tagLoving WivesMadness Ch. 02

Madness Ch. 02


Everyone in Jill Barnes' bedroom sat back to catch their breath after the furious orgy they'd just enjoyed with the tall brunette.

There were seven men getting high and partying down on that New Year's Eve of 1999, as the 21st century approached.

After he had finally finished cumming, Mike pulled out and walked over to the dresser, where he packed a pipe and fired it up. Pat had already pulled out a joint of a more pedestrian quality weed and it was making the rounds, and the crowd of men sucked down beer as they waited for Richie to get up and start lining out some more coke. Jill glanced at the clock; 10:45 it read. If they had quit then, and broken up their little party, she would have gotten away with it. Ken had totally lost interest in her whereabouts for the time that the football game was on, the bonfire was being lit and beer was being drunk. Moreover, the game ran late and went down to the wire – Ole Miss won on a last-second field goal – and that had riveted everyone's attention, especially the considerable number of Oklahoma fans at the party, who were, naturally, disappointed in the outcome.

But Jill had completely lost her ability to control herself, and she wasn't nearly ready to quit. Richie had been right; once they'd gotten her started, she'd turned into nothing but an insensate fuck machine. Her voracious appetites for sex and drugs had overwhelmed her conscience and her judgment. So she simply crawled off the bed, went to pee, then sat at the dressing table to replenish her buzz. Three separate sets of lines, two more shots of tequila – this time with beer chasers – plus all the weed that was making its way around the room, and Jill was soaring. Her body was starting to tingle again and she was ready for more. At this point, the thought of her husband was the furthest thing from her mind, or if he was, she had apparently resigned herself to the fact that this was the day she finally exposed herself to him as a slut supreme.

As the clock chimed 11 o'clock, Jill found herself on the bed with Pat. She kissed his mouth with urgency as he laid her on her back. He reveled in the salty-sweet taste of cum that still lingered on her lips, and the way her hand was slowly, sinuously stroking his fat dick.

"All right, let's go one at a time, pick a hole," Jill said, with a mad gleam in her eyes. "I want you all to fill me up with your cum, one after the other." Cum still shone from Jill's crotch as she spread her legs lewdly and put Pat's cock up to her pussy. Pat got up on his knees as he drove his girth into Jill's flooded pussy. Jill felt the air leave her lungs with a rush as the fat cock pumped evenly in her cunt. At one point, he put Jill's legs together and picked them up. His cock looked like a fat, red slug as it parted her pink lips. Jill responded to that position, rolling her hips around like a dancer, hoping to will him even deeper in her horny hole.

Pat would have been content to stay in that position forever, but there were six other guys waiting their turn, so he released Jill's legs and began to thrust harder and faster, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders to pull him in closer. Once again, they kissed ravenously, and Pat felt his sweaty stomach rolling on Jill's slimy belly, with the taste of cum on her lips. The tactile sensation was enough to send him over the edge, and with a growl he pumped another hard load of cum into Jill's clenching cunt, bathing her walls with a solid load.

Pat fell away, leaving Jill's pussy gaping and oozing cum, to be replaced by Mike. Jill cooed as Mike gathered her in his arms and fed his long, snake-like cock up her cunt, inch by agonizing inch. When he had it all the way in, and she felt the head poking at her cervix, she really began to hump. Her second strong orgasm of the night was well on its way as she and Mike rolled their hips around in rhythmic circles, grinding themselves together to get maximum pleasure. Jill threw her head back and sucked in air as her hands worked feverishly over Mike's chest and his sides, pulling him to her. She had surrendered completely to lust, and she didn't care who found out.

Mike picked Jill's legs up then bent them up until her ankles were on either side of her ears. Leaning slightly on her upturned thighs, he began to fuck her with hard, but deliberate strokes, driving his hips forward to push his cock deeper in the hungry slit that enveloped his dick. Jill felt the sensations wash over her as Mike picked up speed until, with a gasp, he came hard and fast, shooting his cum and pumping his dick back and forth in her pussy. Cum was being pumped out of her lips with each pull back, and the slickness dribbled out to coat her asshole in a fresh layer of slime. Satisfied that he'd pumped every drop he had in Jill's cunt, Mike pulled out, leaving a trail of moisture over her thigh as he backed away.

