tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMadison's Lesson

Madison's Lesson


Madison Benedict bent at her waist to use the soapy wash cloth on her smooth long legs. The warm shower felt good against her soft skin. The last few days had been very emotionally painful to Madison but she had resolved that she would try to begin to feel better today. Her husband, Brad, had left her and her three year old daughter, Olivia, just a short time before, but Madison had been cognizant enough to realize that her marriage had been on troubled waters for some time before he left.

The young couple had struggled financially because Madison had been intent on staying at home to take care of her baby, and Brad seemed to be unable to generate the income necessary for her to do that. Another wedge that had grown between the young couple was sexual. Madison had been sheltered as a young woman and she knew that Brad was dissatisfied with her lack of adventure in the bedroom after their marriage. She enjoyed sex as much as the next girl, she told herself, and loved spreading her shapely legs for Brad to lay between during sex, but Madison felt comfortable having sex only in the bedroom and was not very vocal even on those occasions where Brad was able to bring her to orgasm. And she did admit to herself that Brad was much more open to positions and sex acts than she seemed to be. Their final falling out had begun when Brad, during sex, had begun to talk about a threesome with another woman. That not only shocked Madison's sensibilities but hurt her feelings, too.

Still, she had hoped against hope that the marriage could be saved, and the truth was that she continued to harbor hope of a reconciliation. At twenty-five, she was too young to be divorced and she loved Brad dearly.

As she stood under the flowing water, she took a quick assessment of herself. Madison was a tall young woman with thick long blond hair that reached past her shoulders and that she often kept in a pony tail, giving her at those time, a girlish look.

She kept herself in exquisite shape and had been considered beautiful all her life. After she had Olivia, she had gone to the gym on a daily basis to make sure that there wasn't an ounce of fat to be seen on her body. And she had been pleased with the results. Her legs were long and lean and still turned men's heads when she walked by. Madison's hands moved higher up her thighs as she bathed.

Her years as an aerobics instructor had made her body very toned and her tight, muscular buttocks reflected the hard work that she had done to keep her body in top shape. But perhaps the part of her body that most indicated the hard work that she had put it through was her flat stomach which showed no sign of child birth. Her tummy was flat and hard despite the fact that Madison carried a large, firm set of natural D- cup breasts that she knew were the envy of all the women in the locker room at the gym.

In short, her body was perfect, but Madison knew that what other women found to be envious about her was in fact the product of hard work on her part. She had always had an athletic body and she meant to keep it that way. What was simply genetic other than her perfectly formed breasts was her beautiful face. She had been blessed with big, blue eyes, a small, straight nose and perfect lips and smile. Her teeth were straight and absolutely white and would light up a room merely by smiling.

Madison assessed her situation and knew that there was a lot that she needed to be thankful for. However, that still didn't mean that there weren't reasons for her to be apprehensive. For one thing, Brad had left and told her that he didn't intend to continue to pay for their apartment. This had shocked Madison and she had questioned him about how she and Olivia would live. Brad's answer was that if she couldn't afford to support Olivia that Olivia should live with him. Of course, Madison couldn't stand the thought of not being with Olivia, so she had dropped the issue, but she knew that she was in dire need of a good paying job and that she truly had no prospect of getting one.

Another fear was the one implied in the first, the issue of custody of Olivia. Madison was secretly very afraid that Brad would attempt to get custody of Olivia. After all, he was the one with the job and secure financial future, so she needed to be ready to fight for custody if it came to that.

Madison was absentmindedly thinking of all of these things when she stepped out of the shower to dry. First she bent over and put her hair in a towel and then she stood in front of the mirror and toweled off the rest of her body. After she finished, she wrapped her body in the towel and padded into her bedroom to get dressed.

A man stood in her bedroom!

She gasped aloud at the intruder that she confronted.

"Oh! You scared me!" she said before she realized that she knew him.

"What are you doing in my apartment?" she demanded as she clutched the towel closely to her body. She was keenly aware of being naked beneath the towel.

