tagBDSMMade to Serve Ch. 03

Made to Serve Ch. 03


I sat there stunned; Wendy finished tying Christie down to the dining room table and went to the front door. Opening it up, she let in her roommate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she turned out to be a tall, skinny woman with short, red hair. "Hi Sue," Wendy said giving her a quick hug, “glad you were able to make it.”

Stepping into the dining room Sue took in the tableau with a smile. She was obviously briefed on the phone by Wendy, as she was nonplussed, "hmmmm, looks like you're having quite the fun time, I'm glad you called me dear. I guess I got here before all the fun was done."

"Impeccable timing as always," remarked Wendy, "did you pick up the things I asked?"

Sue shook the bag she was carrying, "oh yea, and some other things that I thought you might want as well. Do you plan to introduce me to your friends?"

Wendy turned to me and said, "This is my favorite pilot, Jeremy, and the object on display is his little slut for a wife, Christie."

I rose and went over to Sue and offered her my hand. "It's a pleasure." I found it supremely interesting how little I was taken aback by the scene. Wendy and I were having a casual conversation, all the while being introduced to her roommate. However, we were completely naked and Christie, meanwhile, was writhing on the table. She being buck naked, tied in a spread-eagle position, and gagged with duct-tape. Oh well, just another interesting day I suppose.

Sue shook my hand and then looked over to Christie wriggling on the table, "oh, don't bother to get up, dear." Then she opened her bag and brought out a tub of cool whip and a bottle of chocolate syrup. Handing these to Wendy she said, "I'll be right back, mind if I use your bathroom, Jer?"

I nodded my consent pointing the way and looked to Wendy who had taken the top off the cool whip and was started to spread it over Christie's body. I couldn't tell if it was excitement or the cold, because Christie was twitching beneath Wendy's long fingers. Her eyes were still wide open and she was making muffled sounds against her gag, all to no avail. Wendy proceeded to cover most of her exposed skin, paying special attention to her pert nipples and her soft flesh between her wide open legs.

"May I help?" I asked Wendy.

"You can put on the finishing touches," she said handing me the chocolate syrup. I opened the cap and proceeded to drizzle dark syrup over her. I took my time pretending she was some outlandish dessert, making small swirls over her exposed breasts. I trailed sticky syrup down each limb and made a puddle in her pussy. I loved the way the chocolate oozed down her supple skin, making dark lines. Having her sensuously wriggle her body on the table only added to the fun.

About this time I heard footsteps and saw Sue returning. She had stripped off her clothes and joined us in her birthday suit. "I thought you had the right idea, and besides, I don't want to make a mess of my clothes." I admired her fine body. She was tall, about 5 feet 10, and lean; she had no flab anywhere. Her breasts were very large, and they were nice and pert. Her legs were long and trim as well. I had to admit that Wendy had very good taste in women! She eyed Christie wiggling on the table, "Is our dessert ready yet?"

"I think so," observed Wendy. "Why don't we all dig in?"

With that all three of us moved to the table where my helpless wife was tied tightly and looking like a giant sundae. Her tan skin was covered in white cream while the dark chocolate set the peaks and valleys of her form off in nice relief. I started to lick the whipped cream off her legs. It was very tasty. It must have tickled, because Christie began to thrash across the table and only the tight bonds kept her from escaping. I slowly licked my way up until I found myself at her wet pussy. Despite being used like this, she must have found it highly exciting, because her juices were flowing steadily. I loved the way the combination of tastes assaulted my senses, her pussy, the cream and the chocolate. Yummy!

I took a break for a moment and looked up. Wendy and Sue had gone on either side of the table and had met in the middle. Each had one of Christie's tits in her mouth and were sucking and licking with abandon. Whipped cream and chocolate were now all over their faces and hands. Then they looked up and began to lick the icing off each other's faces as well. What a sight it was, the two lovely women with icing and chocolate all over themselves deep kissing over my wife's naked, bound, and heaving body. And heaving it was. Obviously my tonguing her pussy and the girls sucking her tits were causing all sorts of sensations in her. She was thrashing about as much as her ties would allow. I could see her pussy lips opening up and engorged beneath my face. Her chest was heaving trying to take in more air and a constant series of noises were being made behind her taped lips.

As I bent back down to continue my lapping of Christie's tight little cunt, Wendy put her hand out to stop me. She explained to Sue who also gave her a quizzical look, "She was a bad little whore earlier... couldn't even do a decent job of sucking Jeremy's cock. I don't think she deserves an orgasm yet."

Sue smiled with a sly grin playing over her thin, sensual lips. "Well, I also brought something else with me." She picked up the bag used to contain the whipped cream and chocolate syrup. She reached deep inside it and pulled out something purple.

Wendy smiled and said, "Aha, you think of everything dear. You brought my favorite toy, let me put it on."

