tagRomanceMaddy Ch. 01

Maddy Ch. 01


Another long day in the City. The overnight flight from the States was brutal, as I went right from Gatwick directly into an all-day meeting. By 2pm UK time my body said it had had enough, and it was all I could do to stay awake for the rest of the day. Mercifully the day and the meeting ended, and rather than attend the dinner in the evening with everyone I had just had the "pleasure" of spending the day with, I pleaded exhaustion and got myself back to the hotel. After a workout in the hotel gym and a hot shower in my room, I headed downstairs to the restaurant for a quick bite.

I didn't mind eating by myself, but I could have used a little company. I was actually feeling a bit horny earlier, as I had been stroking myself in the shower. I probably would have come had the hot water not started to run out on me, and the impending cold dampened my mood. I was looking over the menu seeking out the least dangerous item when a nice looking couple came in and sat down. The young lady was a real beauty, with shoulder-length blonde hair (not bleached!) She had a tight body and a cute ass, and all of a sudden I felt another rush in my drawers as she bent over to pick something she'd dropped on the floor (she'd tell me later, that while totally out of character, she did that on purpose to better show off her wares!)

I couldn't help but eavesdrop, and as handsome as the guy was, he struck me as somewhat of a bore. I checked myself, wondering if I sounded the same way when I talked about business, but this guy clearly cared about it way too much. I'm ambitious and happy with the work I do, but in the end, it's just a job.

Miss Blonde Hair To Die For with the Cute Ass was sincerely pretending to care about the supply agreement between Company X and Company Y being brokered by this clown, and since I happened to work for Company Y, I knew a little bit about the transaction myself. I also knew the influence this guy said he was having on Company X was a pile o' shit. He also shouldn't have been talking so much. It seems that despite all the bravado, the head of Company X was about to accept our terms on a five-year agreement. I filed away that juicy bit of intel for later on.

His back was to me, and while I was very interested in what he had to say, I could tell his date was trying to keep from yawning. As she put down her menu to try to give Hotshot Boy her undivided attention, I managed to steal a quick look. I flashed her my best Goofy American Toothy Grin, and she quickly looked back at her date. Ever the disruptive sort, I started making a face, as if I was captivated by every word the dude was saying (of course I was kinda interested in what else he might spill). She looked back over, and suppressed a giggle. Hotshot looked back toward me, as I knew he would, and so my head was already buried back in my menu. When he looked back, I turned up the "charm" by rolling my eyes and doing the old "blah blah blah blah blah" face as he continued his incessant chatter.

Predictably, his cell phone rang. His ringtone was some familiar sounding opera tune, pretty gay, really. He smiled haughtily and said, "'cuse me, lovely," in a pretty dismissive British way. He spoke into his phone, still too loud of course, and when he was done, explained that something had come up and he had to run out for about an hour. Of course we already knew that, everyone in a two-mile radius knew about it, loud as he was talking. His lady friend looked a little uncomfortable—I didn't think she was local--she hadn't said a whole lot but what I could make of her accent suggested she wasn't British. He assured her if she'd just sit tight, he'd promise to be back as soon as he could. As much of a dick this guy seemed to be, I believed he would be back, but not for two hours at least.

So, off he went, and me, old dog that I am, wasted little time. Sexy Blonde Chick (her code name for the time being) knew I wanted her. I'm about as easy to read as a children's book, but she was suddenly playing it totally cool, almost frosty. I'm thinking to myself, c'mon Ice Princess, but she was gonna make me work for it, as if daring me to keep up the Goofball routine now that Hotshot had hit the bricks.

"I know she wants me by the way she ignores me," I exclaimed.

"Are you talking to yourself?" asked Sexy Blonde Chick.

"So, you think that deal will happen?" I asked her, reprising my Goofy American Grin.

"I dunno, maybe," she said, "could really care less."

"You looked fascinated."

"Could you tell?"

"He couldn't."

"Yeah, a bit self-absorbed he is. Good bloke, though. Works his arse off."

"Makes for less time with a beautiful woman, don't you think?"

That took the edge off. "Hey, m'name's Bobby Yeppers," I continued.

"That's a bit of an odd name."

"It's Armenian. Our family name was Yepremian, but they shortened it when we came to America."

"Sounds like bullshit to me, anyway, I'm Maddy."

"It's true. Maddy…hmmm…cute name."

"Uh, thanks….It's not Armenian, that's for sure."

