tagFetishMadison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 02

Madison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and fantasy. None of the content presented is real. However, all characters and events are inspired by real people. This story is the second chapter to the story "Madison Turns Another Leaf". Enjoy!


Madison was getting her hair out of the way of her eyes and was getting up from the very comfortable and large hotel bed. The sheets were extra padded for comfort but her chest felt heavy and a little uncomfortable. Colorado. This trip was now in the mountain region of the Rockies in Boulder. The next seminar on the law school tour that she was having to attend wasn't going to commence until an hour past noon that day so she knew what she had to do.

She picked up her phone and scrolled through her text message threads and found her trip partner, Matt, and shot him a quick text that read, "full please help".

She put the phone down and sat up completely, feeling how gravity treated her swollen breasts. Since her first nursing session with Matt, which was completely accidental, she'd gotten used to excusing herself from pumping and rather using the natural format of treating full breasts. She hadn't told John or even her sister Megan about it. Certainly, she'd hope that no one would ever find out about it, but she also felt trouble that perhaps she was pregnant by Matt after their intense sex following the first nursing.

She cupped the bottom of her breasts with her hands and lightly weighed them, feeling how heavy they were due to the milk. Her supply, she felt, had grown. She'd hope for the fact that Matt nursed and not the possibility of having her womb fertilized. It would have an awkward turn of events at home, but she only felt the acceptance of her own behavior for the fact that John had been playing far too much with Megan at home.

'Ever since she started to lactate, that's all John ever thinks about' she thought in her mind the moment she let Matt's mouth engulf her tits for the first time.

Madison wasn't jealous to the very least, as she had allowed the very strange mix of her own husband and her sister to happen.

'Also, my tits are still bigger than hers, what the fuck?' she thought to herself as she looked down at her already protruding nipples. They were looking a bit darker than red this morning and she kept observing a tiny droplet forming on the tip of her left one until she heard the knock at her door.

She got up and put on a thin robe, barely concealing anything as she was certain of who it was behind the door. She unlocked the bolts and the familiar gentleman snuck past it and quickly closed it behind him.

"Michigan is going to present first, which isn't even in our conference in case you were wondering about later today" Matt said as Madison got back into the bed and sat with her back against the headrest.

She let the robe fall either side of the shoulders, giving Matt the glorious view of both of her breasts. He quickly got into the bed with her and began to settle himself across her lap bringing his face close to her nipples.

"So, do you think we should do our presentation for today, or day 2?" He asked as he teased her with his mouth and breath hovering over her left breast as he looked up at her.

For Madison, this was torture. She shook her head to either side before calmly exclaiming, "for fuck sake Matt, please suck on my tits. They hurt!"

Matt gave the same expression that a frightened puppy might have had and gently brought his mouth to engulf most of her left breast and latched on.

He began to rhythmically nibble and chew softly and sucked with the kindest force. This stirred up a storm in Madison and she felt her breast instantly release the delicious treasure that her body produced. The let-down sent tingles from her nipples into her milk-ducts and then further across her body. Matt immediately began to collect the rush of milk into his cheeks as he sucked, and as soon as they filled to excess without escaping from the seal of his lips, he swallowed.

The nursing had become routine to the two of them and Matt placed his hands on her breasts as he usually did now. He let one play with the breast he wasn't nursing from and the other went around the curve of the one he drank from. He squeezed as he sucked from her left, being rewarded with a profound amount of milk. His other hand was in a "milking" motion with her other breast where his thumb and index gently worked the areola and nipple and yanked lightly, causing sprays and streams of the white nectar to gush out.

Madison held Matt's head with her left hand as he worked her body well, and the other hand went below his shorts as she had become accustomed to playing with his junk as he nursed. He claimed it helped him stay calm at each session to prevent too much sexual involvement. Madison always thought it was a bullshit excuse of his just so that he could get a good handjob with each titty suckle and it truly was, but she didn't care as she liked the company of his cock.

