tagInterracial LoveMadeena Wardak of Afghanistan

Madeena Wardak of Afghanistan


"Hmm, come on, Mr. D, we both know you love this ass," Madeena Wardak said coyly, and the curvaceous young Afghan Muslim woman smiled and bent over, outwardly sticking her bum. For most of her life, Madeena hated her curvy body, her surplus flesh, and yearned to be like those tall, slender girls in the covers of magazines like Elle and Cosmo. This sad state of the affairs lasted until Madeena met Joseph Dawson, her new lover and the man who changed everything...

Dawson, who for some peculiar reason preferred to go by his last name, changed Madeena's life in many ways. Prior to meeting him, Madeena wanted to be a prim and proper Afghan gal, graduate university, and get married to a nice Afghan lad, presumably one whom she met at the mosque or an Afghani community event. Dawson, the stalwart brother from America blew into Madeena's life, and she'd never been the same...

"Damn right I do," Dawson replied, and the tall, burly young African American leaned against the bathroom wall, and took a snapshot of Madeena's fine backside. Clad in a modest ebony Hijab over a long-sleeved black T-shirt and yoga pants, the seemingly innocent Madeena looked beyond fine and they both damn well knew it. Shaking his head and smiling, Dawson cast an appreciative glance at Madeena. The gal was definitely something else...

One of the first things that Dawson taught Madeena was to stop adhering to the west's ideals and standards of beauty. Dawson grew up in the southern United States, where they had an appreciation for curvy women of all races. Southern food and southern culture promoted a bon vivant, carefree attitude toward food and sex, and to Dawson, this was the norm. slowly but surely, Dawson helped Madeena embrace a new mindset...and taught her to love her curves.

"You're more than just a cute face and mesmerizing ass to me," Dawson said, and he pocketed his phone, then came up behind Madeena. Watching him in the bathroom mirror, Madeena smiled. There he was, her own personal bigger-than-life Teddy bear. Dawson, the six-foot-five, strongly built young black man from the City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama took Madeena's breath away the first time she laid eyes on him.

"Hmm, you're sweet talking me," Madeena replied, and she turned around and faced Dawson, who gently stroked her face. The self-styled "Brother from Bama," who was as tall as an NBA player and bigger than most NFL players, was actually quite gentle. When he brushed his massive hand against her face, Madeena closed her eyes and purred like a kitten before kissing his hand.

"Oh my," Dawson murmured, and Madeena opened her eyes and flashed him a sexy wink, causing his heart to skip a beat. Madeena smiled up at the towering Dawson and pressed her hot, curvy body against his. Dawson held his breath, as Madeena patted his groin, causing him to stiffen, and he exhaled sharply. Madeena licked her lips, and Dawson knew what was coming next...

When Dawson came into Madeena's life, it was as if he'd given her permission to free herself from the restrictive holds of her upbringing. Madeena, who'd been staying with her maternal aunt Nona while attending university, decided to get a job and eventually moved out, shortly after getting involved with Dawson. Without her well-meaning but kind of controlling aunt's stifling influence, Madeena was free to do her own thing, much to Dawson's delight...

"Hmm, that feels nice, doesn't it?" Madeena whispered, locking eyes with Dawson, and all he could do was nod. Madeena unzipped Dawson's pants, and out came his dick, which was long, thick and erect. Grabbing Dawson's dick, Madeena began to stroke it, gently at first, then more harshly. Dawson, who knew Madeena's penchant for the rough stuff, both dishing it out and taking it, dutifully braced himself.

"Yes my queen," Dawson replied, and Madeena knelt before him and then took him into her mouth. When her soft lips touched his dick, Dawson closed his eyes, and let his mind drift. This wasn't the first time that he and Dawson were hooking up at school, but getting down and dirty in the basement of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law building, well, that was pushing it. The greater the risk of getting caught, the hotter the encounter...

While the rest of the City of Ottawa was caught in the throes of Canada Day 150, Madeena and Dawson were having some fun of their own on the deserted campus. It had been her idea to sneak into Fauteux Hall, the five-story building housing both the Civil and Common Law sections of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. After a cursory check of various rooms and floors, they noted that they had the place to themselves, and had some fun.

"Hmm, I like that funky smell," Madeena paused to say, and she licked the underside of Dawson's shaft for a moment, then resumed sucking his dick. Dawson opened his eyes, and looked at Madeena, who was patiently, methodically working her magic on him. Madeena's carnal knowledge never ceased to amaze Dawson, and with good reason. Beneath her pious, prim and proper exterior lay a woman of many passions...

"Madeena, it's coming," Dawson warned, and she flashed him a bright smile while tugging on his dick. Pumping her sleek hand up and down Dawson's shaft, Madeena watched his dark, handsome face carefully for telltale signs of his impending orgasm. Dawson winced, and Madeena stopped sucking him, and drew back. That's when it happened. Groaning loudly, Dawson came, and it was a beautiful thing to behold...

"How was I?" Madeena asked Dawson, a few moments later. Dawson was still panting, and Madeena saw the smile slowly creeping into his face, and nodded. Rising, she wrapped her arms around him, and they kissed. Dawson propped Madeena on the bathroom counter, and slid her yoga pants down to her ankles. Madeena, who wasn't wearing any panties, grinned naughtily at Dawson, who nodded approvingly.