She recognized the man to be the apartment manager, a repugnant, overweight man in his fifties. The man looked up at her and Madison could see the lust in his face. He had fantasized about the beautiful blonde woman in apartment 205 from the moment he had rented to her and her husband. Now she stood before him on trembling legs nearly naked. His eyes drifted down to the bottom of the towel, which barely reached the top of her thighs.

"Well, Mrs. Benedict, I came by to collect the rent. It's past due you know."

"That doesn't mean that you can just come in my apartment. I'm sure that Brad has just forgotten to get you the check. Now, please get out," she said.

"Cut the bullshit, Mrs. Benedict, everyone knows that your husband's left you."

The fat man reached down to Madison's clothing on her bed and lifted a pair of silk panties. "If you can afford these kind of panties, Mrs. Benedict, surely you can afford to pay your rent." He rubbed the panties between his fingers.

"Put those down," Madison said. "I'll get you the rent as soon as I can. You know that I will."

The man continued to rub the panties between the fingers and looked at Madison in a way that she knew he was undressing her with his eyes. Then suddenly, he tossed the panties on the bed and said, "Mrs. Benedict, 'as soon as you can' is not good enough. I'll give you three days and if you haven't paid the rent in full, with late charges, you need to move out immediately. There will be no further extensions of time to pay. Do you understand? If that is unacceptable to you, then I have an eviction notice for your eviction today. Which do you want?"

Madison's mind froze. "I'll . . . I'll get you your money within three days," she mumbled.

The man shook his head and began to walk out of her bedroom. When he got to the doorway, he turned. "Baby, get off that fat ass of yours and get to work. Surely there's something that you can do to make money. Stop being a lazy ass. Your hubby ain't coming back and you need to pay your fucking rent. Got it?"

Madison just nodded in fright.

The young housewife went online that very morning and began to scour the classified ads for a job. After looking for several minutes she came upon an ad for a cocktail waitress that promised high pay and cash at the end of each night. The job was at a place called the "Pussy Kat Lounge." Madison decided to call the number listed right away. She spoke to a man named Bobby Greene who told her that he was the owner of the bar and that she should stop by at about six that evening to interview for the job. Madison was very relieved when he told her that if she got past the interview that she could start that night.


That evening Madison stood outside the "Pussy Kat Lounge" and nervously watched as the taxi that had brought her to the club drove away. She was having second thoughts about the job and nearly called for the cab to stop and take her back into town. The club was several miles out of town and appeared to be a sleazy topless club. The neon sign advertised "Girls, girls, girls!" The parking lot was full of cars. Madison had never been inside a club like this, but she had read about them and the type of people that worked in them. She remembered that Brad had suggested that they go to one together and she had brusquely rebuffed his suggestion.

She felt a little better after she walked into the club and saw that it was a large, well-maintained nightclub. As she stood in the foyer allowing her eyes to adjust to the near darkness and her ears to the loud music, a young very attractive brunette walked up to her a asked her if she was there for a job. Madison nodded affirmatively and the brunette introduced herself.

"My name is Mandy. I dance here. What's your name, honey?"

Madison replied over the loud music. Then Madison said, "I need to interview with Mr. Greene. Do you know where I can find him?"

Mandy nodded and took Madison by the arm and led her to the opening to the main area of the club. She pointed across the club to a closed door and told Madison that he was in the office behind the door. Madison then walked over to the office door. As she did, she couldn't help but notice how the well dressed men in the club eyed her up and down. She found this a bit unsettling because she had purposefully dressed very conservatively for the interview. She was wearing a knee-length skirt with a navy blazer and had her hair pulled up in a bun. The silk blouse that she wore was buttoned all the way up to her neck and her long legs were sheathed in dark panty hose. The looks from the men made her feel a bit uncomfortable, but she told herself that she really needed the job, so she would have to brace herself against these looks. It had been years since Madison had worked at a real job and she wondered whether she would be able to get past an initial interview.

Madison nervously knocked at the office door and let herself in when a man's voice on the other side of the door said, "Come in."

