tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMadonna Was My Encounter Ch. 02

Madonna Was My Encounter Ch. 02


I wake up...

I can feel the bed, much softer than my own..

-Where the hell am I?!

The first seconds, I just have to get my thoughts together, finding out, what has happened.


The sight of my Queen at the disco..

Her voice in my ear..The scent of her hair, her body, her, ohhh...

The groping, panting, tasting each other in the bathroom stall.

Yes, all the wet sounds..

Feeling her hair in my hands, warm and soft.

The feel of her breasts, unforgettable..

Later, her hand grasping mine in her security car..

Our frivolous and playful dancing, naked on the soft carpet, while getting a bit of a drink on.. Before..

-Oh.. my.. God..!

I look around.

-I´ve spent the night with my QUEEN!! IN THIS LUXURY HOTEL!!!

-Jeez!! I try not to gasp, say any words or anything!

I am actually lying in a mega-luxurious bed with Madonna!!

-Oh yeah.. -We so DID IT the night before!!

And now, I´m here.

Still lying beside her!!

My eyes are taking in the semi-bright light of our northern European morning.

We have a very different light than in many other places in the world..even though it still winter...

I quickly turn my eyes towards my Queen!

She is still sleeping, on her side.

Her beautiful face is turned towards me, her hair splayed out on the pillow, her lips a bit opened in sleep, I hear her breathing out..


I can´t BELIEVE, we fucked each other in that discoteque restroom last night!!

But we did.

And she offered me a ride to the five star hotel.

Perhaps because she liked, what I did to her in that stall..

-Kinda wild, I muse to myself, smiling a bit, my ego getting the better of me.

Now, she is just lying there, in the bed.

She IS so beautiful...

Her hair, not arranged in any matter, but still very nice.

The lights shines a bit in it, showing those little, feathery whisps of white, by her temple. She is not twenty anymore, but I like white hairs.

Her face just looks so innocent, right now..

I take in the details, her nose, her ear, her tiny hairs on her jaw, her small wrinkles.

The eyebrows...

She is sleeping, not being conscious of her looks, her status, her economy, or anything.

Just being a human...

I can´t help it, I just have to touch her a little bit.

So I stroke her warm, soft cheek.

Sighing, she turns over, on her back.

I once again marvel at her beautiful profile, now much more visible in the morning light.

How can this lady, who seems so baddass on stage,look so innocent in her sleep..?

She starts snoring quietly a bit through her nose..

But I can´t keep my hands, legs, or DESIRE from her, so I actually start hugging her, now I KNOW, she will wake up.

It works.

She is not very deeply asleep.

She kind of gasps, opens her beautiful,pale blue eyes, looking a bit puzzled.

She turns her head towards me.

"Ohh, hi there. Good morning.."

she murmurs, her voice thick with sleep, then she sighs and stretches..

I am sure, the both of us have a terrible breath both from alcohol and sleep, but still, I settle in for a morning kiss. Embracing her warm, sleepy body..

And she returns it! It still feels awesome.

And since none of us have any clothes on, we start having a little morning fun!

I run a little,naughty finger up her belly, making it circle her breasts, she is so warm and relaxed..

She doesn´t mind, while I move my legs between hers, I am just feeling her desire getting on.

She is kissing my face now, whispering :

"Oh, yeah, let´s do it.."

We both start panting, this is not wrong, just natural lust, with nobody rushing anything..

And then, she lifts her pussy against mine.

I hug her close..getting underneath her.

She quickly moves on top of me.

Starts getting her hand right where I want it.

I can feel it stroking my labia, a finger getting in between..

"Are you ready, hot stuff?"

she asks teasingly, sitting astride on me,

her fantastic hair almost reaching my breasts.

"Oh, God, yeah.." I moan, getting a bit happily surprised.

We just woke up, yet action is coming back to me!

She starts fucking me with her hand, and kissing me on my neck and chest.

"Awhh, yeah, please.."

I hear myself moan.

My body is responding again, with delightful, little wet noises, that guide her to continue.

She is now giving me another good one, like at the disco!

-Maybe she wants to pay me back from last night.

I don´t care, oh, this is so GOOD!

I quickly reach out and start fucking her.

She is wet, so it is only fair.

Yeah, now we do it.

Slowly, but a bit rough and hard, at the same time!

I start playing with her breasts with my other hand, she sure likes that.

Her nipples are small and hard, and she writhes in pleasure, while I pinch them..

We hear each other´s grunts mix, our breaths mingle.

-Oh, this is the best farewell!

I know, she has to leave our city today..

I grind my hand inside her, feel her doing the same thing to me.

-God, don´t let this moment stop!!

Man, it is starting!!

I hear myself saying: "Ohhh, come on, yeeah!"

She, at the same time, is just moaning

intelligible sounds, while thrusting against my


harder and harder.

We are now doing it good and hard,

faster and faster!



We come together..

-Oh, this is the BEST!!

Time stops, everything in the universe is one, big YES!

Oh, this sweet feeling of orgasm!

After we regain our breath,

we just rest,looking at each other,

first sort of puzzled.

Then smiling.


Sex sure IS a big thing in adult, human life!

She looks so nice...

No make-up, no fake eyelashes, no nothing..

Kindness brightens up her warm smile..

She just looks into my eyes.

Maybe she likes them,

because they are really dark, close to black.

