tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMadison's Lesson Ch. 02

Madison's Lesson Ch. 02


As several days went by, Madison tried to put the incident out of her mind. She knew that the whole thing had been grossly out of character for her and so she began to rationalize it so that she could live with herself. However, the money was so good at the Pussy Kat Lounge on that first weekend night that she knew she could not afford to leave employment there until she had found another job. Every day she looked for work, but there really wasn't much that paid more than minimum wage and she hated to leave a job where she could make cash on a nightly basis especially when on a good night she could earn several hundred dollars.

She began to work steadily there, making sure that she kept her private life separate from the life that she lived while working there. In fact, the only person who she grew to like from the club was Mandy, the waitress that she had first met there.

However, the next couple of nights were really very slow. Not unusual for a Monday and Tuesday, she was assured by Mandy, but she didn't really make any money and she worried about her rent and other expenses. Madison successfully avoided her landlord, Mr. Sanchez, both days but knew that he was looking for her for the rent. It was late Wednesday afternoon that her luck ran out. Madison had just dropped Olivia off at the babysitters for the night and was going back to her apartment to get ready for work. As she fumbled at the door for her keys, Sanchez turned the corner in a huff.

"Hey!" he yelled rudely at her.

Madison looked up at the man and despite her disappointment at being caught, tried to put on a good front. She smiled at the repulsive man.

"Hello, Mr. Sanchez," she said as she opened the door. "How are you?"

"I'd be a lot better if you tell me that you have your rent," he replied sarcastically.

Madison watched as the fat man waddled to her door. He was sweating profusely and his gray t-shirt was wet around the neck and underarms with his perspiration. He had a rag in his hand that he wiped his dark face with.

"I have most of it," she lied. "Let me get it for you. I'll be right back."

With that, the shapely blonde tried to slip into her apartment and close the door but Sanchez caught it with his hand and followed her in.

"Most of it?" he scoffed argumentatively.

"Well," she replied now being more honest, "half of it." Instinctively, she flashed him a beautiful smile that had helped her out of problems her whole life.

Sanchez watched as the young woman turned and walked towards her bedroom. Her yoga shorts looked like they had been spray painted on her perfectly rounded buttocks and her thin work-out shirt barely covered her large breasts. Her shapely thighs and calves were nude to the little white sneakers on her feet. Her thick blonde hair was in a pony tail coming out of the back of her cute running cap.

Madison returned with an envelope full of cash. The naïve young woman pulled out the money and carefully began counting out hundreds.

"One, two, three, four, five," she said before replacing the couple of remaining twenties in the envelope. She proudly handed him the crisp five hundred dollar bills.

Sanchez took the money and put it in his pocket.

"That's almost half of it," he said. "What about what's left in there," he asked, nodding at the envelope.

"Well," she said hesitantly, "I need a little for other things. It's only forty dollars. I know I only gave you half. I'll have the rest by this weekend."

Sanchez eyed the woman standing before him. He wasn't going to let her off the hook that easily!

"How did you come up with five hundred cash?" he asked, letting the word cash linger. "Have you been out selling that hot body of yours?"

Madison was stunned by the rudeness of his question.

"N..., no! How could you say that? Absolutely not!"

"Don't get so huffy!" he said. "A lot of women do what they have to do in your situation. It's not like you haven't been fucked before. Where are you working?"

Madison knew that he might be trying to purposefully test her with his rudeness. "That's vulgar!" Her blue eyes were wide with shock. She hesitated answering where she worked but he waited silently. Almost in shame, she answered, "The Pussy Kat Lounge."

"Topless dancing! Well, you use what you got, baby, and smokin' looks is all you got. With them tits, you should make a mint!"

"Does your wife know you treat tenants like this?" Madison asked trying to call the man on his behavior. "I am not dancing. I am a waitress!"

"Right," he said, clearing not believing her. "As far as my wife goes, do you mean, does she know that women fuck me to get more time to pay their rent?" he asked. "She may think I'm crude and an asshole, but she likes the way she eats," he said.

"Please, get out!" Madison said to the repulsive man. "I'll have you the rest of the rent by the weekend."

