Made to Shop


"Put these on!" Mistress Laura ordered pointing to the clothes laid out for me. "You have things to do today."

I just finished my shower. Mistress Laura's standing instruction was to make sure I was properly clean. I was to keep my body free of hair but for a short, neatly trimmed, and tiny bush. All other body hair was gone.

So I stood there in the middle of the bedroom, naked and feeling very exposed. I could not hide my dignity as Mistress Laura had taken it a long while ago.

"Don't stand there like an idiot! Get dressed!" Mistress commanded.

Mistress stood there watching me; arms folded beneath her ample C-cup bosom. Her high heeled foot tapped impatiently.

I moved towards the bed. My new outfit was all white. I picked up the satin and lacy underwire, half bra and slipped my arms through the straps.

"Turn around and I'll hook you up!"

"Yes Mistress." I complied.

I felt Mistress pull the ends together and attached the hook and eye closure. Mistress adjusted the straps then reached around to adjust to half cups under my man breasts. Mistress pinched my nipples hard just for good measure.

Now my boy clit was hard and protruded my full 4 and a half inches upward.

"Panties next." Mistress said.

I pulled them on, already knowing full well Mistress preferred my panties under my garters. The panties were high on the thigh, like a French cut. The back was almost thong-like and ran between my cheeks. The front was small and just adequate enough to cover. It was tight to control my bulge.

The garter belt was beautiful white satin and lace with a pretty bow on front. I strapped it around my waist and sat on the edge of the bed to put on my white seamed stockings. I clipped them to my stockings. Each of the straps was adored with a huge bow tie.

Mistress had laid out my over clothes as well. The jeans were tight and white and had spandex incorporated in them. They flared out at the bottom. As I tugged them on, I realized that every bump would show especially my garter straps and the big bows!

I looked a Mistress Laura for sympathy.

"Put them on." Mistress coaxed.

I reluctantly but obediently did as I was told. Big bumps on my thighs confirmed my fears.

The t-shirt wasn't much better; tight and short. I could pull it down enough to just cover my belly, but the more I pulled, the more my bra would show through.

Standing up did nothing to alleviate my dilemma. To me, it was obvious what I was wearing beneath. Every shadow; every contour was accented by the tight white clothes.

I looked at Mistress.

"Don't look at me!" Mistress told me. "I'm not the one who likes to strut around like a slut."

It was true. One evening, Mistress caught me wearing her best lingerie around the house. Then she made me stand in the middle of the living room in front of the large picture window and masturbate until I shot my load. I had to remain there until we went to bed. Mistress made me wear women's underthings but usually allowed me to discretely cover up when we went out.

I put on my white canvas sneakers. Not used to dressing this way when we went out, that was all I had.

"Hmmm. They don't really fit." Mistress Laura remarked, but didn't say anything else.

We got into the car. Mistress would never trust me to drive. In the passenger seat, I noted how well my lady wear showed. My thin tee was near invisible in the bright sunshine.

Mistress slid into the driver side and pulled up her black skirt until her stocking tops and thighs showed but stopped just before displaying what panties, if any she was wearing.

I loved it when Mistress teased me. I got so hard, I could pierce steel. And knowing Mistress controlled my release only made me more excited.

Off we went. For late morning, traffic was very light. Mistress made a habit of stopping at a light beside a semi. The driver could easily see me and my slut attire. We received many air blasts of appreciation.

Mistress parked the car on the street. We would have to walk everywhere and thus displaying me for anyone to see.

We walked about a block east. I followed Mistress about three steps behind her. The bright sunshine shone through her skirt. Again I felt increased pressure in my pants.

This did not go unnoticed by Mistress.

"Are you hard again?" Mistress asked. I nodded.

"Hum. Maybe I should make you relieve yourself right here so I won't be embarrassed." Mistress threatened. "Too bad we don't have the time to waste."

Mistress turned left and entered into a store; a ladies store.

The store was definitely up market especially in that area, but it was also exclusive. There were very few customers in the store.

"Hello. My name is Erica." Greeted a young sales woman. "Can I be of service?"

