Madame Jenoix


Chapter 1


A young looking and slight 18-year-old boy sits outside the Headmistress's room, obviously feeling anxious. His legs kick back and forth under the chair and he keeps looking up at the door. His uniform looks unkempt, like he has just thrown it on after Games. After some long, countless minutes elapse, he hears a loud, slow "Come!" from a female voice behind the door. He knows his fate is about to be decided and hangs his head before slowly standing up and shuffling his feet toward the door. The door opens easily and quietly and he moves slowly in, hoping to prolong the time until She notices him. A gentle push and the door clicks quietly back into place.

"Jeremy! Good. Stand there."

The Headmistress indicates a spot on the floor directly in front of her desk. He quickly moves forward, not wanting to risk any further rebuke.

"I have a report here on my desk, Jeremy. It regards your behaviour, or rather your recently discovered activities. This is very unfortunate as your school history has been exemplary until now, excellent grades, no misdemeanours. And then there is this. Discovered in a gym storage room, spying on the ballet class. But what is this here? Not just watching, not just filming, not just playing with yourself, but all this while dressed in a school uniform. Or should I say, a schoolgirl uniform. Oh dear. Found by the poor ballet teacher too, Madame Jenoix."

Jeremy stared at the floor, remembering being caught by Madame Jenoix. It wasn't yesterday, as it said in the report, it was actually around 4 weeks ago. But it was pointless saying anything, the evidence was damning enough and trying to implicate Madame Jenoix would just make it worse.

It had all started several months ago, just before another dreaded Games lesson. Desperate to avoid another humiliating, painful and unpleasant ordeal, Jeremy had slipped quietly behind the gym in hope of finding somewhere quiet to hide. There was just some bare ground next to a fence, and nobody would come down here, he thought. It was quiet at first and Jeremy happily daydreamed next to the large waste bin, one of those big ones that could fit a huge amount of rubbish. Sitting on a crate next to it, all was peace and quiet until some voices penetrated his reverie.

"Shit," Jeremy thought, "now what?"

He couldn't go back the way he came, and the other way led out to the playing fields where he'd be spotted. Hoping to hide behind the big bin, he quickly moved the crate away and tucked in behind. But inside of finding bare wall, instead there was a hole! It seemed to lead inside the building, and he could hear some voices somewhere far inside. Not hesitating, he quickly dived in and pulled the crate back in place. Finding it quite spacious inside, but very dark, Jeremy slowly moved forwards towards where some light was filtering through. It looked like wooden slats and he could hear chanting on the other side.

"I know that song! That's the football cheerleaders song!" thought Jeremy.

Looking around, he noticed that some of the slats weren't placed properly and had gaps in, allowing him to look through. Getting used to the light again brought the extremely pleasant sight of the entire senior cheerleader team practicing in full kit. They must have just been getting warmed up and a few were still doing their stretches. Standing up straight, then bending full over to touch their toes gave an unbelievable view of their pretty, frilly knickers. They would then straighten, stretch one leg out to the side and run their hands, lovingly in Jeremy's mind, along their entire hose-covered leg down to their trainers. They would then start over again and do the other leg. Jeremy couldn't believe his luck! Guessing his position from what he could see, he must be in the old gym storage room. It had been disused for years after a new, modern gym had been built next door. Now this gym hall was only used by a couple of classes that didn't need any equipment. Barely used at all now, Jeremy thought, he only knew of the ballet class that came here to be left alone by the boys. The cheerleaders probably came here for the same reason. Watching the warming up was a lot of fun, and an erection soon made itself known. Figuring he was probably safely hidden here, he pulled it out and started stroking his cock in time with the practice music.

Watching the couple dozen best-looking girls in his school, all in pretty, sexy, tiny uniforms as they danced and joked around was just perfect. Jeremy had had plenty of fantasies involving these girls and their uniforms, although not all at the same time. Checking his watch he saw there was still 45 minutes of the lesson to go and slowed down his self-pleasuring so he could enjoy the full show.

