Madelyn's Story


I continued my search for my husband, feeling a sense of urgency to find him, not wanting him to be in some dark corner with some cunt from the party. The hostess was in the kitchen talking with a group of women. She directed me to the back patio where she had seen a group discussing priesthood a little earlier.

Something inside my head made me want to lunge towards that direction to be sure he was in the group. Finding him out there was a relief even if his priesthood opinions were always boring to me But I was glad to find that he was there, blathering on as ever.

"Oh, fellas, I'll bet some of you haven't met my wife, Madelyn."

Introductions were made all around. I shook each man's hand.

"It's really nice to meet all of you. Thanks for taking good care of my husband for me."

"Oh, our pleasure." Replied one of the men. "Now I see why your husband thinks being married to one wife at a time is enough."

There were six men plus my husband in the group. I kind of ended up in the middle of a circle. I felt like I was on display. My insides were feeling all rearranged from fucking one of the black guests of honor. I could feel cum collecting on the edges of my pussy lips. I shifted my legs a little bit, expecting some to run down one of my thighs. Instead it just clung there, like a giant bubble ready to burst.

The situation was a little surreal. I could smell my own pussy and the remains of what Jacob had gushed into me. Could they smell it, too? I wondered what it would be like if one of their hands came out and grabbed me right between the legs as I stood there. Not that I wouldn't suck off five of the six men I had just met in the right circumstances. The fantasy of letting them fuck me wouldn't have done me or them any good.

I let the fantasy bubble burst and tried to step back to stand beside my husband. I got my feet a little too far apart and felt the cum drop from my pussy. I was expecting to feel it go down a leg. It did not and I thought maybe it hit the hem of my dress. I got enough of a glimpse of the floor that where my feet had been. There was a puddle of cum the size of a silver dollar on the brick patio. Now I wish I had kept my panties on rather that put them in my purse.

Taking a couple of side steps, I managed to get back over the evidence of my cheating on my husband. Him standing beside and behind me a little sent a chill up my spine. I convinced myself that I had slid my shoe enough to disguise this remainder of my little fuck session with Jacob. I could feel some more wanting to trickle out of me. I cocked my hips enough so it followed my thigh from my still gaping pussy.

This little stream was hot enough from being buried so deep inside me that it didn't stop on my thigh. Even though I had tried to brush my thighs together to stop it the stream continued past me knee and felt like it would end up in my shoe. Feeling the need to get away and clean myself up some more, I pointed myself through the circle of my husband's new found friends and walked off the patio into the yard, not caring if I dribbled in the grass.

As I stood in the darkness and the warm night air I was trying to clench my vagina enough to wring out any cum that still might be inside me. That not seeming work I changed to trying to clench my cunt lips tight enough to hold it inside instead. After what Jacob had done to me and me learning that I could get my whole hand in my cunt I knew neither idea was even close to working.

I was standing in the backyard in my own little world when I saw some movement. It was the hostess stepping into the light and returning to the house. From the yard, back by the fence, I heard someone call my name.


It wasn't dark kind of dark, but dark enough you could make out form better than faces. As the figure got closer to me I could see it was Jacob. I called out to him.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" Then I thought about the hostess slipping back into the house. "Oh, you weren't alone, were you?"

"Not really, Mary Kaye wanted to tell me something."

"In the dark?" I had spoken to her when we arrived, but didn't know her name.

"Some conversations are better in the dark." I loved the sound of that voice and accent.

"Oh, My God! Were you having sex?"

"No, that would be too messy. She wanted to suck me off."

"After what we did you needed more?"

"Rule one ... never turn down a blow job from a white woman."

"That reminds me of something you said earlier. That you liked married white women."

"Does that surprise you any? These rich Mormon families make a visit to Africa with the story being that they are on a mission for the Church or for some charitable reason. There's plenty of people that could use their charity in this country."

"That is sure enough true."

"From all those that visit you get a few wives that need a little change in their married life. The families they visit are fairly well to do and the kids that come here for school or as exchange students are both well educated and well financed. The wife gets interest in more than a little culture and some young black shoves a large cock into a married white curious Mormon cunt."

"Does that happen a lot?"

"The husband gets all busy and the wife fucks one black cock and then gets to noticing there are a whole lot more of them around. There were about a dozen of us getting a shot at fucking Mary Kaye. She loved it. Then when they sponsor us here the husband bounces around showing what a compassionate person he is. In the meantime his wife is fucking several African's that are here to learn about America."

"Is she like gangbanging a bunch of you? And, why does someone your age want to fuck someone in her forties?

