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Made Fresh


I'm awakened by a muffled bang, confused in the dark of our bedroom as I sit up. My arm slides to your side of the bed, empty, and my eyes find the clock on my bedside table. 2:30 in the morning...where are you? My initial worry fades as your light giggle filters up the stairs and down the hall to our room. Hmmm, back from girl's night I remember. I'm halted as I rise from bed, listen harder, and hear a man's voice followed by your whisper. My heart skips as I move to our door, pulling it open to listen.

"Shhhhhhh! We can't wake him up..." and another sexy giggle. "Christ, your husband's home? I thought you were alone...I'd better not..." "C'mon" you purr to him, "Don't you want to finish what I started in the car?" Silence for a moment, then his voice..."Oh yessss.how can I say no to that?" "He sleeps like a rock anyway...we just need to be a little quiet is all...mmmmmmm...can you be quiet while I do this?" "God yesssss....just like that..."

Sliding down the hall now, I slip across the top of the stairway to the hall overlooking our foyer. I see you there, on your knees in front of him, his back against the front door. One hand is in your thick chestnut hair, gripping your head lightly, the other on the wall to steady himself. I can't see your face, but I can hear the wet sucking sounds and see your hand working up and down his shaft.

I can't believe you're doing this in our own house. My hand covers my own cock through my shorts, feeling it swell as I watch. I can see the top of your stockings beneath your skirt hem as it rides up your thighs, and my eyes follow the dark seams along the backs of your legs until they disappear in the black spiked heels on your feet. It was all I could do not to try seducing you before you left this evening, and now I stand and watch as you seduce another man instead right before my eyes. I hear his cock pop out of your mouth with a wet smack as you stand and push his jacket over his shoulders. Your nails are deep red against his white shirt, and in the quiet I can almost hear them click together as you work his buttons free and peel it off. You turn suddenly and walk to the living room, sharp heels clicking on the tile before going silent in the carpet.

He follows obediently and I quietly shift to the other side of the stairway, gaining an angle in to the front half of the living room. You're on the couch already and he falls to his knees in front of you, pushing hurriedly at your skirt with one hand and pushing your thighs apart with the other. Not bothering to pull you panties off, he pushes them aside and buries his face between your legs. You spread them wide for him, moaning softly as his tongue dives inside your hole. I watch your nails drift over the back of his head, coaxing him on, then look at your face. You open your eyes, look at him briefly and murmur "that's it...yes...like that" before turning your eyes to the stairway. You gaze in to the darkness, eyes searching. Hidden in the shadows, I shift my body slightly hoping you'll pick up the movement. Your eyes lock on me, and I move once more to let you know for sure. A wicked little grin slides across your crimson lips then, and you push his head more forcefully in to you..."mmmm yea...lick it...lick my pussy..."

Returning your eyes to me, you deliberately release the buttons of your blouse, revealing your milky white skin inches at a time. Watching me the whole time, unclasping your bra, letting your beautiful breasts spill out and teasing your pink nipples to life. Pulling his hair now, you command "fuck me lover...I need your cock inside me...do it now!" He rises, kicks out of his shoes and pants quickly, throbbing cock springing toward you. You roll over, pushing your ass toward him and tugging at your panties. He pulls them down over your stockings, tangling them on your heels, obliging and leaving them when you call out again "...now...fuck me now!" You moan deeply as his head breaches you, pushing back against him until his balls rest against your clit. You're moaning constantly now, squealing as he thrusts, and he's shushing you as he pushes his dick deep inside. He glances over his shoulders at the stairs nervously, turning back to you as your nails bite in to his hip, pulling him back. Your head plunges in to the back of the couch as the first orgasm washes over you, your cries muffled in the cushions. Recovering quickly, you push him as he pulls back, turning over again and placing one heeled foot on the coffee table. He takes the other leg and puts it on his shoulder, and I can see your slippery pussy as he plunges back inside. You cry out again, looking in to his eyes, urging him to fuck you more loudly than you should. He tries to quiet you, caught up in the frenzy himself, your squeals growing louder each time his balls slap against your ass. He covers your mouth as you tell him to fuck you harder, begging for his cock. His hand over your mouth is only fuel for the fire, your screams now muffled but clearly audible in the still night. He pounds you furiously, sweat now sheening both your bodies, watching your tits bounce and holding your smooth ankle with his free hand. Your nails dig in to his ass, as you feel him cumming, pulling him and holding him deep inside as he shudders violently, his own moan much louder than intended as he empties his thick cream deep inside you.

Tearing my eyes away, I slip along the wall back down to our room, turning the nob and pushing the door closed silently behind me. I wait a beat, then open the door loudly and poke my head in to the hall.

"Honey...is that you?" I call out. I barely contain my laughter as his hissed "oh shit! fuck..." filters up the stairs. You answer with a quiver in your voice "Yea...yea it's me...I just came in...be right up..."Stepping in to the hall, I announce "it's OK, I'm coming down for a drink." and make no effort to silence my steps toward the staircase. The door swings open as I reach the steps, and I catch a glimpse of black leather jacket as he runs out and pulls the door closed behind him.