After warm up finished they had a few minutes to catch their breath and spent the time hugging, slapping the occasional ass and jumping around. This all seemed to involve a huge amount of pantie material being flashed, and Jeremy loved every moment. They were all wearing the same uniform of course, but each one had a different colour and style of panties. He saw thongs, g-strings, plain white panties, blue gym knickers and one pair of fire red lacey French knickers that really caught his attention. They then went into their main practice routine, shaking their pompoms, dancing and singing the cheerleaders songs.

Never having been up this close before, Jeremy realised why the school governors attended every game. They had a box right by the cheerleader stand, and must get this beautiful view every single game, while showing support for the school. Many had wondered why they insisted on that box, which had a ground level view of the field instead of the usual high up one, but this must be it. Nobody could turn down a regular view of that years crop of the schools finest cheerleaders flashing their panties at you. And flashing panties seemed to happen a lot, even now they were doing regular routine instead of a warm up. The skirts seemed designed to flip up and get caught on the back of their tight tops, causing their pretty panties to stick it out when they bent over. Jeremy wondered if the uniforms were also kept the same because of tradition or their tendency to show everything. The cheerleader tops weren't much different. All the girls were quite buxom anyway, but after squeezing into a top a couple sizes too small made them appear busting out.

One part of the routine had them spin round and bend over, giving Jeremy a view straight down their tops causing Jeremy to start panting. This went on for some time, but the lack of air-con in the old gym hall was starting to show on some of the girls. A few of them stripped their tops off, revealing tiny sports bras small enough to hide under their uniforms but so small they revealed pretty much everything. Doing little more than pushing those glistening, sweaty mounds up and together gave thoughts of sliding your cock between them, fucking those gorgeous tits and shooting your load over their pretty, panting faces. The music was skipped forward to the next track, which Jeremy recognised as the end of song game. Realising they would be leaving soon, Jeremy sped up his hand ready to finish. Before he could, the song finished and he felt a keen disappointment, before the girls started hugging and kissing each other, congratulating on a good practice. The girl in the red knickers hugged a tall blonde, who accidentally flicked up her skirt and grabbed a handful of French knickers and tight ass. The other girl didn't seem to notice or mind, and Jeremy shot his load watching those delicious red knickers getting groped by another beauty.

Checking the time again, Jeremy realised the lesson would be over soon. He watched the girls file, some hand in hand, out to the changing rooms before edging himself back towards the hole in the wall. Checking that all was clear, he let himself out, covered the hole again and then rejoined the crowd heading to the next lesson. Feeling giddy all afternoon, he kept drifting into a daydream of girls knickers and cheerleader uniforms.

Chapter 2


The next day Jeremy had an idea. He found the gym schedule on the school computer system and checked all the lessons booked in the old gym. Sure enough, there were the cheerleader practice and ballet lessons he had thought of. There were some boring things like PE for the younger classes in there, but most of interest were the after school classes. Apparently they held 18 year old girl ballet classes in there 3 nights a week! Turns out the school was the only place in the area with a proper ballet teacher, Madame Jenoix. All the local dance colleges sent their ballet classes here once a week for extra practice. Living nearby, Jeremy knew it would be easy to be back here each night in time to watch, starting from tonight.

More prepared this time, Jeremy brought his camcorder and a small stool with him, and snuck in to the gym well before the girls were due to arrive. He got set up in front of the door, and pointed the camera through one of the holes he felt would get an overall good view. According to the clock on the camera he still had over an hour to wait and realised he'd been over eager. Never mind, he thought, let's have a look round.

Pushing the door gently, he was thankful that it swung open easily and slipped out before pushing the door closed. He took a little walk around, looking for somewhere else he could hide, or could put his camera but couldn't spot anywhere obvious. Checking some of the other rooms, he found the girls changing rooms and showers. Now this would make a fine place to observe, Jeremy thought and began looking carefully for a place a camera could go here. He found a small cupboard that contained the old fuse box. Not big enough to fit much, and covered in dust for disuse. Perfect. All he would have to do is make a small hole for the lens, start the camera before the lesson and then hurry out before the girls arrived. Just as he was thinking this, he heard a door slam shut!

Voices came down the corridor, and Jeremy realised he'd spent far too long in here! Panicking, he dashed through the first door he found and ended up in the towel room.