I laughed as she broke into a playful smile. We seemed to be having a moment, and I felt there was nothing that could have spoiled it. Well, except for maybe one thing.

"Well, my lovely, wasn't such a big deal after all," Hotshot exclaimed as he strutted back into the restaurant, having been gone all of five minutes.

"Shee-it," I whispered under my breath. I coulda sworn Maddy said the same thing. Hoping she'd take my lead, however, I flipped open my cell phone and pretended like I just received my own important call.

"Yep, it's about 8:00 here," I said. "Hold on a sec let me step outta where I am…hold on...yes...hold on." I rushed out of the restaurant, but fucked up the grand exit a bit as I fumbled with the door, which I forgot opened the opposite way than they do in the States (real fire hazard by the way!) I was standing by the elevator (sorry, the "lift") and peered around the corner. No Maddy. Shit. Well, might's well go on back and eye-fuck her a bit behind Hotshot's back a bit more, I thought.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the lovely Maddy. She froze me with another of those winning smiles of hers. "Jerome's back on the phone. Still here though. Told him I had to run to the toilet."

"I don't want to sound forward, but I'd really like…"

"I know you do, go ahead and kiss me."

I leaned down and kissed her soft lips, and gently placed my arm around her. Her lips tasted sweet, and they parted slowly as our tongues met ever so slightly. I felt a rush of passion for this lovely creature. I drew her body slowly towards mine, and I felt her breasts press up against me. I wanted her so badly, but realized not even "Je-ROOOME" could be on the phone forever.

"You know that I want you."

"I want you, too. I think I can work something out. Just bear with me a sec and I'll be right back. My God, you're tall."

"Yeah, people often mistake me for Abe Lincoln."

"You're a laugh."

"I'm much more than that, 'lovely'."

Maddy went back towards the restaurant, looking perhaps a bit more disheveled than she should have been, but she did a nice job fixing her hair and her blouse. She also opened the door the right way. About five minutes later she was back.

"So?" I asked, "what was the plan?"

"I told Romie (ROMIE?? Nice nickname, I thought) it was totally OK for him to just go ahead and sort out his business. He's very worried about leaving me here by myself. I don't come to London all that often, but I told him I'd be fine. I reminded him I'm a city girl. He's really quite sweet."

"I'm a typical American moron. I always screw up the difference between a South African and an Australian accent. I'm sure they don't sound at all alike but they do to me. Which is it?"

"I'm from Sydney."

"That's right outside of Johannesburg, right?" I joked. Badly.

"You ARE a moron, aren't you? Cute, though."

"Thanks, but hey we're still gonna go fuck now, aren't we?"

She was a bit taken aback, and blushed a little. I was embarrassed, too, since WHAT we were going to do hadn't EXACTLY been established! But, given The Rome-ster would be back at some point probably just as well to cut to the chase!

"Well, you get right to the point, don't you?" She giggled again. "We could go up to your room for awhile. I'm assuming you're staying here? You're not a psychopath are you?"

"Naah, just a big ole pussycat. What about you? Any weapons in that purse of yours?"

"Maybe!" she winked.

"A risk I'll just have to take."

The ride up the elevator was pretty steamy. I had hold of one of Maddy's legs and was rubbing the back of her thigh. She had her arms around me as we were practically eating each other's lips. We got to my room door and I started fumbling with my room key, having to swipe it four or five times before striking green. Maddy's little distracting grabs of my ass weren't helping matters, but finally, we got in.

We never made it to the bed. Right there in the entry hall the clothes just started flying. I ripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants. Maddy managed to get herself completely naked, save for her cute panties that appeared to have three little lion cubs on them. Go figure. I had the bizarre random thought of her pussy actually devouring my dick, 'twas looking pretty carnivorous down there. She snapped me out of my strange little thoughts by grabbing firm hold of my cock and taking it into her mouth. Who's the lucky boy, I thought. This is one hot babe, whatever I did to deserve this, I'll be sure to do it again!

She teased me mercilessly with her lips and her tongue, and her hand was moving ever so slowly up and down the shaft of my cock. I was ready to return the favor and venture amongst the lions when she said, "No, I want him, right now."

Far be it from me to disobey a direct order. I pulled down her lion panties and climbed on top of her. She grabbed my dick and guided him in. I tried to tease her with just the head but she'd have nothing of it. At once I was completely inside her as our bodies began moving back and forth as if we'd been doing this together for years.

