tagErotic HorrorMad Juana's Lament Ch. 01

Mad Juana's Lament Ch. 01


Dark eyes. Dark almond shaped eyes. They stare back at me from the looking glass, the distorted image of what I am and what I could be. I am accursed and damned, as surely as any other lover's fool. At the age of seventeen, my mother and father betrothed me to Philip the Handsome of Austria. It was a fatal error that has jeopardized my now immortal soul. Adios Mio.

When I at last turned eighteen, they put together a fleet of ships to sail me to my new home. After months at sea, tired and weathered the creaking sea vessels washed ashore in the Low Countries. I had been apprehensive about my first encounter with my new beloved. I had not long to wait, and when at last we met I found myself face to face with someone whose smile melted the melancholy that surrounded my heart since the day I was put upon this earth. So entranced was he that he immediately called for a cleric to marry us so that he might take me into his bedchambers. And oh how I trembled under his touch. His hands trailed over my virgin flesh as though he were perusing the skin of an angel. His mouth covered mine, my heart dashing against my breasts, as though it would burst forth from my chest.

He led me into the room, the only sound between us being the breath escaping my parted lips. My lips felt a tingle with desire, trembling as I waited for love's one true kiss. Philip. Though neither of us possessed tongues capable of producing one another's language, we found ourselves entranced by the simple fire our palms pressed together could ignite in our bodies. He began by taking the pins from my hair. He kissed my long raven locks, pressing my hair into his hand, bringing the scented strands up to his delicate nose. His slender fingers trailing over the contours of my ivory face, the flush creeping into my cheeks, as the warmth overcame my being.

The fire crackled casting its yellow hue upon the floor, alighting on the deep red velvet coverlet on the bed. I knew we would end up there. I knew my flesh would be beneath his hungry gaze. I wanted to reveal myself to him. My eyes looked into his, questioning, asking him to guide me in this new endeavor, this coupling of man and woman, husband and wife. He brought my trembling hands to his lips, turning them over to kiss my palms.

Sliding his hands beneath the fabric of my sleeves, he sank to his knees bringing his head to rest against my stomach. I cradled his head against me, my hands running through his sandy hair, awash in every newfound sensation. Gripping the bottom of my bodice, those deft fingers slowly undid the strings that bound me. My flesh peaked through the thin fabric of the chemise I wore beneath. He slipped my skirt down my slender legs, kissing the soft skin, worshipping me as his beloved. He motioned for me to lift my arms over my head, I obliged, giggling when his hands tickled my ivory flesh whilst he removed the chemise, exposing me to his gaze and his touch.

With a small laugh, he swept me up into his arms, carrying me towards the bed. He threw me down upon it, gripping my legs by the ankles to bring me to the edge of the bed. Wide eyed, I watched in awe as he revealed his form to me, the flesh between his legs sliding against my thighs as he bent his head to kiss me.

Those two perfect lips pressed to mine, a groan welling from within my chest. A gentle moan escaping between kisses. He allowed those gentle fingers to dance over my thighs, coming to rest upon my mound, I gasped as those fingers parted me. Those fingers parted me and played upon me, exalting in the wetness of my virgin flesh. His mouth came to claim mine, over and over again, conquering my heart.

His hand ascended upon me, ever moving and fluttering against me. Until at last, I broke away from his kiss, his hands building a sensation within me, the tempo and beating bringing me ever closer. Leaning my head back against the velvet coverlet, I cried out in ecstasy as his flesh became one with mine in one simple thrust. He pierced my virgin flesh, my body quivering, and my hands gripping his arms. He sat within me, waiting for the slight pain to leave my body.

Those two perfect eyes searched mine for some acknowledgement that this dance between lovers could move on. I bit my lip and nodded for him to begin anew. I wanted the dance to build the fire within me until my flesh literally made us both go up in flame. Each movement, each thrust, making me cry out in delight. I panted beneath him. I writhed.

He gripped the supple flesh of my young breasts, my nipples pert at the promise of kisses, his tongue darting over each one. His body continued moving in and out. His lips searching for mine. Sliding his hands under my hips, he tilted me towards him as he sank himself within me. My hands searched for something to hold on to, as he pulled me to the edge of the bed, pulled me into him. I dug my hands into that soft velvet coverlet, closing my eyes, my legs gripping his body into mine.

"Mi cielo. My heaven" I cried as wave after wave of passion shook me to the core of my being. Washing over and making me cry out, his touch making me crave more. He embraced me, holding me tighter to him, bucking against me. Gazing upon my face, he smiled and kissed me, his tongue seeking out mine. I felt a wanton woman, a sinful devil, and my serpentine tongue matched the lust in his kiss.

Picking me up, he turned me over. Slapping my rump to awaken my body from the tingle of slumber, I turned my head and buried it into the covers as he parted me and entered in. Penetrating the folds of my flesh, his hips rocking against my rump, his flesh sliding within me. He reached his hand beneath me, his fingers playing upon me, building me up faster this time. I cried out, my mouth muffled by the bed.

The rhythm of his body began to increase, his hands reached for my long dark tresses. He wrapped his fingers within my hair. His hips pounded into me, the slapping of his skin upon mine causing a pleasurable sting, reddening the flesh on my backside. Harder and harder, rubbing against me, his fingers tugging a little more upon my hair, bringing my head up from the covers.

Each meeting of our bodies brought a whimper of pleasure from my lips. The tingling crept within me, the tension building between my thighs. Each slap, each jab brought me ever closer. In and out, in and out, the lovers dance ignited one fire after another within me. At last, he plunged deep within me. Moaning he pumped against me, his seed spilling forth into my once chaste body. I was now his wanton maiden, his animalistic lover, and his amorous little fool. I wanted nothing more than to have and to hold him forever. And if we should have never left that bedchamber, my eternity would have been spent there enveloped in his arms.

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