"That's not good enough," he said brusquely. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out what appeared to be some legal papers. "Here is the eviction notice. If you don't pay the entire rent, you need to vacate the apartment today."

Madison looked stricken! Her face nearly turned an ashen white. She couldn't be kicked out! She and Olivia had no place to go! Her hands shook slightly as she held the papers.

"Please, Mr. Sanchez," she said meekly.

"Doesn't an eviction notice change a woman's tone, my dear? 'Please, Mr. Sanchez,'" he mocked her. "If you aren't out today, the police will move your stuff into the alley," he lied.

As Madison's mind raced, she realized that he had just about all her money.

"May I have the money back that I gave you? I have to have it if I am moving out."

The look on his face was that of disgust. "Don't be such a stupid cunt! Just start getting your shit out of here!"

Sanchez turned as if to walk out the door. But before he took three steps, he heard the words that many a desperate woman had said to him before.

"Wait!" Madison pleaded.

Sanchez wheeled around. "Wait, what? Just get out of this apartment!"

"We have no place to go. What can we do?" His dark eyes stared lustily into her blue eyes. They were cold and cruel. Madison felt a shiver run up her spine. As she stood there before him, she had never felt so vulnerable in her life. What would happen to her and her baby?

Madison hesitated, hating herself for thinking what she thought. When she saw his unfeeling face staring at her, she felt a feeling of utter defeat come over her body!

"W... what can I do?" she asked in abject humiliation.

Sanchez felt a surge of lust go through him and his cock swelled as it had in the past when a woman faced eviction. He wouldn't waste this chance.

"Get in the bedroom."

Madison turned and walked into the dark room. Her legs were trembling in fear and shame.

Sanchez turned on a lamp. His cock was stiff as he looked at the twenty-something year old blonde now nearly under his control. Her tight ass looked delectable in the tight black shorts and he thought about having his dick in her pussy. He'd pound a little sense into the beautiful blonde, he thought to himself.

Madison turned and faced her tormentor. Her hands were wrapped in front of the juncture of her lush thighs, nervously fidgeting. Her brain told her to run but she knew that she had nowhere to go.

"If you disobey me, or hesitate, you are out on your ass. Do you understand?"

Madison nodded. Sanchez noticed that she nervously bit her lower lip.

"Take your top off."

Almost unconsciously, the beautiful woman shook her head "no." Then two words escaped her lips. "Please, don't," she said softly and looked pleadingly at the man.

Sanchez was unmoved.

"Please don't make me do this," she implored!

"I'm not making you do anything," he said and acted as if he would turn and walk out. "Get your shit and move out!" The words were almost spit out of his cruel mouth.

The young blonde gasped, but with his threat ringing in her ears and her situation desperate, she reached for the bottom of the shirt and pulled it over her head.

Her large breasts were now encased only in a thin lacey bra. As she breathed deeply, her tits rose and fell noticeably. She didn't know how she could go through with the man's horrible demands but she didn't know how she could resist.

"There, that wasn't too hard, was it? If you had done that more for your husband, he'd be paying the rent, huh? Now, lose the fucking bra, I want to see your jugs," he said.

Madison could not believe the man's cruelty! Her trembling hands reached behind herself and found the clasp. Unclasped, the bra fell into her arms. She covered her full breasts with her forearms until he nodded for her to move them.

She let her arms drop and her globes hung naked on her chest. The rigid buds of her nipples pointed proudly up at an angle from her womanly mounds. The large breasts seemed to defy gravity!

Sanchez whistled low. He liked the light complexion and pink nipples of this American woman. "Ay, chica!" he said in open admiration for her womanly flesh! "I thought them tits was man-made! Wasn't I the dick?"

Madison shivered at the man's words. Her eyes dropped to his jeans and she saw the healthy bulge of his virile cock clearly outlined beneath the cloth.

She stood completely still as he reached for her breasts and weighed them in this hands. They were at least a D-cup he thought to himself and as natural as could be! He stroked them gently in his hands and his thumbs went to her nipples and rubbed them softly creating noticeable goose-bumps on her full tits.

"Now the shorts," he said.

