tagInterracial LoveMaDD HAttA's Back Stage Ass

MaDD HAttA's Back Stage Ass

bySean Renaud©

There must have been twenty five women bunched together around the rope screaming at the tops of their lungs. The infamous MaDD HAttA had just finished the last song from his the Rabbit Hole Album and now the fans were clamoring to get back stage. There were a few guys in the mix but most of them realized the reality of the situation and were instead heading to their cars hoping to either beat the traffic out or at least not be stuck waiting until it thinned out.

"Nobody gets in. There no passes issued tonight." The bouncer declared standing at the ropes. There were three more of them blocking the doors encase the ladies tried to rush him. They weren't really needed though at six seven and nearly three hundred pounds of carved beef the bouncer was intimidating enough to keep the gaggle of fems away from the door. He turned a deaf ear to the pleas and offers; he'd heard all of them before. "I'm sorry, HAttA don't want anybody back stage tonight.

Then the doors opened and the MaDD HAttA stepped forward tilting his bright purple top hat forward and grinning. "Ladies, ladies. Please quiet down. The HAttA needs to take a look around." He flung his signature hat into the crowd where a wave of hands pursued it before a lucky girl managed to wrestle it away from the others. "I don't need no charges so if you ain't eighteen yet you can just get to steppin." That thinned the crowd a little bit but most of the women in the crowd were clearly of age.

The HAttA took a moment to slowly scan over the ladies in the crowd starting to reveal his golden tooth with a lopsided grin. "Alright I've already hit my quota for the month of black chicks so I'm sorry sistas but it's time you went home." That cut the herd by nearly half but there were still a dozen ladies swarming up towards the ropes preening for his attention.

"Alright, alright, alright!" The HAttA slid to the ropes moving from one woman to the next visually caressing each one. "How many of you have had a nigga up in you b'fore? I'm lookin to be a mufuckin pioneer here tonight. "None of the women moved but HAttA's eyes moved from one to the next. "You, I see that look in your eyes. You's a lyin trick. You think I can't just look at a white bitch and see if she's got some freak in her? Get the fuck out." Another girl giggled and drew his attention to. "Didn't I just say I can look at a bitch and tell? You over here gigglin like I didn't notice your skank ass, get yo ass outta here." HAttA's eyes slowly moved over each of the remaining ladies. "Ya'll pass."

MaDD HAttA slowly looked from one woman to the next finally focusing on a pair of ladies standing who happened to be standing side by side. The first was a blonde who looked like she'd been snatched straight from a porn flick. Big ole titties that were barely hidden behind a pink tube top and long gorgeous legs flowing out of a miniskirt. Bright blue eyes and painted red lips that desperately needed to be wrapped around a cock. The other was a Mexican chick with a bee sting bust beneath a half tee and a five star rump roast squeezed into an impossible pair of jeans. "You know I'm normally a breast man but goddamn. "Whatsyo name girl?"

The honey skinned girl swooned for a moment just staring silently at him. "Jamey." She managed after a long pause. "I'm Jamey." Without meaning to she shifted slightly cocking one leg up and pushing her ass out.

"Well Jamey get that ass over here. You can get some back stage time." MaDD HAttA took went back to the door to his dressing room then turned back to the blonde who was starting to slink away with the rest of the crowd. "Hold up girl. You got a problem with some girl on girl action?" The girl shook her head so fast it whipped her hair around her face. "Good, then you get yo self and those titties over here." Throwing an arm around both ladies blatantly groping the blonde HAttA went back to his locker room.

"Alright, we all know why you're here so let's lose the close ladies. And blondie what's your name?" HAttA barked pulling unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside. He didn't have a fantastic build, no visible abs or signs of spending hour upon hour in the gym. The defining feature of his body was a long scar from his left hip up to his right shoulder. He always claimed it was a wound he'd gotten when he was the military but most of his fans knew that it was from a car accident he'd been in three years earlier.

"Katrina." The blond answered. Her arms crossed over her chest grabbing the hem of her top and lifted it overhead. Her breasts were pulled up along with the fabric bouncing slightly when they were free. Next she turned slightly and unfastened her skirt pulling and her panties down in a single movement.

MaDD HAttA spend a moment staring at her licking his lips then turned to Jamey who'd already pulled her shirt off when he wasn't paying attention. It didn't matter though. The thing he wanted to watch was happening. Jamey's pants were so tight she had to pump her legs back and forth and wriggle to peel her jeans away from her body turning them inside out in the process. She was wearing a pair of bubble gum pink panties that had mostly been swallowed up by her ass. "Damn girl. Remind me when we done to give you a card and get you in my videos. Ass like that shouldn't be hidden from the world."

With both girls nude HAttA told them to make out. Jamey turned toward Katrina with a slight hesitation then pressed their lips together. It was a first for Jamey and the softness of a woman's lips was surprising. She hadn't expected to like it but it was getting her hot particularly Katrina's nails lightly dragging over her shoulders and down to the base of her spine. There was a hint of disappointment when MaDD wedged between her and kissed Jamey.