The rest of the room looked with wolfish eyes as Jill lay back, her chest heaving and her legs spread, cum spilling from her coral lips. Richie motioned for Larry to take his turn, and Larry knew exactly what he wanted. With a bearish growl, he pulled Jill's legs back up and aimed his fat, 9-inch cock at her open asshole and pushed his way in to the hilt, without warning or preliminaries. At once, he was fucking her ass with long, swift strokes, and she pumped her ass up to get him further up her butt.

"Agh, fuck my ass!" she said rather loudly. "Oooooh, God, your cock feels soooooo fucking gooooood! Fuck me, you son of a bitch, and make me your whore. Fuuuuuck meeeee!"

Larry just snarled as he increased the pace of his anal pounding. Jill reached down with a hand and began to roll her clit around between her fingers, spiking her arousal to unbelievable heights. She was in the zone now, lost in the feeling of intense sex and a stupendous buzz. Instinctively, she clenched her rectum, trying to tighten her muscles around the huge dick in her ass. That was all it took. With a cry of surprise, Larry fell forward and exploded wildly in Jill's ass, spraying cum deep into her bowels. She milked the last few drops with her butt, then pushed him back with a wild look in her eyes.

Richie was a little surprised to see Jill abruptly climb up on her knees and face the door. His cock throbbed painfully as he watched his whore take on all of these kids. He'd been taking little spoons of his special coke to help keep him on a razor's edge, and when Jill got up on her knees, he offered her two quick snorts, then let her drink from the tequila bottle.

Jill closed her eyes in reverie as Ted slid his body under hers. His 8 inches were almost purple from arousal and stood straight up from his groin. Jill got up on her feet and squatted over Ted's dick. Reaching behind her back, she grabbed it at the base and lowered her pussy to the head, then began to ride his dick with abandon. Reaching forward, Ted pulled open her butt cheeks then worked two fingers into Jill's juicy butt. He fingered her hard, adding a third then a fourth finger, as she rocked up and down on his dick. She was completely gone now, in a place somewhere far away, as she felt her horny holes being filled up, her lust reaching new heights with each stroke, and her low, keening moan reflected a demented passion. Thus, she failed to hear the insistent, demanding knock on the bedroom door.

As the 11 o'clock hour began to pass, Ken had finally noticed that his wife was missing, and hadn't been seen in a while. He hadn't thought much about it; she wasn't really an outdoors type, so he had thought she was just chatting with some of the women in the house, or chaperoning the growing number of kids who were passing through the grounds. As 11:30 passed, however, with no sign of Jill, and a crowd starting to gather around the bonfire, he began to look for her in earnest. Brad could see what was going on and twice guided his father away from the upstairs bedroom. But he had to pee, and while he was in the bathroom, Ken had wandered up the staircase, and as soon as he neared the second floor, he knew what was going on. The pungent smell of weed, cigarette and cigar smoke, and the sounds of revelry greeted him as he strode down the hall.

How could she? Ken had been helpless to stop his wife's running around, to stop her drug and alcohol abuse. But this was too much! In his home, on his bed, his wife was entertaining her friends, smoking, drinking and screwing, leaving him to ring in the Millennium and tend the party alone. He walked sternly to the door and began to knock. At first, there was no answer as the party raged behind the door. He knocked louder and called Jill's name in a shrill, threatening voice. He intended to throw out the rabble invading his bedroom, and his wife along with them.

Richie ignored the knocking at first, but it quickly irritated him. He strode forcefully to where his leather pants hung on a chair, bringing into view for the first time the sheath hanging off his belt. Richie angrily pulled the knife out and walked to the door. It wasn't a big blade, maybe 4 inches long, but it was broad with lethal grooves down the length, and it was razor-sharp. Richie threw the door open wide, giving Ken a good look at his wife, still riding Ted's cock on the bed. Ken could see everything: Ted's cock disappearing up Jill's wet, red hole, and the balls dangling below, and the drugs, cigarettes and booze on the dresser. But his attention was quickly diverted to the knife in front of his face.

"OK, little man, here's the deal," Richie snarled, getting right in Ken's face. "You go back outside and you tend to your little party, and we'll stay in here and have our own party with your wife. And if you bother us again, I'll cut your nuts off... what there are of them. Capiche?"