Her breathing quickened noticeably. But, she reached to her waist and began to work the tight material down her rounded hips and smooth, tanned thighs. Her beautiful orbs hung down sensually as she bent at her waist. Her pussy looked small and tight to Sanchez. He watched her scoot the shorts until they fell around her ankles. Madison kicked off her sneakers, one at a time, and was soon completely nude. She had the glazed look of defeat and the hopeless acceptance of her position.

Not wanting to waste a moment, Sanchez told her to get on the bed.

She obeyed.

Stepping backward, Madison felt the mattress against the backs of her naked thighs. With obvious trepidation, the young woman first sat her rounded bottom on the bed and then scooted herself back against the headboard. She drew her long legs up to her body, revealing a sexy expanse of naked thigh. How could she be going through with this, she wondered?

Madison could not believe what was happening! Her breathing was shallow and she felt light-headed as she watched Sanchez undressing. It only took seconds and his fat body was stripped nude.

Beneath his clothing, his flesh was a pasty white that contrasted with his dark arms, neck and face. His belly hung over in an obscene fold and his erect manhood seemed partially hidden by the fat but it's purplish head extending out menacingly.

Madison's bed creaked and groaned when he climbed on it and scrambled next to her when she moved to the middle of her marriage bed. He firmly pulled on her body until Madison lay on her flat on her back. Sanchez's thick lips went straight to one of her nipples and he sucked like a baby on the tit. Madison closed her eyes as if to block the image and sensation of her breasts being sucked by the repulsive man. Her brain reeled when the man's lips curled around her soft mound and sucked on her pink nipple, bringing the little bud to life.

Madison gasped out loud! This was too awful!

"Please, Mr. Sanchez! Uuggghhh! Please ... Mr. Sanchez, not like this! Aaaggghh!"

Her words of protest were useless! She inhaled deeply when he sucked on her nipple. Her nipples had always been extremely sensitive. But her mind immediately went to the scent of the large man. It was not overpowering, but certainly the smell, she imagined, of a working man, not a high class man. She crinkled her little nose.

Her nipple responded to the wet sucking, working itself erect and looking like a pencil eraser. Madison now moaned and her thighs scissored involuntarily with the unexpected sexual electricity surging through her young body. She pleaded with him when she felt his fingers dig cruelly into the juncture of her lush thighs.

The big man was partially on her, pinning her to the bed. Even with him only with his chest on her body, she felt uncomfortably weighted down. She had never been with a man who was even close to being overweight, and Sanchez was grossly so. Then one of his thick thighs moved between her soft legs, spreading them erotically for him and his hand went to her glistening slit probing against her moist vaginal lips until the wet flanges parted and his long finger thrust deeply into her warm furrow.

Sanchez moved his head up to her gorgeous face to kiss her but she turned away from him. This stoked an inner anger at the young woman. He vowed that he would fuck her long and hard!

He wiggled his finger back and forth in her love hole as her rounded buttocks retreated into the soft bed away from his touch. She arched her back and tried to mover her hips down and away from the man's invading finger. But she could only push her ass back so far before she could go no further. His long finger followed her hips and continued to stroke the silky smooth insides of her rapidly moistening vagina.

The overweight landlord was looking to garner all the pleasure he could from this gorgeous woman. His luck had given her to him and he wanted to play it out for all it was worth. His finger pushed deep inside her vagina. Her pussy was only moist. He wanted her soaking wet. He inserted a second finger into her pussy and began to caress the walls of her vagina. He felt her squirm beneath him.

Madison was repulsed by his touch but she didn't know what to do and just wanted it over with as soon as possible.

As Sanchez groped the beautiful blonde's body, the front door to the apartment slammed shut. A woman's angry voice spoke in Spanish. Sanchez looked up and Madison's head raised from the bed in fear. It was Sanchez's wife!

Madison screamed a very surprised, high-pitched shriek.

She frantically tried to struggle away from the fat man, but he pinned her nude body beneath him. Her naked legs flailed and her arms tried to push the man off of her, but to no avail. His weight and strength made it very easy for him to keep her where she was.

Madison looked aghast. Here she was completely nude with the woman's husband! Her upper body raised slightly and her free hand went to one of her exposed breasts to cover her nipple. Her free leg bend at the knee and she tried to push herself up off the bed. Her mouth was open in fear and her eyes were as wide as could be. Despite her instinctive acts of self-protection, the big man kept her pinned to the mattress.