"Should be safe for the moment" Jeremy thought.

The towel room had long been disused. Pupils were expected to bring their own towels to cut costs, leaving the towel room a handy hiding place. Looking around further just in case, Jeremy spotted the air vent in the ceiling was not placed correctly and could probably be moved. Quickly scaling the empty shelves, Jeremy pushed the vent further and pulled himself through the gap, replacing the vent again after. Being a very old building, there wasn't a proper suspended ceiling. Instead, when an air-con system had been installed back in the 60s they had simply created a false ceiling. In a bid to bring in more revenue the air-con had been used to make the building useful in the evenings and summer. It was also perfect for Jeremy, now able to hide so long as he was careful.

Enough light filtered up through gaps in the false ceiling for Jeremy to take a look around. This floor stretched the whole width of the building, but lengthways there was a wall that Jeremy guessed must be the wall for the main hall. Plenty of space too here though so long as he didn't want to stand. Around 10 metres away was a whole network of pipes, heading down into the main floor.

"Water pipes. Oh! The showers of course." Jeremy thought after spotting them.

He shuffled over in that direction and sure enough could see through a gap straight into the girl's showers.

"This is too good to be true..."

Jeremy shuffled sideways a bit and found the changing rooms, knowing the showers wouldn't get used til later. Reaching carefully into his pocket, he carefully removed his other, smaller camera that he'd been intending to hide earlier. Finding a nice vantage point, he poked the lens through a gap and settled back to wait, and watch.

Another twenty minutes passed, until eventually the girls started streaming in from the coach outside. All very attractive, slim athletic girls with extremely pleasing figures, they filed in to the room and found a bench. Slowly peeling off their uniforms, they began to change clothes. They were all wearing the uniform of a local dance college, which was designed to be tight and flexible for dancing. A close fitting, tailored white blouse under a burgundy woollen blazer started the uniform, with a standard grey, pleated skirt below. Being older, these girls had stretched the rules and the skirts hung barely down to their smooth, well-defined thighs. Over-knee white stockings and heeled Mary Janes completed the outfits. Under was a different matter of course and Jeremy had a perfect view of more types of underwear than he thought existed.

These girls obviously enjoyed dressing up, and were wearing everything from cami-knickers to the tiniest of G-strings. Jeremy particularly loved the girls in French knickers, all beautiful lace and frills lovingly encasing those perfect bodies. The same situation was true on top. Basques, bodies, babydolls, bras, camisoles, silk and lace was all over.

Jeremy was in heaven; it was like his own perfect temple of bows and frilly undies. The girls stripped down further, leaving a room filled with completely naked hot, nubile teens rubbing moisturiser and talcum powder into their perfect, glowing skin. They then slipped into their leotards, all in identical burgundy before trotting off to practice. Jeremy switched off the camera and wondered what to do now. The girls wouldn't be back for an hour, and it was quite cramped up here. He shuffled back to the towel room vent and let himself back down. He was now on the other side of a door leading to a room filled with some of his most perfect fantasies... Hot girl's underwear.

Jeremy had pilfered a few items in the past to play with, but these were on a whole different scale. His hormones leading the way, Jeremy slipped through the door and into the chamber of wonders. Not knowing where to begin, he put his hand in the nearest bag and pulled out a silk camisole and matching pink cami-knickers. Running his hands through the material, he closed his eyes and dreamed of wearing them, and the rest of the school uniform, and playing with the cheerleaders in the shower.

Dropping the underwear back in the bag, he continued on going through all the bags. Knowing he wouldn't be able to take any of the underwear they had brought with them in case he got caught, he got the idea to have a look for clean underwear ready to wear after their showers. They would just assume they'd forgotten it, and hopefully not think too much of it. Searching the bags more thoroughly he found lots of interesting items including some vibrators! There were a few dildos, and even a little pile of love eggs in one bag. Jeremy made a mental note of those to check out the girl when she came back.