"Oh no," smiled Sue, "you've been having fun all morning. It's my turn... you are just so greedy at times!"

"Ok, you're right. Let me help you at least." And so saying, Wendy took the purple toy from Sue and they went to the same side of the table. Now I could see that it looked like the purple toy was in fact a ten inch long rubber dildo. Not only that, but it had a harness attached. "Aha, a strap-on," I said. "I've never seen one in the flesh before... or should I say, in the rubber." This elicited a chuckle from the women. Smiling, Sue positioned the base to her midsection, just above her pussy which I now noticed had a small patch of red hair. I guess the drapes matched the curtain. Wendy then attached the black straps around Sue’s waist, and around each firm thigh. After pulling the cinches tight, the rubber dick poked straight out from between Sue's long legs. Seeing her standing there in all her glory, with a large phallus sticking out, was an incredibly erotic sight.

While Sue made some last adjustments to their toy, Wendy went and untied Christie's hands from the table. Motioning to me, I untied her legs and held them as we flipped her over onto her stomach. Either she was spent from the tongue-lashing, or just was resigned to being a piece of meat at our mercy, because Christie didn't fight us at all. Wendy then retied her hands together behind her back and we pulled her off the wet, sticky table.

We led her to the kitchen and I had to smile at the strange sight it was. Wendy, naked and sexy, was leading my captive wife who was still covered with half-eaten whipped cream and chocolate. I followed with Sue, both of us sporting large erections, only hers was bigger than mine and much more purple. It was an amazing, sexy, erotic parade through my normally tame house.

When we got to the kitchen, Wendy pulled out one of the bar stools and pushed Christie over it face down. Her tummy resting on the seat, she then tied her legs to the stool’s legs. "Have at her, sweetie, she's all yours!" Wendy said to her roommate, spanking Christie's ass-cheeks loudly.

"You are so thoughtful. You remembered my favorite position," Sue smiled as she moved up behind Christie who had raised her torso as far as it could while trying to look behind her. Christie's eyes were wide as Sue took her long dildo in her hand and positioned it against Christie's swollen lips. Wiggling forward she fed that monster into her gaping pussy with a single hard thrust. My helpless wife yelled against her gag and arched her back, only to fall forward once Sue had finished the invasion of her innermost flesh. Sue put her hands on Christie's hips and began to thrust that purple monster repeatedly.

Pulling her head up by her hair Wendy said, "Okay whore. Last time you did a really piss-poor performance sucking Jeremy off, so I'll give you one more chance. Do a good job and don't dare spill a drop or you know what will happen, don't you?"

Christie just mumbled something, but she nodded her head as best she could. Wendy took the duct tape and ripped it off Christie's mouth savagely. Still hard, I moved to my wife's head and raised it with both my hands. She obediently opened her mouth and took my shaft into her abused throat. Sue was still going to town with her purple invader buried to the hilt and her hips thrusting it vigorously. Christie was in the middle of a vigorous game of push-me, pull-you. She was once again gagging on my meat, but tried her best to suck on my meat.

Meanwhile, Wendy moved around to Sue and began to kiss her hard on the lips. They were locked together in a furious embrace, while Sue continued her onslaught of Christie's pussy. One of Sue's hands was now feeling Wendy up while the other was holding onto Christie's bound wrists. Every time she thrust that huge purple toy into my wife's snatch, it jammed my prick deep into the innermost recesses of her throat. Oh my god, I couldn't believe that I was going to come again... three times in one morning. I could feel that familiar pressure growing deep within my balls as they tightened up.

Wendy knew the signs, and could tell I was on the verge. She stepped back and started spanking Christie’s ass nice and hard with her open hand. The repeated blows were loud in the kitchen and made Christie thrash all the harder. With every loud smack, I could see Christie’s ass rebound from Wendy’s firm hand spanking her.

I think Christie was cumming now, because she was thrashing as much as she could, tied and bent over the stool; while being simultaneously penetrated hard from both ends. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and using her ears like handlebars, I plunged my hard member as far as it would go. Hitting the back of her throat, I unleashed my fluid into her mouth.

Arching my back and straining for all I was worth, I let loose a cry and gave one more mighty pump of my hips. I could feel my seed shoot from my rod into Christie's throat, but my helpless wife couldn't take it all and began to cough and sputter. I pulled out and basically fell backwards onto the floor. Christie was slumped over the stool, my cum dripping down out of her mouth across her lips.

Stretching back, feeling the immense waves of satisfaction roll through me, I looked up as Wendy moved over to squat down next to Christie's face. Putting her hand under her chin she raised her face to look straight into her eyes. "Dear, you really aren't very good at cock-sucking, are you? I guess we'll have to keep this up all day until you can get it right."

As Wendy moved around to take the strap-on from Sue, and start buckling it in place; Christie just went limp over the bar stool.

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