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Mafia Daughter


Donna Gionese was a privileged girl; the only child of Mario Gionese, a powerful crime lord whose business acumen had amassed a sizeable fortune. Looking as stunning as a fashion model with long, fawn hair coupled with piercing doe-like gray eyes, Donna had rarely given a thought about her father's business which employed heavy handed tactics and brutality to get his way.

Twenty four years old and educated at the best schools, Donna lived the kind of life the any daughter of a rich father would live. The finest things were available to her, but this life of wealth and luxury could ultimately not shield her from the violence of her father's chosen profession.

It was a dark day for both Donna and her father when a rogue cop spotted Mario coming out of a theatre and opened fire on his limo. Meant for the crime boss, the cop's bullet instead found Donna's mother and she was pronounced dead at the scene. For weeks after the luxurious Gionese estate become a dark and brooding palace of grief where Donna had withdrawn into a world of darkness seeking comfort in a shrine she built to her dead mother where burning candles and her tears mixed almost hourly. Slowly Donna's once warm and laughing persona changed to a resolute coldness as one thing dominated her mind. She needed revenge against the man who'd torn her fragile world apart.

Unbeknownst to Donna, Mario was rallying his Mafia family to take his own revenge. As Donna suffered in the burning crucible of grief, her father's men scoured the area for the cop that had taken his wife's life, but so far their efforts had been in vain. Mario assumed the cop had fled the city and was living elsewhere under an assumed name.

It wasn't until a rainy Saturday night when Mario got a phone call from one of his thugs when the wheels began to turn. Quickly he headed to a small house on the outskirts of the city when his men had secured a serious lead. When he arrived, the crime boss assessed the situation as his men had captured not the shooter, but his direct superior in the police department.

Mario turned to the captured cop and his wife, both naked and bound, he in a chair and she on the bed. "Listen, we aren't after you. You can save yourself and your pretty wife a lot of grief if you give up where this asshole is." Mario was angry and he clutched a gun inside his jacket pocket, but he knew better than to simply kill this cop.

A moment of silence signaled the obvious fact the cop was intending to stoically remain silent to protect his brother in blue.

"Oh, a tough guy, well we deal with tough guys all the time. Jake how about you show Mr. Tough Guy what his slut wife can expect if he remains silent." Mario growled, but Jake, one of his youngest men, smiled menacingly at the naked bound woman as he stepped forward. Doffing his jacket and shirt, Jake climbed onto the bed and began groping the cop's helpless wife, touching her all over with no regard for her moans of resistance through her gag.

The cop squirmed helplessly against the ropes that bound him as he watched Jake feel up his wife. Mario gave him another chance. "She's only at the drive in going to second base with Jake now, but I imagine Jake wants more of her, right Jake?"

Jake nodded and slipped off his pants to reveal his semi-erect penis which he began rubbing against the wife's body. As his organ hardened he commented to his boss. "She's hot for it, boss, we could all do her."

The cop looked at Mario in horror. "No, you wouldn't, she's done nothing." His eyes pleaded with a man who had little or no mercy inside him.

"Wrong place, wrong time. Too bad for her, but Jake may be right. She might be hot for him. Go ahead and take her, Jake, and the rest of you get ready for sloppy seconds." The other three thugs in the bedroom dropped their pants quickly and began stroking themselves as they watched Jake roll the captive bitch over and grab her long black hair. Jake took her savagely from behind controlling her head as she screamed through the muffling gag.

Seeing his wife being fucked like an animal was more than the cop could take. "Alright, please stop, his name is Todd Marlowe and he's staying at his kid's apartment in Bellwood.

Mario looked at Jake. "Is she tight?"

Jake's breathy reply came quickly. "Best hole I've fucked in a while boss."

"Okay, then finish her, but come on her pretty face and we'll have tough guy lick it off." Mario laughed and turned to the cop. "I'm gonna make you do it just so you remember not to fuck with the Gionese Family, jerk. Now I want an address for this asshole if you don't want wifey to take them all." Mario got all he wanted and by the next day his men had discovered the address was actually the apartment of Todd's 19-year-old daughter Amy.

