Maeve and Rob Ch. 01

byJust Plain Bob©

"But I have a need to boss men around. The men I've gone out with since meeting you? In each of them I sensed a touch of the submissive so I dated them, pushed them around until I got sick of them and then walked away from them. As far as you being my base? That is partially true, but only partially. What you are Rob is my rock, my anchor. I need you Rob. I love you and I have to be with you. I feel empty when you aren't there for me. These last two months I've been absolutely miserable. I need you Rob; I really do need you."

"Your need changes nothing Maeve. I meant what I said. I am not willing to be your 'main man'. It is 'only man' or nothing."

"We wouldn't last that way Rob. I would try to boss you around and sooner or later you would get tired of it and sooner or later you would walk away from me."

"That is where we are now Maeve. I am tired of your walking away from me and fucking other men and then coming back to me and acting as if it means nothing. Well maybe it means nothing to you, but I don't feel the same way and that is why I walked away from you two months ago."

I looked at her sitting there looking dispirited and I wanted to take her in my arms and comfort her, but I knew if I did I would be lost. On the other hand I loved her so much that it hurt. I made a decision and I asked her:

"Tell me about your need to be in control – to be the boss?"

"What can I say? I need to be in charge."

"Are we talking BDSM type stuff? Whips, chains, ball gags, handcuffs and stuff like that?"

"No, I just have to be in charge."

"Give me some examples."

She thought for a minute and said, "With the last guy he wanted to go to his apartment and I said no. I told him that I wouldn't feel comfortable at his apartment or taking him to my place so I told him we would go to the Fleetwood. I didn't suggest the Fleetwood or ask him if the Fleetwood would be okay, I just told him that we were going to the Fleetwood. Why the Fleetwood? I've no idea. Telling him what we going to do was the point. The next night he wanted to go to The Stockman for dinner and I said no, we were going to Angelo's. Again, it was all about making him do what I wanted. It did not matter what he wanted I always wanted the opposite and I always got my way. It was like you put it – my way or the highway – and he went along with it every time."

"It sounds like you had the perfect man so why didn't you keep him?"

"Because I didn't love him. All I wanted was to boss him around."

"Do you need to love someone to boss them around? As long as you could push him around weren't you getting what you wanted?"

"Up to a point yes."

"And that point was?"

"It's the flaw in the whole thing. I want to be the boss, I want to make him do what I want, but at the same time I was disgusted with him because he was spineless. He went along with everything I told him to do just because he wanted to get into my pants."

"Well it worked. He did get into your pants."

"Yes he did, but only because I wanted to boss him some more. He wanted a blow job and I told him I didn't do that."

"You do it all the time with me."

"Haven't you been listening to me Rob? It isn't about what I like or do; it is all about what I can do to the guy. He wants head and I say no. He says he doesn't like to eat pussy I say get down there and start munching or get out. It was all about me Rob; all about me and what I wanted. I need that Rob. I need to be able to push like that sometimes and I can do it to guys like the ones I've dated since I met you because I don't love them. I don't care about them in the least."

"Have any of them ever said, "No, I think we will do it this way?"

"None of them ever have."

"What would have happened if they would have?"

"I would have walked away from them. That is why we can't get married right now Rob. Sooner or later I would try to boss you around and I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't put up with it and then I'd have a fit and it would go down hill from there."

"You are probably right about that Maeve."

"So we can go back to the way we were?"

"No Maeve, I don't think so. I'm not willing to be part-time."

She stood up and slowly undressed and then she cupped her tits in her hands and said;

"Are you telling me that you don't want this?"

"Of course I won't say that, but I am telling you that tonight is the last time. Next time you show up I won't let you in and you can take that to the bank."

"We will just see about that" she said and then she said, "Show me to the bedroom lover."

It was another exhausting night.

She was waiting for me when I got home from work the next day and she was smiling until I closed the door in her face. The next three nights in a row she showed up and I wouldn't let her in my apartment. I didn't see her for a week and then one night she was sitting on the steps outside my apartment door waiting for me. She stood up as I approached and said:

"Okay Rob, you win. Set a date."


Maeve had no living relatives and all I had was a few aunts and uncles and my cousin George so we decided on a simple civil ceremony. Maeve knew a judge and arranged for him to perform the ceremony. A week before the wedding Maeve asked me to meet her for lunch. When I got to the restaurant she was already there and had ordered for the both of us. We made small talk as we ate and when we were done she asked me to come back to her office with her. She said she had some one she wanted me to meet.

When we entered the building the security guard waved her over and pointed out two men sitting in the waiting area. Maeve went over and talked with them for a minute and then she came back to me and we got on the elevator. The elevator stopped on ten which was the top floor of the building and Maeve led me down a hallway to a room that said Conference Room C on the door. We walked in the room and there was a man sitting at a long conference table with a pile of paperwork in front of him. He stood and greeted Maeve and then looked at me and said:

"Is this the lucky man?"

"Indeed he is. Rob, this is Milton Spaulding. Milton meet Rob. Milton is my attorney."

I looked at her with some confusion on my face. "Your attorney?"

"Yes. Milton handles most of my affairs and he wanted this meeting."

"Most of your affairs?"

"It will all become clear in a second. Have a seat and let's get started."

"Started on what?"

Milton looked at me surprised. "The paper work of course."

"Paper work? What paper work?"

Milton slid a folder over to me and said, "If you will just sign on the last page on the line provided" and he handed me a pen.

"Sign what?"

"The pre-nuptial agreement."

"A pre-nup? Why in the hell do we need a pre-nup?"

"It spells out the duties of both parties in the case of a break up of the marriage."

"I know what a pre-nup is. The question was why in the hell do we need a pre-nup. We aren't movie stars or anything like that. Why in the hell do a sales manager and an advertising agency secretary need a prenuptial agreement?"