Then he slammed the door in Ken's startled face. He stood there stunned for a minute, then turned and walked angrily away. He thought about calling the police, but he knew there would be too many damning questions for that. And, besides, at a quarter to midnight on New Year's Eve at the end of the century, the police weren't going to have time for him. Brad met him at the bottom of the stairs, cringing at what he knew had happened. He hadn't heard the confrontation, but he knew what his mom was capable of in the bedroom, because he'd spied on her several times over the previous months, and he could imagine what his dad had seen. Brad could see, too, the look in Ken's eyes that told him he'd better keep an eye on his dad.

"He threatened me," Ken whispered to his son. For the first time in many years, Ken embraced his son and started to weep. They had never been close – Brad, in fact, despised his dad for his weakness and distant personality – but he played the dutiful son in order to mollify Ken and maybe save his mom's life. Father and son stood there for a minute, then Ken swallowed his pride and went back to the party to get the fireworks ready. It was all Brad could do to suppress a grin at what the future held. Soon, he might just have his sexy mom all to himself, and then he would work on ways of breaking down her resistance to an incestuous relationship. But that was a matter for another day.

Back upstairs, Richie felt an adrenaline rush from the confrontation. He felt exhilarated, and his hard-on throbbed with passion. He was high as he could be, flying on a wicked combination of coke, weed, sex and power.

For Jill, the whole incident crashed upon her head like a grenade. She had been unaware that Ken was at the door until Richie had thrown it open to put her on display. She had been right on the edge of orgasm, and as soon as the door slammed shut, she lost it, squealing, gasping and groaning as the waves of pleasure swept over her body. Unbelievably, the feelings were heightened by the knowledge that she had been caught, by the waves of panic that battled with the euphoric effects of the powerful drugs she had ingested. As Jill swept over the orgasmic cliff, Ted grabbed her hips and pushed her forcefully up and down on his dick. With a groan, he arched his back, reared up his hips and exploded in a rusty cum load. He spewed gobs of cum up Jill's trembling, clenching cunt in three or four hard spasms.

Richie didn't give her any time to recover. Midnight was fast approaching, just a few minutes away, and he knew just how he wanted to ring in the New Year.

"OK, here's what we're gonna do, bitch," he said to Jill. "You're gonna come over here, kneel at my feet and suck my cock. You're gonna suck all of it, every inch, and when the clock strikes midnight, I'm gonna blow the back of your head off with my cum. They're gonna have fireworks outside; we're gonna have fireworks in here. Now get over here and suck me off!"

Jill climbed gingerly off the bed and knelt in front of where Richie stood in the middle of the room. Cum ran down her thighs in thick streams as she walked over and knelt at his feet. She looked up at him with a look of reverence almost, as she took his cock in her hands and rubbed it all over her face. Smiling, he took out his vial and gave Jill two quick spoonfuls of his special sauce, then grabbed the back of her head and pushed the head of his cock past her lips. Jill opened her mouth wide and slowly worked the head all the way past her lips.

Instead of slowing down to give her mouth and throat time to adjust to his size, Richie just kept pushing his iron rod into Jill's mouth. Jill started to squirm and squeal mutely as he kept his hand planted on the back of her head and forced her ever downward on his cock. When he felt her lips on the fist holding his cock, he stopped, but quickly began a quick, rhythmic pumping with his cock buried in her throat. Jill's motions were getting more and more frantic as he kept his cock embedded in her mouth, choking off air from her throat and forcing her to breathe heavily through her nose.

Just when she thought she would pass out, Richie hauled his meat all the way out of her mouth, making a popping sound as he pulled it past her lips.

"Gwad," Jill exhaled as she gasped for breath. But Richie only allowed her about three of four quick breaths before he pushed the head back into her mouth, and this time he rammed it in steadily as Jill fought to maintain consciousness.

"I told you, you're gonna take it, bitch," he growled as he pushed the shaft deeper into Jill's throat. "Brent, give her something to take her mind off my cock." Brent was ready. He still hadn't cum for his second round, and he could see what he wanted, as Jill's perfect, heart-shaped ass waved at him, and the hole in the middle winked at him as she struggled to accommodate Richie's cock in her throat. Grabbing her hips, he pressed his cock to the open hole, which still had plenty of cum accumulated around it, and pushed all the way in without warning.

Jill howled around Richie's cock as she felt the twin invasion to the core of her soul. Both men pumped their cocks forcefully. As promised, Richie didn't stop filling Jill's mouth until his coarse pubic hairs ground into her nose. Jill just closed her eyes and felt the orgiastic waves crash around her as she sucked on the impossibly long, fat cock in her throat, and her rectal muscles clenched and closed around Brent's cock in her ass.