Madeena took off her top, revealing her small, perky breasts. Gently she rubbed her erect nipples, watching as Dawson knelt before her. Gently he parted her thick, sexy legs. Here it comes, Madeena thought excitedly. Dawson always treated her body like a temple, worshipping every inch of her. From the lustful look in his golden brown eyes, Madeena knew that she was in for a treat.

"You deserve a treat, sexy lady," Dawson said, and he got down to business, burying his face between Madeena's legs. Madeena licked her lips and nodded as Dawson began eating her out, his tongue flicking over the hood of her clit, and he slid his fingers into her. A lot of men didn't know what they were doing downstairs, but Dawson wasn't like that. The brother from Bama definitely knew his way around a vagina, that's for damn sure...

"Tashakor, my love," Madeena squealed, mixing English and her native tongue of Pashto as Dawson's tongue action took her to cloud nine. The young woman writhed and trembled violently as Dawson teased and probed her, lathering her pussy with his tongue. Locking eyes with Madeena, Dawson watched as she came, violently, hot girly cum oozing out of her like water beneath the desert. A shocked little gasp escaped Madeena's lips, and Dawson smiled.

Madeena looked at Dawson through moist eyes, and blew her breath, her eyes roving up and down his body. Rising to his feet, his erect dick in his hands, Dawson looked formidable. I want you inside of me, Madeena thought, and she reached for Dawson's manhood. Nodding almost imperceptibly at her lover, Madeena issued a silent demand. That's all Dawson needed to get going...

"Za la ta sara meena kawom, I love you," Dawson said, in the limited Pashto that he'd learned since he began dating Madeena. The young woman grinned, and opened herself to him. Dawson embraced her, and pushed his hard dick into her. A sharp groan escaped Madeena's lips as Dawson entered her, and she wrapped her legs around his torso, welcoming him inside of her.

Madeena felt a maelstrom of emotions and sensations as Dawson began making love to her. At once raw, passionate and deliciously rough, he fucked her with wild abandon, and she absolutely loved it. Madeena lay there on the bathroom counter, legs locked around Dawson, urging him to fuck her harder.

With her nipples erect, her jaw slack, her body surrendering to the deliciously hot pain and wicked pleasure she felt down below, Madeena was in another world, and Dawson had taken her there. Driven half-mad by Dawson's intensity, his hard dick pounding away at her sweet pussy like there was no tomorrow, Madeena dug her nails into the flesh of his back, spurring him on.

"Kaazzem, pull out," Madeena demanded, when she saw Dawson's handsome face contort, and she knew he was close to the edge. Even though she was on the pill, and recent visits to the clinic revealed they were both healthy as can be, she wasn't about take any unnecessary risks. Dawson looked at her, puzzled, but pulled out. Smiling, Madeena stroked his dick, then bent down and took him into her mouth. When Dawson came, moments later, Madeena happily tasted his cum.

Dawson sighed happily as Madeena drained him dry. This woman was freakier than he could have imagined. Hand in hand, they left the bathroom, after readjusting their clothes, of course. Discretely they exited Fauteux Hall, and returned to downtown Ottawa. They joined the crowds of happy people waving Canadian flags as they marched to Parliament Hill.

"I can't imagine my life without you my queen," Dawson whispered into Madeena's ear, and she proudly clasped her hand with his, and they walked up Parliament Hill, surrounded by tens of thousands of Canadians. As they walked through the crowds, finally crossing Rideau Street, people kind of stared at them, for even in multicultural Ottawa, a town full of immigrants, the sight of a Pashtun woman holding hands with a black man surprised some people. Madeena and Dawson exchanged a smile and ignored the stares...

From the first moment Dawson laid eyes on Madeena, he knew that she was special. They were in psychology class at the University of Ottawa, and Madeena bravely got up to share her experience as a refugee, and later, new permanent resident of Canada by way of Kunduz, northern Afghanistan. Listening to Madeena speak about her life's journey, Dawson found himself captivated. The young woman had been through so much.

Along the way, Madeena lost her parents, Yusuf and Fawzia Wardak, during a tragic shootout between Afghan rebel forces and U.S. soldiers. Stoically the young woman spoke of her love for Canada, and her commitment to international peace efforts. Dawson was so moved by her tale of woe that he just had to speak to her after class. Approaching Madeena, Dawson wasn't sure what he should say, so he spoke from the heart, and that was the beginning of something new for the both of them...

"My sweet meerre ( husband )," Madeena said, tugging on Dawson's hand, snatching him out of his little trip down memory lane. They'd reached the steps of Parliament, and joined the throngs of revelers who were waving Canadian flags, taking pictures, drinking, talking and partying. Dawson looked at his surroundings, then smiled at the lovely woman whose hand he was holding.

"Happy to be here with you, boo," Dawson said, and he pulled Madeena's hand gently, before kissing it. Madeena smiled at Dawson, and playfully smacked his ass. Since Dawson wasn't expecting that, he awkwardly jerked up, causing her to laugh. I just had to fall for a freaky woman from one of the world's most distant countries, Dawson thought, shaking his head.

When Dawson completed his Criminal Justice degree at the University of Alabama, he found himself wanting to explore the world. Impulsively he came to Ottawa, a city he'd visited once with his family ages ago. At the University of Ottawa, he met a most remarkable woman, the lovely Madeena. Now, thanks largely to her, Ottawa was starting to feel like home. Playfully smacking her thick derriere, he watched as a surprised Madeena squealed, then shot him a look. Shrugging, Dawson began to cheer for Canada like the best of them.

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