I said woman but she looked more like a girl; early twenties, medium length brown hair tastefully coifed and light makeup on her soft, smooth skinned face. Her lips were full and pouty; painted to match her makeup.

She stood about 5 foot 3 in 4 inch heels. Her soft cashmere sweater was snug that made her B-sized breasts perky and her hard nipples protrude.

"Yes! We're looking for shoes to match HIS outfit." Mistress stressed "his" just to accentuate the obvious fact that I wasn't a she.

"Oh! I see. It's a beautiful outfit!" Erica smiled. "I'm sure we can find something perfect for you."

At this point I wasn't sure if Erica realized what I had on underneath, but my outer apparel was definitely un-masculine.

"Please have a seat and I'll just verify your foot size." Erica led us to a seat where I sat down. Mistress Laura sat in the seat beside me. Erica sat very lady-like on a stool in front of me.

"May I remove your shoes?" Erica asked.

I turned to Mistress who nodded her approval. "Yes, thank you." I answered.

As Erica bent down to lift my foot, I could easily see down the top of her vee cut sweater. She wore a black and rose coloured half cup bra underneath. Her cherry nipples were already swollen.

Erica untied my shoe lacing then slid her left hand under my pant leg and cradled my calf to lift my foot. She smiled to feel the silkiness of my stocking covered leg. She carefully removed my shoe then placed my foot back.

"What a beautiful red coloured toe nails." She remarked and reached for my right foot. "I should measure both feet. They are often different."

This time Erica seemed to caress my leg as she removed my shoe. I'm sure she felt the stocking seam. It was unapparent if Mistress Laura noticed.

Erica carefully placed my one foot into the measuring device; then the other.

"Excuse me while I go fetch a selection for you to try on." Erica retreated to the back.

With Erica out of earshot, Mistress turned to me and remarked. "Looks like Erica is a bit smitten with you."

Mistress noticed our inter-action, of course; I felt my face flush.

Erica soon returned with two boxes. I could see her body shaking with excitement.

The first shoe was a black, flat slipper. It had a bow in front; the toes were closed.

Erica placed my foot onto her lap. Her hands caressed my feet as she slipped the cute shoes on.

As I stood, I looked at Mistress and was given a disapproving look.

"I don't think these are what we are looking for." I told Erica as I sat back down. "What else do you have?"

"Of course." Erica removed the shoes. My right heel was nestled between her thighs but on top of her knee length skirt.

As she reached for the next box, I felt her move her hips forward pushing my heel against where I imagined her clit would be. Her breathing started to deepen as she placed the shoe on.

Erica parted her knees as she reached between for my left foot. As she raised it, she "accidently" caught her hem with my toes and easily exposed her wears underneath.

"Oops!" Erica pretended to be embarrassed but did not immediately cover up her rose coloured panties and garters that held up her coral stockings.

With shoes on, I stood up again and looked at Mistress Laura for approval. Again Mistress did not approve. Erica also noticed.

"I don't think they quite match." Erica said of the red pumps with three inch heels. "With your permission, I'd like for you to try on a different shoe."

Erica quickly disappeared to the back. After a few minutes, she returned. Erica sat in front of me again this time with her thighs spread further apart and the hem of her skirt well above her stocking tops. Erica had removed her panties. Her lips were wet and glistened.

I looked at Mistress. Mistress gave me a very discreet nod.

As Erica opened the new box, I moved my foot under her skirt and between her legs. I used my painted toes to play with her inviting lips. Erica eyes closed as she rocked back and forth against me. I felt my nylon toes start to get wet as they invaded her hole.

Shaking, Erica managed to put the shoe on my other foot. She reluctantly pulled my foot from between her thighs. Paused to think a second, she then lowered her mouth and started to lap and suck her cunt juices from my toes.

My heavy breathing was starting to turn to a pant as she licked my arch and between my toes. I was ready to burst through my pants. Mistress Laura reached over and pinched my nipple to remind me of why we were there. It almost made me cum, but I knew Mistress hadn't to give me her permission.

Erica slid the shoe on my wet foot. I stood and looked to Mistress who nodded approval.

The shoes were white, 4-inch sling back heels. They had laced up fronts and were open toed to show my pretty red toe nails.