Back at his estate, Mario contemplated the situation trying to decide the best way to get this murdering cop and the two daughters kept coming up in his head. He felt sure Donna would also want revenge for her mother's tragic death and to include the innocent Amy seemed to be fair play to his warped Mafioso mind. To include Donna also made sense because the cops would be watching him, but not her. If his daughter really wanted revenge, she would be the perfect instrument to achieve it.

Getting Donna's help

"Sit down, I have something to discuss with you. We've found the guy who killed your mother." As Mario sat in his office behind his large mahogany desk, he tried to sound like he wasn't eager, but it was hard to do.

Donna's ears perked up at the words as she almost unconsciously sat down in a leather chair facing her father. "Who is he? You are going to get him, right, Daddy?"

"Well, that depends on you. You see I was thinking you wanted revenge too. Is that true, sweetie?" Mario had always spoiled his daughter having had no sons, but only recently had he considered allowing her to take any part in the family business when he passed on. This would certainly be a huge test of whether she had the stomach for it.

Donna sat up in her chair, wondering how her father knew the feelings she'd been having. "Ahhh, yah, I do want to do something, Daddy." Donna then wondered exactly what her father had in mind. "Do you need me?" If so, this would be a new feeling for Donna Gionese, having her strong father need her.

"Well, there are things you can do, easier than I can." Mario admitted.

Donna wondered what those things might be, but more than that she was beginning to feel flattered her father needed her. "You always told me you didn't want me involved in your business. It was man's work, you said and you'd take care of things."

Mario knew these were his words coming back to him from his beautiful daughter, but he too was beginning to see her in a new light. "I know damn well what I told you, but this is different. The cops have all our other locations bugged and they're watching me like hawks. If I grab up this guy, I'm going down." Mario was fairly certain this was the truth despite his dislike of the situation.

"But on the other hand, no one is looking at you and this guy has a teenaged daughter. If you're willing I could get you two soldiers, trusted guys who aren't from around here, and they could grab up this girl and bring her to you in a secret location. Then things would get serious, mafia style serious, Donna, if you understand what I mean. I'm not gonna say more right now, because I've shielded you from that sort of stuff, but if you say you're onboard I'll continue." Mario knew his daughter had never done these things before and she would have to process the situation.

Donna sat for a moment looking a bit pale.

Donna look made Mario unsure. "Oh, maybe this is a bad idea. Don't worry, Princess, I'll take care of it." Mario was sure he had overloaded his daughter perhaps frightening her.

"Don't call me Princess, Daddy. You called me that when I was fucking seven years old. I get what you're asking me, you want me to kidnap this girl and do things to her to make her father come to you, but I want something else." Donna's voice was fierce and loud surprising her father that his innocent daughter knew more than he expected she would.

"Okay, so you know, but you've never done it. Can you humiliate and torture a teenaged girl while filming the whole thing so her daddy can watch? I've gotten his email address, so we can send him digital video of what his daughter is going through. HD, maybe, so he can see all the sweet details. But it's all on you, Donna, you have to be in charge." Mario put it to his daughter knowing if she was ever going to head his family she had to respond, to show her balls so to speak.

Donna sat in uncertainty for a moment thinking about the consequences of what her father was asking. I'll be committing a crime and changing my life forever. I won't be able to go back, but isn't this what I've always wanted to show Daddy I can be as strong as he is.

As her mind turned to this innocent girl she would kidnap and expose to terrible humiliations and tortures, she expected to feel bad, but it was not the case. Donna was excited, her pussy wet with the anticipation of breaking the bitch. She went so far as to think, wait, I may not want to release her after we have her father. I may want her to be my bitch forever, my slave. With a racing heart, Donna looked at her father and changed her life forever. "I want to do it, Daddy, and I can do it, but if I'm gonna take the risk I want a kill this bastard. I want make him scream and die and I'll send you proof I did." Donna's voice was so certain of her desire Mario was more than a little surprised.

"Hell, he did wound you, didn't he? Okay, you'll get your shot and if you do well there will be more responsibilities. Impressed me and I won't have to worry about which one of these soft-headed thugs is gonna take over this business I've built. I'll have a worthy successor of my own blood." Mario was testing the water, to see how Donna would react to future responsibilities.

