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Madam Vixen's Mad Mansion


Let me out! Let me out! Let us out! Let us out! Come on Vixen! Please? Please let us out! You know it would take forever to write out each of our stories! Please let us out! Let us out now!

ALRIGHT! ENOUGH! Fine! I'll let you all out! Damn you are all giving me a headache...

But we are still doing it my way damn it!

These characters have been in my head since I was 15... That was six years ago... I haven't done much with them at all and now they are all driving me insane so I'm letting the characters out this way instead of writing all of their full on backgrounds. This also lets me put out a bunch of other ideas that I've had that I hadn't formed into full stories yet. Brace yourself for the insanity of these 10 sexy ladies, including my alter ego and myself!



Madam Vixen's Mad Mansion: Chapter One- The Mansion

The cab pulled into Madam Vixen's estate through a tall and intricate iron fence. Along the drive way was lawns of beautiful crisp greens and shrubs in the shape of centaurs, fairies, nymphs and much more. They came to a roundabout in the drive way with a fountain pouring crystal blue water into the basin from a vase held by a gorgeous mermaid. The mansion before them was three stories high and very Victorian in construction, with a tower on the back right hand corner that obviously had an extra floor. It had a theme of white and black with a few spots of purple trimming that suggested that the owner didn't like how plain it had been without it.

The cab driver stopped at the front steps to the mansion before getting out and starting to get the bags out of the trunk. A woman stepped out of the back seat of the cab and looked up at the incredible mansion as her waist length hair blew in the slight wind. She stood at 6'2" and had long legs and skinny waist. She had a slight inverted triangle figure, where her chest was more defined then her hips and ass. Her skin was a creamy white that was made more pronounced by how dark her hair was. Her face was breathtaking and looked as if it had been carved by angels. It was slightly sharp and angular but with just enough softness in her plump lips and the shape of her eyes. She was wearing a pair of black slacks and a fitted knit top that showed off her shape a bit. She was gorgeous and the cab driver was falling all over himself to unpack her bags for her. Her dark, deep blue eyes examined the mansion as a slight flutter of nerves went through her.

"T-there you go Miss." The cab driver stuttered as he closed the trunk. "Do you need help with these bags?"

"No. I'll be alright. Thank you though." The woman said with a smile that seemed to make her glow before offering the man the cab fee and a tip. The man stared at her in awe for a moment before realizing what she was holding out to him and taking it with many words of thanks. She smiled before grabbing her bags and heading up the stairs to the front door.

Before she could even knock someone was already opening the door. It was another woman who was much shorter than the angel before her. She was only about 5'5" and had a pear shape body. Her breasts were small but rather perky and she had wide hips with a nice round ass. Her muscles were toned and looked as if she worked out every day. Her skin was pale but not as pale as the woman in front of her and her dirty blonde hair was in a boy cut. Her eyes were a lighter blue and one seemed to even glow a bit as she looked over the woman at the door. She was dressed in a suit with a skirt and holding some odd blank tablet in her hands.

"Miss Eleanor Marie Smith I presume." She said as she tabbed the tablet and the whole surface suddenly lit up.

"Yes. But you can just call me Ella." The woman responded with a smile.

"Hello. My name is Anna. I am the technology and security manager of the property. Any problems you have with anything around the mansion you shall come to me first unless it has to do with the other residents. Madam Vixen will deal with all those manners." She explained as she moved fluidly into the mansion, shutting the door behind Ella. Ella followed her in, marveling at the grand staircases before them and the artwork hanging on the walls.

"Madam Vixen will go over all the rules and expectations with you. You can leave your bags here for now." Anna informed Ella, waiting for her to set her things down before leading her past the staircases and down one of the halls. Along the way there was suddenly a screech and a chill went up Ella's spine. A young woman, having to only be about 18, with long black curls suddenly went bolting past them, giggling like mad. Ella pressed herself against the wall as a woman with brilliantly red curly hair went chasing after girl and a dark energy passed over Ella.

"Give it back fish girl!" the red headed woman screamed as they turned down a corner at the end of the hall.

"Not unless you catch me blood breathe!" the girl giggled back. Anna sighed before turning back to Ella.