Matt kept the rhythm of his suckling up for the next several minutes, feasting away from her left breast, and she wasn't even draining enough to be close to empty. He felt her milk was still in strong spurts with each suck he gave, but he knew not to neglect the other breast. He gave a few final sucks to the left, collected and swallowed before gently letting the nipple escape his lips.

He moved over a little to accept the right breast and its heavy weight into his mouth. Even then, he could feel the difference he'd made in the left side to the right as the right side felt heavier with a full supply. The more depleted side, no longer leaking, but still not empty. Madison knew this was satisfying enough, at least until their next session. She stopped jerking his cock and shuffling his balls to bring her hand to the breast that he was now enjoying. She continued to hold his head to it with the other hand but now held and pumped the breast, giving him a proper feeding. He continued to devour the delicious torrents that her breast delivered him and brought his free hand back up to the breast that he had already nursed from giving it the same 'milking' motion as he had done with this one. Indeed, she was not completely empty as the free breast that was in his hand's vice was still spraying strong streams with each light yank.

Madison felt her breasts gathering intensity with the amount of contact and stimulation to both sides. Her sex was swelling and was growing eager with pleasure. She was also accepting her mind having incredibly perverted thoughts with her breast in Matt's mouth. She felt powerful, like she was forcing her milk down his throat in order to make her feel good, and of course it did. Her nipples being stimulated was causing her hips to buck lightly in place and soon she let her breast go to return down to Matt's fun parts.

Matt accepted well of course and felt the tension and friction that was going on between Madison's legs. He kept his latch firm and sucked harder on her breast, gave her free breast a slightly stronger pinch, sending out further sprays of milk and then commenced bucking his own hips to the grip of Madison's soft fist around his cock.

Madison had resisted but finally let out the gasps that would be followed by obvious moaning. The pleasure was driving the two nuts. In no time, Matt unlatched from her breast, sat up and grabbed Madison by the sides and flipped her onto her stomach where she had sat. He pulled her ass towards him as he let his shorts fall below his knees. With no trouble, his cock met the lips of her pussy and he thrusted his way in. He knew that it was wonderful that she had slept nude because she wouldn't be able to refuse him inside of her.

He began to fuck her so hard and fast, he felt like a rabbit. Madison fully complied and took his iron rod. She felt her sex becoming so infuriatingly aroused that she knew she was not going to last very long at all even though they had just started.

Matt pumped in and out of her furiously and then reached under her to grab both of her tits. He grasped her nipples and milked her from both sides as she thrusted continuously. The milk escaped her nipples as if she was still swollen with milk, and this sent Madison over the edge. She came hard and deep. She could feel her vaginal muscles clamping down onto his cock and her breasts instinctively shot out milk.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Ooooooh God!" Madison yelled as she let out several moans of ecstasy.

Her sounds triggered Matt and he fucked her so fast that he felt his own orgasm following right along. He made sure his cock was the deepest he could possibly have been as his cock fired all rounds.

The two collapsed onto opposite sides of the bed to catch each other's breath.

"We have to get ready soon" Madison said with her face buried in a pillow after a few moments of silence.


Madison was finishing up her hair as she gathered up the blazer that would go over her still unbuttoned blouse. The blouse had remained open despite being tucked into her skirt because she still needed to tuck some nursing pads into her floral-pink bra.

She put the brush down and picked up her Chanel perfume to puff a few spots on her neck and chest and proceeded to grab the two pads from a small travel bag that she had on the counter. Swiftly she stuffed and began to button up her blouse, though struggled just a small bit when it came to her chest as it was mildly tight on her breasts.

Outside in the reception area, Matt was already waiting for her dressed in a similar fashion but with the crest of their university on his blazer, a privilege he had earned and was the envy of Madison. She walked forward towards the doors as he followed alongside.

"You ready for today?" he asked haphazardly as they had done many of these events already.

"Of course, I am; you already know that" Madison said confidently with a smile. She also felt in the back of her mind that this morning compared to past event mornings felt different. Normally she'd feel confident that her milk supply would be able to stay within routine of pumping or nursing after returning from the event, which meant that the pads she always placed in her bra were just a precaution. She was worried though that this time it felt like they would be a necessity, almost like Matt hadn't truly emptied her in their morning feeding.