"They all aren't older guys with older wives. Some wives aren't that much older than me. Then there is that wonderful trickle down theory you people have going on here. The momma riding a black cock is something the daughters are inclined to do as well. It's not unusual to be dumping your load in the mom, her daughters, and maybe a couple of the cousins."

"I had never thought of something like happening. Don't the husbands ever catch on? How many white women have you had?"

"In Africa, I'd say a dozen or so. This summer in Utah, I'm up to about twenty right now, including you."

"Oh, am I in your pussy count?"

"Sure, you want to be in it again?"

I hadn't thought of that. I was still wondering if I would ever get my pussy back to the size it had been when I woke up that morning. Something made my tummy churn and my whole pussy made an involuntary tingle. Even with all the fears for my poor little cunt I realized I wanted to do it again.

"Okay, are you sure you can do it again?"

"Oh, shit, Madelyn ... you mean now? I was thinking more like some other time."

"Damn, that's embarrassing. I sound worse than the women you just told me about."

"No, if you want to do it now. I'm all for it. Damn, woman! Wait for me in my room. I'll be down in a short while."

Going back to the room where I took on my first black cock was exciting in itself. I could smell us in the room. If Mary Kaye came down here she had to know she wasn't the only one the kid was fucking. I stood along side the bed. I reached under my dress and felt my pussy. It didn't seem any smaller. Jacob wouldn't have any trouble entering me again. I was certainly wet enough.

I heard steps on the landing that started down the stairs. God, I hope it's Jacob and that I wasn't getting caught down there in his room. He called out my name and then joined me in by the bed.

"Listen, I don't have much time this time. Can we just get it in you, let me fuck you until you cum, and then me get back to the party?"

I realized that I didn't know where my husband was again and thought this could be bad if Mary Kaye came looking for Jacob. I raised my dress and put my ass at the edge of the bed. Jacob had his cock out and eased it into my opening. After the treatment it got earlier my cunt was welcoming the return of his giant cock. It was just moments until I could feel his balls tapping my butt again.

There was still a little bit of this cock I couldn't take. Maybe the next time I could fuck every inch of him. My God! I was already thinking of a next time. The fast pace he set found me gasping for breath. He never slowed down or held back. He just kept pumping until I felt his cum shoot from the end of his cock and into the depths of my pussy. Hot and sticky black seed that could easily impregnate me at that depth had I not been on the pill.

We went into the bathroom together. Jacob wiped his dick on a wet wash cloth and left me to deal with my little problem. Not that it was a little problem. I had the same load of cum to try to clean up or keep in me as before. Knowing I wouldn't be successful at either, I folded up tissue and held it against my pussy by putting on my panties.

I was back to worrying about my pussy returning to something close to normal size. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked a little flushed, but the quickie had more of an effect on my fresh fucked cunt than my outward appearance. I could pull this off. I just needed to keep my husband's hand out of my panties. My plan was to suck him dry so he wouldn't have so much of an interest in pussy.

As I checked myself one last time in the mirror something caught my eye. My tummy was distended. Visibly distended. I loosened the buttons at the waist and raised the hem up to just below my tits. I had never been pregnant. But, looking at myself it looked that I had been knocked up a couple of months ago. Fuck! So, that's how he got all that cock in me. As, I stretched to accommodate the big cock it shoved my tummy out.

I returned upstairs very conscious of my protruding waist. People might think I am the good little Molly Mormon wife and already carrying my husband's child. If anything it should have been Jacob's with all the sperm he left in me. I went upstairs hoping the puffy tummy would go away with the return to normal for my cunt. I decided to mix in with the other woman at the party.

The more I mingled the more I loved the idea of chatting with these Mormon women while carrying a huge load of cum from a black man emptying his balls into me. I could feel it start to run out of me and onto the tissue. I tried to clench my pussy to hold it in me. I could feel that I hold most of it inside. Maybe I'd be back in shape sooner than I thought.

Things were going pretty good for me. I was loving talking to the other wives while thinking about what I had just done ... twice. My husband came looking for me.

"Are you ready to go? I'm all done here."

"Uh, not really. I was meeting some pretty interest people. What happened?"

"Well, you met those guys I was talking to out back. After you left we were taking church and priesthood. They didn't agree with a couple of my ideas about it. It got a little nasty. One of them made a comment about you. It pissed me off. Then another one said he wouldn't mind fucking you if he had the chance."

"That was kind of sweet ... which one?" I teased him.

"All of them actually. It was like we were at a stag party with a bunch of heathens."

