tagLesbian SexMadelaine's Admirer

Madelaine's Admirer

byCheri Lynn©

Madelaine walked down to the corner for her usual cup of morning coffee. She had finally adjusted to her new routine since moving from Illinois. She had always wanted to live in San Francisco and here she was, at long last. When she started interviewing for her great new job, she swore she wouldn't get her hopes up. It was a long interview process and she had thought about giving up after her second three hour drive for a face to face interview at their Chicago office. After they flew her here to meet her prospective co-workers, however, she pressed on. She couldn't be happier anywhere on earth. Not that the people seemed much different then those she had worked with for years, it was all about location. She was home.

After paying for her cup of joe and a paper, she headed down to the Warf. She didn't care that it was considered "touristy". It was still very novel to her and she hoped it always would be. She enjoyed the smell of the bay, the sounds of the vendors, and the array of different types of people to watch. It was calming to Madelaine. She had only missed one walk on the Warf before starting a work day and that was only due to a power outage. She was sure to buy a battery operated alarm clock that very day so as not to wake up late again.

Another activity she enjoyed greatly and had actually been able to work into her routine, was a good aerobic workout after a long day on the job. There was a gym on the second floor of her building and she took full advantage of it. She had managed to make more acquaintances there than she had at work. Most of the people Madelaine worked with were married with families. They had responsibilities and obligations which sent them straight out of the city after work. Madalaine, single, lived a mere twenty minute bus ride from the office and she preferred that. She felt free, being able to enjoy the city rather than rushing home.

When she arrived at work, Madelaine was surprised to find a card in her message box. She looked behind the reception desk at Ashley questioningly. Ashley was the only other person in her office who lived in the city and sometimes worked later than everyone else. Ashley raised one well manicured hand and one well groomed eyebrow in a slight shrug and said "The person who left it didn't give me a name. I can only tell you it was a red haired woman, mid twenties, about my height. It was just as I was trying to leave last night. She was out the door before I could ask her name."

"Alright, thanks Ashley." she replied and flashed Ashley a warm smile as she did every morning. Madelaine didn't care for people who walked into work grumpy and no matter how she felt, she was always sure to greet everyone with as warm a smile as she could.

"Madelaine" That's all that was written on the outer envelope of the card. The handwriting was impeccable, somewhat feminine. Madelaine was a bit confused but shrugged it off and headed for her office. She would open it as soon as she settled in and the mystery would be solved. She had only time to hang her coat on the door and place her mail and messages on her desk when John walked in panicking. Something had gone wrong in marketing and the client was "not pleased, to say the least".

After a two hour pow-wow and forty five minute conference call, Madelaine and three of her co-workers were able to fix the mistakes made by the marketing department. When she arrived back in her office, she called Ashley on the intercom to order lunch in today. There was no way she would be able to get out. It was nearly noon and she hadn't even started on her planned project for the day. "I will not miss my work out this evening. I have a feeling I'm going to need it." she thought to herself.

As Madelaine was gathering her things to walk out of her office for the day, she noticed the mysterious envelope sitting on her desk. A flush ran to her cheeks. She felt almost embarrassed to have forgotten it. "What if it was an invitation to lunch from a prospective client. I didn't even call to decline." She picked up the envelope with the rest of her things and headed out the door. All she really wanted right then was to get to her aerobics class and work off the day's stress.

The envelope entered her thoughts again as she was showering. The aerobics instructor had been especially energetic this evening. Madelaine had a great time in class as she always did. She turned off the water and toweled dry. She sat on the bench in front of her locker, nude, except for the towel wrapped up on her head. She once again looked at her name written on the outside of this envelope. "Madelaine" No return address, hand delivered. She did not recognize the writing. Inside was a single sheet of perfumed stationary. Madelaine read the words written on it.

"I am writing to tell you I have been admiring you for some time now. The way your curly brown hair bounces as you move. The scent of it, clean and fresh. The almond shape of your dark eyes. Your full pink lips. You have the most beautiful smile, warm and friendly. Your shapely legs, and toned arms. I long to caress your creamy white skin. I dream about you and I being friends and more. Much more. I wish this wasn't the only way I could tell you these things, but for now, it will have to do."

"Wow, definitely not what I expected." Madelaine thought. She had to read the note twice over just to be sure she had read it correctly. She suddenly became aware of herself sitting as comfortable as she would in her own home. Naked, unashamed. Not proud, but comfortable to be nude. She felt a shiver run up her spine and her small pink nipples became erect. "Who could this person be?" She checked once more, but there was no signature. "Well, I have an admirer. Please, don't let it be a psycho stalker."

A group of women walked into the locker room at once having just finished a spinning class. Madelaine recognized quite a few of them and greeted them in unison with her warm smile. Ashley was among those women. Madelaine tilted her head and said "I didn't know you were a member here." Ashley approached her. "I've just joined a week ago. It's much more convenient than the gym I was attending, but I had to finish out my year agreement before I could switch."

"Would you be interested in getting a bite to eat with me?" Madelaine inquired. Ashley replied "I'd love too. I'll hurry." and headed off to the showers.

At the restaurant, the two women chattered away as if they had known each other for years. After dinner they stopped at a bar to continue the wonderful conversation they were wrapped up in. "Remember that envelope I asked you about this morning?" Ashley nodded in reply. "Is there anything else you can tell me about the woman who delivered it?"

