tagLoving WivesMae's Choice

Mae's Choice

byJust Plain Bob©

You have to wonder sometimes if it is worth it. You go to work and you bust ass to provide for your family, you see to it that they want for nothing and do they appreciate it? Not a fucking bit. They look on it as their just due.

I had gone out of town to work with a customer on a bid for work he wanted my company to do. I finished the bid and called my boss to let him know I was done and would be heading home a day early. He asked me to stop by the office and see him before going home. I called home to let my wife know that I was coming home early, but no one was home. I flew home, got my car out of satellite parking and headed for the office. I tried the house one more time on my cell, but still no answer. When I got to the office the boss said we could talk over dinner and that he was buying. I followed Dale to Carl's Chop House and we spent the next half-hour talking about my project and sipping martinis. Just as the meal was being served I saw a couple come in, arm in arm, and head for a table. Even with her back to me she looked familiar and I saw why when she turned and sat down. It was my wife. I saw the man she was with turn and kiss her as he sat down in the booth beside her and I saw her turn her face so that their lips met. Suddenly it was clear to me why no one was answering the phone at the house. Mae couldn't because she wasn't there and because she was here that meant one of the kids couldn't because Mae had parked them someplace. I wondered if this was what happened every time I had a business trip.

Mae was facing away from me when Dale and I got up to leave so she wasn't aware of the fact that I had seen her. When we got outside I told Dale goodnight and that I would see him in the morning and then I got in my car and parked where I could watch the door to the restaurant. When Mae came out I watched her get in a car with the guy and when they drove off I followed. They didn't go five blocks before pulling into the parking lot of a motel and I sat across the street and watched as they registered and went to a room. I guess that explained why Mae's and my sex life had slowed way down. I wanted to go over and kick the door down, but I didn't. I just started my car and drove home and parked a block away and went into the house to wait for Mae.

The house was empty when I got home so I had guessed right about her dumping the kids on some one. In a way it was a good thing because they didn't need to hear what was going to happen when Mae got home. It was almost four in the morning when Mae walked into the house and found me sitting on the couch waiting.

"Oh hi honey. When did you get home? I didn't expect you until tomorrow."

"So I gathered when you weren't here to take my phone calls or here when I got home."

"I know baby and I'm sorry, but Elise Johnson was in an accident and I've been at the hospital most of the day and night. Your folks were kind enough to take the kids."

"I've heard that there was a shortage of hospital beds, but I hadn't heard that hospitals were sending their overflow to local motels."

Mae's face lost a little of its color and she said, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I guess that it means that I almost made a terrible mistake and accused you of something that you obviously didn't do. When you left Carl's Chop House tonight and went to that motel with the man you had dinner with I thought for sure that you were cheating on me. But hey, now that I know you were just visiting Elise I feel so much better."

Mae got a determined look on her face and sat down on the chair opposite me. "I'm not really cheating on you Harold. I love John and I intend to divorce you and marry him. I'm just waiting until the end of the school year so things won't be so disruptive for the children."

I just sat there and looked at her until she became uncomfortable and said, "It's not like it should matter to you Harold. You don't spend any time with me anyway. All you do is work, work, work."

Yes I did put in a lot of hours on the job, but then that is what you are supposed to do to make good money as opposed to just making a living. I looked around the room at the expensive furniture that Mae just had to have and the original artist art work on the walls that she just had to have and I wondered why I had bothered.

Until Mae hit me with her divorce plans I hadn't known what I was going to do about her infidelity, but as I listened to her my anger grew and took form and a plan began to grow in my mind.

"Well, if that is how you feel about it I can't see where I can do much except step aside and let you go. However I insist on keeping up appearances for the time being. That is my price for not fighting you on it."

Mae said was acceptable to her and we went off to bed. The next day I called an old friend of mine from college and asked him to do me a favor.

The following Thursday was the regular poker game that was held at our house. Mae had always served as hostess to the affair and per our agreement she greeted the players when they arrived and acted like the loving wife that she wasn't. As the evening progressed I kept a close eye on Mae and finally she gave me the opening that I was waiting for. She put her drink down and went to the bathroom. I threw my hand in, got up from the table, took Mae's glass and went into the kitchen and made her a fresh drink. I took a small bottle out of my pocket and using the bottles eye dropper I put a drop of the bottle's contents in Mae's glass. The favor that my friend from college had done for me was to ask his younger brother, who was in college, to score some date rape drug. According to the directions I was given I wasn't to do more than one drop unless I wanted Mae out for hours. One drop was suppose to disorient her, but not knock her all the way out and for what I had planned I did not want Mae completely out of it.

I got back into the game and waited to see how long it would take. Mae came down from the bathroom, took a sip of her drink and then walked around the table seeing if the guys wanted fresh drinks and then she went off to fill the orders. We were playing seven card stud and I got my third card, the up card, just as Mae headed for the kitchen. It was the Ace of Spades and when I looked at my hole cards I saw that I had the Ace of Diamonds and the Ace of Clubs to go with it. Yes indeed, this was going to be my night.

It took a little over twenty minutes before Mae said she wasn't feeling well and was going to go up and lie down. I finished out the hand and then called a time out.