The landlord looked towards his wife angrily but without any fear. If Madison had been calmer, she would have presumed that he had been caught in just this situation several times before.

The stout older woman that Madison had seen around the complex before yelled angrily in Spanish and waved her arms as she looked at the two in bed. Madison could not get up because of Sanchez laying on top of her but she weakly continued to struggle in vain in an attempt to get out from beneath him. She finally reconciled to not being able to get up and lay under the man breathing heavily from her exertions.

Sanchez let out a string of angry words that the blonde could not understand but stopped his wife in her tracks. They argued heatedly for what seemed like a long time with Madison trying to extricate herself from under him but with no success. She wondered what type of common slut she must look like to the woman. A beautiful young blonde getting ready to have sex with her landlord! What kind of woman would let a man stick his penis in her pussy and fuck her just because she needed his help? Most women would scoff at spreading their legs for a man like this, and Madison was ashamed that she had not refused! She wanted to explain to the woman that she had been forced into this position! She did not do this willingly with her husband!

"Mr. Sanchez," Madison said. She realized that her voice sounded girlish and stupid. She didn't say anything else.

The fat man turned to her and said, almost solicitously, "don't worry about nothing."

Sanchez was completely nude, too, of course, and his thick thigh lay across one of Madison's legs. His huge buttocks faced his wife. His arm and torso also were on top of the beautiful woman. Madison felt his hand gripping her arm tightly but she realized that he probably was not even aware of this. His attention and anger were directed towards his intruding wife but he was holding her down very effectively! She also felt his nearly erect manhood against her soft hip. She looked down at the stiff organ. The nearly stiff penis was not too long but looked unnaturally thick. The knob at its tip, with the thin slit, looked menacing and Madison realized that thick gobs of semen would be spurting from it into her vagina very soon.

His wife's face was contorted with anger at finding her husband in bed with this American woman, and Madison knew that she probably thought that Madison was doing this willingly.

She started to say something in her defense but Sanchez told her to shut up this time.

He looked at his homely wife and spoke to her in English. "You want to know what is going on?" he asked, mocking the older woman.

"Sientate," he said in Spanish, pointing to a chair. "Sit down on that chair. This blondie is asking me for more time to pay rent! I'm deciding if I give her more time. If her pussy is tight and she fucks me good, then I'll give her time. Right?" He looked at Madison as if he was asking a serious question.

His wife looked at him in fear and anger, but she sat down. If the look on her face could have killed, Madison knew that she and the landlord would be dead. But the man obviously had some strange control over her.

"Now watch, pendeja!" he said to his wife. He tugged at his semi-rigid cock several times until it was almost stiff. Then he rolled over onto Madison. Her tanned legs spread involuntarily beneath his weight and her thighs were spread lewdly beneath the man.

"Ugggggggghhhhhhh," she moaned under his crushing weight.

But she felt the rubbery tip of his thick cock push first against her inner thigh and then the opening to her vagina.

"Put me in your pussy, Mrs. Benedict," he whispered.

Madison tried to shift under his weight. As grotesque as he was, she had no choice. Reaching between them, she found his heavy testicles first. She slid her hand up his cock and felt it surge with her warm touch. Innocently holding his manhood between her thumb and forefinger, she directed its thick, rubbery tip to the tight opening to her slit. The head of his cock felt much like a mushroom. She held still as his stiff penis pushed roughly into her pussy.

Madison mewled with shame as she felt his erect tool slide between her vaginal lips. How could she let him do this?


The muscles in her legs twitched as his large body spread them wide. But then a short cry of pain from the young housewife let the man's wife know that he had penetrated her pussy.

Sanchez snorted at her discomfort, but her cunt was tight, virginal almost, and his throbbing penis only managed to push into the young blonde when he drove it in and out of her tight, restricting passage between her spread thighs with several savage thrusts!

Madison's pussy was still not moist enough to comfortably take the man's thick meat but was spread wide anyway by his assaultive tool. She tried to spread her thighs farther to let his frenzied lust have its way but she was spread as far a possible as it was!

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