Ashley became quiet, and a pale blush covered her high cheek bones. Immediately, Madelaine knew Ashley had written the note herself. She even became aware that she had recognized the handwriting at the time, but tossed the thought out of her mind too quickly to register. Madelaine began to flush also, but not out of embarrassment. She had wanted to get closer to Ashley, but had no reason to believe Ashley felt romantically towards women. She reached out to touch the back of Ashley's hand and when Ashley looked up, Madelaine flashed that warm smile at her. This seemed to relieve Ashley. "Why don't we get out of here?" Ashley suggested. Madelaine nodded in reply.

When they arrived at Ashley's apartment, she spoke very forwardly to Madelaine. "I don't know if it's the drinks talking, or if I've fantasized about you for so long I can't control myself. I want to devour you. I want my mouth on every inch of your body." Madelaine threw her coat over the back of the couch and moved toward Ashley confidently. As she slowly unbuttoned her admirer's blouse, she felt a tingling begin in her belly. Ashley continued "I would like to have you to myself for the entire weekend. I've dreamt of ravaging you, caressing you, holding you, melting into you, making you feel more wonderful than you ever have imagined." Madelaine wanted to revel in this first encounter with Ashley, but the words she was hearing were causing her hands to rush. She had taken Ashley's blouse off and dropped it on the floor. She opened the latch at the front of Ashley's bra and ever so slowly exposed a pair of beautifully rounded, handful sized breasts that came to small pastel pink points. Madelaine unzipped and let drop Ashley's black knit skirt, which caused Ashley to now be totally nude due to the absence of panties. She stepped back to admire her admirer. Just below her lightly rounded belly, Madelaine noticed the smooth shapeliness of her well shaved pussy lips. This sight made her panties wet almost immediately. "Ashley", Madelaine stated looking directly into her eyes, "you can do whatever you want to me. I would love for all your fantasies to become realities."

Madelaine then moved towards Ashley caressing her belly with one hand. She moved around her allowing her hand to lightly trace a line over Ashley's hip and slip down to feel her well rounded buttock. "Where shall we begin?" she asked as she ran a finger ever so lightly between Ashley's pale buttocks. Ashley shivered in response. "Let me undress you, Madelaine." She felt for the zipper at the back of Madelaine's dress. Ashley slowly unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor. She leaned in and kissed Madelaine on the lips. Lightly at first, then more urgently. Ashley allowed her hands to run up Madelaine's sides, starting at the hip. When she reached her breasts, she caressed their sides at first moving in towards the erect nipples. Her lips wandered down the side of Madelaine's cheek to her neck. "Your skin tastes even better than I could've hoped."

The two women continued there for awhile, standing in the foyer, letting their bodies become familiar with each other. Kissing, caressing, licking, nibbling. "Let's go into the bedroom." Ashley suggested. She took Madelaine's hand and led her to the bed. Madelaine lay on her back atop the bed spread with one knee up. She felt very comfortable here with Ashley, but she was starting to become anxious. Her body wanted sexual relief, but she wanted this to be an experience for Ashley to remember fondly. Ashley knelt on the bed between Madelaine's legs. She ran a hand up Madelaine's shin to her knee and back down her thigh. Her hand found it's way to Madelaine's lower lips and gently caressed the sensitive skin. Ashley lowered her head to kiss Madelaine's tummy. She worked her way upwards, licking, kissing, nibbling. Madelaine felt her bodies' temperature rise a few degrees. "I love the feel of your mouth on my body", she moaned. Ashley reached Madelaine's mouth with her own and kissed her deeply, passionately. Madelaine caressed Ashley's neck and pulled her in. As they kissed Ashley worked her fingers into Madelaine's slit, feeling her silky folds. She plunged deeper, turned on even more by the wetness she encountered. She slid a finger into Madelaine's pussy. One at first, then two. She pulled them out and slid up to caress Madelaine's clitoris. Madelaine let out a moan. "That feels heavenly."

Ashley worked her mouth back down Madelaine's body. She wanted to feel that swollen clit with her tongue. When she spread Madelaine's lips apart, she exposed the most lusciously red and ripened pussy she had ever seen. She allowed the passion to take her over and dove in. She lapped with the flat of her tongue first to taste Madelaine's sweet juices. "Oh, Ashley, yes." Madelaine knew it wouldn't take long for her to climax. Her clit was already standing as erect as her nipples and she could feel the beginning tingling in her toes with every roll of Ashley's tongue. Ashley felt Madelaine's hips start to press against her mouth and marveled at this beautiful creature she was enjoying. She concentrated solely on Madelaine's clit now. Flicking it hard. Working it up and down with each stroke. Madelaine's hips began to buck more wildly and her hand grabbed for the back of Ashley's head. Ashley pressed her fingers into Madelaine's hole just in time to feel them clench in orgasm. "Ahhh, Yes, God! Oh yeah, don't stop! I'm cumming….. I'm cumming… ohhhh, yes!" Madelaine's screams of pleasure enveloped Ashley and she could've stayed there for hours, making her cum like that. The scent of her, the taste of her. Ashley's dreams were becoming reality.

As Madelaine's body slowed, and her breathing came back to normal, she looked down to see Ashley staring up at her from below. She couldn't believe it. This beautiful woman she herself had fantasized about just gave her the most wonderful orgasm, and asked nothing in return. Well, there were to be many returns as far as Madelaine was concerned. Ashley could definitely have her for the weekend, and longer if she wanted.

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