"Are you alright?" she asked the wide eyed woman.

"But that was-"

"Yes it was. Like I said, Madam Vixen will explain everything." She turned on her heels at that and walked down to a door on the right, knocking firmly on it. Ella followed her in as she opened the door and looked over her new landlord and charge.

Vixen Boston was just as Ella had been told. She was tall, although not as tall as Ella, standing at about 5' 11" with long legs and a perfectly matched hourglass figure. She was nowhere near fat but she was a bit plump, which her large bone structure didn't help with. She had slightly longer than shoulder length, dark brown hair with a widow's peak and long oval shaped face. She had eyes that were currently a bluish-grey but Ella knew that they changed between a mixture of blue, green and grey depending on her mood. Her skin was pale but covered in freckles that made her look kind of cute. She was a beautiful woman but Ella knew that she didn't think so.

Flaw of being human, she thought to herself as she smiled at her charge as she looked up from the book she was reading.

"Ah. Miss Smith. Welcome." Vixen said with a smile.

"Call me Ella." She smiled back.

"Alright Ella. Welcome to my mansion. You are the last of the residents to arrive so you get last pick of the rooms but there are of course plenty of rooms left. You can go ahead and explore once we get some technical things out of the way. First off, here is the contract and list of rules that I'll need you to read over. I have some personal questions for you as well of course, just to make sure things go smoothly around here."

"Of course," Ella responded as she took the rules and contract and quickly just glanced over them. Nothing short of selling her soul would stop her from staying there.

"Now first off, how old are you?"

"Twenty five," Ella responded automatically. Vixen looked up at her with a frown at that before pulling off the reading glasses she had and looking at Ella fully.

"No, Ella. How old are you really?" She asked with a knowing look. Ella blinked and got a little nervous at that.

"What do you mean?" She asked, a little unsure now.

"Ella, let me explain a bit to you about me and my house. I'm 'special' as many would say. I can sense things I shouldn't be able to and it gets me into trouble some times. There will be ten people living in this house if you decide to join us and only one of them is human. That's me." Vixen stated matter of factually before looking her over more.

"You, however, are a celestial being and have most likely been sent down to be my guardian. I know they wouldn't send a young one down here so how old are you really?" Ella stared at her with wide eyes before gulping.

"They told me you had talent but not this..." She said before sighing. "I was born March 16th of 1788."

"Alright. And I'm assuming you are in fact a Guardian Angel."

"Yes. I was sent down here to protect you from anything that would want to use your powers for darker purposes." Ella admitted.

"And is Ella your real name?"

"Yes. It was the name I was given at my birth. I don't use it often but I decided to this time."

"Alright... Um... Could I perhaps see your... Um..." Vixen started, trying to be polite but not sure if it was and blushing a bit as she tried to ask.

"My what? Oh, wait... My wings you mean?" Ella asked, blushing slightly. Vixen nodded, making Ella blush a bit more before sighing and standing up. She looked around to make sure she had enough room before letting out her wings.

Vixen gasped as huge, pure white feathered wings appeared out of Ella's back. They were gorgeous and glowing slightly and Vixen had the urge to touch them but held back. She looked over Ella more and realized her whole body glowed and there was now a halo above her head.

"I figure this isn't your full celestial form?"

"No. That form would blind any mortal that were to see it." Ella responded, her voice slightly more musical.

"Alright. You can change back if you want. I just have a few more questions and then you can pick out your room, alright?" Ella nodded and went back to her human form before sitting down to answer the rest of the questions and read over everything more to find out just what she had gotten herself into.


"Hello. My name is Serenity Knowls, I'm eighteen years old and I'm kinda like a siren." The curly black haired girl said with a smile as Ella finally got a good look at her.

Her thick hair went to about mid back and she stood at about 5' 7". She was rather petite and had a small hourglass figure that was made to look even slimmer by the tight Lolita dress she was wearing. She looked almost like a porcelain doll with how pale she was and the frilly, childish dress wasn't helping that look. Her eyes reminded Ella of the ocean, having a sea green/blue look and they were big and very innocent looking. There was a hint of mischief hidden beneath the innocence though, and Ella knew that looks could be deceiving.