For Donna it was a whole new world, a world she'd long ago dismissed as impossible for a girl to gain entry to. "Do you mean that, Daddy, I could be in charge of your business?" Her voice was breathless with the anticipation of what her father was asking. She'd never dreamed he could ever trust her this much.

"There is nothing I'd like more, if you're willing and capable. I'll admit to you you're right, I've dismissed you as a girl because I wanted sons, but I'm not too proud to admit I may have been very wrong." Inside Mario was feeling a new love for his daughter, but in his way his voice was somber and steady so as not to let her know the depth of his feeling.

Donna exploded out of her chair and nearly fell across the large desk to hug her father. "Thank you, Daddy, thank you so much. I won't disappoint you."

Mario basked in his daughter's hug, but inside he wondered if he was taking something from her. Once she was a criminal like him, she would be trapped into the same lifestyle he was and he had envisioned more for her. However, Donna seemed anxious to have the lifestyle she saw him lead and Mario dismissed his misgivings and applied his attention to the plan. "Okay, I'll contact your muscle and I'll be sure let them know you're in charge. It will be best for you to leave here soon and go to Bellwood. First step is to rent a secluded warehouse as a base of operations and you'll probably want to live out of it temporarily. If you leave alone, the cops likely won't even follow you, so I'll have the muscle met you there once you let me know the address. Remember the park we used to walk in when you were a little girl, the one with the merry-go-round?"

Donna remembered, how could she forget the white horsey which was so much bigger than the rest and how she loved to ride him. "Yah, I remember."

"Okay, write out a note with the address of the warehouse on it and tape it to the belly of that white horse which was your favorite than call here, but don't speak when I answer the phone. That will be my signal to go there and pick up the note. This is all in case the cops get a bug in here. You never know, the bastards might and you have to think of these things when you're the boss." Mario nodded at Donna telling her she might have to be the wise and cagey leader someday.

"Okay, Daddy, I get it." Donna's mind was concentrating on her upcoming job and she was thinking of her best girlfriend, Ava, who was into bondage and the whole whips and chains scene. "Daddy, can I bring someone else with me?"

"Who? it could be dangerous." Mario was immediately unsure. He didn't initially like the idea.

"My girl, Ava, you know her. She's been over here many times. Well, she's into bondage as a lifestyle, knows all about tying people up and giving them pain. She'd be very helpful and I trust her like a sister." Donna anxiously awaited her father's answer.

Mario did indeed know Ava, a tall raven-haired beauty who had always seemed a bit sassy to him, but then he liked his women sassy, to a point. "You're sure she's safe. You trust her not to talk?"

"I'd trust her with my life, Daddy." Donna insisted.

"If you have a friend like that, honey, hang on to her. Real friends are few and far between in this business. I know." There was a tone of sadness in Mario's voice.

"So it's okay?" Donna asked with expectation.

"Yes, but you best be sure she knows the same thing the muscle understands. You're in charge." Mario tried to accentuate how important the last point was, but Donna leapt up and kissed him before she began to race upstairs to her bedroom.

From the stairway she hollered back to him. "I'm gonna call Ava, Daddy, and pack. This is so damn exciting."

Mario liked his daughter's enthusiasm, but he hoped her judgment would be equally evident as they proceeded. It was a good plan, but a dangerous one, especially for her.

Donna called Ava on her cell and the girls gabbed for nearly two hours about the situation. The thrill-seeking Ava couldn't believe her fortune, but more than that she sensed Donna's excitement. After the call, Donna tried to lie down to calm down but all she could see was images of the teenaged girl in her head and how she would dominate her, controlling her and making her do anything she wanted. Before long her fingers found her pussy and soon they were racing in and out of her slick vagina as her thumb rubbed her erect clit. God, this is gonna be so good, so fucking good.

Amy is captured

It all went as planned with Donna and Ava driving to Bellwood and renting a warehouse. The girls also used some of Mario's money to buy a bed and some creature comforts so they could essentially live in the back office of the small warehouse. A trip to a local fetish store had Ava excited and she suggested so many punishment and restraint devices to Donna that the boss had to prioritize or end up spending every dime they had.