"Look how nice they make you look." Erica said. She ran her hands up my thighs and played with the bow of my garter straps. "Especially your legs!"

Her hand continued upward and ran over my balls and behind to my ass.

I walked around, the heels caused my back to arch and my bum to extend back. I stared into the mirror. My painted nails peeked through the opened toes. It looked hot!

"Perhaps something new to match?" Erica excitedly.

"Yes, maybe something else that might match." Agreed Mistress Laura. "Perhaps another new outfit."

"I think I know just the outfit." Erica scurried onto the floor and returned a few minutes later.

"Perhaps something like this?" Asked Erica. She showed us a crisp, Italian cotton white blouse and a white, silk, pleated skirt. "The change room is this way."

Mistress and I followed Erica to the back. There were three very large change rooms; each room was private and could easily fit 3 or 4 people.

"I'm sorry." Erica apologized. "I should have asked before. May I get you some refreshment? Chardonnay? Champaign?"

"Champaign would be acceptable." Mistress Laura told her as we entered the largest change room.

Erica returned with glasses and a bottle. "You will join use in a glass won't you." Mistress asked Erica which really wasn't a question.

"Oh, yes! Thank you." Answered Erica as she poured out 3 glasses. Nervously Erica gulped down her first glass. Not being use to bubbly, it went straight to her head and made her even more gitty.

"May I help you get undressed to try on this outfit?" Giggled Erica.

Erica stood in front of me. She held the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it upwards.

"Oh my! What a beautiful bra you have on." Erica smiled. She leaned forward and suckled each of my nipples.

She grabbed my pant waist and pulled them down. "And such pretty panties! I love the bows on your garters."

Erica went onto her knees as I balanced against her shoulder, lifting each foot to remove my pants. Erica looked towards Mistress, then she pulled my panties aside and pulled out my cock. She kissed it. She licked it. She mouthed it. She took the entire length into her mouth and sucked me.

Mistress nodded towards the table. I lifted Erica from the floor. I guided her over to the table and bent her face down. I spread her legs and raised her skirt over her bum. Her cunt lips were dripping wet and gaping; waiting to be filled. I place my knob at her opening.

"Oh yes!" Erica groaned. "Please let her put it in me! Please!"

Mistress nodded her approval.

I pushed my stiffness into her. Totally wet, I easily entered her cunt up to my hilt.

"Fuck yes!" Erica grunted. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast!"

But as if to make her suffer, Mistress signaled me. I slowly and steadily rocked my hips back and forth.

Suddenly I felt something from behind. I dared not look for I knew it was Mistress. I felt Mistress pulled the back of my panties aside. Then I felt a firmness between my crack and search for my rear access.

Mistress' tip found its mark and started to match my thrusts into Erica. The strap-on Mistress used was twice my 4-inch length, but easily slid inside me.

"Match me!" Mistress whispered in my ear. Each of her thrusts became harder and faster. I mirrored the thrusting

"Oh yes! Fuck me!" Erica moaned.

Mistress started to pound my ass harder and faster. I could not help but do the same to Erica.

"Mistress Laura!" I was on the verge. "I'm going to cum!"

"Oh! Yes! Please let her cum in me!" Erica begged. "I need her cum! Please!"

"Do it!" Mistress told me. "Make her ours!"

With that Mistress Laura thrusted in my ass three more hard times as I started shooting my load into Erica's tight cum.

"A..A..G..H! I grunted as I emptied my balls.

"Fuck! FUCK! F..U..C..K!" screamed Erica as her pussy suck my sperm from my cock.

Fully spent I collapsed on top of Erica. I didn't even feel Mistress withdraw from me.

After a minute, I was about to extract myself from Erica.

"Get dressed!" Mistress told me before turning to Erica and telling her. "We'll take the shoes and outfit. Here's the address. Deliver it personally."

Mistress left her address along with her credit card with Erica. She turned and started to leave. I barely finished re-dressing and followed.

Later at home...


I answered the door now cleaned and dressed in my house maid outfit.

"Hi!" Said Erica as she entered inside. "I brought your purchase!"

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