The sudden contrast from the soft yielding lips of Katrina to the hard passion of the HAttA was a shock to Jamey's system. She'd never realized how erotic it was to feel a man's arms around her and feel his strength. Her legs wobbled beneath her as he held her close. Jamey felt something brush against her thigh and didn't need to look to know that Katrina had gone down on HAttA.

A pang of jealousy passed through her. She actually enjoyed sucking cock and hadn't been lucky enough to be the first to feel it in her mouth. It just gave her a rush to feel a cock between her lips. It was an unexpected pleasure to hear another woman sucking cock. Jamey felt her heart fluttering at the erotic slurping noises and muffled moans Katrina was exciting Jamey. She had to steal a glance and HAttA gave her the chance when he abandoned her lips and started feasting on her breasts.

Jamey didn't know what she'd expected when she looked down but it wasn't what she found. Katrina's lips were stretched wide around MaDD HAttA's thick cock. The entire length of his dick glistened with her saliva and somehow she was taking most of it with each thrust. Jamey had never seen a cock quite as large as the MaDD HAttA's and Katrina was taking most of its length. Jamey could tell when it hit back of Katrina's throat just by watching her eyes. When it bumped the back of her throat her eyes would squint. At the same time a light gagging noise would escape from her throat. "Please share."

Hearing her request Katrina pulled away and started lapping at the rappers scrotum. Jamey sank to a squatting position one hand slipping between her legs to twiddle her twat while she tried to recreate Katrina's feat. It was even more impressive than she'd thought at first, her jaw ached just from stretching wide enough to accept him. She could barely get halfway before she had to back off and try again. The HAttA let her struggle for a few minutes before he pulled her off his cock and back into a deep kiss.

"Yo ladies. Face down ass up." Katrina snapped to obey crushing her tits against the cool floor and pushing her ass up in the air. Next to Jamey's plump ripe half moons she suddenly felt inadequate. Katrina had often prided herself on her as but being beside Jamey made her jealous.

That pang of envy grew when HAttA chose to take Jamey first. It was like watching a woman loose her virginity. Even as wet as Jamey was and as slick with saliva as his cock was it was a strain. Jamey grimaced and bit down her lower lip, tightened her hands into fists. To Katrina it looked like the petite Latina was being skewered alive but the mewling sound she was making was pleasure not pain.

It took the MaDD HAttA nearly a full minute to work that log completely into Jamey's hole. Once there he let her take a moment to adjust and then he started sawing in and out of her cunt. Katrina couldn't help herself, she crawled over so she was straddling Jamey's head her own just over Jamey's succulent rump. At that angle she could see up close HAttA's cock glistening with juice pumping in and out stretching the Latina with each movement. Katrina could see the ripples echo through Jamey's ass each time the HAttA hips hit them. "Oh God. It's so big." She gasped watching it Jamey's quivering flesh gripping the tool splitting her in two.

Katrina knew what was happening when she felt Jamey's nails dig into her calves. It was the first time she'd seen a woman's orgasm that close before. Jamey's moans which had started out coherent had started leaping back and forth from English to Spanish seemingly at random. Katrina watched as Jamey's cunt clenched down around the MaDD HAttA's cock trying to pull him deeper into her. Then suddenly she stopped and every part of her relaxed.

"Open yo mouth Blondie." The MaDD HAttA pulled his she cum coated cock from Jamey and forced it into Katrina's mouth. The sudden tang of feminine flavor drew a hungry moan from Katrina. This time the rap star wasn't letting her suck his cock, he was fucking her face. "Damn look atchu. You take that dick girl!" Katrina's moaned. Her arms wrapped around his waist pulling at him rather than pushing. She was hoping he'd cum but he pulled away before that could happen.

Jamey couldn't feel anything below her stomach. All of it was still to numb to notice much less move. The only thing she could do as the HAttA lay beside her was watch. "I wanna watch those tits bounce Kitty." HAttA barked. Jamey whimpered slightly as phantom pleasures wriggled over her spine. Seeing Katrina mounting the monster was an incredible turn on. Unlike Jamey who'd struggled to get him all the way in Katrina made it look simple. Once she got him all the way in she rode him, bucking up and down, back and forth every direction she could manage. There was something hypnotic about the way Katrina's breasts heaved with each thrust.

Katrina had started off hard and fast but when her orgasm started she thrashed. Jamey watched as Katrina's back arched till her hair was tickling her own feet then snap forward. MaDD HAttA snatched her by the hair leaning her head back and savagely kissed the blonde. A guttural snarl slithered from Katrina's lips between the kisses until finally she started slowing. As soon as she stopped she collapsed off him her face right alongside Jamey's.

MaDD HAttA smiled down at the two women side by side. He'd never had two girls of two races at the same time before. It was sexy seeing the differences between Katrina's light skin, now flushed with red from her recent orgasm next to Jamey's honey glow. He took his cock and aimed it directly at the two girls making certain to splatter both of their faces before he sat down. "Damn. You girls is straight freaks!" Jamey grinned over her shoulder at him then kissed Katrina.

The kiss was only the start. Jamey's tongue slithered from between her lips to gather all the cum on Katrina's face and very visibly swallow it. "Yummy."

That was all it took to get the HAttA back in the game for what lasted until each of them were too exhausted to move.

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