouth closed around his cock, he was already fairly hard. His cock was predictable if nothing else, and always responded to Shirley. She took her time, licking up the seam, down the side, back up to the top, then taking him deep into her mouth.

She liked licking sucking and playing with his handsome penis. She would like it to be detachable. That way she could take it home and play with it whenever she wanted. She thought the penis would have more fun with her than him. She was pretty sure that if his penis could talk, he would prefer staying at home in her pussy than going home with him. He is taking her wonderful penis away again, she thought.

He withdrew, got out of bed for a minute, then came back with a bottle of lube. He got his cock slippery, then sweetly lubed each of her pussy lips separately, then around her clit, and then deep in her pussy. She lay on her side and he curled up behind her. She lifted one leg and reached down to guide his cock in. She then closed her legs and snuggled her butt up to his groin. She enjoyed this position leisurely fucking and cuddling at the same time. Very sexy and relaxing.

A leisurely fuck. She liked his cock sliding in from behind. His right arm was under her head and was caressing one breast while he slowly licked and kissed her neck and ears. After a while their thrusting began picking up intensity. She again opened her legs, and he put his other hand between their legs, using the palm of his hand to press her whole public area. That did it, Shirley came again. She couldn't help it, he was rubbing her clit and the stroking was just getting her too hot to stop.

He slowed the pace, just enjoying the warmth and wetness between their legs, and the comfort of this beautiful woman beside him. But he hadn't cum yet. He rolled up on top of her, and said "Now you need to get fucked properly." She spread her legs, and he sunk his cock all the way in. He slid a pillow under her ass and thrust hard and deep. She liked this and pulled him all the way down onto her. "Give it to me baby, I want to feel you shoot into me." It didn't take long and he didn't hold back. The orgasm was so intense he fell off of her and just lay there gasping for air. She was happy now that he came.

She snuggled up against him again. If she was a cat she'd be purring now. Shirley wasn't mad anymore, now she was just satisfied.

"Be still now baby," he said, "Go to sleep."

Ok, I know you need to sleep before morning.

But as they were drifting off again, she whispered,

"But what about tomorrow?"

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