tagLesbian SexMadame Hilde Meets Erika

Madame Hilde Meets Erika


Madame Hilde was the owner of a store with Swedish national costumes. She was only 39, but many people called her that way. Probably because of her stature. She was tall and though not fat, she was chubby. One day, just before she was about to close, a young woman entered the store, looking for a costume. She was very beautiful, blonde with blue eyes and soft skin. She looked for a few minutes at several costumes until she finally spotted one that she liked.

"I'd like to try this one" she said to Madame Hilde.

"Oh, well, that won't fit you miss" she said after a moment.

"You think so?"

"Yes dear, your tits are too big to fit that costume" answered Madame Hilde.

"Well, I still want to try it" answered the young woman blushing a little bit.

"Of course, please do so."

She entered the dressing room to try it. After five minutes, Madame Hilde was wondering how it was and asked:

"How does it fit?"

"Well, I don't know" answered the girl.

"May I see?" asked Madame Hilde.

"Yes, of course" said the girl and went out from the dressing room with the costume on.

Madame Hilde look at her and it was just as she said; the costume was not big enough for her, at least not at the top.

"See, your tits look like their going to explode" said Madame Hilde.

The girl blushed a little bit again, acknowledging the truth. She was sad, because she liked the costume so much.

"You have to look for another one" concluded Madame Hilde, and the girl went back to the dressing room to change back to her cloths.

When she returned a couple of minutes later, Madame Hilde took the costume from her and looked at her pretty face and asked:

"What's your name, dear?"

"Erika" answered the young woman.

"Oh, that's a beautiful name" said Madame Hilde. "And I guess you're twenty, twenty-something..."

"I'm 22" said Erika.

"Well, you see Erika, I was having the same problem at your age. Most costumes were too small for my tits. And it only got worst. See my tits are so big" and she put her hands on them just to accentuate the point. "But I think I can help you dear" she said after a moment of pausing.

"How?" asked Erika.

"Well, I have some costumes that I kept for too long. I used to wear them when I was your age. They are really beautiful. I can show them if you like."

"Are you selling them?" asked Erika a little bit surprised and suddenly hopeful.

"Well, I could borrow them at least. What do you say?"

"Well, sure, why not?"

"Great!" answered Madame Hilde. "They are in my apartments. Let me just close here and we can go upstairs to check them."

So she locked the door of the store and led the girl to her apartments.

"What is your name ma'am?" asked Erika.

"Hilde, though most people here call me Madame Hilde. I guess because of my stature."

They went up and Madame Hilde took her to a living room where she offered her a seat on a couch in the middle of the room. Then she left her there and went to another room where she came from with four costumes in her hands.

"This is it" she said, laying them on the couch next to Erika.

"Wow, they are so great, all of them" she said thrilled at the view of the costumes.

She picked on of them that she liked the most, and asked:

"Do you think this could fit me?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure it will. It fit me well and I was about your size. Try it."

Erika hesitated for a moment. She was a little bit ashamed to undress in front of this unknown woman; even though she opened her house for her and shared his private costumes hit her. Thinking at that she removed her blouse, exposing her chest kept inside a tight bra. She then unbuttoned her jeans and took them off, remaining only in her white underwear. She was very beautiful, and despite her large breasts her body was quite slim.

"You are so beautiful Erika" said Madame Hilde.

"Thank you" said Erika, blushing a little bit again.

Madame Hilde helped her putting the costume on, and it fit like a charm. Erika was so thrilled and smiling and excited that it fit so well and she looked so good in it.

"Like it, don't you?" asked Madame Hilde.

"Oh, yes. I love it" answered Erika.

"Then I see no reason not to have it" said Madame Hilde.

"Really?! Oh thank you Madame so much!"

She was so excited about it that she gave a short hug to Madame Hilde; then she looked again in the mirror. She kept admiring herself and she was indeed so beautiful.

"Well, you look damn good, girl" said Madame Hilde. "You'll turn a lot of hearts. And if you want to do more damage you could wear that without a bra" she continued smiling at Erika and winking as she proposed that.

"I don't think could do that" said Erika.

"Well, of course you could. I did, and trust me, it will make an impact."

"Yeah, but I'm ashamed to do that" said Erika.

"Why?" asked Madame Hilde?

"I... I don't know. I just couldn't" said Erika.

"Nonsense! Let's do it now and see how it is" said Madame Hilde and she rushed to undress Erika on the top. The girl was surprised by the older woman, how decided she was. She simply did not do anything to stop her, but she completely blushed and Madame Hilde opened her top and said:

"Take it off."