I had to laugh. A couple of their wives were probably fucking Caleb or one of his friends. Plus, when my husband gets in a mood like that he ends up wanting to fuck me. Tonight wouldn't be a good night for that. For either of us.

"You poor baby. There's a bathroom downstairs. Go down there and wait a few minutes. Be real quiet. I'll come down and make you feel better."

The light got brighter in his eyes. I gave him a head start and then went down there and proceeded to suck his cock. The good thing about my husband, although I like sucking his cock, is that it isn't huge and doesn't take much time until I'd be swallowing his load.

There wasn't anything to clean up as I kept all of it in my mouth. We started to sneak back up the stairs. I heard a noise from Jacob's room. He heard it, too.

"What was that?"

"I don't know." I sure as hell did know. I couldn't believe Jacob did me twice and was with some other wife now.

"It sounds like someone having sex. Let's go peek."

"My husband is a pervert?"

"No, let's just go peek. It won't hurt anything."

"Okay, but be quiet."

We got to the door and it was almost closed. I could see it was Mary Kaye getting fucked on Jacob's bed. I had pulled the spread up enough to cover the sheets. Now she was in the same spot and the man knelt between her legs while humping his cock swiftly into her.

My husband nudged the door just enough to see the black cock lunging in and out of her. His eyes got huge in his head. I was kind of pissed at Jacob for this and leaned enough see his face. It wasn't him fucking Mary Kaye. It was one of his buddies in the student exchange program. My jealousy subsided knowing this. I felt better.

I couldn't get my husband to leave. He kept standing and watching her getting royally fucked. Mostly watching the slick black cock go in and out. Only when Mary Kaye started to pant and groan into her orgasm did we move away to the stairs. As we crept away I could hear her begging him to cum in her.

Upstairs we moved over to a corner of the family room. My husband looked so nervous and excited you would think he just robbed a bank, or something.

"My God, Maddie. Did you see the size of the prick on that guy? She was taking every inch of it."

"Yes, I saw it. It was unbelievable." Actually, I was thinking Jacob had the guy beat by a couple of inches in length and about a quarter more in diameter.

"The self righteous bitch acts all high and mighty upstairs and fucks a black cock downstairs."

"Who would have thought it?" I smirked.

"I want to hang around and see how she acts with her pussy full of of black man's sperm. God, here she comes. Look at her. How can she take a fucking like that and come up here and mingle like nothing happened?"

"Maybe she does it all the time. Maybe this isn't her first black fuck."

"God, even if it wasn't, how can a woman take a cock that big? He has to be at least twice a big as me."

"Like I said, maybe she is used to it."

"Shit, Maddie, do you think there is anyway you could take something that size inside you?"

"What are you trying to ask?" I tried to act pissed.

"Oh, no. Don't get me wrong. Not just the big cock, but the fact he was black. How big do you think Mary Kaye must be down there to handle it and how stupid do you think her husband is not to know about it?"

"You are right. How does she get away with it?"

We left a little later and I guess my blowjob held up. I didn't have to fuck him. Not that I wouldn't have sucked him off again to kept him away from the mess Jacob left for us.

My statement about taking all of Jacob the next time proved to be pretty good prophesying. I woke up the next morning ready to fuck him again. My pussy had come close to returning to somewhat like normal. Black seed leaked from me all morning long. Jacob planted it into me well.

After my husband went to work I stripped down for a shower. It was incredible he hadn't discovered how much I smell like sperm and hot pussy. I looked at my pussy in the mirror and ran my hands over it, trying to feel the differences in me. I had almost returned to reasonable size although I gaped open about the size of a golf ball. The sideways view still had me looking a couple of months pregnant.

The hot shower felt good. I washed myself while thinking about what Jacob had done to me. I definitely was going back for more. I called Mary Kaye's house and asked for him. He rode the bus over to our house and fucked me twice that afternoon. I was so exited to get him in me that I only sucked him off once. I didn't care who else he was doing or the fact that I was on his list.

Jacob stayed the summer and took first semester at BYU before heading home before Christmas. I got all I needed of his black cock during those six months. I got used to having a sloppy pussy. My husband got a lot of blowjobs from me. Jacob just about fucked me silly. We must have done it a hundred times while he was here. He didn't mention fucking any other women except Mary Kaye. She was fucking him and the other black students to where she was getting it once or twice day from one of them.

For me, if I started again fucking black guys I may not be able to stop. Married to my husband I got back to sucking cock to get my way with both him, and whenever the occasion would arise.

This won't be it for me. Sorry that I have rambled so much between stories. I realize it will take some time to write about the ones I want to tell.

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