"An advertising agency secretary?" Milton said and he and Maeve exchanged a look.

"He doesn't know" Maeve said.

Milton turned to me and said. "Miss Billings doesn't work for the agency, she owns it. The reason for the prenuptial agreement is that Miss Billings has a net worth close to sixteen million."

I have no idea what my facial expression looked like when I heard that, but if it were physically possible my jaw would have hit the floor. "Sixteen mil" I muttered to myself and then I looked at Maeve and said:

"How much other shit are you hiding from me Maeve. How many other secrets are you keeping from me? First there was the domineering shit and now this."

I pushed the folder back across the table to Milton. "No need for a pre-nup Mr. Spaulding because there isn't going to be a marriage."

I stood up and walked out of the conference room. The suddenness of my departure caught Maeve by surprise and I was almost to the elevator before she came running down the hall yelling:

"Where are you going Rob? Wait Rob, wait."

The elevator was still on the floor and the door opened as soon as I pushed the button. I stepped on and pushed the button for the lobby and the door closed as Maeve ran up. Crying out:

"Wait Rob. Please Rob, don't go."

Just before the door closed I said, "Goodbye Maeve."

When I reached the lobby and the elevator door opened I found the security guard standing there,

"I'm sorry sir, but I've been instructed to hold you here until Miss Billings can get here."

"You certainly will be sorry if you get in my way."

I started to walk by him and he put out an arm to stop me and I kneed him in the balls and then walked by his bent over form. Once outside the building I called my secretary and told her I would be visiting customers and wouldn't be back to the office and then I turned my cell phone off and headed for the Extra Point.

About halfway there I decided against going. I didn't need any more drinking, I didn't feel like shooting pool and I damned sure didn't need to hear George tell me "I told you so." I drove out to Steven's Point and looked out over the lake and just stared at the geese and ducks with my mind a blank before getting myself together and going on home. I was not surprised to see Maeve's Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot and for a second or so I debated pulling back out of the lot and going to the Extra Point anyway. But then I decided to just get it over with.

She was not in the living room when I entered the apartment and that told me that she would probably be in the bedroom and no doubt naked so she could cloud my mind. I wasn't going to play that game. I went into the kitchen, got a beer from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table. I was on my second beer when she came into the kitchen wearing my bathrobe. I didn't say a word; just looked at her and sipped my beer.

She stood there and watched me for several seconds and then she got herself a beer and sat down across from me. She took a pull on her beer and then said:

"Why didn't you wait when I asked you to?"

"Why and to what purpose? So you could feed me some more bullshit?"

"I never fed you any bullshit."

"No? What about letting me think you worked for an advertising agency?"

"That wasn't a lie. I do work there. Okay, so I didn't tell you the agency was mine. So what? I still work there."

"You are splitting hairs Maeve and you know it. Everything I know about you, everything you have led me to believe is a lie. The way you dress, the way you live, a two bedroom condo in Woods Park, a two year old Jeep Cherokee, all of it designed to make me think you are someone you aren't."

"I didn't do anything to mislead you Rob. I drive a Jeep because I can throw my sleeping bag and camping gear in the back, put it in four wheel drive and go where I want. And why a two year old one when I could have the latest and greatest from Detroit? Have you seen the bangs and scratches on that car? I go to some pretty rough places with that Cherokee. Why should I waste good money on a new one just to beat it up?

"I live in a two bedroom condo because it suits me. I can only sleep in one bedroom at a time. I have an extra bedroom for company and I don't need any more than that. Where in the hell is it written that if somebody has money they have to spend it on things they don't need? Will a BMW, a Lexus or a Mercedes do a better job of hauling my camping gear? What good would having a five bedroom mansion do me? It would be one more thing to worry about. I'd have to hire a caretaker to take care of the grounds because I sure wouldn't. The same with the inside of the place. I'd have to hire a maid and God only knows what else. No thank you."

"You are still splitting hairs here Maeve. You still hid things from me. The ownership of your agency, your money and who knows what else."

"Do you have any idea of how often men have tried to become "The love of my life" when they found out what I have? Do you have any idea of what it is like having to always wonder whether the man is really after you and not your money? My knowing that you didn't know is what allowed us to build the relationship we have."

"From your side maybe."

"What does that mean?"

"What that means is that what made our relationship possible was my being able to get by your "dates" while we were together, but we don't have a relationship any more. What took place in your conference room today ended it. I meant what I told your lawyer. There isn't going to be a marriage."

"That isn't fair Rob."

"Was it fair to me to spring your surprise on me today. To have me walk into that conference room and then hit me with what you hit me with? Don't you think that since you had made up your mind that I didn't know what you had that you could have prepared me for Milton?"

"I thought you would be pleasantly surprised."

"Well I was surprised, but it wasn't very pleasant."

"You are over reacting here Rob."

"Am I? What's tomorrow?"


"And what was supposed to be special about this particular Thursday? We were going to shop for wedding rings. We don't even have the wedding rings yet Maeve and this afternoon you and your lawyer were already planning out what we will do in the divorce."

"That's not fair Rob. Pre-nups are standard for people in my position."

"Well they aren't standard for people in my position and the last thing in the world I expected was to be hit with one out of left field. You need to put your clothes on and leave Maeve."

"You don't mean that Rob, you can't mean that."

"I'm sorry Maeve, I can and I do. You have too many secrets Maeve and my capacity for surprises is limited. Your need to push men around and your sudden wealth were quite enough for me. Get dressed and go find some submissive guy and do your thing, but leave Maeve, just leave. Put your key on the table and go."

Watching her walk out the door was one of the hardest things I'd ever had to do, but it had to be done. The Maeve I thought I knew did not exist."

To be continued.

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