"What do you mean kind of like a siren?" one of the other woman asked. This woman had long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes that had a hint of the wild in them. She was long and thin and had a square like shape with small breasts and hips. In fact almost everything but her eyes, lips and presence in the room seemed small. She reminded Ella of a dancer, with how slim and toned she was. She stood at about 5' 8", but the power she put off made her seem like she was taller than Ella.

"Well, see when I was about five I went swimming in the ocean and a shark attacked me and dragged me out to sea. A siren found me, chased off the shark and healed me. I have some aspects of a siren but I also have some aspects of a shark. Like my sharp teeth!" she giggled and then snapped her teeth to show us her point.

"Who are you?" she then asked the blonde woman, looking genuinely curious.

"My name is Tala Longsfur, I am 56 and I am a werewolf." She announced rather proudly.

"Ugh. A mutt? Really?" came the melodious but sharp voice of the woman who had been chasing Serenity earlier. She had a large hourglass shape, with a very skinny waist and large breasts and hips. She was pale, almost pure white, which was normal for her kind really. She had green eyes that flashed to red when she got annoyed. Her lips were full and bright red and her fiery hair went just below her shoulders. Her face was round and rather soft looking and she had a slightly upturned nose, which made her look a little prudish.

"Yes. Have a problem with that blood sucker?" Tala shot back with a slight growl.

"Enough. Alex? Why don't you introduce yourself?" Vixen cut in before it got worse.

"Alright. I'm Alexandria Campbell, I'm over one thousand years old and as you all probably have deduced, I am a vampire." The fiery red head drawled out.

This one has a bit of a temper... Ella thought to herself.

"Alright, who wants to introduce themselves next?" Vixen asked the room.

"Hello!" a wavy blonde haired woman cut in. She had long legs, wide hips and huge breasts that almost looked fake because of how perfectly shaped they were. She had brown eyes and slightly tanned skin that seemed to glow with the light of the sun. She was probably one of the sexiest in there and she definitely seemed to know it. She exuded sexuality and confidence and it showed in every move she made. She had a long neck and wild eyes. She was laying out on one of the couches in what looked like an uncomfortable position that just showed off her body more and everything about her screamed the grace of a cat.

"I'm Karen Sutter and I'm 32. I'm a werelion and proud of it. I'm also bisexual and very open about it." She added with a wink towards Anna, who blushed slightly.

"I'm Asia Holmes, I'm 36 and I'm a werefox." Came the next voice, which was very light and almost a whisper. She had a reddish-brown hair color that definitely hinted at the colors of a fox. She had a triangle shaped body with wide hips that looked perfect for birthing and a smaller chest. She had a very kind and mothering look to her, with soft features and soft grey eyes. She was slightly short at about 5' 4" but it added more to her soft and motherly look.

"Um. Hello. I'm Anna Griffin, I'm 28 years old and well... I'm a cyborg." Anna shyly explained before snapping her fingers and suddenly the skin on her left arm and right leg disappeared to reveal steal and wires underneath.

"Wow! Those are so advanced! Where did you get something like that?" Alex asked with wide eyes as everyone stared at them in amazement.

"She forgot to mention that she is also a major genius and graduated college at the age of 15." Vixen told them all with a smirk as Anna blushed and then made the skin reappear. Serenity, who was sitting next to her, reached over and touched her arm gingerly before gasping.

"It feels like real skin!" she exclaimed in amazement. "Wow! You really are a genius."

"She also forgot to mention a lesbian." Karen commented with a wink from the couch. Anna blushed a very deep red at that and started to try and stutter something out.

"Don't try to deny it or hide it. I have excellent gaydar you know." Karen smirked. Anna continued to blush but didn't say anything else. It was quiet for a moment before Ella sighed and decided to speak up.

"Hello. Um. I'm Eleanor Smith but you can just call me Ella. I'm 224 years old and I'm... Well I'm an angel." She introduced herself hesitantly. Suddenly the last person in the room laughed out loud and Ella looked over at her, having barely noticed her at all. She had thick, shoulder length black hair and her skin was like melted chocolate. She was probably about six feet tall and had long legs and arms. She had an inverted triangle shape, with a small waist and hips but large breast, almost as big as Karen's. She had thin lips, sharp features and a very dangerous look about her. It didn't help that she was in all tight leather clothes, but what really alerted Ella to how dangerous she was were her eyes. They were pitch black at that moment and she was giving Ella a very evil grin.