Looking in to the living room, you've made little effort to cover yourself beyond pulling your blouse together over your breasts. You watch as I descend the stairs and slide on to the couch next to you. "That was quite a surprise." I say as my fingers trace over your cheek, pushing damp strands of brown hair away from matching eyes. "You know what to expect most nights when I go out baby...as long as I find a willing participant I always bring you a gift." "Mmmmm...yes you do..." my finger trembling slightly as I push your blouse open again. Your skin is flushed from the sex like always, and I tease your nipples lightly as I bend to kiss your full lips. Our tongues mingle for a moment as you cover my hand with yours and coax it slowly down your body. "Never like this though...I thought you stuck to back alleyways or cars..." A soft giggle, one of the hundreds of things I find so sexy about you. "You mentioned the last time that you often wondered exactly how they're made though...so I thought I'd let you see the creampie chef in person this time."

An involuntary moan escapes my lips at the mention of it, and I kiss you hard again, licking your lips and sucking at them as you place my hand between your legs and push my middle finger in to your slit. You're soaking wet, slippery, and I smear the viscous liquid over your tight ass before drifting to your clit, pressing it slightly and breathing in the gasp that escapes your lips. You pull back slightly, our eyes locked, your wicked smile again. "You like kissing me after I suck cock, don't you?" Answering with another kiss, I slide my finger inside you and swirl it in the sticky pool of juices, then withdraw and rub it in a small circle around one nipple. I start to kiss and lick my way lower, tasting the salt of your sweat on your throat. You taunt me as I descend..."I know you like it...can tell the way you suck at my lips after I do it...you love it actually. Maybe next time I'll suck him off instead, let you watch his cream drip out of my mouth as I jerk him off into it."

"Have you had him before?" as my lips move closer to your coated nipple...Another giggle..."No..I met him tonight...I'm not even sure I remember his name...that's how you like it though, isn't it?" Your words dizzy me, cloud my head with excitement as I lick along the swell of your breast toward my finger, still sliding in it's circle around your swollen nipple. I take it between my lips, tasting the results of your passion for the first time. "Mmmmm....yesss...you'd like that wouldn't you? His cum dripping out of my mouth, over my lips and chin, drip drip dripping on to my titties for you to clean up later?" I devour your breast as you talk, feel your nails slip up my back, on to my head, pulling me close before pushing me down, urging me over your stomach. I plant kisses and licks along the way, push your thighs apart, taste the sweat and smell the sex as my tongue glides over your tightly cropped triangle of hair. I pull my head back, slip my fingers down over your puffy lips, drawing another sigh from you as I pull them apart, revealing milky white fluid pooling in your freshly fucked hole. "There you are baby...just for you...a warm, fresh creampie..." I can't control my moans of lust as you speak to me, watching as my fingers dip in to the pool and smooth it along your lips, glossing them so they shimmer in the lamp light. "Do it...you know you want it...taste it...lick it...do it..." My head descends, tongue slipping out as my lips touch you, tasting it now, pushing my tongue inside you, feeling it slip down my chin as I begin to lap at it. "Ohhhhhh yes! Yessss! That's it baby...eat it...eat my sloppy cunt...cmon...you love your sloppy seconds...you know it..do it...do it!" My cock throbs in my shorts as I lick and slurp your fresh-fucked pussy, tongue finally withdrawing from your buttery hole and moving to your clit, lashing across it wildly. Your hips twist and thrust at my face as your fingers dig in to my hair, holding me to you, fucking my face and squealing in delight. You cum hard, a small wave of juices floods my lips as you convulse, your breath coming in sharp gasps now.

Raising my head, I deftly push my shorts down and position my throbbing head at your still slippery gates. You're gasping, shaking, but I won't let you recover. I push my cock inside all at once, your brown eyes fly open as I sink to the hilt. You're still gasping for air and put your hand on my chest, pushing against me, trying to slow me down, but I won't have it, fucking you hard and pushing you toward another orgasm. Recovering slightly, your hand eases and then slips around my back, pulling me to you now. You look at me, eyes glimmering as that smile spreads across your lips again..."yea...fuck it...fuck it harder...it's how you like it isn't it? sloppy wet...sloppy and fresh fucked...you like being the second cock in me don't you...love watching your slut wife fuck first..." I don't let you finish, smothering your mouth with my lips, kissing you deeply as I pound my throbbing shaft in to you. You're gasping again, squealing between kisses, and I feel the bite of your nails in my skin now as we go crashing over the edge together. I erupt inside you, my cum spraying in hot spurts as your pussy grips me, milking it from me as we shudder against each other and collapse in to the cushions.

Lying together later in bed, your soft body against mine, my fingertips drifting lazily along your shoulder and down your side, over your hip before returning along the same path, listening to you breathe as I think back to the first time I saw you with another man...a time much different than tonight...

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