"I've know you guys for almost what - ten years now?' I got a general nod of heads. "Every one of you, at one time or another, has told me how lucky I was to have a beautiful wife like Mae and how much you envied me. Human nature being what it is means that everyone of you has wished that you could take her to bed."

Before the denials could start I held up my hand and told them to let me finish. I told them about coming home early and what I had found and said, "She can have her divorce, but I'm going to have my revenge before she goes." I told them about the date rape drug and said, "She's upstairs now and it is your chance. Even on the off chance that you have never wanted her I would consider it a personal favor to me if you would take advantage of this special offer. I intend to tape it and wait until she marries her lover and then send him a copy of the tape. I'll be careful to keep your faces out of it unless you don't care. How about it, any takers?"

It couldn't have worked out any better if Mae had agreed to it before hand. As the guys undressed her she looked up at them wide eyed and her feeble attempts to ward them off looked, at least on tape, like she was trying to hurry things along. When the first cock speared into her the look of surprise on her face looked every bit like a look of ecstasy and as an added bonus her legs involuntarily came up and locked around Tom's legs. It was only for a moment and then they fell away, but it was long enough for me to get it on tape.

Tom came in her and when he pulled out Sam was ready to take his place. As Sam mounted her I told Tom to stick his cock in her mouth and push it in deep. On tape the gasping and choking looked for all the world like Mae was sucking him clean. After that I moved around and shot tape from every angle that showed Mae looking like she was doing it and loving it as all six of my friends took turns fucking her. About a half hour into the gangbang I got what I was hoping for. Mae's body began to betray her and respond to the sexual stimulation. She had two small orgasms and when that happened I told the guys to begin taking her two at a time. I got some great shots of a wide eyed Mae on her hands and knees being fed cock at both ends.

Two hours into the gangbang the drug had worn off and Mae was an active participant and she was begging for more cock as the guys came in her and pulled out. Oh I'm sure that if given a chance Mae would try to break free, but her body worked against her. She was having orgasm after orgasm and the guys never let her taper off to where she could gain control over what she was doing.

It was close to three in the morning and the boys were wearing out so I handed the camera to Sam and told him to make sure that he got my face in the picture. I got in line and when Mac finished I stepped forward and slid my cock into the sloppy mess the guys had left. I rammed myself into her until I came and then I moved around in front of her and shoved my cock in her mouth and fucked her face until I got hard again. Then I went back behind her and slid my cock into her asshole. I wasn't the first one there that night, but Mae still felt tight. Mae had been moaning "Yes, oh yes, oh God yes" for the better part of an hour, but when I slammed my cock in her ass she cried out "Oh fuck that feels good" which made me feel good in a way - no one else had made her cry out like that.

It took me ten minutes to dump my load in her ass and when I came it was with such intensity that it almost hurt. I reclaimed the camera and set up the final scene in my movie. I had Ben lay down on his back and then we picked up Mae and sat her down on his cock. Then Al pushed her forward until her head laid on Ben's chest and then Al took her in her ass. Next Tom got on the bed and leaned against the wall and took Mae's head in his hands and fed his cock into her mouth. It looked so good that the guys who were dressing to leave took their clothes back off so they could try it. It was another hour before they all dressed and left. I left Mae lying on a cum and sweat soaked bed and went into the spare bedroom to spend the night.

I was sipping coffee at the kitchen table when I heard the shower start to run and ten minutes later Mae came into the kitchen. She was a little unsteady on her feet and she went over to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup. She turned and leaned on the counter and gave me a look that would knock me dead if looks could kill.

"What did you do to me last night?"

"Saw to it that you got what you wanted. You like fucking other guys on me so I thought I'd help you out."

"Damn you, that's not true and you know it. I love John and I'm going to marry him. That's not he same thing."

"You are married to me and you were fucking another man behind my back and that is cheating in anybody's book. If you had come to me and been honest and said, "Harold I don't love you anymore and I'm going to leave you" and then gone out and fucked somebody else it would have been different. But you didn't do that - you cheated on me! But that's neither here nor there. It is a given that we are through so go ahead and get your divorce and marry John, but I expect you to continue fucking me and my friends whenever I want you to."

"You must be mad. There is no way on Earth that I'm going to do that."

"Your choice Mae. The first time you refuse a copy of that tape I made last night will be sent to every relative that you have. It will go to your parents, your grand parents, your brother and sisters and any other relative of yours that I can find. I'll see to it that a copy gets to all your friends and I will personally hand deliver a copy to John. Then of course there is the Internet. How do you feel about having your very own porn site? The bottom line Mae is that it didn't bother you to cheat on me so it shouldn't bother you to cheat on him."

"What are you doing this to me?"

"You did it to yourself Mae. I loved you; worked hard to provide for you and give you the things that you wanted and all I got for it was stabbed in the back. I did absolutely nothing to you to deserve what you did to me so don't blame me when I demand payback. You are probably a little too loose to suit me right now, but starting tonight and until you get married I'll expect you to be in my bed with your legs spread ready to do what ever it takes to satisfy me. After you are married to John we will work out some kind of schedule. And by the way, the guys had such a good time last night that they want to end every poker game that way so before next week why don't you go out and buy some real sexy underthings."

"You are a bastard Harold, a dirty rotten bastard."

"I know Mae - and you my dear are my bitch, now and forever."

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