Madison entered the office and noticed that there were several men to her right playing cards at a table, but she was immediately motioned over to an oversized desk by a man nearly elbow deep in paperwork. As she walked past the card players and approached him, he stood and introduced himself as Bobby Greene.

He sat back down, but very clearly intended for her to remain standing in front of the desk. She did.

He began by asking Madison if she was wanting to work as a topless dancer. Madison blushed deeply.

No, she explained, she was interested in working as a cocktail waitress. Greene then began talking about the job without any further formalities. The job was demanding, but paid extremely well, in cash, at the end of each shift. He said that he had been inundated with job applicants. He had but only one opening left. Not having experience as a cocktail waitress was a definite strike against her.

Madison tried to parley each of his comments into something positive for her, but she was very nervous that she was not going to get the job.

In fact, Bobby Greene was stunned to see such a beautiful young woman nearly begging for the job. He wanted to make it seem as if she needed to persuade him that she could handle the job, and she actually did lobby well for the position. Several times during the interview, Madison noticed Greene looking past her at the men seated at the card table. He smiled whenever he did, but Madison misinterpreted this to be a signal that she was looking foolish to the bar owner.

Finally, Greene told Madison that she could start tonight and he would decide at the end of the night if she could continue. He was surprised at her girlish giggle when he told her this and the way she smiled happily at the news. Greene pressed an intercom button on his phone and asked for Mandy to come into the office.

When Mandy appeared, Greene told her that she needed to help Madison by showing her a locker in the dressing room and giving her an outfit to wear. As they were leaving, Greene told Madison that he wanted to see her in the outfit before she began work.

Several minutes later, Madison and Mandy walked back into Greene's office. Greene could barely believe how great the young housewife looked.

Madison was blushing innocently, but walked into the office to let Greene see her. Greene stood and approached Madison as she stood still in the center of the office. Madison was wearing a very skimpy outfit that was comprised of a very short micro mini-skirt and low-cut top that barely concealed her large firm breasts.

In fact, she had never worn a swimsuit that was as revealing as this outfit. Madison felt absolutely naked. To make matters worse, her long legs were emphasized by the five inch heels that she was wearing.

Madison was so self-conscious about the skimpy outfit that she was wearing that she asked Mr. Greene if he thought it was too small. He laughed a low laugh and said, "Baby, if you don't clear $500.00 tonight wearing that outfit, it's cause you don't want to work."

Despite her shyness, Madison's spirits were raised by hearing this from Mr. Greene. She decided that she needed the money too much to allow a tiny outfit to keep her from making money.


The bar was very large and dark. It had filled up very quickly since Madison started taking orders from the male patrons. Most of them were very well dressed businessmen and tipped her nicely for the service. Madison was still very aware of the tiny outfit that she wore and how the panties barely covered her rounded butt. Walking between the close tables with a drink tray in her hands exposed her to some fairly hazardous moments. Most times as she walked by the tables, she would feel a man's hand reach up her tiny skirt and pinch her bottom.

At one point in the middle of the shift, Madison was forced to bend over and place drinks at the very far side of a table. As she did so, someone actually put his hand between her legs at the juncture of her thighs and felt her pussy. This nearly made her jump and spill the drinks. As mad as she was about this happening, by the time she turned around it was impossible to see who had done it and only saw the four men sitting at the table laughing at her. Madison steamed privately about this outrageous act.

Madison found Mandy and began to complain. "Mandy, every time I carry drinks in my hand, some guy tries to feel me up. I can't stand that! It's really making me mad."

Mandy looked at Madison and laughed. "Madison, how much have you made tonight, so far?" Madison replied, "About $300."

"And the night's not even half over yet," Mandy said. "Do you know of anywhere else that you can make that kind of money in this amount of time?"

Madison had to answer, "No."

"So don't sweat it, sweetheart! What do you care if some guy feels you up and then tips you a twenty dollar bill. Haven't you ever given a guy a thrill by letting him cop a feel? What does it hurt?"

"Well, I don't think it's right and I don't like it one bit," Madison replied. "I hope they stop it."


