tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMadness of the Moon

Madness of the Moon


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It was not a night to be sleeping.

With a soft sigh, she closed her book and reached over to turn off her reading light, plunging the room into a quiet darkness. The moonlight seeped in through the half open curtains, gently stirring in the breeze. She sat, staring into nothingness, engrossed by her thoughts, her stillness barely concealing the restlessness of her body, betrayed by the slight fidgeting of her fingers and the shallowness of her breathing. She licked her lips – once, twice – and a small smile appeared as she drifted into her memory. Indulging in the moment, her smile deepened as her fingers stilled. With a slight shake of her head, she returned from whatever foray her mind had taken, the smile still lingering. Standing gracefully to her feet, she luxuriously stretched and felt her blood stir even more. Exhaling, she glided to the window.

Leaning on the sill, she looked out into the night. The scene that stretched out in front of her was dyed a silvery blue, the landscape standing out in sharp relief. She glanced up and spied the moon, full and hanging low, surrounded by stars scattered like discarded diamonds across the midnight sky. She felt that she could reach and touch the silver orb. The air was still save for the whispering balmy breeze. It was the type of night that held promise, where anticipation was palpable, where fantasy and sensuality melded… a night that thoroughly seduced the mind and body. She smiled softly at the thought and quietly muttered, "Omnes una manet nox," into the dark.

Her eyes never wavering from the moon, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, letting it hang momentarily open before allowing the blouse to drop from her shoulders. Reaching back, she unclasped her bra, letting it fall next to the crumpled shirt. Lifting her long hair, she closed her eyes as she felt the light gust cool her fevered skin. With a small sigh, she dropped her mane, the tendrils grazing her sensitive nipples, hardening them. Almost absentmindedly she pushed down her pants, kicking it aside to join the pool of discarded clothes that lay at her feet. She stood for long moments, staring into the depth of the night. Her hair lightly covered her torso to the waist, offering peeks of her breasts to anyone who would care to see.

With a low exhale, she turned away from the window and softly padded across the room. She stopped at the foot of the bed, and bending at the waist, slowly pulled off her panties, her knees always straight. Stepping out of them, she climbed in and settled onto her back, her hair haloing around her. With light fingers, she ran the tips over her body, skimming her skin, raising goose-bumps. She cupped her breasts, feeling their weight, rubbing her nipples against her palms, drawing them into stiff points. She groaned, lightly biting her lips to stifle the sudden sound.

She closed her eyes and slowly traced a path from her breasts to her knees, her thighs parting as she passed over them. Her skin tingling, she felt thrills of fire darting through her body, settling into her core. She gently dragged her fingertips to the centre of her heat, barely grazing her sensitive skin. She moaned at the tease, her every nerve coming alive with the lightness of her touch and the soft caress of the breeze. Slowly, she slid her hand through her apex, her wet lust coating her digits. She lightly ran her fingers over her swelled, aching lips, her heart drumming its steady beat against her ribs. Her breathing erratic, she began circling her clit, aroused and throbbing, begging to be touched. Whimpering, she started to rub the hard nub, her hips rolling, her body craving, needing that seductive release. Her hand a blur, the room echoed with her short gasps, building to her exhilarating crescendo, her body burning and enthralled in the shadow of the moon. Feeling the ball of intoxicating tension about to explode, she slipped her finger deep inside as her release took over her every sense. Arching her back, she felt the waves spreading through her like liquid fire, her cry long and low, her walls convulsing around her finger.

She lay there; her eyes still closed, her panting slowing, the moonlight glistening on her skin. Opening her eyes, she stared into that dark corner by the window where the moon had not penetrated the shadows and slowly brought her fingers to her mouth, languidly licking them, tasting them. A strangled groan pierced the stillness, and he walked out from the swirls of the shade, his eyes glowing with desire. Slowly moving across the room, he casually shrugged out of his clothes, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to where he stood, watching, motionless in complete silence. He stopped to remove the last piece of clothing, and stood in the pool of silver light, his naked body strained with the madness of the moon, quivering. He approached her at last, sitting on the bed, his torso hovering over hers, his lips barely touching hers in a mere whisper of a tease. She circled her arms around his neck, her fingers weaving through his hair and pulled him in for his searing kiss, succumbing into the temptations of their simmering passions.

It was not a night to be sleeping.

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