"Well isn't this priceless?" She said in a slightly gravely and husky voice. "Hello. My name is Francine Gardener. I'm 150 years old and I'm a demon."

Oh no... Ella thought with wide eyes as the woman continued to grin at her. Vixen sighed and stood up, stepping between them.

"I know a lot of you in here are natural enemies but that is part of the reason I have brought some of you here. Follow the rules and there should be no problems between any of you. Don't follow the rules and face the consequences. Let it be known to all of you that I will go by the life for a life policy." She looked around the entire room at that, making sure all of them got it. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and both Anna and Vixen perked up and smiled big, happy smiles.

"Sorry I am late," a musical voice said as Vixen let her in. The woman that entered was gorgeous. Her hair was wavy strands of gold that flowed down to her knees and she was only a little shorter than Ella. She had a thin, hourglass shape with breast that weren't very small or very big. Her skin was pale and completely blemish free, looking smooth and soft. Her eyes were a very pale blue and she had a gorgeous heart shaped face that her hair framed perfectly. She seemed to glow slightly with power as she smiled at everyone with full pink lips and pure white teeth.

"It's no big deal." Vixen assured her with a smile.

"Not at all. Here, take my chair." Anna offered as she quickly stood up and went to get herself another chair.

"Do you want anything?" Vixen asked, seeming to want to do nothing but please this woman. Some of the others looked at them in confusion but Serenity and Asia, who were sitting close by also looked like they suddenly thought that this woman was the most important thing in the world.

"Oh goodness! I'm sorry dears! Am I really letting out that much of my influence?" the woman asked before the glow around her started to fade a bit and the others seemed to return to their senses.

"That was weird." Karen commented.

"No kidding." Alex added.

"Um... Not to be rude Miss, but who and what are you?" Serenity asked once she got her senses back. The woman smiled a brilliant smile back at Serenity, who couldn't help smiling back.

"Of course my dear. I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself yet. You may all call me Chloe. I am a minor goddess of love and I am very happy to be here with all of you." Everyone but Vixen and Anna stared at her in shock.

"But... Not many of the gods have left Heaven lately!" Ella finally broke the silence with her shocked statement.

"No we haven't. And I believe that needs to change. Besides I like being around people more. I like spreading love and happiness to all of those on Earth, and even to those who think they can't get it." She glanced at Francine as she said that and Francine continued to stare at what apparently was an incredibly interesting spot on the floor.

"Wow... A goddess?" Karen asked with wide eyes, finally seeming to get over the shock.

"Don't treat me any differently than you would treat anyone else. I don't wish for all of you to worship me. I just wish to do my job." Chloe told them firmly. They all nodded but were still trying to get over the shock of it all.

"Alright, now continuing on you are all here because you want to change some aspect of your life, even if I had to drag you here." Vixen began to saying, glancing at Francine before looking around at all of them. "Now today we are each going to write down a personal question that we would like to answer about ourselves and the others in the room. Go ahead and write it down on the slips of paper I handed out and then put them in the hat."

She waited for a moment as everyone thought of a question and wrote it down before putting it into the hat she was holding. Once everyone was done she sat the hat aside.

"I'll be asking the first question today because I think it is an important question to answer first. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this program?" She looked to her right at Anna, who sighed.

"I hope to get over my agoraphobia," she told them with a weak smile.

"Huh? What's that?" Serenity asked in confusion.

"Fear of open spaces, crowds and leaving a safe place. I don't like leaving my lab often and I hope to get over that."

"Oh. Okay."

"Karen? Your turn."

"Um. Well I hope to become more responsible and form better relationships." She finally admitted after a moment.

"Um. I hope to learn more about myself." Ella answered, biting her lip a bit.

"Alright. Asia?"

"I... I hope to figure out what I really want in my life." She responded with a slight blush.

"I hope to learn how to be more responsible for others and become a good Alpha." Tala continued with the confessions. They all turned to Francine who rolled her eyes at them.

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