Then she sighs and asks me:

"How about breakfast..?"

I can understand, that she wants to eat with me before I have to go.

I feel honored!

Who gets an opportunity like this??!

"Thank you. Sounds great to me,"

I manage to say,

still a bit trilled by our hot morning sex..

She sits up, gets the phone and, with her back to me, speaks quietly.

Then after that, she turns to me..

"Hey, you know what? It´s´fuckin´ shower-time!"

she says, and winks at me!

I can ONLY interpret from this,

that it is NOT only about soap and getting


So I quickly follow her into the amazing bathroom.

It is decorated with marble and everything on the walls is so shiny and classy!

-Man..that is..well, unforgettable TOO!!

Especially to a person like me,

who has only seen luxury on TV or in museums..

Since we do not have our clothes on, it is easy getting ready for the washing part.

As the hot water starts spraying down on us,

she suddenly grips my back, pulling me close,

grinding our parts together.

-Oh, this is NICE!!

Her sex sort of chafes a bit against my thigh, making a friction, that I KNOW, is absolutely irrisistable.

I quickly feel myself connecting with her..

-Whoa, it feels so great, with the warm water raining down on our bodies, heating up the moment even more!

Hurrily, we touch each others pussies, moaning

and gasping a bit more freely, than we did in bed.

Our voices actually ring a bit out, here in this

enormous, marble-clad room.

She squeezes my clit,

I react by shuddering and moaning, all lost in


Both our bodies are now slick and warm. And SO ready!

We start giving it to each other, once again..

Her fingers are so nice and strong.

I lick her wonderful breasts,

they taste a bit salty, here in the hot shower.

She hugs me close, squeezing me.

I get down on my knees,

I really want to give her this, as one last


before we have to part..

She still tastes great, and she moves her crotch

up and down, while I am sucking her clit.

She once again grabs my head, holding me close to

her pussy, gasping.

I can hear her every reaction to what I am doing,

and it sounds both sweet and very hot.

I start fingering myself,

I am so wet by now, getting very close to an

orgasm, this turns me on fast!

The shower just rains hotly down on us,

adding an erotic dimension to our skin, steaming

up the whole place..

She comes, gasping and bucking..

-Oh, it is so wonderful,

and it gets me off, too!

I come in a real fast,

slightly shallow, but still good, way.

"Aawwhh, that was fuckin´good,"

she says,almost to herself,

her head thrown back, wiping her hair away from

her forehead, where it is sticking to her face.

And she is right, we WERE fucking really good!

After we detach from each other,

we do what we are supposed to:

SHOWERING and getting clean!!

There is, of course,

a whole array of soaps and oils lined up on a shelf, so we start cleaning each other.

We agree to each washing her own pussy, or else, we´ll never get out again!

Humming a little tune, she soaps up my back.

"There, now it´s your turn," she says in a cheerful voice.

I wash her back, it is so soft and warm.

We quickly dry each other off, feeling very refreshed, in so many ways!

But we are also hungry.

As we exit the bathroom, she asks me:

" So, would you like to share a coffee with me?"

Of course!

We get dressed.

I, in my clothes from yesterday, she in some other ones, that she might have stored in the hotel room.

She has a white blouse on now, sand-colored slacks and a stunning black and white scarf,its pattern really gets my attention.

A bit later, the bell rings again, and a cart of continental breakfast is brought in, while the cart from yesterday quickly is removed.

To me, it is almost magic, even though I know, how these things work.

But experiencing this in real life,gives me a thrill.

I silently think about when it was the first time, my QUEEN felt this way, being thrilled over extraordinary service at a fine hotel..

There is fruit, yoghurt, bread, coffee, orange juice with ice, muesli, and, of course, Krug Rosé champagne.

We eat a bit in silence. I watch her face in the bright, morning sun.

It is quite unforgettable.

She just looks down at her food, being a bit busy eating..

When we get to the coffee, champagne and a cigarette, my Queen speaks:

" Well, I might have to ask you not to report this to anybody, okay?"

I nod my head, totally understanding.

I will not be the one to cause a scandal.

By the way, my experience is so far beyond anything I´ve ever known, so it doesn´t even strike me.

I get up, knowing it is time...

I get my boots on.

She tells me how to get my coat back,down at the lobby.

I just sigh, and it is not with joy, this time.

She grabs both of my hands with her own, getting a bit of that possessive grip back.

-She IS a lady used to getting her way, I think for a short second..

"Thank you so much..

We got along pretty damn fine, didn´t we?"

she says, trying with her smile, to make this LESS awkward.. and..sad.

I will never forget those eyes, they sparkle..

I do feel sad, when I have to tell her my goodbye. One, that most probably will be the only and last one, with her..

Then I hug this famous, generous woman, that I´ve seen on TV, on the net, one time at a concert,

and now,

in very real person..

She still smells very nice. As she leans in for a hug, her hair tickles my cheek a bit.

She is not much taller than me, but she gives me her ALL in that goodbye, kissing my neck and hugging me...

-Maybe she felt lonely, as a prisoner to her own fame:

Stuck in hotels and cars with black windows..

Maybe she felt a tiny bit of love..?

I quickly break the warm embrace, turn, walk towards the elevator, not daring to look back..

With tears in my eyes and an extraordinary memory in my mind and heart, I leave that hotel.

Getting back outside our dear, old city´s cold, wind-whipped streets...

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