As for underwear, Jeremy picked out a pair of pink silk French knickers. He didn't want to take too much in case it was obvious, and was feeling conspicuous. Before he disappeared back up into the ceiling, on a whim he reached into a bag a pulled out the vibrator he had found earlier. It was the biggest of the three and looked well used. Bringing it up to his face, he breathed in deeply and could faintly smell the girl who had been using it. Pulling out her little thong too, he smelled the still damp crotch and got a strong scent of the girl. He then slipped the vibrator inside the knickers and took it in his mouth, sucking it down as far as he could. Closing his eyes again he dreamed the ballet dancer was fucking his mouth with a strap on, and he was one of the other girls. Licking the vibrator clean, he replaced them back in the bag and decided to leave.

Thanking his lucky stars he'd left the camera in the main hall running, he climbed back up in to the ceiling, shuffled over to his camera and waited for the girls to finish. He took the opportunity to slide off his trousers and underwear and pulled the beautiful silky, pretty and very frilly knickers he had purloined up over his cock. He then put his trousers back on so he didn't damage them, and contented himself by playing with his penis through the silky material.

Eventually the girls returned, and were eager to strip off their sweaty leotards and jump in the shower. No shyness from these gorgeous babes as they pulled their tight, shiny leotards off, grabbed a towel and headed to the showers. Jeremy followed, taking his camera with him, and continued to film the girls that had now started showering. He watched the water running down between their perfect breasts, down their tight torsos and between their legs. Girls facing the other way showed him their pert backsides as they bent down to pick up their shower gel. A few girls were messing around squirting each with their shower gel, long white streaks running down their perfect bodies like a bukkake party before being rubbed in and covering their smooth, silky wet skin in bubbles.

The girls spent a while in the showers cooling down from their practice, slippery hands stroking breasts, thighs, backsides, and ass, between their legs... Jeremy thought he was wrong earlier. This here must be heaven. Eventually the girls grabbed their towels and left, drying themselves off. Moving back to the changing rooms before the last shower was turned off, Jeremy got the camera ready again. He found the girl with the big vibrator, and also the one whose underwear he'd stolen. Making sure he got some close ups of them, he checked them out more closely.

The girl whose panties he was now wearing was a short, Japanese looking girl with black hair pulled into a ponytail. She was very pretty, but looked annoyed at not being able to find her clean knickers.

"Fuck," she said, "I forgot my clean pants."

"Or your boyfriend is wearing them!" another girl shouts back.

"Yeah yeah, at least my boyfriend could fit in my underwear!" she shouted, before pulling on her school knickers instead.

The girl with the big vibrator was a tall redhead, with a gym work out physique. She looked like she took her physical exercise seriously, and quite probably her sex too hence the thick, long vibrator. You certainly wouldn't argue with her in bed, she looked more than capable of putting you in your place and taking what she wanted.

The girls dried off and began pulling on their evening clothes. Even more frilly, pretty panties selected carefully to tease their boyfriends with lacy, push-up bras to tease everybody else. A few girls pulled on full basques, and got their friends to help tie them up, and then fasten their stockings. The sight of these fantastic angels pulling on black stockings, rolling them gently up their perfectly smooth legs before fastening the silk stocking tops to their beautifully embroidered and detailed basques was enough to send Jeremy almost over the edge.

The final moment came for him, literally, when he caught sight of a girl pulling a pair of knee-length black leather boots up her legs, 4" heels poking out from below. Jeremy came as she took hold of the heel in her fingers and stroked along it, like she was giving her boyfriend a handjob, before pushing the boot the rest of the way on to her foot.

The girls left soon after, and waiting a few minutes for safety, Jeremy let himself back down, picked up his camcorder and then disappeared back home.

Chapter 3


Reviewing the tapes, Jeremy was extremely pleased. He had a good view of the changing room and shower video, but the main hall was just as good. A whole room full of pretty little 18-year-olds in leotards and over-knee socks was an amazing sight. The amount they could stretch their legs up was remarkable; their boyfriends were very lucky. Although knowing the way of the world, their boyfriends were also jock assholes who would happily cheat on these bounteous angels. Jeremy was happy to be this close to the girls, and spent much of the night reviewing the tapes over and over. He took a particular interest in the tall redhead, who had one of the most incredibly pert and round backsides he'd ever seen. Tightly hugged in her leotard and then bent over, she became his desktop wallpaper.

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