Richie kept one hand or the other – or both – firmly on the back of Jill's head as he pumped his cock in her throat, an inch at a time. He pumped like that until Jill was almost at the point of passing out, then he wrenched his cock from her mouth again.

"Agahh!" Jill gasped as Richie rubbed his cock all over her face, covering her with the combination of pre-cum and saliva. Jill took in great gulps of air as she grabbed his cock, and licked, kissed and rubbed her hands feverishly all over Richie's wonderful cock. She licked her way down, past the base, to the fat, low-hanging balls. She scooped them into her hands and fed them to her mouth. She sucked one, then the other, then both into her voracious mouth. Brent continued to pound steadily, forcefully in her ass, and she felt another queen orgasm about to rip as the midnight hour approached. The clock read 11:55, as Richie looked down at Jill, who gazed up at him in awe.

"Feed yourself," he whispered, and Jill complied, taking his cock in hand and covering the bulbous head with her lips. She fed his meat deeper and deeper into her throat, mindless now of any gag reflex. Her throat was already open and waiting, as she pushed every inch of him into her mouth.

Outside, the sounds of fireworks shooting off could be heard, and the noise level in the room rose as the minutes ticked away. Richie began to slowly, steadily pump his cock back and forth in Jill's mouth. As Brent neared his nut strokes, he too began to quicken his pace, and together they pounded the brunette's clutching, feverish holes.

Again, Richie kept Jill's mouth fully on his cock even when she began to run out of air. Her eyes watered, snot flew from her nose and foamy spittle formed around her lips and dribbled down her chin. She was getting giddy from the sensations, from the lack of air, the approaching orgasm that was hurtling its way through her spine, and from the drugs and liquor that swirled through her brain. Richie and Brent was huffing and puffing as well, pouring out a stream of obscene gibberish as they pumped faster and faster.

Suddenly, a cacophony of sound could be heard from outside, and from in the room, as the clock struck midnight. One of the champagne bottles was uncorked and passed around the room, and as the radio broke into U2's "New Year's Day," the trio on the floor reached the firing zone. Jill's head was spinning, and she was starting to hyperventilate, when she felt Brent pump deep three final times then cum deep in her ass. He sent five or six hard cum shots into her as he gripped her hips tightly.

Jill could feel her orgasm sweep through her as soon as Brent started cumming, and it exploded like fireworks in her brain, even as Richie gripped the back of her head even tighter. Then he threw his head back, stuck out his chest and spent himself deep in Jill's mouth. He fired nearly a dozen rockets of thick, white cum straight into Jill's stomach. She swallowed on pure instinct, purely for survival, as she drew as much air through her coked-up nostrils as she could get. Only a fine spray of cummy spittle flew from her mouth as her throat milked Richie as if his cum was the bread of life. Jill just thrashed and trembled at Richie's feet as her orgasm rocked her.

As Richie pulled back, he grabbed one of the champagne bottles, shook it a couple of times, then aimed the spewing liquid all over Jill. He poured some over her head, so it dripped down her face, then he shook it again and poured some all over her tits, then he tilted the bottle to her mouth and made her guzzle it until she could drink no more. Then he emptied the bottle over her back.

Brent fell back, pulling his wilting cock from Jill's ass, leaving behind another stream of cum to ooze out her ass and down past her pussy. George had sat quietly in a corner for most of the previous hour, except when he had been getting a beer or taking a toke, slowly fisting his cock to nuclear proportion as he watched his best friend's mother being treated as nothing but a sperm receptacle for these men. Brad had told him what she was really like, but he had never imagined that she was like this. Although he felt some pity for her, the thought of Jill in action like this turned him on completely, and he had resolved to have her last this round, after everyone else had filled her with their cum.

As soon as Brent was out, George assumed the position. Jill's pussy was thick with cum that had poured from her ass, and George sank his dick in her cunt to the hilt in one slick motion. He humped hard for a full five minutes, gritting his teeth to keep from cumming soon. Through her creeping exhaustion, Jill willed him on, rocking her hips in time with his thrusts, until they were fucking furiously. A foam of cum oozed from around George's cock and out Jill's lips, and the sight of that was too much. With a gasp, George sped up his motion and shot a thick load of cum into Jill's already flooded pussy. With nowhere for the cum to go, it simply spilled out her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

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