Erika hesitated for a moment, then she put her hands on the hooks and unhooked them, removing her bra and releasing her big breasts from their prison. Her nice breasts revealed to the eyes of Madame Hilde in their full glory, big, softy, whitish with large dark areolas.

"Your tits are so beautiful, Erika" said she gazing at them.

"Mine used to look so much like them."

Saying that she started to dress Erika back and the girl was still red when Madame Hilde finished.

"Look in the mirror" she said to Erika. "See how good still looks? Just a little bit more revealing."

Erika looked at herself in the mirror and especially at how her chest looked. The Madame Hilde, who was just behind her said:
"And if it is a little bit cold, you nipples could look like this..."

She put her arms around Erika and grabbed her nipples, through the fabric between her fingers, and pinched and squeezed them for a few moments, without the girl opposing any resistance. She just felt submissive and let her do whatever she wanted.

"Like this" Madame Hilde said again after she finished the work of hardening her nipples. They pinched the fabric and gave Erika an aggressive image.

"Now many will fall for you" said Madame Hilde. "Men and women!"

"I don't know..." said Erika. "I don't think I can" she said.

"Well, you can. Just repeat after me: I have beautiful tits!" said Madame Hilde seizing Erika with her eyes.

"I... have beautiful... tits" said Erika slowly and shy.

"No, no, with conviction: I have beautiful tits!" explained Madame Hilde.

"I have beautiful tits!" said Erika a little bit more firm this time.

"Again" demanded Madame Hilde.

"I have beautiful tits!" said Erika louder.


"I have beautiful tits!" repeated the girl.

"Shout it!"

"I HAVE BEAUTIFUL TITS!" shouted Erika, surprising herself with the power of her voice.

"And I'm not ashamed to show them!" said Madame Hilde with the intention to have Erika repeating the phrase.

"And I'm not ashamed to show them!" said Erika without hesitating this time, but still blushing a little bit.

"Good" said Madame Hilde. "Now prove it!"

"How?" Erika asked confused.

"By showing me your beautiful tits, dear" said Madame Hilde.

Erika hesitated again. But she knew she was on the path of no return, so she began to undress the costume and removed to top part, exposing, once again, her very big breasts.

"Here are my beautiful tits, Madame Hilde" said Erika and again, he felt a little bit surprised by her own voice and by the courage that made her saying those words.

"Indeed, dear girl, beautiful, juicy, big tits you show!" said Madame Hilde admiring the pair revealed before her eyes.

Then, still looking at Erika, she began to undress herself, removing her shirt. Erika looked at her very surprised, not knowing what to do or say. Eventually, just when Madame Hilde was about to unhook her large bra, the girl asked:

"Madame Hilde, what are you doing?"

"Well, I think it's fair that if you showed me your tits, I show you mine!"

And saying that she removed her bra exposing a huge pair of breasts, twice as big as Erika's; soft but heavy.

"That's how your juicy tits will look in 15 years!" she said cupping them in her hands and bouncing them like she wanted to see how heavy they are.

"They are so big..." said Erika, gazing at the sight of the massive chest of Madame Hilde.

Madame Hilde made a few steps towards Erika and said:

"You can feel them dear!"

Erika looked at her but did nothing so Madame Hilde said:

"Come on, they won't bite. Take them in your hands!"

She took Erika's hands and put them on her breasts. Erika felt the softness and the warmness of those big breasts and gently started to touch them, to fell them in her palms. Madam Hilde guided her hands up and down and after a while Erika continued unattended. She touched her large areolas and soft nipples and felt how they were hardening in her fingers. That made her blush again. Then Madame Hilde put her hands on Erika's breasts and did the same thing to her. The two fondled the other's breasts, pinching the nipples and smiling. Erika smiled when Madame Hilde looked at her.

"You like this?" asked Madame Hilde.

"I... I guess so" said Erika.

Then Madame Hilde put her mouth on Erika's right breast and sucked on her nipple. She played with it with her tongue, licking it, teasing it. She looked at Erika, and without saying anything moved her mouth on the other one and gave it the same treatment. Then, she said:

"What about now; do you like it?"

"Yes, Madam" said Erika softly.

"Good. Now dear, I want to see the rest of you" said Madame Hilde.

Erika understood and removed the rest of her costume remaining in her white panties only. Then, under Madame Hilde's eager eyes she took them off to, standing naked in front of her and displaying her completely hairless pussy.

"Well, well, well" said Madame Hilde. "You surprise me dear. I was expecting a big bush, and here you are hairless."

Erika blushed again, but said:

"I had it removed by laser a couple of years ago. Now, it's... just like this."

"Yummy!" exclaimed Madame Hilde taking her hand and leading them to the couch again.