Bobby Greene scanned the busy bar. He was really making some money tonight, he knew. As he sat at his usually seat, he saw one of his best customers walking back to the V.I.P. section with a beautiful dancer that he had hired a couple of weeks before. The young woman knew how to make money, he thought to himself.

After several minutes, Greene looked for a waitress to deliver a gift to his customer. Madison walked by him and he motioned her over.

"Do you know where the V.I.P. section is?" he asked. She nodded that she did. "Then take a bottle of champagne and two glasses to one of my best customers. He's back there with a dancer."

After Madison got the champagne from the bar, she approached the V.I.P. section. She had not yet been in it, but noticed a bouncer guarding the door into the area. As she walked up to him, he knocked on the door. Then, he opened it for Madison and pointed to a curtained doorway. The door opened to a long hallway which she entered.

There were apparently several rooms directly off of the hall which had only a curtain separating them from the hall. Madison walked slowly to the opening and brushed the curtain aside and entered the dimly lit room. What she saw stunned her even further!

On a bed, a man was stretched out nude, humping one of the beautiful young dancers Madison had just seen on stage. The young redheaded dancer was under the man, her legs jack-knifed tightly against her breasts as he pounded into her pussy. The young girl's hands were splayed across the man's upper back and her feet were straight up in the air as he rode her like an animal. The man's face was buried in the dancer's neck and he seem oblivious to Madison's presence.

The two nude bodies smacked loudly together as the man pounded his raging cock into the young woman. The man was fucking the dancer in a steady rhythm, his cock seemingly driving deeper and deeper into the young woman's pussy with every stroke! The woman's shapely buttocks were off of the bed grinding back at the stiff penis.

Madison had never witnessed such a scene! She stood there watching the fucking as if it was on a television screen. Watching the redhead get banged, even for just a few seconds, repulsed Madison but she could not force herself to leave or even to turn away. A cold shiver covered Madison's sensitive skin and caused Madison's nipples to harden and her pussy to moisten inexplicably!

The girl's mouth was agape and she grunted with each of the man's thrusts, but her eyes were open and clear and took in Madison's intrusion. One of her slender hands left the man's back and she pointed to a table for Madison to put the champagne. All of this was done while she continued to grind and grunt under the man. She quickly replaced the hand on the man's buttock and begin to chant.

"Baby, cum inside me! Cum inside me! Fuck me deep, daddy! Oh, it feels so good!"

Madison was too transfixed to move. Her gaze was on the beautiful young redhead, her long legs spread wide, her breasts jiggling, while taking the man's thrusts and returning them vigorously with pumping from her own hips! Madison's own long legs felt rubbery and weak in watching this lascivious exhibition! There was a strange, aching hunger between her thighs that Madison had never felt before that spread to her swollen breasts.

Only when the girl made a face about being watched did Madison come to. She hurriedly turned, put the tray on the table and walked out of the room.

As she walked down the dimly lit hallway marking the V.I.P. section, she became of other curtained rooms that she had not noticed upon entering. Within these rooms she saw the indistinct figures of couples in lewd embraces, indistinct yet evident from their writhing motions that they were engaged in acts of sexual intercourse. At the doorway to several rooms, Madison paused, not knowing why, and peeked beyond the curtain. Each time her gaze was rewarded with the view of a dancer being fucked by one of the patrons. By now, Madison's nipples were like a hardened rubber beneath her bra and her pussy threatened to soak her panties. Her body demanded her attention but she was afraid to even touch her own neck! Madison's face flushed red with shame and embarrassment and curiosity but she finally regained her bearings and her beautiful legs carried her quickly from the section.

Several minutes later, Madison saw the man leaving the V.I.P. section, and later saw the girl back in the bar area. The redhead noticed Madison and walked over to her. Madison apprehensively watched the girl approach. The dancers all walked around with nothing but a t-back and flimsy bra on. They seemed perfectly comfortable in this state of near nudity.

"You seem to have gotten an eyeful," the girl began. She was agitated, but apparently not ashamed of what she had been caught doing by Madison. "Next time try to give me some privacy!"

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