tagIncest/TabooMadison and Daddy Ch. 03

Madison and Daddy Ch. 03


My daughter, Madison, had done our family a major good deed. First, she gave me the best loving of my life. Then, she brought out the real side of her mother, my wife, Natalie.

All of this effort brought rewards to Madison, too. She was getting all the sex she could handle from both me and Natalie. She was one happy daughter. Mommy and Daddy loved her, and showed it as much as possible in as many ways as possible that involved acts of sex and lust.

Natalie still had to go to work everyday. She was a major corporate lawyer, who had discovered she had always been a latent lesbian. She still performed her job in an exemplary manner, but now she also was learning to perform as a lesbian in an exemplary manner, too. And she was prospering in both roles.

I was still working as an artist out of our home and I took advantage of the fact by accepting any favors Madison wished to bestow upon me. Our favorite game at home was playing Bad Daddy, Good Daughter. In this game I would burst into Madison's bedroom and start yelling at her. She would cower on her bed in her little teddy. I would force her over my knee and begin to spank her bare ass. She would act like she was crying and beg to do anything to stop the spanking.

I would give in and allow her to give me a blow job. Madison loved my cock. She could have made love to it all day long. We tried that once and I had never had such a burst of cum in my life, after several hours of on and off cock sucking. I didn't think I could take such great cumming again. It was so fucking good it almost gave me a heart attack.

Madison also did all she could for her Mommy. When Natalie got home, after a quick dinner, the cunt diving began. Natalie loved Madison's bare pussy so much. She finally decided to shave her own pussy and she let Madison have the favor of doing it. When they finished they both started eating each other. They both loved licking and sucking each other. They were a very loving daughter and mother these days. The past was dead and gone.

But this is more of a story about how Natalie began her new quest to discover her lesbian side. And I was more than happy to help. In our family we had decided that any sex in the family would be shared in some way. When Madison was eating Mommy I was welcome to watch, to jerk off, or to fuck Madison in the pussy or ass. I gave Natalie her space. We had not been so loving for years, but we didn't really share any sex now. However, she was glad to share Madison with me.

As you may remember I had been very active in the neighborhood with the MILFs who were in need of my service. My cock had been inside many of the ladies in the area. However, there were some ladies who never showed any interest in me. That could have just been me not being that attractive to them. Now, when Natalie had come out to the family, I realized that some of these ladies were quite likely working for the other side, so to speak. These I was going to make it my job to introduce to Natalie, in a new way.

My first step was to call in my little flower, Faith, who had loved my cock many times. I called her and asked her to come by. Her eagerness over the phone was palpable. I decided she should be rewarded if she gave the information I needed.

When Faith arrived Madison was out job hunting as she had graduated last year, so we had the house to ourselves. The first order of business was to get Faith talking of the other ladies in the area. I soon discovered that Faith knew everything about everyone, and she gave me a list of all the bisexual and lesbian ladies to be found around here. It was quite a list.

Her reward was a good fuck. We were both quick to strip and get down to business. Faith had a wonderful pussy and I loved fucking it. I crammed my rod into her cunt and began to fuck her with all the enthusiasm of an old fuck buddy. I thrust as hard as I could. Faith loved that. She humped back as hard as she could. I gave her a huge wad in thanks for her loving fucking. It filled and overflowed. That always made her cum so hard she would scream in passion. I loved that.

We parted as good friends, with me promising to see her again soon, and I meant it. Even with Madison active in the house I was still insatiable when it came to sex. I was sure that Faith would get fucked again soon.

I decided that I would have a cocktail party for the neighborhood, but in this instance I would invite only from the list Faith had given me. All the women listed, single, divorced or married would be invited. Along with partners, if they had any, unsuspecting husbands included.

This was a fortuitous event. During this party Natalie met many women she had never known. She had always been encompassed by her work. Now she was coming out. At least to those whom she cared for. And she took notes, at least in her head. She was approached by women who knew now what she was. This was most interesting for these women. I had never tempted them. Natalie did. And any men present were letting it all go over their heads. I was amused and laughing behind my hand.

Thus began the coming out of Natalie.

At the end of the party Natalie invited one lady to stay after. This was Evelyn. She had never responded to my moves, but she was more than happy to respond to Natalie. And when she realized that Madison was included she smiled a huge grin.

When everyone had left for the night, some women regretting they had not be selected, Natalie and Madison talked awhile with Evelyn. I was there but not part of the conversation. But, in this family, I was part of any sex fun, and this was made clear to Evelyn. So eager was she to sample Natalie and Madison that she didn't blink an eye.

The ladies went up to Natalie's room, which had a king-size bed and plenty of space. I followed behind, happy to share any little dregs of sex. The first order of business was getting rid of all the clothes in the way of the orgy.