'I'm making more milk and this is probably why I'm feeling this way' she though. She was just unsure and was keeping a sense of hope that she could survive the seminar without any trouble.

The two left the hotel in the rental car that Matt drove.

Matt admired the steering wheel of the Mercedes and caressed the side of the black leather on it as he gave Madison glances. He liked watching how serious her expressions always were when they were about to encounter law students from other institutions but also how sexy she looked in her professional attire. Her body certainly made the lawyer look like something straight out of a porno. Not many women paralegals could deliver the same appearance.

Matt glanced at her chest, admired how her breasts protruded from within her blouse, the top three buttons weren't sealed and he could see the faintest hint of her cleavage. The shape of the top of her breasts also hinted that the bra she had on was just slightly tight on her as it showed a little bit of 'rise' from her breasts. It was all turning him on and he took his right hand and placed it on her thigh.

He caressed her thigh, gently and slowly trying to see if he could set destination to her vagina.

"Matt, keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the case material" Madison said as she brushed his hand back to him.

'Dammit' he thought to himself.

After some more cruising and a little bumper to bumper stops, the two would arrive to the University's union building to meet up with all the other institutions that had arrived at the invitational.

This would be another ball room event that would only carry on for more than it was necessary because of teams and representatives of other schools trying to outdo each other. The rabble would continue but the two milk-tied law students would come to find alliance with another group of two from the University of Florida.

"So, have you guys ever had trouble with actual gators on campus or is it just like a myth?" Matt joked with the cute blue-eyed blonde named Stacy.

Stacy chuckled and in a flirting manner answered, "no silly".

Madison caught on what was going on and asked the fella that was assigned with Stacy, "Does Florida make your girls this 'pretty' or are they arrive like that already".

Harrison was the guy's name and laughed while he gave Stacy a glance, whom was now scowling at Madison's comment.

Harrison was a red-haired gentleman that wore a tan suit while Stacy wore a similar outfit to Madison's but her blouse was lavender and had several more buttons revealing absolute cleavage. Of course, Matt was all eyes for that and looked back at Madison and responded, "hey now, it seems that she's ahead of the game at Florida. Beautiful and intelligent".

Stacy was still a bit bitter about Madison's comment and slyly said, "Yeah thanks. So, I hear everything's bigger in Texas, but I didn't know they meant that about tits".

Madison giggled at the comeback and appreciated it in reverse. "Well, it is something like that to be honest, but I think Matt is right when he talked about Florida and beauty."

Harrison noticed that she also set that compliment towards him along with Stacy. Matt felt that there was something going on here but wasn't sure how to react to it all.

"You guys going to stay in town tonight for day 2 of this?" Harrison asked after the comment trade.

"Yeah I think we're setting up our part for tomorrow" Matt answered him.

"Neat. We should hit up the bar strip in town later if you two are cool with that" Harrison suggested.

"Sounds like a fun time" Madison said.

The two parties would keep silent for the next school up, as they were bringing up material from a sensitive subject with current events and how it could impact legislation. Madison was not feeling 100% again and felt the familiar heavy feeling from her chest. It was beginning to feel a pressing feeling and was beginning to feel a small headache growing because of the renowned swelling.

Some more time passed as she tried to maintain focus on the subject matter, and then it was over, on deck was the rival school of the previous subject, but their information would not be of any concern for her.

Harrison turned towards the 'Aggie' students and was about to ask about where to meet them later first until something caught his eye. His eyes were caught onto Madison's chest, as he had been observing them the entire time they had conversation, but this time there was what appeared a stain across one side of her blouse. But it didn't look like a regular water stain or anything like that, in fact it still looked like a fresh one, and it looked to be getting bigger the more he stared.

"You okay Harrison?" Matt said noticing his very captured profile.

"I'm okay, but are you Madison?" Harrison responded, very puzzled.