The message was also delivered to the belly of Donna's favorite merry-go-round horsey and soon the muscle arrived. After letting Carlo and Johnny in, Donna sort of stared at Ava and Ava stared back at her friend with the same thoughts running through their heads. These guys were young and decent-looking, not the older men with beer bellies who made up most of Mario's soldiers. As it turned out, Donna and Ava whispered to each other later, deciding which of their two soldiers up they wanted if it came to the point they really needed cock. Ava was set on the dark eyes of Carlo while Donna had a hard time keeping her eyes off the blue-eyed, dirty blonde Johnny.

Yet soon enough it was time to get started and the four of them found themselves in a black van idling in front of Amy's apartment while the windshield wipers fought off a light rain. Amy was a creature of habit and she began every morning with a jog along a winding path through the dense woods of a park behind her apartment building. As Danna had planned, the innocent college freshman never noticed the van following her as she had no suspicions of the danger she was in.

As soon as she entered the park, Donna parked the van and Johnny and Carlo, wearing ski masks bounded out and captured Amy before she could react. Pulled into the side door by arms too powerful to fight, Donna's victim never even got a scream off as Carlo clamped his hand quickly over her mouth. As soon as the side door shut, Donna sped off with a feeling of exhilaration coursing through her veins as Johnny duct-taped Amy mouth, wrists and ankles to render her helpless.

"Don't hesitate, boys, play with the bitch. Nothing serious yet, but let her know she's gonna get touched, anywhere we want to touch her. Donna's command set off a groping session were the two thugs got inside Amy's cute aquamarine spandex running outfit to touch her in all her intimate spots. When Amy squealed through her tape gag and let out muffled pleas for mercy, Donna turned to her captive. "Don't get so upset, bitch, they're just playing with you. Pretty soon you'll see it's me and my girl you really have to be worried about."

Amy's eyes got huge with unfathomable fear. It was simply too terrifying to think the two women in the front seat were her biggest danger, not a controlling influence over these two strong males. What was happening to her? Why had they taken her?

When the van stopped, Amy's ankles were released so she could walk, but she was blindfolded before going in the warehouse. Donna did not want her having any sense of where she was. Blind and helpless she felt the four strong hands of the men compel her to her feet, but then they passed her to softer hands which grabbed her arms to steer her. She stumbled along not knowing where she was, or why she was there, but soon the dank odor of the warehouse entered her nostrils and her blindfold came off.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Amy, you know, a cock to fuck?" The crude question came from the same brunette who'd treated her harshly earlier and Amy's suspicions seemed to be confirmed that the two women were indeed in charge.

However before she could answer the question, the darker-haired woman chimed in. "Of course a hottie like Amy has a boyfriend, girl, don't insult her." Ava sounded like she was defending the prisoner, it was not the case.

Donna twisted Amy's arm. "Well, settle this, do you have a guy?"

Afraid, Amy didn't know how to respond and she began to cry which made Donna stop.

"Don't cry yet, bitch, save it for when you need to cry. We'll get to that. Daddy will want to see all your tears." In an instant, Donna had revealed to Amy that her father had something to do with her being here and this made a cold wave of fear run through the young girl's body.

Suddenly Amy felt it was best to answer them and be honest. "No, I don't have a boyfriend now, but I've had boyfriends in the past."

"See, girl, I told you she had guys wrapped around her little finger." Ava paused, but then she reached down and felt Amy's firm spandex-covered ass. "Umm, cute butt, has anyone ever fucked it?"

For the first time Amy felt outrage and she let her natural impulses respond. "No way, I don't let them do that."

"Oh, too good to take it up the ass. Well see about that. So how many times have you done the dirty, bitch? we'd love to know." Donna continued to work on her captive's mental state to begin breaking her down.

All of it proved too much for Amy. The demanding voices, crude sexual questions, and her tightly bond condition combined to make her rebel. She began to struggle fiercely trying to break away. Managing to break away from one of her captors, Amy thought she might be getting free, but then there was a stinging pain on her cheek as Donna slapped her face full force. Now stronger male hands grabbed her tightly and a second slap stung her cheek. She looked into the cold gray eyes of the brunette and saw no mercy for her there.

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