The ladies were kind enough to help each other, taking their time and relishing the assets each had in some form or other. Of course, Madison had her perky breasts, Natalie had her perfect cone-shaped tits, while Evelyn had large but firm and thrusting titties that my own girls couldn't take their eyes off of. I stared, too.

The loving began with Natalie in mind. This was her party. So both Madison and Evelyn were using their fingers and mouths to touch, fondle, lick and suck on Natalie's body. Evelyn obviously loved eating pussy. She knelt on the floor and began licking and eating Natalie's now naked pussy. At the same time, Madison sat on her Mommy's face and got her own pussy reamed. Natalie loved it.

Madison was squeaking and Evelyn was moaning into Natalie's cunt.

For me, it was a jerk off session. I jacked and jerked and had a great time watching. Men always love watching lesbian action.

After Madison came all over her mother's face she decided she needed a fuck. That was my job. This time she got it in the ass. Again she was squeaking but she kept pushing back against my cock. As our fuck went on the two other ladies had switched places. Natalie was making Evelyn very happy she had stayed. Her pussy was shaped into a soft tuft of hair at the top, over her clit, and bared below. Natalie was washing it down with the tongue of a woman just coming into her own. She had finally reached her potential as a sexual being.

The sound of four people cumming at the same time is a trip. I was grunting, Madison was squealing, Evelyn was "praying", and Natalie, fingering her own pussy, stopped eating cunt and moaned with passion.

That little party continued for hours, finally breaking up in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Everyone showered in our three bathrooms, Natalie and Evelyn sharing one for one last finger fuck, and finally Evelyn left. Madison and I grinned at Natalie, who blushed with happiness at finally arriving at her sexual peak.

We went to bed in our separate bedrooms and slept for hours from sexual fatigue.

The mental list Natalie had made in her head the night of the party came in very handy in the next few weeks. She decided the next woman she wanted to meet was named Shirley, who I knew well from shopping at the grocery store, but had never had in bed. Maybe I was too crude in the passes I made. Anyway, Faith had told me that Shirley was bisexual. Which was good for me, and for Natalie.

Shirley, of course, had been at the party. She was married. And she was a knock-out. Classic wavy blond hair. Classic hour-glass figure. Breasts like Marilyn Monroe, soft and luscious. She had been obviously interested in Natalie and openly regretful when Evelyn had been kept behind instead of her. Now, we were making up for it.

We waited a few days, until Shirley's husband was taking a business trip over the weekend. Then Natalie called Shirley, inviting her to dine with us on Saturday night. Shirley responded with enthusiasm. I think she had talked to Evelyn. Anyway, we had a lovely dinner, cooked by me, of course. Then we went into the living room with all of its over-stuffed chairs and couches. We did have some conversation, but it lasted only a few minutes before the action began. Shirley was the aggressor.

She moved over to the sofa where Natalie was sitting with Madison. She leaned down and, holding Natalie's face gently, she began making out with gusto. I could see tongues battling. And Natalie's hands couldn't stay away from Shirley's soft breasts. She was squeezing and kneading and kissing and loving. I was happy just to watch. So was Madison. This was Natalie's time.

Shirley sat beside Natalie and they each reached into the other's blouse and began fumbling with bras. It was a little amusing, but it didn't keep me from taking my cock out and feeling it get hard. Soon the ladies had got bras and blouses and skirts and panties off and they were a luscious sight to behold. Madison had followed suit. She came over and sat on the arm of the chair I was in and casually began to jack me off with a little spit from her sweet mouth.

Shirley and Natalie, after hugging and embracing and feeling their bodies begin to sweat, started to scissor fuck. Shirley knew what she was doing, and she was showing Natalie the moves. I could get a good view of two sweet, juicy pussies rubbing against each other. And they became almost frantic as the cumming point came closer and closer. While this was going on Madison was licking and sucking my cock.

When Shirley and Natalie had obviously came all over their mutual pussies they relaxed. This was my chance. I stopped Madison, kissed her, and went over to join the ladies. I told Natalie to get on her back, told her to spread her legs, told Shirley to start some pussy munching and got behind Shirley on the large sofa. She started eating Natalie and I slowly started pushing my cock into an unknown pussy. That was always a huge turn on for me.

Shirley was eating like it was her last meal, Natalie was humping her cunt against Shirley's face, and I was fucking pussy. Fine pussy. Madison was diddling her pussy with her fingers.

Again, we all came together. This time I squirted cum juice up a new pussy. Natalie had been eaten by a new lady's mouth, and Madison was dripping all over the chair.

I brought my cock to Madison for a good cum-cleaning. As she licked it I smiled at Natalie. Natalie smiled back, and kissed Shirley. Then she took Madison from my cock and kissed her. Shirley was almost used up.

Our family was completely happy at last.

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