"We'll feel more comfortable down here" she said.

She was standing next to Erika, and she moved her hands up and down on the girl's body, feeling her soft skin, connecting. Then her hand stopped between Erika's legs and forced them to open to her. Erika followed Madame Hilde's directions and exposed herself. And she felt exposed and the older woman looked into her pussy, touching her soft and young labia, creating thrills into her young body.

Madame Hilde moved from the couch in front of her, between Erika's wide open legs. She fondled her hips and kissed her on her bare pussy. Erika almost moaned and as Madame Hilde's tongue started to move up and down her pussy the moans came one after the other. Madame Hilde opened her labia and teased her clit with the tongue. She pushed it with the tip of her tong, and made circles around it. Erika's body trembled, and she moaned loader when Madame Hilde pushed her tong deep into the girl's wet pussy. She grabbed Erika's bottom in her hands, positioning herself better between her legs and raised her eyes to Erika.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No... no... Madame, please" said the girl overheated and gently biting her lip.

"That's what I though dear" said Madam Hilde, diving into the young pussy.

As her tongue explored the surface and the deeps of the hairless hot pussy, Erika moaned louder and louder, trembling from time to time. Eventually, as Madame Hilde focused on her hard clit she came in a powerful orgasm, almost screaming and shacking as the pleasure erupted in her body. Madame Hilde didn't stop, even when the girl begged her to, and in a few moments Erika came again, shacking like an earthquake and screaming, pushing Madame Hilde's head between her legs. Moments later, when she relaxed, Madame Hilde laid near hear and took her into her arms and said.

"You are wonderful dear. So young and juicy and tasty!"

And she kissed the girl that barely returned from the climaxes that exploded into her young body.

"Oh Madame Hilde... that was... I didn't know I..." tried to said Erika, but her words didn't come.

"You can have this pleasure given by a woman?"

"Yes..." agreed Erika.

"And that you can have multiple orgasms?" continued Madame Hilde.

"Yes..." acknowledge Erika again.

"A woman's pussy is a great thing dear" said Madame Hilde. "It can give you so much pleasure! And a woman knows how to bring the best of it."

Erika smiled to the woman. After a few moments of silence Madame Hilde asked:

"What do you say; do you want to try it?"

"What?" asked Erika still under the effect of her orgasms.

"A woman's pussy dear" said Madame Hilde.

"I... I guess so" said Erika.

"You guess or you want?" asked Madame Hilde.

"I... want it" answered Erika.

"Good. Now say it!" said Madame Hilde with her demanding voice.

"I want to taste... your pussy, Madame" said Erika with a shy tone.

"Girl, I want to hear that again!" said Madame Hilde.

"I want to taste your pussy, Madame" repeated Erika.


"I want your PUSSY!" almost shouted Erika, stressing on the last word.

Madame Hilde just smiled to her this time standing up and removing her skirt. Then she stopped and inviting Erika with her eyes to take the rest. Erika understood the invitation and put her hands on her panties and removed them, exposing a hairy bush on Madame's pussy. But at a second look she noticed that is was very well trimmed and no hair was on her pussy lips actually. The inner pussy lips where soft and long and hanged between the outer ones like a butterfly's wings. Erika probed them with her finger and felt their warmness and as she did that shivers run on her spine. Madame Hilde sat on the couch again and opened her legs wide for Erika. Madame Hilde's pussy was very wet and Erika noticed that instantly. Her clit was much larger than Erika's and swollen. The girl gently put two fingers on the open pussy and touched her, and moved them up and down. Then after a while of probing she put her lips on it and kissed it and felt the juices on her lips. She started to lick it, up and down, just as Madame Hilde did and played with the clit. The older woman was feeling an increased pleasure as the young girl's tongue became more confident and explored deeper and faster into her. She moaned and juices flew and they intoxicated Erika's with their flavor and heated her. Madame Hilde became wetter and wetter as she came closer to a climax. And her moans became louder and inspired the inexperienced girl that did quite good for a first timer. When Madame Hilde came a minute later, her body shook and she moaned very load.

"Thank you dear" she said after coming back to her senses and taking Erika in her arms again.

"You were amazing for a first starter" she continued. "Your beautiful mouth is meant for eating pussy!"

"You think?" asked Erika proud of her.

"Definitely! We must to this over and over again" said Madame Hilde.

"Of course Madame" said Erika.

"And please stop calling me Madame. After you ate a Madame's pussy you can call her for her name."

"Ok, Hilde" said Erika. "I want to eat your pussy again!"

"Wonderful. See? I told you that you can turn some heads with this great body of yours. Both men and women!"

They remained in each others arms for a while.

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