Madison smiled at him and said, "well I do have a bit of a headache but I think I'll be fine. Why do you ask?"

"Um, there's a wet spot on your shirt I think" Harrison pointed out softly. Matt turned back toward her shocked to see that it was true.

Matt knew what was going on and saw Madison's eyes fill with silent horror as she was looking down at her body's natural release happening.

Luckily, they were sitting at the end of a row so Madison excused herself and quietly left the room as if to go to the restroom. Matt apologized to the other two and said, "I have to go check up on her".

Harrison turned to Stacy who also saw the whole thing.

Matt was gone as well and Stacy whispered to Harrison, "well that was a huge surprise and not to mention really awkward. I mean you're at an event and your tit starts to leak milk. Damn."

Harrison didn't initially realize the same thing Stacy had but thought about how hot Madison already was and to know that she was lactating made her even more attractive.

"That does sound pretty embarrassing, but it also sounds kinda hot" Harrison said in a way to disguise his desire with transparent honesty.

"I know you thought she was hot already Harrison. I know that look. You give it to me all the time." Stacy added.

"I know that Stacy, but it's like, shit, titty milk sounds kinda hot, like something I'd like to try out" Harrison said still pondering about the thought of seeing Madison and her bare, leaking breasts.

"I bet that cutie Matt gets to suck on them a lot. He looks like he was with her or something. I guess you're right, I bet feeling a guy suck on them for a while like that feels great" Stacy added to fuel Harrison's lust.

"I kinda' wanna' see where they went" Harrison said thinking with sheer focus on what those breasts would look like, or perhaps even taste like.

Stacy gave him a daring glance and gave up saying "five bucks, bet you won't go".

Harrison got up and left the room quietly, adjusting his tie as he cleared his throat, a little nervous to take on the challenge of literally hunting down Madison. He felt like a lion on the prowl, looking for his meal.

He was startled to hear Stacy's heels catching up to him from behind and seeing her walking alongside him. The hallway was empty and Stacy reached into her shirt to pull out a small wallet from her bra. Harrison caught a glimpse of her left tit, a sight he'd already been really familiar with and was handed a five dollar bill from the small wallet.

"Asshole" Stacy muttered as she put the wallet back into her bra.

"If it makes you feel any better, your tits still look great. As a matter of fact, I think Matt thought the same. I kept catching him staring down your shirt" Harrison said.

Stacy smiled at that comment but felt like their little escapade was near impossible to pull off.

Madison closed the glass door on the upper level of the building behind them. It was a small study room but they were mostly privatized and with no exams going on, no one should be able to walk by and notice them, at least she hoped and thought.

Matt was watching her settle on the armchair, which was turned back away from the door as she began to unbutton furiously. He watched her pink-flowered bra appear with the familiar sight of the large cleavage.

Matt licked his lips as he kneeled in front of her between her legs. She removed her blazer, pulled the pads out of her bra cups and pulled the clasp on either side of them fall to expose her heavy breasts.

"Nurse please, they're full again" Madison said softly in a rushing tone.

Matt wasted no time in bringing his mouth over her left breast, the one which had already began the leaking and allowed a firm latch to seal and suck.

Instantly, the milk was released into his awaiting cheeks, not hesitating he increased his suction force, seeing as his partner was desperate and swallowed all the milk that he could. He kept it up so that he could help her feel relief on all circumstances. The two were mesmerized by the bond that they had formed and Madison had her eyes closed as she felt the milk leave her body and into her hungry partner's mouth. Matt sucked and swallowed fast and repeatedly. He knew that this was his moment to make her feel better and to take advantage of. They had never done this outside of a bedroom so it was increasingly exciting and daring for him.

The two were stuck in their own bubble of privacy and hadn't noticed the silent approach of two other figures in the tiny room, at least until the glass door hinge made a whooshing noise as it shut.

Matt opened his eyes and accidentally unlatched out of a jumping surprise that they were caught. Madison also awoke from the relaxing trance and was frozen in fear for a mere second before making a terrible attempt to conceal her exposed breasts.

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