"You feel so nice," I said, putting myself squarely at the top of the "Trite Statement of the Year" list, but she most certainly did. We moved together, not quite so furiously. I balanced myself on my arms so I could look down and get a better view of this blonde beauty, and I loved watching her body move as she enjoyed every bit of my cock. We smiled at one another as I leaned down and kissed her lips once again. She clasped her hands tenderly around my neck as I gave her soft kisses on her neck, and then her ears. She seemed to really like that, and I enjoyed making her feel good. I loved kissing her soft skin, as I moved down her neck and buried my face her breasts and sucked her hardened nipples, never once stopping our rhythm.

It had been awhile since I'd been with someone, certainly with someone as smoking hot as Maddy. I felt myself close to climax. I didn't want to come quite so quickly, but she whispered in my ear, "It's OK, Doll, come deep inside me."

And so I did, pretty intensely. I moaned with pleasure, but at the same time worried I hadn't fully satisfied her. I looked at her with a smile and said, "y'know, I'd kinda like to finish what I've started."

"Be my guest," Maddy smiled back at me.

I worked my way over every bit of her delicious body, kissing her tasty breasts and taking each of them slowly into my mouth. I sucked them again and again as I felt her nipples get harder still and goosebumps start to form around them. She was getting more and more turned on as I worked my way slowly down south, kissing her tummy and flicking my tongue inside her bellybutton. She started to laugh, and then not-so-gently guided my head down towards her pussy.

"By the way what was with the lions?"

"Romie's beloved football team, but why would you care?"

"I don't really." I kissed the insides of her creamy thighs and began massaging her clit with my thumb. I felt her moving a bit harder as I stuck my face against her pussy and began slurping with my lips and tongue, with all the grace of a starved man eating a cantaloupe. I didn't mind the taste of my own cum. If I could suck my own dick I'd never leave the house!

With my tongue inside her pussy I could feel her getting closer, and her nipples getting even harder. She threw her head back and screamed. I enjoyed watching her so turned on so I didn't stop. She bucked so hard against me she bumped my nose. I acted like it didn't hurt even though it did, but I didn't really give a shit.

After a few moments we lay exhausted on the floor together, smiling and laughing and kissing. She was quite playful, and I liked her a lot, wondering if I'd be so lucky a second time.

The second time came sooner than I thought. Maddy took my hand and led me to the still made-up bed. She laid me down on my back and crawled sexily on top of me. I stretched my arms out to either side, allowing her to completely have her way with me. She grinned at me as she kissed my face and neck (I pretty much liked that, too!). Then she kissed my chest, blowing cool air across my nipples and driving me insane. I felt myself getting hard again, as she sat right down on my cock.

I was inside her yet again and knew I'd last quite a bit longer this go 'round! I was stunned by her body, her breasts, her face, her shapely legs wrapped around me. We made love for quite some time and managed to orgasm together. Pretty intensely again, as turning each other on drove us both over the edge. This woman had limitless energy, but I was feeling a bit spent as the jetlag was starting to catch up with me. Even so, I was hoping this could have gone on all night, but reality was setting in, and Maddy was needing to get back downstairs.

She got up to wash her hands and I had to ask her, "Hey, how do manage to use a hot water spigot and a cold water spigot without scalding your left hand and freezing your right?"

"You ever been out of the States, moron? I just draw a little mini-bath in the basin, that's what this handy little rubber stopper is for!"

"Wow, and she's a smart one, too!"

I was totally into this Maddy and sorry to see her go. But before she left, she turned to me and said, "Flip over on your tummy."

I was still lying there naked on the STILL made-up bed and said, "All right, is this where you slice me up into ribbons once and for all?"

"Yeah, pretty much, now flip over!"

Once again I obeyed, unsure of what was next, when I felt something tickling my ass. I turned around to have a peek but she protested, so my head went back down into the pillow. When she was done, I heard a "There you go, then. I hope I hear from you some time."

"How will I do that?" I asked.

"Have a look at that lovely bum you've got," she answered. "Lucky for me I had a Sharpie in my purse. Jerome (I noted that he wasn't "Romie" anymore) told me Beckham was in this hotel and while he's a real smarmy bastard I was hoping to get an autograph. I really need to go."

After one last big wet kiss, she was out the door. I had a look in the mirror at Maddy's handiwork, and on my ass was a phone number, presumably hers, and a cute little heart. Nice! Always the thoughtful one, she actually wrote the numbers backwards so that I could read them in the mirror.

Sexy, smart, AND resourceful! Romie didn't know how good he had it.

Maybe his luck was about to turn! Mine certainly had!

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